Chapter 0827: Foursome

Only by exiting through the well in the Yan Dragon Fortress could one return there.

To pass through the well, Wu Yu went through multiple layers of spirit design checks. Because he had entered the Infernal Inferno through the Yan Dragon Fortress, there were many spirit designs here that recorded his signature. Otherwise, the spirit designs of the Yan Dragon Fortress would regard him as a Ghostly Yan Tribe member, or perhaps a demon or Spirit of the Universe, and activate the Offensive Spirit Designs to eradicate him instantly.

Wu Yu and the Full Moon of Nanshan passed through the numerous tiers without complications and arrived at the Yan Dragon Fortress safely.

At this time, the Yan Dragon Fortress had many Yan Dragon Guards. Many were trending young. They were either cultivating at the Yan Dragon Fortress, or had just arrived and were preparing to enter the Infernal Inferno. Everyone was in a busy state. The Infernal Inferno was their training ground, and the Yan Dragon Fortress was a place for them to rest and replenish.

Wu Yu had to find someone who could take him out of the Yan Dragon Fortress.

And at this time, Yu Chenyang and the others had not even gone into the Infernal Inferno. The troop that he had been leading was still in preparation. For many, it was their first time going in and therefore sufficient mental preparation was necessary. Even those that had entered before would need a readjustment period.

When the pair returned, they naturally caught their attention. Coincidentally, Wu Yu was looking for them too.

"Already scared out so quickly? Do you still dare to go in?" Seeing them come out, the bile in Yu Chenyu's heart was reflected in his words.

"We are returning to the Immortal's Capital. Help me open the Yan Dragon Fortress." Right now, Wu Yu's mind was preoccupied with news of Prince Le's return from seclusion. Yu Chenyang and Yu Chenyu were completely dismissed from mind.

"Leaving just like that? The Infernal Inferno can't be that scary! You made it here with such difficulty and you're already sniveling back in a few days' time?" Yu Chenyu could not resist taunting him. Looked like he was still resentful about his defeat.

Wu Yu ignored him. "Prince Le has come out of seclusion. I am going back to participate in the appointment ceremony, I have no time to bicker with you."

Hearing Prince Le's name, Yu Chenyu wiped the mocking expression off his face stiffly, then he looked to Yu Chenyang.

Seeing the situation, Yu Chenyang said no more. He immediately took out a Message Talisman and a gap opened in the barrier in the sky, big enough for him and the Full Moon of Nanshan to exit.

"Thank you." Yu Chenyang had been direct, and Wu Yu casually acknowledged this. Then he took the Full Moon of Nanshan with him into the skies.

"Wu Yu, don't disgrace yourself too badly at the appointment ceremony." As Wu Yu rose into the sky, Yu Chenyang threw a spiteful parting shot at him, something that Wu Yu did not understand.

Wu Yu did not waste brainpower on it either. He and the Full Moon of Nanshan left the Yan Dragon Fortress on the Somersault Cloud, taking off in the direction of the Immortal's Capital. His speed was much faster than the speed at which he had come, and he would probably return to the Immortal's Capital within a day or two.

The Full Moon of Nanshan roughly knew about Prince Le's situation as well. He was rather jumpy after hearing Wu Yu's tale. "Hard to tell what the hell is going on when the Taigu Immortal Path is involved. But sooner or later, this guy has to be dealt with. The old method then: work on the fly."

Wu Yu knew this as well. No need to play up his fear of this guy.

At this stage, working on the fly was all they could do.

Besides, he had also prepared sufficiently within the Infernal Inferno.

Therefore, he focused on making good time back to the Immortal's Capital without any other doubts.

The Yan Huang Ancient Country was vast, and the Central Region Divine Continent was only one continent amongst many. Still, it was incredibly massive, perhaps twice the size of the Dark North Emperor Continent. From above, this was a boundless divine continent, filled with spiritual qi. Everyone here cultivated, and all were martial cultivators with the dream of reaching immortalhood!

And in this land, the nurturing of spiritual qi had given rise to countless immortal essences and precious treasures. This land was littered with legacies left by innumerable ancestors before them, and their spirit designs, talismans, and dao treasures had been passed down through the ages.

The legacies of the Yan Huang Tribe had endured through endless generations. Their names had been the subject of countless songs that sang of their glorious days!

That was why the Yan Huang Tribe still ruled this world even today! More and more legacies integrated into the Yan Huang Tribe, the collective intellect and knowledge passed on to future generations!

The scorching fires that curled up to the skies were emblems of the people's fiery passion for cultivation!

Passing through this land, it was teeming with martial cultivators. All of them had dreams no less ambitious than his own. Even in the humblest of towns or villages, everyone was engrossed in cultivation, trying to wrestle with the most profound logics in this world. Their lives changed, grew, and were much more meaningful than those of the mortals in the Dong Sheng Divine Continent, where people lived for the sake of living.

Such a world flamed Wu Yu's enthusiasm and passion as well. It was as nourishing as a shot of chicken's blood. He would move towards his dream. To him, the most important thing now would be to make his own name in the Yan Huang Ancient Country, in the Immortal's Capital!

Before long, he could see the expanse of the Immortal's Capital below him. He had passed dozens of satellite cities nearby before reaching this place. Not everyone could enter the Immortal's Capital. Many talented and exceptional individuals could stay at the satellite cities but were not allowed near the Immortal's Capital.

After reaching the Immortal's Capital, he was surprised to see Qu Yin waiting for him at the entrance. When Wu Yu arrived, he said a little exasperatedly, "Since Prince Le was in seclusion, your status as Kingmaker Le has yet to be officially conferred. In such an important time, it is best not to run amok. You arrived at the last moment. Count yourself lucky."

There was nothing much to say in response to such admonishment, so Wu Yu asked, "Why are you waiting for me here? Is there something going on?"

Qu Yin said, "In the whole Yan Huang Ancient Country, only I can contact you. Who knew where you ran off to. If I hadn't found you, my mission would not be considered done. Follow me to Prince Le's residence!"

Seemed like he had to deliver Wu Yu to Prince Le's residence and see the appointment ceremony finished before his mission was considered complete. Perhaps he had come looking after Prince Le had returned and not been able to find Wu Yu.

Wu Yu followed him into the Immortal's Capital and then they headed for the royal city at speed.

Given their statuses, their movements within the Immortal's Capital drew considerable attention. Especially Wu Yu - since Prince Le had come out, then the date of appointment for Kingmaker Le was also confirmed. In four days' time, the Immortal's Capital would be a tad bit livelier because of Wu Yu. Therefore, many were talking about him as he passed.

During this time, Qu Yin did not say a thing, and Wu Yu was nervous. He asked, "Did you notice anything different about Prince Le when he came back from the Taigu Immortal Path?"

"What difference could there have been?" Qu Yin countered.

He clearly meant that there was no difference.

As for this, Wu Yu was a little suspicious. He himself felt that Qu Fengyu was markedly off, but Qu Yin seemed unable to sense it. Besides, his son, Qu Haoyan, and Baili Zhuihun, who fancied his daughter, should have changed as well.

"Back then, I thought them dead, and was surprised that they returned from the dead. I was just a little suspicious. After all, I didn't see clearly back then," Wu Yu replied.

"Cast those doubts away. Others have said the same as you, but the Taigu Immortal Path is a magical place. What you saw might not be the truth."

"I see."

Wu Yu put his doubts aside, but he was not convinced by Qu Yin's words.


Before long, he and Qu Yin entered the royal residence and arrived before Prince Le's residence. Along the way, Wu Yu had heard many discussing his appointment ceremony. Kingmaker was an extraordinarily esteemed status, and this appointment ceremony seemed rather grand - a major event in the Immortal's Capital.

At Prince Le's residence.

"Prince Le, your old servant Qu Yin has brought Wu Yu back to Prince Le's residence." Standing outside Prince Le's residence, Qu Yin did not enter immediately.

"Come in." From within, Prince Le's voice came. Wu Yu pricked up his ears. At least from the sound of it, his voice did not seem any different from how it sounded in the Taigu Immortal Path. His tone also seemed unchanged, not as rigid as the way Qu Fengyu spoke.

He did not think much of this. Along with the Full Moon of Nanshan, he followed Qu Yin into Prince Le's residence.

Passing through the vast courtyard, they arrived at the main hall of Prince Le's residence. He was within, and the doors of the main hall opened to reveal four people before Wu Yu. One was naturally Prince Le, while the other three were Qu Yin's son, Qu Haoyan; his daughter, Qu Fengyu; and a state lord's son, Baili Zhuihun.

These four appeared at the same time, and Wu Yu was reminded of the scene of their corpses back in the tomb. And these people were now all standing before him, alive and kicking. Even his Eyes of Fire and Gold could not spot any difference.

He first looked at Prince Le, who was regarding Wu Yu beaming. "Wu Yu, long time no see. Since we parted at the Taigu Immortal Path, I did not expect you to become this strong. You even received my father's Ancient Emperor's Edict and became my Kingmaker. Such fate that we have."

In all aspects, such as his expression, manner, and tone, he was indeed exactly the same as he was on the Taigu Immortal Path. Of course, he was highly born, and still had a superior and demanding attitude, but that was simply his attitude towards Wu Yu, and not an innate change. At least on first impression, aided by the Eyes of Fire and Gold, Wu Yu saw that this was truly Prince Le, unfettered by any signs of being controlled.

He looked at Qu Haoyan, who was also similar to how he was on the Taigu Immortal Path. His severe expression and burning gaze. A reticent and severe person. As for Baili Zhuihun, he was still an agile mind that plotted. And Qu Fengyu, charming and crafty, making eyes with Baili Zhuihun....

At this time, they were truly a vivid semblance. But the trouble was, Wu Yu remembered Qu Fengyu as being extremely cold....

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