Chapter 0083: Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth

Wu Yu followed the five of them into the fourth level of the Dao Querying Pagoda. The five turned back at the center and spread out, surrounding Wu Yu.

He looked at them. Three men and two women. All were core disciples at the third tier of the Qi Condensation Realm. Each of their abilities were in no way inferior to Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian's.

The spiritual sources at their Chest Meridians, Heaven's Hall Meridians, and Heaven's Gate Meridians had already been activated. They had cultivated the Qi Condensation Spiritual Art and had fairly vigorous spiritual power.

This class of disciple was considered elite disciples within the whole Heavenly Sword Sect. In a few decades, they would be the solid cornerstones of the Heavenly Sword Sect.

However, their attitude towards Wu Yu was hostile. As if there was resentment and jealousy in their bones.

The guy in the lead was built like a wall. He was a crane in a flock of chickens. He wore a robe of white gold, and his firm muscles filled the robe well. In his hand he wielded a huge, golden sword that drew the eye. The huge sword's tip rested on the ground. The blade was four feet long and as wide as the palm of one's hand. It sparkled with golden light and looked extremely intimidating!

"Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth."

Wu Yu's gaze swept out over them. Just from their auras, weaponry, and dress, he could guess their fortes.

It was believed that there were five affinities in nature, and humans followed this as well. Take Wu Yu as an example. Within the five affinities, his metal and fire were outstanding, while his water affinity was weak. That resulted in his intense and straightforward character. And the sturdily built man opposite him was much the same.

There were other elements that came out of the five affinities, such as fog, wind, or lightning. Some were even completely discrete from the five affinities. It was almost inconceivable.

The five of them being grouped together could be no coincidence. They must have had some sort of plan!

The first woman was tall and thin. She held a wooden sword that was definitely an immortal treasure.

The delicate woman held a sword that flowed like water and could change its shape.

Then there were two guys. One was as fat as a mountain, and he looked even heavier than the leader. The other was extremely gaunt. His long hair was wispy, like a flame burning.

None of them spoke a word. They stood at the positions of the five affinities, with Wu Yu surrounded in the center. From the looks in their eyes, they were all thinking of bullying Wu Yu.

"Wu Yu, we give you one last chance to reconsider. The five of us have the Five Affinities Sword Formation, which has even beaten those of the fourth tier of the Qi Condensation Realm! It's difficult even for those of the fourth tier to best us. And given your capabilities and status, if we accidentally injure you, we will be reprimanded by the elders. If you're frightened, then scram right now," the leader said in a stern voice.

"Very well!"

They were the reason why Wu Yu had come today!

In order to obtain the best dao technique, one would have to face such a caliber of challenge. Wu Yu could feel their power. To a former battle fanatic like himself, this was exactly the challenge he was hoping for!

The opponents in the previous three levels were not even worthy to take a blow from him.


The dark gold Demon Subduing Staff was planted on the ground, sending flames up.

The Heavenly Sword Sect disciples were often affiliated to dao techniques of the sword, and these five were no exception.


They laughed coldly.

"Brothers and sisters, let us test the capabilities of the Sect Leader's personal disciple!"

"I hope you do not shame the Sect Leader."

"Perhaps we might become the disciples of the Sect Leader as well."

As they spoke, their longswords were already pointing at Wu Yu.

"They seem to have some sort of coordinated attack. I definitely cannot allow them to surround me."

Wu Yu had fought military battles before and was familiar with the utility of battle formations. Once he fell into their design, he would be like a turtle in a jar.

This was a fight where the odds were against his favor!


Therefore, before his opponents made their move, he moved first. The Demon Subduing Staff in his hand sketched a golden trace in the air. It exploded with a ringing sound!

"Heaven-Defying Dragon Slayer!"

Because he had no dao techniques, he could only use a supreme-grade martial art. The Heaven-Defying Dragon Slayer pierced through like a sword. It had only one target: the swordswoman whose affinity was wood.

They called themselves the Five Affinities Fencers. In that case, he would send his greetings to the Fencer of Wood!

In single combat, none of them were Wu Yu's match.

Just as Wu Yu moved, the burly Fencer of Gold cried out, "Don't let him get away!" His huge, golden sword cleaved down, and it was like a mountain falling down. And the Fencer of Wood executed some footwork. All five moved at the same time, and the Five Affinities Sword Formation immediately sprung into action. All five had been trained as a cohesive body for many years, and Wu Yu's attack on the Fencer of Wood disappeared as though it had sunk in a swamp.


All five speedily whirled around Wu Yu, switching positions. The five immortal treasure swords were like five demon snakes that lunged for Wu Yu at the same time, trying to take a bite out of him.

"So this is a personal disciple of the Sect Leader? He's nothing much!"

Despite Wu Yu's ferocious defense, he had still sustained a score of deep cuts after a fierce clash. And the Fencer of Water laughed strangely.

"Not even a tenth of Big Brother." The Fencer of Fire laughed cruelly.

Wu Yu's face was solemn. He thought as he defended, "They have trained this Five Affinities Sword Formation for many years to make it a cohesive unit. With the power of all five, they are fairly equal to someone at the fourth tier of the Qi Condensation Realm. Very impressive...."

He was not that familiar with sword formations. Actually, they were one of the subtypes of spirit design, belonging under the Offensive Spirit Design. But the real Offensive Spirit Design was naturally all-powerful, whereas the Five Affinities Sword Formation that they employed had been simplified many times over. It was a pale imitation.

Of course, just the form alone was difficult enough to deal with.

The spirit design was still far from Wu Yu. He did not dare to dwell on it for long. Now, all he could do was focus on reaching for a dao technique that would truly be his own!


A Staff to Ascension connected with the Fencer of Gold, causing his arm to go numb. Wu Yu took the chance to take a breather while the head of the tiger was bleeding.

But at this time, they came again, their attack as fierce as a tempest.

The complex dao techniques opened Wu Yu's mind.

Compared to the dao techniques of the Zhongyuan Dao Sect, the Heavenly Sword Sect's dao techniques needed close combat to be employed. And many relied on longsword immortal treasures.

"Mountain Splitter Art!"

Blinding, golden light. The Fencer of Gold cleaved down as though Wu Yu was the mountain.

"Smoky Ripples!"

The mist thickened, hiding a glint of cold light. It was a sword tip!

"Fire Bind!"

The sword changed into a fiery rope that snared Wu Yu!

The various dao techniques complemented each other seamlessly. Although it was not as overwhelming as Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian's Fire Tornado Skill, they were even more deadly when combined.

Over the course of their battle, Wu Yu's body had already sustained many wounds.

"Spiritual power-based dao techniques are indeed difficult to deal with. Although I have the first tier of the Invincible Vajra Body, it cannot hold out against such abuse forever!

"Unless I make my Invincible Vajra Body even stronger!

"A pity that Ming Long will not give me the second tier of Invincible Vajra Body."

In response to Ming Long's terms, Wu Yu had been prudent. By nature, he was unwilling to owe others too much. And he was not even certain that he could pay what he already owed.

"If I had the second tier of the Invincible Vajra Body completed, I could not only go and contest for more Spirit Concentration Pills to directly condense my qi, but I would also be invulnerable to the attack today, and not be pressed this hard!"

The Five Affinities Sword Formation was too powerful. Although Wu Yu's body had powerful recovery ability, it could not withstand such an onslaught of dao techniques!

This made Wu Yu feel his own inadequacy.

"The Fixed Body Art cannot be used frequently. Firstly, it needs consistent training. And secondly, it should be used as a last resort lifesaver that few know about!"

This was basically like a forbidden dao technique. It was best not to use it unless the situation was dire.

"I can only rely on myself now!"

Thinking thus, he decided to fight it out.

"Immortal Ape Transformation!"

Before the eyes of the Five Affinities Fencers, Wu Yu suddenly expanded, immediately becoming the enormous, golden ape, replete with golden fur, glowing eyes, and the sauvastika on his back. He struck fear and awe in their hearts!

The Immortal Ape Transformation did not increase his spiritual power, but his physical ability, strength, defenses, and speed had all been boosted!

More importantly, was the threat it represented. To these five, Wu Yu's present form looked like a savage beast, violence incarnate and numbing their own voice of reason!

"A Staff to Ascension!"

Wu Yu only aimed for the Fencer of Gold, ignoring the other dao techniques.

"He's mad! Finish him!"

The Fencer of Gold clashed directly with Wu Yu, and his golden sword was thrown from his hand. His whole arm had almost been broken.

The other four rained all kinds of dao techniques on Wu Yu.

Before the transformation, Wu Yu could only grimly resist while the Fencer of Gold quickly recovered and rejoined the fray. But not this time. As though demented, Wu Yu rushed past all their dao technique attacks, tanking through it. The Demon Subduing Staff swept out, crashing against the skull of the Fencer of Gold. With a grunt, he fainted!


Wu Yu whirled violently. The other four retreated three steps out of fear!

Wu Yu’s current form made him look like a golden god of war.

He had been stabbed by two immortal treasure longswords, and now the wounds were actually closing before their very eyes.


This scene caused all four to retreat another panicked step.

"Come on then!" Wu Yu's burning eyes swept out.


They were not completely unnerved. All four exchanged looks, then attacked as one. But at this time, their Five Affinities Sword Formation had been broken, and its power was significantly diminished. The four of them were not Wu Yu's match. In less than 10 breaths of time, the four were lying on the ground, wailing and howling.

"You've lost."

Wu Yu stabilized his own rational side and reverted to ordinary human form. He donned another set of clothing and then put the Demon Subduing Staff on his back. He then walked past the five.

The remaining four that were conscious looked at him, trembling.

They suddenly understood that one did not only need exceptional talent in order to become the personal disciple of the Sect Leader. In terms of will, one must also be above the rest!

They crawled aside and looked at Wu Yu with respect. The heroic will he had displayed was now completely concealed again.

Before Wu Yu was the fourth level of the Scripture Holding Depository.

"The first dao technique that belongs to me, Wu Yu! I'm coming!"

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