Chapter 0823: Ghostly Artificer's Battle Techniques


Between thoughts, the Ghostly Artificer had counted to three and Wu Yu had just three breaths of time left. He was already being gracious to Wu Yu by deliberately counting slower. 

"Two!" At this point, he raised his voice. His eyes were icy like the glow of a sword and affixed on Wu Yu. 

Huge pressure piled on Wu Yu, and he had started injecting Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy into the advanced dao treasure in his hand. 

"The name of this advanced dao treasure is Ancient Soul Dreamlocker. It could let your friend die in a nightmare. Even when he's dead, the nightmare will be etched on him for eternity. Even if he is reincarnated, the nightmare will still follow him and never be erased. Don't you think a punishment like this is frightening?" 

He didn't count to the final number. Instead, he shook the Ancient Soul Dreamlocker and gave Wu Yu a creepy smile. 

He could strike at any moment now. 

"Alright, I agree." The moment the other party was just about to strike, Wu Yu interrupted him with his response. A smile appeared across the face of the Ghostly Artificer instantly.

"Great. I'm satisfied that you still trust me. In that case, let's do the exchange concurrently. The moment I have you under my control, I will release him." 

The Full Moon of Nanshan was his bargaining chip. If this weren't the case, he would be worried that Wu Yu might flee at any time. 

"I have always been honest in my actions. Since I have agreed, I won't resort to tricks or demand for more. On the other hand, if you go back on your word this time, I'll never trust you again if I ever get the opportunity to escape." As Wu Yu spoke, he approached his opponent. At this point, the Ghostly Artificer had stopped torturing the Full Moon of Nanshan. He put on a vibrant smile, nodded, and said, "Rest assured! I definitely won't disappoint you this time!" 

The most heart-racing moment had arrived. The Full Moon of Nanshan seemed to have heard the conversation outside. Perhaps he had recovered some consciousness. At this point, he was struggling in the Ancient Soul Dreamlocker, resulting in clear banging noises. As for what he was screaming, the Ghostly Artificer obviously wouldn't let Wu Yu know. 

Everyone held their breath! 

Soon, Wu Yu stood before the Ghostly Artificer and waited for the Ghostly Artificer to take control of him with the Ancient Soul Dreamlocker. 

"I'm really impressed by your willingness to sacrifice yourself for your brother. If it were me, I will never be able to do so. Considering this, I'll let you have a respectable death!" The Ghostly Artificer put his smile away and turned stern. Without saying a word, he controlled the Ancient Soul Dreamlocker. A segment extended out from the Ancient Soul Dreamlocker and reached towards Wu Yu. What Wu Yu could see was that when that segment approached him, the other segment holding the Full Moon of Nanshan loosened a little. This was a display of the Ghostly Artificer's sincerity. 

At this point, every breath and every moment was jittery. Wu Yu felt as though his heart was at the top of a raging wave. In life, there would be few occasions where he would have to risk everything, like today. At this point, he couldn't afford to make any mistakes! 


Wu Yu felt like the passage of time had slowed dramatically, a little like when he was in the Floating Dreams Pagoda. This was because his focus was raised to an extreme level and he had diverted the focus solely on the approaching Ancient Soul Dreamlocker and the segment that was loosening the grip over the Full Moon of Nanshan. The Ghostly Artificer was worried Wu Yu would get away and thus did everything according to his promise. While imprisoning Wu Yu, he was releasing the Full Moon of Nanshan. 

The same moment he gained control of Wu Yu, he would also send the Full Moon of Nanshan out of the spirit design personally. If he were to do so before the perfect moment, Wu Yu might have a chance of escaping from this spirit design! 

Releasing and gaining control should be at the same instant. 

And now, they were extremely close to that moment. Wu Yu could see the Full Moon of Nanshan breaking free. The Ancient Soul Dreamlocker was starting to lose control over him and he was about to charge out from it. 

His injuries weren't severe and Wu Yu was content to see this. 

However, he probably felt bad about Wu Yu's actions. Therefore, he was still struggling with all his might. 

Before this, his relationship with Wu Yu was still rather plain. However, this was the first time in his life he had experienced such intense feelings. 

Just as the critical moment was about to arrive, both Wu Yu and the Full Moon of Nanshan had likely held their breath. That Ancient Soul Dreamlocker had gone several rounds around Wu Yu. When it tightened around him, it would also mean that Wu Yu was imprisoned. At that time, he would even find doing a somersault extremely difficult. 

The Full Moon of Nanshan now had complete freedom and had basically climbed out of the place. From his tone, Wu Yu could vaguely tell that he was furious, and the rage was targeted at the Ghostly Artificer. 

"NO!" The Full Moon of Nanshan's angry roar came from the advanced dao treasure. 

A deafening roar! 

At this very moment, the Ghostly Artificer was surprised. He was prepared to tighten the Ancient Soul Dreamlocker. All he needed was a single instant and he would have been successful. 

Obviously, he had to act to release the Full Moon of Nanshan. Below the Full Moon of Nanshan, an opening of the spirit design had appeared and one could see tumbling magma below it! 

At this moment, the Ghostly Artificer had all his attention on the Full Moon of Nanshan and Wu Yu. For him, this was a gamble as well. The key for him was to capture Wu Yu, who was like a mudskipper. This was because he was likely testing his luck. Now that the Full Moon of Nanshan was injured, as long as he could capture Wu Yu, he didn't believe the Full Moon of Nanshan could escape from him. 

From the beginning, controlling the Full Moon of Nanshan was the equivalent of controlling victory!

He carefully observed Wu Yu's expression and actions as they were crucial to his victory. 

He was only afraid that Wu Yu would disregard the Full Moon of Nanshan's life and flee on his own. 

At this juncture and the moment he was about to tighten the Ancient Soul Dreamlocker, something else happened in a place he hadn't paid attention to. 

A ball of black mist had gradually risen to a short distance behind him. At that instant, that ball of black mist morphed into the white-haired, red-eyed Wu Yu. After which, from the Sumeru Pouch with him, he retrieved the Dark North Royal Obelisk. All of this had happened silently while the Ghostly Artificer had all his attention on Wu Yu and the Full Moon of Nanshan. He had almost forgotten about Wu Yu's clone. When the Heaven Devouring Avatar appeared, he was well hidden, and even the Full Moon of Nanshan had not noticed him! 

"Saintly Sword of the Dark Spirit Obelisk!"

When the Heaven Devouring Avatar struck, he struck with a catastrophic attack. His attack was launched out of the blue, leaving not much reaction time for the Ghostly Artificer! 

And now, the Heaven Devouring Avatar had reached an absolute height. His battle prowess had exceeded his previous self. Compared to when he was in the Ghost Sea Prison, he was stronger and faster. It was especially so after mastering the Dark North Royal Obelisk. The power of spirit design he had released abruptly had seemingly exceeded the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm! 

In that strike, sky palaces and dark spirits surfaced alternatively and eventually gathered to form a ray of sword qi. The instantaneous explosion was fast, ruthless, and accurate. Moreover, the target wasn't the Ghostly Artificer, but the arm of Ghostly Artificer that had the Ancient Soul Dreamlocker! 

The Heaven Devouring Avatar had waited stealthily for so long, and Wu Yu had feinted just for this very moment. 

The clash of Immortal Dao was extremely treacherous! 

When the Saintly Sword of the Dark Spirit Obelisk burst across and hit the Ghostly Artificer out of the blue, the Ghostly Artificer was completely caught by surprise. All of a sudden, his hair stood up, but he couldn't react to the attack at all. 

In this process, all he could do was protect himself. This was a subconscious reaction. Obviously, he had strong means to protect himself. At this point, he had likely retrieved another advanced dao treasure. It was as though a painting had appeared before him to block the attack. The Saintly Sword of the Dark Spirit Obelisk struck the edge of the painting, and the dominating strength instantly separated the Ghostly Artificer and his Ancient Soul Dreamlocker! 

The majority of the power from the Saintly Sword of the Dark Spirit Obelisk still landed on the spirit design. All of a sudden, the entire world was shaking and the foundation of the spirit design was shaken by the frost. When the sword qi landed on the ground, one could see the ground of this endless world instantly freezing into a black stream. With the sword qi at the epicentre, the frost extended out and completely froze this spirit design into a frosty world! 

This wasn't the key though. The key was that Wu Yu had succeeded. When the Ghostly Artificer lost control, the Ancient Soul Dreamlocker lost its effects as well. Wu Yu and the Full Moon of Nanshanthen fled from him at the same time! 

"Somersault Cloud!" Wu Yu saw the Full Moon of Nanshan, whose face and eyes were flushed red. At this point, the Full Moon of Nanshan was in wretched shape and had heavy eyes. Wu Yu knew that he had suffered huge trauma previously. The next instant, he wrapped the Full Moon of Nanshan with his Somersault Cloud and had to flee instantly. Initially, he thought of charging out of the spirit design with the Full Moon of Nanshan through the opening below them, where magma could be seen. However, when the Ghostly Artificer avoided the sword qi from the Heaven Devouring Avatar, he reacted rapidly and sealed the opening in the first instant!

Wu Yu had no choice but to change his direction. He brought the Full Moon of Nanshan along and rapidly broke away from the region that the Ghostly Artificer controlled. As long as he had the Somersault Cloud, the Ghostly Artificer might not be able to capture them, even if they were still trapped in the spirit design. Moreover, Wu Yu now had the Heaven Devouring Avatar at a level that could barely contend against the Ghostly Artificer!

Now that the Full Moon of Nanshan was with him, Wu Yu wouldn't have to worry about him. He could also toy with the Ghostly Artificer now! 

Wu Yu had succeeded! 

The Ghostly Artificer was enraged from his defeat now. It was especially so after seeing the world created by his spirit design turning into a frosty and dark world! "Brat, you have succeeded in pissing me off! I gave you an easy way out and yet you chose the difficult path! In that case, none of you shall even think of leaving this place today!" The Ghostly Artificer saw Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar and Wu Yu with the Full Moon of Nanshan wrapped in the Somersault Cloud the next moment. He gritted his teeth and shouted with booming killing intent. 

Previously, he tried to go back on his word with Wu Yu. He had never expected Wu Yu to get away with the better end of the deal this time. 

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