Chapter 0825: Battle of Devouring

What the Heaven Devouring Avatar was using was the first mystique-like ability that Wu Yu had discovered. Wu Yu gave it a simple name: Return. 

What it meant was simple. That would be reflecting the attacks of his opponent. 

Obviously, there were times where the opponents' attacks were so strong that they exceeded the limits he could endure. 

Nonetheless, the limits he could endure could be frighteningly high at times. As long as the other party wasn’t overwhelmingly more powerful than the Heaven Devouring Avatar, he would be capable of completing an impossible turn-around driven by Wu Yu's resilience! 

Also, there were some attacking means that were more suitable for conversion, while others not as much.  For example, that little dagger that the opponent had would be the hardest to convert if used. Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar would definitely be pierced by it! 

However, for some attacks, it would be extremely easy and suitable for conversion. An example would be the attack the other party was releasing currently. The Offensive Spirit Design of the Ancient Soul Dreamlocker, Ancient Soul Dream Drowner! 

From within the skulls, streams of black mist were swarming towards Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar frenziedly. At this very moment, Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar had morphed into a huge vortex and started spinning at high speeds. The black mist was sucked into the vortex and assimilated into it. One could hear the howling of the gases and, from time to time, vague sounds of bones crushing and cracking within the vortex! 

The Heaven Devouring Avatar knew his limits the clearest. However, such limits could be challenged as well. 

An attack from a Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm expert instantly pushed Wu Yu to the limit. The corrosive mist could also inflict damage to the Heaven Devouring Avatar when it was absorbed. While different from his body and strength, the corrosive mist was still converted within the vortex and eventually assimilated into the mist. In this process, Wu Yu would gain control and even inject his own uniqueness into the converted mist before assimilating it! 

"Grr!" From the black vortex, one could even hear the roar of a huge beast. That was released subconsciously by Wu Yu. He was struggling to endure, constantly raising his limits, suppressing and controlling the turbulent energy within his body! 

"What's happening?" The Ghostly Artificer was still smiling initially. However, his smile had now been replaced by shock.  This was not the first time he had made such an expression when facing Wu Yu. 

This was because he could sense that his Ancient Soul Dream Drowner had not damaged Wu Yu at all. Instead, it had gradually broken free from his control. It was as though the sword he was holding was gradually changing into his opponent's sword. This was something that he had never encountered before! 

Nonetheless, he didn't have much time to react, as the vortex grew larger and larger and devoured all the mist in the blink of an eye. After which, the vortex spun at an even more frenzied speed. With each rotation, the Ghostly Artificer could feel that he was losing a portion of his control. When the vortex reached the maximum speed, it stopped abruptly before spinning in the opposite direction. The reverse spinning process resulted in a huge column of converted mist ejecting out of the vortex and towards the direction of the Ghostly Artificer!

This attack came from the Ghostly Artificer in the first place and therefore would obviously be a threat to himself!  Compared to the attack of the Ghostly Artificer previously, it had become even stronger as the Heaven Devouring Avatar had injected his own unique characteristics in it! 

Now the one facing the threat had reversed to the Ghostly Artificer! 

Behind the turbulent burst of mist, the Ghostly Artificer could see the vortex gradually taking the form of the white-haired, red-eyed Wu Yu. Those cold and devilish red eyes and the fluttering, white hair gave off frightening vibes when it appeared out of nowhere. It was as though this wasn't a human, but a titanic beast capable of covering the skies! 

"What the hell is that? A human? A beast? Or a demon?" The Ghostly Artificer was speechless and cursed in his mind. At the same time, he had no choice but to take on his own attack! 

Furthermore, after returning the Offensive Spirit Design to his opponent, the Dark North Royal Obelisk in Wu Yu transformed into a long whip made of segments. Each segment had reversed spikes, and the end of the long whip was no different from the sharp tip of a spear. 

It was as though Wu Yu had control over a dragon now. A black mystical dragon was swaying and howling before him. He suddenly flexed his arm and that long whip extended indefinitely behind the corrosive column of mist and towards the Ghostly Artificer! Sounds of air explosions erupted constantly. 

Wherever the whip passed, large amounts of freezing cold energy was released from the long whip. The long whip had all the chill gathered within. When released explosively now, even the air along its path was frozen solid. The overwhelming chill was all gathered at the forefront of the column of mist, fusing two attacks into one. The razor-sharp, long whip was camouflaged within it and the numerous spirit designs surrounding it had a large number of insignias surfacing. This was almost the strongest attack Wu Yu had ever launched, and it swept towards the Ghostly Artificer! 

"Dark North Saintly Dragon Formation!"

Among the spirit designs of the Dark North Royal Obelisk, whether it was the Dark Sea Ghostly Tempest or the Dark North Saintly Dragon Formation, both possessed extremely catastrophic destructive force and were incomparably near the level of a seraphic dao treasure! 

The Ghostly Artificer was now facing the most daunting challenge. His expression had darkened, but he still reacted very rapidly. 

He retracted the Ancient Soul Dreamlocker rapidly and manipulated the skulls to be arranged before him. All of a sudden, those skulls formed a thick wall. When all the skulls got together, they underwent huge changes and became his spine. The wall also morphed into a skeletal giant with three heads and six arms. That skeletal giant held up its arm and dashed towards Wu Yu. In no time, they clashed together. 

Pa, pa, pa! Huge explosions erupted within the spirit designs. The deafening explosions shook the entire glacial world. The extreme chill was released explosively from the column of corrosive mist, instantly sinking the world into a higher level of frost! 


The skeletal giant was sucked into the cold wave rapidly and the extreme chill corroded it swiftly. Under the whipping force of the Dark North Saintly Dragon Formation, the skeletal giant exploded into countless shattered bones! 

Countless streams of chilling air shot towards the Ghostly Artificer and overwhelmed him instantly! 

This was the attack from the Ghostly Artificer initially. Together with the attack from the Dark North Royal Obelisk, its power would definitely be stronger than a last minute reaction made in a hurry! 

When the attack of the Dark North Saintly Dragon Formation landed on the Ghostly Artificer, he was sent flying back after a huge explosion. His body was frozen solid and rolled into a huge ice ball in the glacial world. Clearly, Wu Yu had connected his attack on the Ghostly Artificer!  And he had a certain level of dominance over him. 

However, when Wu Yu was feeling a little content, that ice sphere exploded and the Ghostly Artificer emerged from it. He no longer looked as calm and composed, and it was clear that he had not suffered grave injuries. At this point, he was glowering at Wu Yu with extreme rage. He had wanted to attack Wu Yu but had taken the counterattack from Wu Yu instead. Nonetheless, this wasn't the full extent of his strength. After all, it hadn't been just one or two days since he reached the Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm! 

"I'm surprised you are so capable and almost have the strength to go against me. The shame is that you are still too young and a little off from me!  Nonetheless, you have truly pissed me off. I won't go easy on you from here onwards!" 

Wu Yu had never expected the counter-attack he spent so much time preparing to fail to deal severe injuries to the other party. 

He was still able to accept the fact, though. After all, he knew how strong the other party was. It was already incredible that he could force the Ghostly Artificer to such a state. 

The question now would be how could he hold the Ghostly Cultivator at bay? 

After getting a sense of each other's strength, it was crystal clear to Wu Yu that even the Heaven Devouring Avatar would be no match for this opponent. Therefore, he was prepared to flee. As long as he returned to the Somersault Cloud, the Ghostly Artificer would not be able to catch up to him! 

At this very moment, Wu Yu saw the Ghostly Artificer holding on to the dagger, about to use it to attack! 

At the most critical juncture, Wu Yu summoned the Somersault Cloud from the Heaven Devouring Avatar while the Heaven Devouring Avatar moved towards the main body! 

All three of them moved in the same instant!

Wu Yu could see clearly that with a small movement of a finger, the dagger flew out of the Ghostly Artificer's hand. Its speed was frighteningly swift. It looked like a simple and direct move that caused no commotion. Silently, the dagger got closer to the Heaven Devouring Avatar - a lethal threat! 

Luckily, Wu Yu's reaction was a tad quicker. His Somersault Cloud fused with his Heaven Devouring Avatar and swept it away by the slightest margin before the dagger could land a hit!  However, the dagger could make a turn and continued chasing after Wu Yu. Wu Yu was steering the Somersault Cloud while dodging at his highest speed. The dagger was extremely fast as well, but still a little slower than Wu Yu! 

As a result, although the dagger was just like a living creature that pursued constantly, the distance between Wu Yu and it was still enlarging. The spirit design world here was exceptionally broad and therefore Wu Yu still stood  a huge chance of escaping within this space. 

The Ghostly Artificer tried triggering the spirit design to regenerate the sea of flowers that could cause disorientation. However, whenever he tried to do so, Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar would break away from the Somersault Cloud for an instant and freeze the spirit design world into a glacial world with the Dark Sea Ghostly Tempest! 

As a result, he had no effective method to deal with Wu Yu. Seeing the Ghostly Artificer getting more and more impatient, Wu Yu was also getting more and more composed. If things went as he expected, the opportunity might arise an hour later! 

"It's pointless for you to run like this. Not a single Yan Huang Tribe member will come here, and my spiritual power is denser than yours. We will reach a point where you are exhausted. When that time comes, it will be the day you die!" 

"Don't make me laugh. You are way more anxious than me. Let's see who can resist longer," Wu Yu answered calmly. 

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