Chapter 0832: Ownage

"Vampire's Wrath!"

When she realized that the Heavenly Cumulonimbus Blade was unable to fully crush Wu Yu, Kingmaker Ying decisively attacked with the Vampire's Hatchet in her right hand. A completely different Offensive Spirit Design from the Heavenly Cumulonimbus Blade activated with the power of her Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy!

The cherry-red light burst forth like a sea of blood. Under Kingmaker Ying's control, the whirling spirit designs changed it into a cherry-red snake that charged towards the black vortex!

Just at this time, the violent storm had been completely devoured by the black vortex, and everyone gasped as they watched the black vortex reverse directions. The Deadly Heavenly Cumulonimbus Storm from before had emerged anew, but this time it was controlled by Wu Yu and was attacking Kingmaker Ying!

This was as though Kingmaker Ying's sword had become Wu Yu's weapon! And without him even breaking a sweat.

As the clamor rose, the two spirit designs of Kingmaker Ying began to clash on the battlefield. Neither had an advantage, as they were equally strong. Therefore, this clash resulted in a destructive combustion that filled the entire Virtual Battlefield!

The two great spirit designs were evenly matched, and this meant that Kingmaker Ying had wasted her energy to employ these two prodigious skills without harming a single hair on Wu Yu's head!

More! Wu Yu's next move after dealing with the Deadly Heavenly Cumulonimbus Storm was to transform the Dark North Royal Obelisk into its whip form, and use the Dark North Saintly Dragon Formation! Instantly, frost gushed forth to mingle with the storm. As the storm and Vampire's Hatchet clashed, the Dark North Saintly Dragon Formation morphed into a black mystical dragon bristling with bony thorns and gushing with bone-chilling frost!

This insidious dragon of the Dark North passed through the two clashing spirit designs, and Kingmaker Ying was completely unprepared. Kingmaker Ying howled, her body breaking out with inky black symbols that were frost incarnate themselves. They encased her in a block of ice, making her unable to move!

At this time, both of Kingmaker Ying's major Offensive Spirit Designs had been broken apart. Many only saw the terrifying frost energy sweep out, which the Yan Huang Tribe did not take a liking to. But it vanished as quickly as it had come, leaving only an ice sculpture in its wake. The sculpture was transparent, and through the black, translucent ice, they could see a breathtaking beauty frozen solid, her pink hair and skirt still caught in midair.

And on the other side, Wu Yu was standing with his hands clasped behind his back. Even his Dark North Royal Obelisk had been stowed away. Clearly, he thought this battle was over.

This contrast was extremely appalling.

At this time, the Yan Martial Gates was completely silent. No one could believe their eyes. They stared and stared again, but the truth remained.

"Royal Sister Ying, I'm sorry to say that Kingmaker Le seems to be a little stronger. Wu Yu, release Kingmaker Ying immediately. Can you bear to harm such a beauty?" The first to break the silence was Prince Le, who had been silent up till now. Now that the victory was clear, he was quick to smile. Everyone knew how satisfied and proud he was.

"Of course not," Wu Yu replied. He thawed the ice around Kingmaker Ying, and also removed the symbols inflicted by the Dark North Royal Obelisk. All disappeared with a gesture from Wu Yu. Kingmaker Ying did not move at first, but after a while, her frozen body seemed to recover a little. She looked around her and then slumped to the ground, completely unable to maintain the energy to keep herself in the air.


Wu Yu was waiting to catch this little beauty below. Under the sunlight, the pink-haired beauty was clasped in Wu Yu's arms, with the cherry blossom petals drifting down about them. A truly picturesque sight.

"Damn me, how does that chest feel like when you squeeze it, I wonder?" Ming Long was drooling with curiosity.

"Try it yourself."

The Regent had removed the Virtual Battlefield with an emotionless expression. As Wu Yu stood basking in the crowd's admiration, still embracing the stunned Kingmaker Ying, an angry woman appeared before Wu Yu and was about to attack him. "Release her immediately!" she spat.

It was Princess Ying. She was flustered now, and Wu Yu's eyes were smoldering with anger as well. She acted as though Wu Yu had desecrated her dearest possession, and Wu Yu hurriedly thrust the frozen Kingmaker Ying into her arms. He had hugged her because the Dark North Royal Obelisk had frozen her too severely, and her entire body was injured. Wu Yu was using the heat of his Invincible Vajra Body to thaw her out. She, too, had felt his heat, and Kingmaker Ying had clutched tightly at him. She felt a little better now, and had recovered some of her wits.

Princess Ying hurriedly caught Yu Chenyu, and the two hugged tightly before all, as though they were dao companions. Yu Chenyu seemed like a third wheel, and Princess Ying looked at Wu Yu spitefully. "This is not over yet. Just you wait and see."

Wu Yu had put a good scare into Kingmaker Ying, and she now looked at Wu Yu with a complex expression, forlornly tucked in Princess Ying's arms. Perhaps she felt that Princess Ying was not as warm as Wu Yu.

Princess Ying asked for permission from the Regent to withdraw. After all, the official ceremony was over. The Regent ignored her, and she angrily stormed away.

This battle was officially over. People were starting to respond. Many had been won over by Wu Yu, and more cheers rang out.

But even more were embarrassed.

But was the appointment ceremony going to end just like that? At least Wu Yu felt that the battle had ended too quickly, and they had not seen clearly. They would definitely not be satisfied, and so he judged that the unsatisfactorily hasty conclusion would only fuel their anticipation. That was why he had pushed for a speedy conclusion!

As expected, the Regent said, "I did not expect Kingmaker Le to be this mighty. Truly beyond my expectations. Is everyone satisfied with this battle? Or perhaps, is there a need to continue?"

After the Regent spoke, voices cried out from all over. "Continue! It must continue."

"We would definitely like to see Kingmaker Le's limits." An Immortal's Capital minister chimed in.

"Continue. Wu Yu took first place in the Dark North Battle for Supremacy. He must have improved since then," Qu Yin from the Yan Dragon Army said.

Basically, all the princes and princesses, the ministers and aristocrats, and the generals all favored continuation. They all wanted to watch a show. The more Wu Yu revealed, the more entertained they would be! 

Finally, even the old geezer of a Prime Minister also spoke up. "A Kingmaker personally appointed by the Ancient Emperor. His abilities are truly astonishing. Everyone wants to see more." 

"In that case, who should go next? I see that seven challengers remain. Kingmaker Dong, Kingmaker Chen, Kingmaker Cheng...."

All seven were at the 10th tier of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm, and roughly on Kingmaker Ying's level. Some might even be a shade weaker.

At this time, a prince suggested, "If they went one by one, it wouldn't be much of a challenge. Since Wu Yu is so powerful, and even has a clone, why not go two on one?" The prince was slightly older, and he was probably one of the most powerful princes.

Wu Yu naturally did not recognize all of them.

When he proposed that two Kingmakers fight at once, everyone cheered in support of the decision. To them, this would be interesting. After all, Wu Yu's real body had not even fought yet!

Only Prince Le said, "No way. That's not fair. There has been no rule like this in the records of history. How can Wu Yu fight two Kingmakers?"

The Regent read the crowd. Of course, there were more people who supported the two on one. Therefore, he made his decision and nodded. "Then it shall be Kingmaker Dong and Kingmaker Chen. That should make things competitive."

Hearing this, the crowd surged to life again. They were even more hyped about the next battle! The difference between one and two Kingmakers was considerable. Although Wu Yu had his real body, most knew that his real body was not as strong as his avatar, or as useful in battle.

They looked at Wu Yu with pity. They knew that the Regent wanted to bottom out his arsenal today. He probably would not stop until Wu Yu was at his limit!

To fight two Kingmakers at once, really....

As they were staring at him pityingly, Wu Yu did not feel it at all. He, too, looked at the two contending Kingmakers. Their own eyes flared with the fire of challenge and desire to defeat him.

The Regent had not given Wu Yu the right to reject. He prepared the Virtual Battlefield.

However, before the entire crowd, Wu Yu suddenly spoke out loudly. "No disrespect to the pair intended, but I am not at all interested in your abilities. Since we want a lively time today, and also want the brothers and sisters of the Yan Huang Ancient Country to get to know me, Wu Yu, then I think there is no need for me to hold back. A lively time should be had. Therefore, I think that these two opponents alone are unable to make me use my full strength. I wonder what the Regent thinks of adding two more? Four on one?"

This was equivalent to four Prince You Yans, four Prince Yaos, four Yu Chenyus, four Kingmaker Yings!

Four and two was a completely different notion again.

After Wu Yu said this, silence again. This was unprecedented. They were pitying Wu Yu for having to face two, but he had raised the stakes to take on four!

Many were completely flabbergasted....

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