Chapter 0833: The Four Kingmakers

When Wu Yu doubled the opponents that the Regent had arranged for him, the uproar that followed brought the appointment ceremony to new heights.

Doubling the opponents did not only correspond to a doubling of difficulty. And the further doubling to four opponents also did not mean it was four times as difficult as the original, but in fact more.

A completely different notion.

Of course, Wu Yu's brazenly arrogant nature was shining at its fullest. This made the entire Immortal's Capital, the Yan Huang Ancient Country, and the rest of the Jambu Realm understand his nature.

"This youngster is brash and wild. He regards himself above all, and is a rare one. He dares to slight the other Kingmakers before the Yan Huang royal family, and the ministers and aristocrats, to fight four at once. If this youth succeeds, he will shake the world. If he loses, he will be a laughing stock everywhere he goes, unable to ever rise again in this world. He has basically forced himself into a dire position. All weighs on his success. Such a personality is interesting indeed."

There were many Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm experts amidst the spectators. They looked upon Wu Yu as his seniors, and had a sense of superiority still.

At this time, the Regent still had yet to consent.

The other Kingmakers who had offered the challenge were all hiding their anger at being slighted thus, their faces taut as they concealed their resentment and loathing for him.

After all, all of them had risen above the masses in the Yan Huang Ancient Country in order to be bestowed the honor of Kingmaker. They were the most treasured talents in the Yan Huang Ancient Country, and they had been absorbed into the royal family in a different way from dao companions. Their dao companions were more about a matching of status. Therefore, the consorts and dowagers were highly born, whereas the Kingmakers had paved their own way with hard work, luck, talent, and opportunity. They had taken charge of their rise to this esteemed position and were extremely proud.

When someone trampled on their pride, how could they not be angry? Even the princes and princesses were furious.

"Such words. He does not even respect our Kingmakers. He's asking to be shamed. I hope the Regent gives him his wish, and lets him realize that a tongue that moves faster than his brain will lead him to a terrible fate."

"Here at the Yan Huang Ancient Country, there are many bold ones, but this guy takes the cake. Just because he was lucky at the Dark North, his conceit has grown to the point that he does not even respect the Yan Huang Tribe."

“So young and impetuous. Such an idiot will not go far. If you don't believe me, just wait and see. This Wu Yu is too ignorant of the workings of the world."

Right now, the scorn and abuse rained down on Wu Yu as they waited for the Regent's decision. The Regent very quickly gave his answer. He looked at Wu Yu neutrally and said, "Since that is your wish, to bring new fire to the appointment ceremony, and make everyone remember you, then I will grant your request. But whether this is for good or ill, it is all in your hands."

After Di Shatian agreed, a fire was lit in their hearts. Things were about to get even more interesting! As they all watched closely, the Regent picked four Kingmakers casually. Now of the original eight Kingmakers, only three were being left out of the fight.

The four Kingmakers were truly strong individuals, and they could also support each other. After the Regent chose them, he reshaped the Virtual Battlefield to include them.

Plus Wu Yu, all five were now within the Virtual Battlefield.

This battle configuration was even more hyped than Wu Yu facing Kingmaker Ying. It was even more compelling, even more sensational, and everyone was already completely silent, watching the Virtual Battlefield intently. They waited for Wu Yu to clash with the four Kingmakers.

Such a scene made Prince Le's eyes go wild. Today, he and Wu Yu were supposed to be the main stars, but no one even looked at him now. All attention had gravitated to Wu Yu.

The ministers and aristocrats looked at each other. "Four on one. Truly unprecedented." 

The army generals of the Five Great Armies were also discussing. "I'm curious as to what this Wu Yu is capable of. How will he deal with so many opponents who are all stronger than Kingmaker Ying?" 

"They are Kingmaker Dong, Kingmaker Yong, Kingmaker Chen, and Kingmaker Cheng. Besides Kingmaker Dong, the other three are guys. In terms of their abilities, affinities, mystiques, and dao techniques, they are all completely different. When they complement each other, Wu Yu's life will be in danger!"

As the discussion heated up, the four Kingmakers rapidly spaced out to the north, south, east, and west directions respectively. They surrounded Wu Yu, and their stony faces reflected their displeasure.

And amidst their displeasure, murderous intent!

When the Regent selected them, he had called out their names. First was the only girl, right before Wu Yu. She was different from the other Yan Huang Tribe members. She had blonde hair and blue eyes, like an ice princess. She had a cold look to her, like the peak of a glacial mountain, and there was a chilling look about her eyes that penetrated one to the bone. Of course, her frostiness was different from Wu Yu's own frost.

This was Kingmaker Dong, and she was said to have come from a place called the City of First Snow in the East Region Divine Continent. She was not a Yan Huang Tribe member, but a First Snow Tribe member. Of course, this was also an ancient affiliated tribe of the Yan Huang Ancient Country, and a member of the Yan Huang Ancient Country. Kingmaker Dong had a flair for ice and snow since young. Her reputation was roughly the same as Kingmaker Ying’s in the Immortal's Capital, and her ability should be correspondingly equal as well.

As for the remaining three guys, the one on the left was called Kingmaker Chen. He wore long robes with constellation patterns, and was dashingly handsome. Fire streamed from him like a comet breaking through the skies, and his eyes were as keen as shining stars. His impressive appearance marked him as a dragon amongst humans, and he was from the Yan Huang Tribe. Kingmaker Chen was not only a Kingmaker, but also a hidden dragon general in the Star Dragon Army, one of the Five Great Armies. That had been his identity before becoming Kingmaker!

Behind Wu Yu was a guy called Kingmaker Cheng. This guy was a hulk of a man, with closely cropped hair. He was a classic Yan Huang Tribe member, with heat radiating from him like a sun. Throughout his entire body, his flesh burned uncharacteristically hot. Of course, at least from his looks, he also looked the most aggressive out of all of them.

The last was Kingmaker Yong. He was a bit more low-profile, and his eyes were pale and a little vacant. He wore white robes and floated in the wind like a white-sheeted ghost. However, a bright light was pulsing from his body, that was both pure and extremely keen. Under his white robe, there were white flames that were concealed from sight.

Wu Yu knew that these four Kingmakers would not be easy to deal with. But he had been bold enough to choose this. Firstly, his desire to fight was just the same as the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal's. He was willing to challenge himself, and he reveled in the risky and exhilarating battle while everyone watched!

Secondly, he wanted to make a conclusive statement, to let all the martial cultivators of the Immortal's Capital understand that he was no ordinary person to be bullied. Here in the world of cultivation, which youngster did not want to make their name?!

Therefore, being surrounded brought new fire to him. He knew that he might very well lose, and that this battle would be incredibly difficult. None of this mattered to him. He could not die, anyway. And where there was life, there was hope!


This time, Wu Yu moved even quicker. He attacked swiftly. From beside him, the most attention-drawing Heaven Devouring Avatar burst into action, forming a black vortex that surrounded Wu Yu. He morphed into a midnight-black ball, with both of Wu Yu's bodies within.

Wu Yu had done this to obscure the vision of the experts. Although he could not do so fully, at least half of their vision would be hindered. While he hindered them thus, he quickly called forth the Skeletal Flame Dragon from within the Floating Dreams Pagoda. The Floating Dreams Pagoda had only been revealed for a brief glimpse, and others would probably not know what it was.

In a flash, the black ball exploded into three entities. On the left was the most striking of all, the Heaven Devouring Avatar, with the Dark North Royal Obelisk in its hand. In the middle was Wu Yu's real body, currently wielding the Otherworldly Infinite 10,000 Dragons Staff. He had already transformed into his strongest form with the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth and the Immortal Ape Transformation. This was also a buff that he had employed, and he was standing on the Somersault Cloud.

Finally, a new object that drew the attention of many, which was the Skeletal Flame Dragon. The mystical dragon only made of a skeleton was both sinister and strong. The bones were carved with a dense arrangement of spirit designs, and were presently working away. The Skeletal Flame Dragon roared in defiance to the skies, and a deadly, black flame appeared on its frame. Its eyes searched for its opponent amongst the four, and Wu Yu settled on Kingmaker Yong for him. Without a word, the Skeletal Flame Dragon sped towards Kingmaker Yong!


An epic battle had begun.

Wu Yu's real body surveyed the situation and moved towards Kingmaker Dong. He wanted to keep her occupied. After all, Kingmaker Dong and the Dark North Royal Obelisk were both icy, so the Heaven Devouring Avatar would not be able to deal much damage to her. Therefore, he used the Heaven Devouring Avatar to deal with Kingmaker Chen and Kingmaker Cheng. That was the best lineup!

In short order, three fights had broken out!

"Come on, little girl." Wu Yu's real body appeared beside Kingmaker Dong, and he challenged her in mocking fashion. With a cold laugh, Kingmaker Dong obliged. She knew his intent, and that this was Wu Yu's real body. The way she saw it, if she dealt with Wu Yu's real body, then Wu Yu would be done for.

On the other side, the Skeletal Flame Dragon was chasing Kingmaker Yong away. All that remained was Kingmaker Chen and Kingmaker Cheng, flanking Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar. The two shared a look.

"Then let us rip a hole in Wu Yu's defenses. This Wu Yu has many tricks up his sleeve indeed. We will unravel them all today."

"But of course."

The two Kingmakers shared a laugh.

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