Chapter 0829: Di Shatian

Such a contest during the appointment ceremony would indeed hype up the event, and leave a deep impression of Wu Yu on everyone's minds.

To the martial cultivators, fighting was the most exhilarating and spectacular activity in their cultivation journey.

Especially with everyone from all over the Jambu Realm watching.

Of course, whether it would make or break one's reputation depended on Wu Yu.

"You defeated Prince Yao before, so this appointment ceremony should be no problem for you. No need to stress about it," Prince Le assured him.

Naturally, Wu Yu was not at all stressed. Like Prince Le had said, even if he lost them all in succession, it was because they were the most junior, and that would be reasonable.

However, Wu Yu had no intention of being vanquished before everybody.

"Over these next few days, you may prepare. Speak to me if there is anything you need," Prince Le said generously. He treated Wu Yu as one of his own now. His favor for Wu Yu was regarded with jealousy by the other three.

However, there was not much that Wu Yu had to prepare for. He had already done it all in the Infernal Inferno.

Right now, his clones were also already at their strongest. The only one that was a little weaker was his real body, which needed to rapidly increase his own cultivation level.

Wu Yu wanted his four mystiques to develop further, and also wanted to cultivate a new dao technique. But this was impossible in four days' time.

He returned to Kingmaker Hall with the Full Moon of Nanshan.

As for the question of Prince Le's authenticity, Wu Yu discussed it with the Full Moon of Nanshan. He, too, held a degree of suspicion. Although the explanation provided by the four seemed to hold water, Wu Yu could not forget what he had seen. He trusted his Eyes of Fire and Gold.

Four days passed in a flash, and the entire Immortal's Capital was heated up. Many were gathered near the Yan Martial Gates, vying for a better spot. 

The appointment ceremony was a time-honored tradition in the Yan Huang Tribe, and was full of rules. For example, before Wu Yu was officially presented today, his contact with the royal family was limited, which was why they had to board the war chariot first.

Before daybreak, Wu Yu had followed Prince Le to the entrance of the royal city. There, a majestic chariot, drawn by a few exotic beasts, was waiting. It was huge, as large as a palace, and gleamed splendidly. The strange beasts were some sort of Spirit of the Universe, similar to the Fire Source Crystal Beast in the Taigu Immortal Path. The qilin immortal beast glowed with golden fire, an impressive sight. It was called the Yan Wu Draconian Beast. 

And the war chariot that it drew was known as the Yan Wu Draconian Chariot.

There were many defensive spirit designs on the Yan Wu Draconian Chariot. Only Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm cultivators and above could even hope to scratch the passengers of the Yan Wu Draconian Chariot.

Wu Yu and Prince Le reached the Yan Wu Draconian Chariot first, and entered the corner-most space, segregated from the other spaces.

"Wait here until it's close to noon, then we depart."

There was no one waiting for them, so he could only wait in silence.

Soon to be faced with a grand stage, Wu Yu was not too flustered. He was already used to it.

Before long, others also boarded the war chariot. Perhaps a few hundred people boarded, and they were mostly Yan Huang royalty. At this time, the Yan Wu Draconian Chariot began to move, passing through the royal gates and heading for the Yan Martial Gates.

Prince Le's face was serious as he led Wu Yu and the Full Moon of Nanshan towards the Yan Martial Gates on the royal chariot near the royal city, alongside the other royal family members.

Of course, Wu Yu and the others would be in their own space.

Given the speed of the Yan Wu Draconian Beasts, they would reach the Yan Martial Gates in no time at all. They had scarcely departed before they arrived.

However, royalty was attending this event. Although they were within the Yan Wu Draconian Chariot, they could still hear the deafening roar outside. The Yan Huang royal family were peerless even within the Jambu Realm. Even in the Immortal's Capital, where everyone had ties to power and wealth, and were experts and geniuses, they were still worked up at seeing the Yan Huang royal family.

The loudest cheers even caused the entire Yan Wu Draconian Chariot to tremble, and the Yan Wu Draconian Beasts were startled. They bellowed threateningly in response, and this only elicited laughter from the crowd.

First was the appointment ceremony, then sacrifices to the ancestors. And then the challenges.

The Yan Huang royalty were exiting. And when noon arrived, Wu Yu and the others were still waiting within. At this time, the area near the Yan Martial Gates, whether on the ground or in the air, was filled with people. It was a rare sight at the Yan Huang Immortal's Capital.

As the Yan Huang royal family alighted one after another from the Yan Wu Draconian Chariot, each was of a higher status than the previous one, and the people were awed as well. They began to hold their breaths, and their cheers. Besides the royal family, there were also other highly placed courtiers and ministers. Although many were not Yan Huang royal family members, their statuses were also of the highest caliber, such as the current Yan Huang Prime Minister.

From outside, people were preparing their speeches, and the venue was already set up. The most powerful figure here today was undoubtedly the Regent, Di Shatian.

Although there were many people outside, the place was completely silent. Only one voice sounded out. Because the Yan Wu Draconian Chariot was walled off, the speaker could not be seen clearly, but that strict voice boomed out with authority, and demanded the respect of all as the Yan Wu Draconian Chariot passed.

"That's my royal uncle, the current Regent, Di Shatian."

Speaking of him, Prince Le's face showed respect. This showed that this administrator of the entire Yan Huang Ancient Country was a capable and commanding person. He was also the ruler of the entire Yan Huang Ancient Country.

After a while, noon arrived. Wu Yu had heard those outside calling for him and Prince Le to make their appearance. As for the Full Moon of Nanshan, he could simply tag along behind. In a while, he would be left to his own devices.

Prince Le nodded to Wu Yu, and the two walked out of the Yan Wu Draconian Chariot one after the other. As they exited the chariot, Wu Yu felt like he had returned to the Dark North Battle for Supremacy. All eyes were on him, an incredible pressure coming from every single Yan Huang Tribe member, whether male or female, young or old. Jealousy, curiosity, and reverence in their looks.

Closest to Wu Yu was probably either Yan Huang royalty, or some minister. There was a huge dais before him, laid with red carpet emblazoned with golden mystical dragons. At the end of this platform was a massive altar, where hundreds of deities were represented. They all looked extremely holy, and even the representation alone had a sacred aura to it that made it difficult to look at directly. These should be the generations of emperors of the Yan Huang Ancient Country! Each was an ancient and absolute ruler in their time!

In the instant that they appeared, everyone held their breaths. Wu Yu had encountered such a situation before, so he was relatively composed. Prince Le was a little less used to it - after all, he was not as subject to the public gaze as Wu Yu was. Therefore, he stared straight at the hundreds before him, and led Wu Yu up to the stage with a stiff expression, moving closer to the altar step by step.

"Prince Le, Kingmaker Le, ascend the Altar of Ages!"

This voice boomed out, echoing throughout the Immortal's Capital!

This was an order, and Prince Le was well used to that. He led Wu Yu up. The stage was extremely spacious, and many flanked them on each step. These were all Yan Huang royal family members, and the majority were princes, princesses, and their Kingmakers.

These princes and princesses were all older than Prince Le, and had a regal bearing. In terms of their quality, they were roughly the same as Prince Le, or perhaps even beyond him. Amongst them, many of the older ones were at the Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm. After all, the oldest prince was said to have been cultivating for 200-300 years. When he was born, the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor had not been this formidable yet.

These were the ultimate elites of the entire Yan Huang Ancient Country. Each prince and princess was a legend in their own right. For so many eminent people to be looking down on him, Wu Yu was indeed a little thrown off. Wu Yu also spotted Prince Yao, who he had defeated previously.

It seemed like the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor had many royal children indeed. Wu Yu ascended a few hundred steps, and all around him were youngsters with similar attitudes. They were the next generation of the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor, and some were even his grandchildren.

Slightly further on the sides of the stairs were the Prime Minister, the Grand Commander of the Army, the Royal Tutor, the Royal Doctor, the Royal Architect, the Minister of Ceremonies, the Coach Master, and other important ministers. These ministers held all sorts of power within the Yan Huang Ancient Country, and kept the country running. Many other highly placed royal advisors were seated a ways apart. These elders were exceptionally strong, and all close to reaching immortalhood, just like Ancestor Yang from the Dark North Kingdom.

Besides them, there were also the army generals of the Five Great Armies that guarded the Immortal's Capital, as well as many other yan dragon generals and huang dragon generals that maintained order.

A few of the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor's concubines were sittingin elaborate palanquins, and did not reveal their faces.

Finally, Wu Yu came to the altar. Here, a middle-aged man in long robes of black and gold was waiting. This person was terrifyingly formidable, and the strongest present. Wu Yu, too, was filled with a trepidation he had never felt before. He had black hair and golden eyes, and on his brow a character glowed bright - Sha. [1]

This was the current regent, Di Shatian.

1. TN: Sha means Kill

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