Chapter 0824: The Dagger

Wu Yu tuned the Ghostly Artificer out.

Because from the start, if the opponent had no other tricks up his sleeve, he would have found it hard to threaten them. The only possibility was to continue holding Wu Yu and the Full Moon of Nanshan here. Because Wu Yu could leave, but the Full Moon of Nanshan could not.

The Ghostly Artificer was very strong, and now that the Full Moon of Nanshan was injured, he was of no help. Wu Yu's real body could not help either, although the speed of his real body allowed him to outstrip the Ghostly Artificer. The only candidate to fight this enemy was the Heaven Devouring Avatar.

Right now, his white-haired, red-eyed Heaven Devouring Avatar stood between Wu Yu and the Ghostly Artificer, the obsidian Dark North Royal Obelisk in hand.

The flowing, white hair and demonic, red eyes made for a completely different Wu Yu, which made the Ghostly Artificer realize for the first time that the most valuable possession Wu Yu had might not be the Skeletal Flame Dragon. He had not noticed this clone at first.

"You've got a lot of secrets, kid! To have such abundant resources, and even a talented demon follower. You must be highly placed in the Yan Huang Ancient Country. If not for the fact that your brow isn't marked with the Yan Huang royal family crest, I would have thought you some prince! But even so, your status probably isn't lower than a prince's, is it? To be able to trap you here until my Ghostly Yan Tribe superiors arrive - that would be great work indeed!" The Ghostly Artificer was in no hurry, instead speaking with some bravado.

Wu Yu's real body and the Full Moon of Nanshan were a little distance away from him. At this point, the Full Moon of Nanshan had experienced the effects of this spirit design. Now that he was on his guard, he was in a much better situation, and would not fall into reckless anger for now.

The one that replied to the Ghostly Artificer was Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar. He said coldly, "Enough with the scares. When the likes of you meets a talented person like myself, you must be thinking of how you can have it all for yourself. As if an avaricious thing like you would share."

Wu Yu could only delay his opponent since they could not escape.

The Full Moon of Nanshan composed himself. He looked at Wu Yu gravely and said, "I have seen all that has happened here. Wu Yu, I can only apologize to you. I can see that you've treated me fairly, but before this, I did not treat you the same way. I simply wanted to use you, control you, and have you chase me.... Your just manner has made me feel guilty. Forget all else, from now on, I will treat you as you treat me. I will not let you down."

He said a lot and then heaved a sigh, grinning foolishly.

"Think nothing of it. Making friends is a giving process. That you can be honest makes me feel that all that I have done was worth it." Wu Yu did not care about the rest. He knew that the Full Moon of Nanshan had carried some wicked intentions at the start, but Wu Yu's efforts had finally made the Full Moon of Nanshan come around. Of course, this proved that the Full Moon of Nanshan was not bad by nature. To think that he was once an innocent, little boar....

"Well said! It was an honor to know you. A coincidence that we have similar legacies. Perhaps the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal and Marshal Tian Peng were once friends. And us fighting shoulder to shoulder is also the will of those two elders. In truth, I did sense some familiarity when I first laid eyes on you."

Right now, they spoke freely, and their relationship grew a step closer.


Wu Yu was actually the same. He had felt a sense of kinship upon meeting the Full Moon of Nanshan. And now that he was in danger, Wu Yu could not resist wanting to take care of him. Although he was older than Wu Yu, Wu Yu still felt like an elder brother to him.

Of course, this was something that the Full Moon of Nanshan would not acknowledge. He was someone who liked to be the boss.

As Wu Yu and the Full Moon of Nanshan chatted, the Ghostly Artificer was fencing with Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar. The Ghostly Artificer wanted to vent his anger on Wu Yu and the Full Moon of Nanshan, but it was useless. Therefore, he wanted to control them, and he had two main targets. One was the Heaven Devouring Avatar, and the other was the Full Moon of Nanshan.

He could see that Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar did not possess the terrifying speed of the real body.

But he also saw that the Heaven Devouring Avatar was not at all weak.

As for the Full Moon of Nanshan, he still wanted to control him with the spirit design. Therefore, he started to activate the enormous spirit design underfoot! Instantly, the icy, frozen world started to thaw, and the mountain of flowers bloomed anew.

The alien scent again began to effuse forth.

"Dark Sea Ghostly Tempest!" As the Ghostly Artificer began to activate his spirit design, filling the mountains with flowers that bloomed forth from the icy, black rivers, Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar instantly responded. He thrust the Dark North Royal Obelisk into the sky, and the sword qi blasted into the skies. Frost filled the sky, forming dense, black clouds that flashed, not with lightning, but with a torrential hail of sword qi that howled amidst the darkening skies!

"Rain!" Under the Heaven Devouring Avatar's control, a heavy downpour broke over them, black sword qi as sharp as ice pattering down in a huge perimeter. It fell at a frightening pace, and sounded like the world was shattering. Billions of bits of sword qi riddled the mountains and plains, transforming this spirit design world into a pincushion. The entire ground was churned, and the world again froze over, falling into dark shadow that was even deeper than the last time!

From the skies above, the keen sword qi continued to fall!

This was the power of the Dark Sea Ghostly Tempest! Each dao treasure's Offensive Spirit Designs had many ways that they could be used. Sometimes, they were direct attacks, and some could be used as ingeniously as Wu Yu had demonstrated. This was the perfect counter to this enemy's spirit design. The scent from the flowers was completely smothered. In truth, Wu Yu was using the Dark North Royal Obelisk to curb his opponent's spirit design's effects. Of course, this required tremendous power. After devouring the seven Thunder Flame Army people, the Heaven Devouring Avatar's power was close to the Ghostly Artificer's own!

This thoroughly scared the Ghostly Artificer. He was still thinking of how to deal with Wu Yu and the Full Moon of Nanshan, when the Heaven Devouring Avatar had destroyed his spirit design!

Although he could still find a way for the fresh flowers to break through the sea of ice, evidently, Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar could continue to shut them down!

Continuing this cycle would do the Ghostly Artificer no good. And this was originally the territory of the Yan Huang Tribe. It was dangerous for him to linger overlong.

Therefore, with Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar present, it was very difficult for him to control the Full Moon of Nanshan!

"Right now, his real body and that demon are far away from me, but the clone can approach me. By fighting me, he hopes to gain some battle experience. In that case, I will focus on the clone!"

He looked towards Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar. The Heaven Devouring Avatar did not have Wu Yu's speed, so he was sure he could beat it!

"This clone is even more powerful than his real body. If I can control it, that would be taking away the heart of his treasures. His real body will be even more trapped!"

Staring at Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar, the Ghostly Artificer had puzzled it out. At this time, the Ancient Soul Dreamlocker was hefted alongside a small, sharp dagger. This dagger was completely black, and had bloody markings on it, as though it were the fang of some huge beast. As it appeared, its terrifyingly vampiric aura was apparent!

On closer look, this little dagger should be the most powerful advanced dao treasure that the Ghostly Artificer possessed. He had used this dagger to pierce the Thunder Flame Army soldiers' head!

This little dagger posed a considerable threat to Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar!

"Looks like you're trying to fight me head on. Interesting. Then let me see what you're capable of."

The Ghostly Artificer had completely abandoned the spirit design, and now focused all his energy on the Heaven Devouring Avatar. With the Ancient Soul Dreamlocker in one hand and the little dagger in the other, he closed in on Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar!

From the start of this battle, Wu Yu could feel the extreme pressure that his opponent exerted. He was truly a powerful Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm cultivator, and he must have been cultivating for at least 10 times as long as Wu Yu!

Especially that little knife. Although it was gripped in his hand, Wu Yu felt as though it were poised at his brow!

This dagger could definitely pierce Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar!

The Ghostly Artificer might be using this dagger as his ultimate killing weapon, aiming to kill the Heaven Devouring Avatar when the chance presented itself. That was why he had not used it from the start, but only used it to deter.

After all, he still wanted to control the Heaven Devouring Avatar and, by proxy, Wu Yu!

"Ancient Soul Dream Drowner!" He used the Ancient Soul Dreamlocker, the chain of skulls flailing out. It formed a huge circle, and the head and tail connected. It captured Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar within, and one skull expanded to an exceptional size. All of them faced Wu Yu, as though many victims were wailing towards Wu Yu at the same time. All the skulls began to spout black smog from every orifice, and the entire area became a sea that drowned Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar within!

This was an attack on both the body and the Primordial Spirit. As expected, a Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm expert would immediately go for the kill!

However, Wu Yu reacted quickly as well. Seeing the fog come crowding in, his face did not change. As the snapping skulls were on the verge of penetrating the Heaven Devouring Avatar, Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar morphed into smoke as well, and quickly turned into a huge, dark vortex that spun rapidly!

Hu, hu!

This time, it was not the mist from the skulls attacking Wu Yu's body and Primordial Spirit, but Wu Yu's devouring vortex absorbing the mist!

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