Chapter 0830: Kingmaker Ying

This person had the look of an eagle about him, and a sharp, hooked nose that only added to the effect. He seemed to be capable of looking straight through Wu Yu.

Right now, the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor was oblivious to all affairs of the Yan Huang Ancient Country. Although the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor was godly, this person was considered to be the most powerful within the Jambu Realm. Prince Le had said that Di Shatian was one of the most likely candidates to reach immortalhood in the Yan Huang Ancient Country. He was not especially advanced in years, only about 30 years older than the oldest prince. He still had about 200 years left to the end of his life, and this time was sufficient for him to reach immortalhood, as long as he could pass the three dao crises and the Great Trial of the Immortal Dao.

This meant that this Regent was someone very close to Wu Yu's own goal. As long as he did not bully him, he was worthy of respect. And the Regent indeed had no reason to do so. After all, Wu Yu had been personally called by the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor.

Prince Le had said to follow whatever he did.

As the two stood before the altar, the Regent looked at them, and announced to all, "Wu Yu, of the Dong Sheng Divine Continent’s Yan Huang Imperial City. Today you receive the sacred edict of the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor that knights you Kingmaker Le. Henceforth, you will support Prince Le on his path to immortalhood, and never waver in your loyalties. If you ever have thoughts of betrayal, you will be severely punished by the nation! Do you object?"

At such a time, Wu Yu obviously answered, "No."

And with this announcement, the matter was settled. And then the Regent followed up with some questions that Wu Yu and Prince Le answered accordingly. It was all simply ceremonial.

"Offer incense to the ancestors, and from now on, you are a member of the Yan Huang royal family."

As the Regent had bid, Wu Yu and Prince Le offered incense to the ancestors of the Yan Huang Tribe, and listened to the Regent's preachings. After about half an hour, the appointment ceremony was over. When the Regent proclaimed it concluded, everyone cheered for Prince Le and Kingmaker Le.

Kingmaker meant that one supported a prince or princess, independent of dao companionship. However, they could play a huge role in supporting a future emperor's rise. Many kings eventually treated their Kingmaker as their own brother in life and death.

However, for the spectators, the show was just about to begin. The appointment ceremony was without any pomp, and not at all lively. What was entertaining would be the Immortal Dao fight, where geniuses pitted themselves against each other in heated battle.

An intense rivalry existed between Kingmakers. In situations where the princes and princesses were not disposed to fight directly, they would settle it with their Kingmakers. Once a prince was slated to become the Yan Huang emperor, then the Kingmaker's status would also rise like a ship with the waters. They could even become the Prime Minister, subordinate to one, and superior to millions!

For example, there was a genteel elder not far from here, who was the Kingmaker of the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor. But in the end, the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor had outstripped his Kingmaker, and this Kingmaker could not keep pace. However, he at least had been appointed Prime Minister.

An important ministerial position that ruled over all the major affairs of the Yan Huang Ancient Country.

Therefore, this battle of Kingmakers today was something that was closely watched.

As the crowd began to buzz with heady excitement, the Regent declared commandingly, "Next, the usual rules. It's going to get lively in here. Right now, there are too many Kingmakers in the Yan Huang Ancient Country. Kingmaker Le will have his hands full with challenges. So I will set a limit. Those of Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm and above may not challenge. Anyone else who wishes to challenge may step forward."

Right now, most of the Kingmakers were at the Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm and above. There were not more than 10 who were at the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm. And they were basically all at the 10th tier.

Once they heard that Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm cultivators could not participate, some wind was taken out of the crowd's sails. After all, they felt that only people at that cultivation level could thoroughly crush Wu Yu. "Seems like the Regent is trying to preserve Prince Le's dignity."

"If even Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm cultivators could go, then Wu Yu would be in hot soup. The Regent definitely cannot allow a newly crowned Kingmaker to be incapacitated for good. After all, he was personally appointed by the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor."

"But only Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm cultivators would make for a good match. Their abilities would be more evenly matched, and Wu Yu has even defeated Prince Yao and also Yu Chenyu from the Yan Dragon Army. But even if he wins, he's the star today. Others may continue to challenge until he's finally defeated. After all, the Kingmakers want to clean out his arsenal today."

The atmosphere at the Yan Martial Gates was rising rapidly. Everyone jostled for a better view, trying to see which princes and princesses would give Prince Le face. Ordinarily, the more a prince was ostracized or the center of envy, the more badly his Kingmaker would be beaten.

After the Regent made his declaration, besides the Kingmakers already at the Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm, the remaining eight or so all stood up. Although none of them had come from the royal family, they had come from all over the Yan Huang Ancient Country, and each had their own legends. All had marvelous and ancient legacies. But there was a similarity amongst them. Their talent and futures were on the same level as those of the princes and princesses they served. At least in terms of talent, they might be stronger than the princes and princesses they served. This was what qualified them to be Kingmakers, and enter the ranks of the Yan Huang royal family!

The cream of the crop was all scouted in this way by the royal family, and marshaled under the royal banner. This would strengthen the royal family's rule, and was probably why the royal family had designated the Kingmaker system.

There were only so many Kingmakers not at the Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm, and all of them stood up at this time. This showed how unique Wu Yu and Prince Le were. After seeing this, Prince Le's face turned grim. Only Wu Yu did not seem particularly bothered.

So what if they were all superb geniuses in their own right? They were all below 100 years old.

"Esteemed Regent, we wish to challenge Kingmaker Le, and learn from his skills, and be the vessel through which Kingmaker Le can demonstrate his abilities to all!"

Of the eight, there were three girls and five guys. They were the Kingmakers of the three princesses and five princes respectively.

All eight desired to challenge Wu Yu.

But evidently, only one could fight at a time. And if Wu Yu did not crush his opponent and end the battle unharmed, then the appointment ceremony would be over in just one bout.

When the eight appeared, they attracted a lot of attention. Everyone wanted to know: who would be the one to fight? The decision rested with the Regent.

Everyone was looking in anticipation at the Regent. His gaze swept across them, and finally landed on a girl in the middle. He said, "Hear me! Princess Ying's consort has already fallen to Kingmaker Le! Then let Kingmaker Ying have her chance to win back her pride! Any objections?"

This meant that Kingmaker Ying would be the one to fight! 

This decision indeed caused the anticipation to heighten further. After all, it concerned a previous humiliation.

Wu Yu took a look at Kingmaker Ying. So the Regent had chosen this cute and docile girl to face him.

This girl was rather special. Although in the Yan Huang Ancient Country, she was probably not part of the Yan Huang Tribe. Wu Yu thought so because of her long, powder-pink hair, and her lustrous eyes framed with long lashes. Her cherry mouth and blushing complexion made one want to plant a kiss on her. Her face was that of a little girl's, but underneath her long robes of white, she had a curvaceous body that was well developed. She had the charms of a ripe peach.

Behind her was Princess Ying, her face drawn. She had a chilly beauty to her, and resembled Prince Le. WIth black hair and golden eyes, Kingmaker Ying stood before her like her a cute little sister, and not at all like a Kingmaker who protected her.

"Me?" Hearing that she would be the first to fight, Kingmaker Ying was a little taken aback. She pointed at herself a little blankly, and looked back at Princess Ying. After receiving reassurance, she nodded. "Alright, just my luck. To be chosen out of eight."

It sounded like she did not want to fight, but it was Princess Ying who wanted her to challenge Wu Yu.

Wu Yu had thought that such an opponent would be scorned at by everyone. He, too, felt like it was a little unfair that he was fighting a little girl. But the opposite was true. Everyone was very serious, and even looking at Wu Yu with some sympathy. He could vaguely make out their whispers of pity. Evidently, he was about to be thoroughly crushed in this first battle by such a devilish girl. And the Regent would probably not assign any more battles. After all, there wasn't much point to fighting when he was seriously injured, was there?

Wu Yu realized that this cute doll of a girl was not as simple as he had imagined. Besides, she had been cultivating for a longer time than him, and was no little sister.

From behind, even Prince Le frowned. "This girl is not a Yan Huang Tribe member. She is not of the Yan Huang Ancient Country, but probably from the Rising Cloud Nation. However, she grew up in the Yan Huang Ancient Country, and her exceptional talent saw her break tradition to rise to become Kingmaker."

Only the finest of talents would be allowed to stay in the Yan Huang Ancient Country. They would instead be worried that she would return to the Rising Cloud Nation.

However, the Rising Cloud Nation was populated by ghostly cultivators, right? This Kingmaker Ying did not seem like a ghostly cultivator. That probably had to do with her Yan Huang Ancient Country upbringing.

Regardless, Wu Yu still remained calm. As long as his opponent was not at the Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm, he was 99% confident in his victory.

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