Chapter 0828: Yan Martial Gates

To sum it up, looking at the four of them now, they were no different from when they were in the Taigu Immortal Path. The only change might be due to understanding Wu Yu had grown substantially stronger and they no longer had the haughty attitude when facing him. 

It was especially so for Prince Le due to Wu Yu becoming Kingmaker Le. This greatly excited him as he felt a little like he had gotten a capable and wise subordinate. 

Qu Yin asked to take his leave after sending Wu Yu over. Prince Le didn't hold him back and simply said, "There are many details to the appointment ceremony that I will need you to brief Wu Yu on in detail, lest he made a mistake and become the butt of the ridicules on the day itself." 

"Rest assured, this is of grave importance to me and I'll ensure adequate preparations for it." 

As such, Qu Yin finally left at ease. Before he left, he reminded Qu Haoyan and Qu Fengyu to serve Prince Le well. 

His son and daughter were on good terms with Prince Le, and it was clear that he would be on Prince Le's side moving forward. 

The Yan Huang Ancient Emperor roamed among the immortals and no one saw him most days. He was like an immortal in the Jambu Realm and would likely appoint a new Yan Huang Ancient Emperor from all the princes in the near future. 

Those in charge of the Yan Huang Ancient Country at the moment were the few brothers of the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor. They took turns to be the regent and handled the affairs of the Yan Huang Ancient Country. 

The Yan Huang Ancient Emperor was too frightening. Even when they could become regents, they would have to be on their toes and couldn't possibly put up a resistance. No one could possibly go against an immortal. 

After Qu Yin left, Prince Le started observing Wu Yu from head to toe. At this point, Wu Yu raised his hand and said, "What happened in the Taigu Immortal Path has passed. This humble servant is really glad that Prince Le could escape from the catastrophe. Since I received the Ancient Emperor's Edict and came to the Yan Huang Ancient Country, I will naturally follow Prince Le from here onwards." 

He had to make this clear. Obviously, although he was following Prince Le, he couldn't possibly become a complete follower of Prince Le or be fully under his control. Moreover, he still harbored deep doubts about Prince Le. It was just that he wasn't showing them. 

Prince Le had reached the eighth tier of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm. At his age, there was probably no one that could exceed him in the entire Jambu Realm. Qu Haoyan was a seventh tier Primordial Spirit Transformation cultivator, and the other two were sixth tier Primordial Spirit Transformation cultivators. After leaving the Taigu Immortal Path, they had made huge improvements. One could say that it was a blessing in disguise. 

Prince Le was very satisfied upon hearing Wu Yu’s words. 

Wu Yu looked at the other three people. Qu Haoyan was still the same, a man of few words. However, the way he looked at Wu Yu was filled with desire to challenge him. As for Qu Fengyu and Baili Zhuihun, they were completely immersed in their own world. 

"This is...?" At this point, Prince Le's attention shifted onto the Full Moon of Nanshan. 

Therefore, Wu Yu introduced and said, "He's a friend I met in the Dark North Kingdom. He's willing to follow me and fight side by side with me while pursuing the greater dao. Although he's a demon, he and I definitely share the same ambition. And his strength and talents aren't weak. His name is the Full Moon of Nanshan." 

Even with Prince Le and the group's strength and cultivation levels, they still found the Full Moon of Nanshan unfathomable. This was equivalent to gifting them additional reinforcements. Prince Le naturally couldn't be happier about it. Therefore, he nodded and said, "Your brother is my brother as well. In the future, the six of us shall roam and rise in the Yan Huang Ancient Country together!" 

He was the son of the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor, and Wu Yu's identity of Kingmaker Le was built on him. If he was willing to help Wu Yu, it would indeed be a lot easier. It would be the case at least on the surface. As for the turbulence and hidden waves in the depths, they wouldn't know at the moment. 

Wu Yu felt that if he acted nonchalant to their experiences, that would be more out of the norm. 

After introducing the Full Moon of Nanshan to them, he expressed his doubts openly and directly. "I saw with my own eyes that you guys were controlled by the two coffins in the tomb. How did you guys manage to escape from them?" 

When they heard Wu Yu's queries, the four of them exchanged glances and chuckled. In the end, Prince Le  said, "The truth is, whatever you see in the Taigu Immortal Path might be true or might be false. After all, that place is extremely mysterious. We haven't told many people about the real truth, only some key seniors. Since you are a key person in that incident, let us tell you the truth as well." 

Prince Le paused for a moment, and before the thirsty eyes of knowledge from Wu Yu, he started saying, "That time, the four of us thought we were doomed for sure. In the critical moment of life and death, we suddenly found ourselves in a different place with different encounters. In those places, we couldn't trigger our Taigu Immortal Talismans. Initially, we thought we would forever be left in the Taigu Immortal Path. To our astonishment, the Taigu Immortal Path sent us back at the very last moment. As for our experiences, don't spread it. There aren't many people that know about this yet. After we got out, our strength improved rapidly. Perhaps that has something to do with our experiences." 

Obviously, the detailed experiences were their individual secrets. He definitely wouldn't be upfront about it. 

This response did resolve some queries Wu Yu had in mind. However, Ming Long asked, "You saw it clearly with your own eyes. Do you believe what he said?" 

Wu Yu answered in his mind, "It sounds logical. However, Qu Fengyu still was a little strange when Prince Le wasn't around. Moreover, I did get a clear look then, despite many people saying that the Taigu Immortal Path is really mysterious. Therefore, it's better that I show I believe them on the outside while keeping my doubts to myself." 

Regardless of how realistic they might make it sound, Wu Yu felt like he couldn't fully discard his doubts and vigilance. It was just that he didn't make his views apparent. Therefore, he nodded and said, "Fortune comes after surviving a great ordeal. Congratulations to you guys." 

Baili Zhuihun added, "Although we did have our experiences, we can't compare to you. I heard that you clinched first in the Dark North Battle for Supremacy and even won an advanced dao treasure like the Dark North Royal Obelisk. Back when we were in the Taigu Immortal Path, our strength didn't differ that much. Now you have left us in the dust." 

When he spoke, it was clear that he was a little jealous. However, this also showed how sincere he was. Nonetheless, Wu Yu was still doubtful. 

Prince Le laughed. "Wu Yu was appointed directly by my father to be Kingmaker Le. From here onwards, he will definitely be one of our own. The stronger he is, the more beneficial it is for us. At the very least, we will have nothing to fear if we have any conflicts with my royal brothers and sisters." When he finished speaking, he patted Wu Yu's shoulder and laughed heartily. 

It did look like they were cordial, and even the Full Moon of Nanshan joined in. 

In this team, Qu Haoyan was still tough and aloof, Baili Zhuihun was still acting strangely and clearly envious of Wu Yu, while Qu Fengyu still had a haughty attitude towards Wu Yu. It was also because of this that it was reasonable. 

With Prince Le as the binding force, it wouldn't be difficult for Wu Yu and the Full Moon of Nanshan to blend in. After all, they were the strongest within the group. 

The Full Moon of Nanshan had joined this team as Wu Yu’s follower. He wouldn't have to be respectful to Qu Haoyan and the rest, he simply needed to see Prince Le as his leader. 

Naturally, Wu Yu believed Prince Le wouldn't forcefully order them around. Even if he did, Wu Yu wouldn't have to follow. After all, he had been appointed by the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor personally, and Prince Le couldn't do anything about it. 

"Wu Yu, I have to explain things clearly about the appointment ceremony in four days." After a short familiarization, they came to the important affairs. 

"Please speak." 

"The appointment ceremony is a grand affair for both me and you. The relationship between us will only formally be established after the appointment ceremony. You will then be openly recognized as Kingmaker Le, and this will serve as a platform to announce to the entire Jambu Realm. Therefore, the event would be relatively grander and more solemn." 

Wu Yu nodded. This was a special setting in the Yan Huang Ancient Country. Each prince and princess would have a slot for their Kingmakers. Truth be told, it would be similar to becoming dao companions with the princes and princesses. 

"Based on customs and norms, the appointment ceremony will be held at the Yan Martial Gates. This is the most prosperous and spacious place in the Immortal's Capital, where numerous people can gather." 

Before this, Wu Yu wasn't aware that the appointment ceremony wouldn't be in the Imperial City, but in the Immortal's Capital. Since that was the case, there would definitely be lots of people spectating. 

The Yan Martial Gates seemed to be at the center of the Immortal's Capital, and was a convenient place to go to from all corners of the Immortal's Capital. 

"At that time, almost all the princes and princesses, high ranking officials, and generals will attend. The regent, Di Shatian, will host the ceremony personally. As for the rest, just follow what I do. The main procedures are to pay respect to our ancestors. There's only one thing that you have to be mentally prepared for." 

"Prince, please speak your mind." 

Qu Yin seemed to have talked about this previously, and it appeared to be a troublesome matter. 

"Based on the rules of the appointment ceremony that have been passed down since ancient times, the Kingmakers of other princes and princesses can challenge you at the end of the ceremony. The main rationale is to let the world see what you are capable of as a Kingmaker. Naturally, this won't change the fact that you have become my Kingmaker. It's more of a face issue. This will also be a great opportunity for you to showcase yourself to the citizens of the Yan Huang Ancient Country." 

Wu Yu had not expected such an event. It seemed like the appointment ceremony would be really lively and raucous. On that day, Prince Le and him would definitely be the main subjects. 

However, he had a doubt in mind. "There are so many princes and princesses and therefore Kingmakers. How can I possibly withstand that many challenges?" 

Prince Le answered, "You don't have to worry about this. When they raise a challenge, they will first have to get the approval from the regent. Since you haven't reached the Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm, he will not allow Kingmakers at that realm to challenge you. The regent will choose someone appropriate for you personally. There might only be one battle. However, if you finish off your opponent swiftly, there might be two. To put it simply, the purpose is to push you to your limit. Naturally, if you can't even withstand the first battle or take down any challenger, both of us will be embarrassed. Nonetheless, it won't matter. Throughout history, it's normal to see new Kingmakers be bullied by other Kingmakers in rotation. After all, amongst all my brothers and sisters with Kingmakers, I'm the youngest. You are also definitely the youngest among them." 

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