Chapter 0831: Heavenly Cumulonimbus Blade and Vampire's Hatchet

The Virtual Battlefield again.

Only this time, it was created by the Regent, Di Shatian.

His Virtual Battlefield was probably at the advanced dao treasure level. Of course, it could both be a battlefield or a way to trap someone within.

For example, the Full Moon of Nanshan, or the Heaven Devouring Avatar.

When enclosed within the Regent's Virtual Battlefield, it would be nigh impossible for something of the Heaven Devouring Avatar's caliber to escape.

This was where the Heaven Devouring Avatar and the real body were different. In terms of devouring and fighting, the Heaven Devouring Avatar was stronger. But the real body had versatile mystiques and the 72 Transformations, which were just as marvelous.

Wu Yu and Kingmaker Ying were currently within the Virtual Battlefield. It was an invisible barrier with an indeterminate shape. When it experienced shock, it would expand accordingly.

One youngster, fiery and prideful. One equally young girl, cute and sexy. It was going to be a tantalizing sight. Of course, anyone who thought this way had no inkling of discernment. Anyone who knew anything about Kingmaker Ying knew that under her rosy exterior lurked a lethal killer.

At this time, the entire Immortal's Capital was watching the two of them closely.

Emotions ran high.

"This Kingmaker Le has been strutting about the Dark North Kingdom. Here at Yan Huang, he even beat down Prince Yao and Yu Chenyu in bold fashion! He's been on a victory spree, and looks extremely cool. But the rule of the appointment ceremony is to have the new Kingmaker take a beating and be brought down to earth. Now Kingmaker Ying is personally taking up the fight. This thing is as good as wrapped up."

"The other seven won't even get a chance."

"If not for the Regent decrying that only those under the Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm can participate, things would have been even more interesting."

Everywhere, the Yan Huang Tribe members were discussing this.

And now the most intense time.

All the princes and princesses, the ministers, and the rest of the Yan Huang Tribe were watching with burning gazes, directed at Wu Yu and Kingmaker Ying within the Virtual Battlefield. For many, they had cruel smiles, anticipating Wu Yu's first rout.

After all, to the Yan Huang Tribe, who had a sense of superiority, Wu Yu was still an outsider from a primitive land, and a cocky one at that.

However, Wu Yu did not heed their words or looks at this time. He was fully focused on Kingmaker Ying. Kingmaker Ying looked extremely delicate, and she circled Wu Yu bobbing and skipping, sizing him up all the while. Her cherry lips pursed. "If I beat you, don't go back crying."

Wu Yu did not know whether to laugh or cry. "Don't worry. There must be a victor and loser in every battle."

She pouted. "It's different. People hurt when I beat them. A lot of men end up crying and blabbering for mercy. You won't be like them, will you?"

Wu Yu smiled but deigned to reply. A black mist coiled out from his body and morphed into the white-haired, red-eyed Heaven Devouring Avatar. The Heaven Devouring Avatar was exactly the same as his real body, but was dressed in white robes. Its crimson pupils and pale hair gave it a sinister and demonic feel. Its smile looked threatening, and seemed like a completely different person from Wu Yu.

But these were actually Wu Yu's two bodies. It was the same logic as his two hands, but as though his right hand had separated from the body.

"He's your opponent. He doesn't fear pain. You can go wild." Wu Yu laughed. And then he retreated back, stretching out the Virtual Battlefield a huge distance. From far away, he stood with hands clasped. At the same time, the Heaven Devouring Avatar pulled out the Dark North Royal Obelisk from its Sumeru Pouch. As the Dark North Royal Obelisk gleamed, those familiar with it let out an involuntary gasp!

They knew that this Dark North Royal Obelisk was what Wu Yu had taken in a fair fight from the Dark North Kingdom!

"That's the best class of advanced dao treasure! The Dark Sea Emperor once used it, and wanted to pass it to his sons. To think that it would end up in Wu Yu's hands."

"The Dark North Royal Obelisk is indeed an uncommon item. I'm jealous...."

This was the conversation between some princes. They were all over 100 years old.

"But this clone of his, that's even stronger than his real body, is the real treasure. Does anyone know what that thing is?"

The one who spoke was Princess Ying. Because her Kingmaker was in the challenge, she was slightly more anxious than the others. At this time, Yu Chenyu had yet to return, and only she was here.

"No one knows."

It was said that Wu Yu had debuted this clone during the Dark North Battle for Supremacy.

Prince Yao had been defeated by this clone before, so at this time, everyone turned to him. He shook his head. "Damned if I know."

Just as he spoke, everyone's gazes were drawn back to the Virtual Battlefield. Kingmaker Ying was extremely curious about Wu Yu's avatar, and she was already preparing to attack.

Wu Yu was taken aback by this Kingmaker Ying. Her fighting and ordinary modes were completely different. Her killing intent and bloodthirst emerged rapidly. Her originally peach-pink eyes became completely different. Although the color of her pupils did not change, her white sclerae were now populated with a dense network of blood vessels - this made Kingmaker Ying instantly seem like a demonic god of hell. As expected of a Rising Cloud Nation bloodline. When she fought, the feral instinct in her bloodline was revealed....

As Kingmaker Ying used her Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy, the spiritual power that bloomed from her covered the Virtual Battlefield in cherry blossoms that scattered everywhere. From Wu Yu's position, the entire world had been transformed into a utopian world of cherry blossoms. And within the cherry blossoms, there was Kingmaker Ying, her long skirt adorned with cherry blossoms. She swayed in the wind like a bubbly fairy, and the entire scene was breathtaking. Her cute looks and hourglass figure made her every action alluring.

But from the Heaven Devouring Avatar's perspective, it did not matter how beautiful the woman was. He wanted to make her a corpse and then devour her. Just like food. Especially after its Primordial Spirit had surpassed the real body's, this sort of craving would only grow stronger, until it had a definite effect on Wu Yu's real body. Exactly because of this, Wu Yu had to constantly remind himself not to let his avatar's cultivation level surpass the real body's, or both would lose their reason and turn into a devouring monster like the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord.

But even so, the Heaven Devouring Avatar's desire to kill would always be stronger. It held the Dark North Royal Obelisk tightly.

Kingmaker Ying unleashed her ultimate move! Amidst the shower of cherry blossom petals, she pulled out two dao treasures, one white, the other cherry red.

The white one was a sword, a white jade jewel of pure white, as pristine in color as milk. It seemed like solidified milk itself, and there was a tiny line of blood in the core of the sword.

And the cherry-red one was a cleaver. In her right hand, it was jarringly contrasted to the pure white longsword. This cherry-red cleaver stank of blood, and seemed like a ghostly cultivator's dao treasure. It seemed to have been forged from a sea of blood, and it was shrouded in a mist of blood. Ghostly wails also issued from within the weapon.

These were both advanced dao treasures. Back then, Prince Le did not even have an advanced dao treasure, while this Kingmaker Ying already had two. It seemed like Princess Ying treated her well indeed. A better showing than Yu Chenyu at least.

"In my left hand, the Heavenly Cumulonimbus Blade. In my right, the Vampire's Hatchet. Do you think I can take your life?" As Kingmaker Ying moved, a drastic change occurred. Her sweet demeanor and scorching hot body now paled beside her savagery. No wonder she was called a female demon.

Wu Yu's answer was the Dark North Royal Obelisk. This was the first battle that he did not want to draw out, but instead to close with his most violent moves, at the fastest speed!

He did not even want to give her the chance to strike!

He wanted to show who was the more savage one!

"Deadly Heavenly Cumulonimbus Storm!"

Her skirt flailing, Kingmaker Ying first thrust with her left hand, calling forth a scouring wind. As her skirt blew outwards, she showed off her snow-white flesh in generous amounts, giving the spectators an eyeful. They clamored over each other for a better look, but this heavenly view was soon subsumed under Kingmaker Ying's attack. The Heavenly Cumulonimbus Blade's spirit designs whirled, and frightening power was called forth. A storm came blasting with the force of a tornado, and it was pure white. On closer look, this tornado was composed of dense sword shadows that blanketed the sky. The Virtual Battlefield immediately expanded tenfold. The invisible membrane of the Virtual Battlefield was already pressed against many. Although they would not be hurt, they could feel how close the battle was to them. This was a wonderful feeling as well.

This was the advantage of the Virtual Battlefield. Two could fight with abandon, and would not affect others or the things around them.

Right now, her first slash had established her advantageous position. Kingmaker Ying's single spirit design had won her respect from all present!

Wu Yu was swallowed up by the storm!

However, Wu Yu had even been able to swallow the Ghostly Artificer's attack back in the Infernal Inferno, let alone hers. As the storm rolled up, his Heaven Devouring Avatar transformed into black mist and spread out into a huge vortex. The vortex was like a huge mouth that swallowed the storm of blades. Within its circuit, the black mist turned white from the sword qi, but the white sword qi very quickly changed to black!

"What! This-!"

This scene shocked many. They found it too incredible. Kingmaker Ying's attack seemed to have done nothing to Wu Yu, and the spirit design of the Heavenly Cumulonimbus Blade seemed to have been controlled by Wu Yu.

"Eh?" Kingmaker Ying, brimming with confidence, sensed that something was off. Her cherry lips parted slightly in surprise as she mumbled, "What happened? Could one advanced dao treasure be unable to take care of him...."

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