Chapter 0822: Complete Annihilation

Perhaps Wu Yu hadn't noticed that his thought process had changed a little after obtaining the Heaven Devouring Avatar. 

His dao was also changing. This isn't to say it was changing for the worse. After all, he had his own insistence. One could only say this was for making some corrections for the sake of his two bodies. He was raising the standing of his Heaven Devouring Avatar and making it truly part of himself. The primary-secondary relationship between them was still really fragile. 

Even if the main body was killed, Wu Yu could still continue living in the Jambu Realm as though it was a complete him through relying on the Heaven Devouring Avatar. 

He was under special circumstances now. Rescue had not arrived, the Full Moon of Nanshan was in critical danger, and the remaining six were treading along the boundaries of life and death. Wu Yu wasn't a stubborn person. There were various daos in this world, and no one could clearly state which path was the right one. When he obtained the Heaven Devouring Avatar, he recognized his devouring ability and firmly believed that he was different from the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord in certain aspects. 

Therefore, Wu Yu had made his decision. 

When his opponent gave him time to consider if he was willing to trade the Full Moon of Nanshan's life for his, the Heaven Devouring Avatar on him had secretly left him in the form of a ball of mist. The Heaven Devouring Avatar landed in the forest below Wu Yu. Perhaps the Ghostly Artificer had seen it, but this didn't matter. His attention was still focused on Wu Yu’s main body. It was difficult to sense that the Heaven Devouring Avatar could grow stronger through devouring. And the Ghostly Artificer had no idea of the level of strength that the Heaven Devouring Avatar had. 

Silently, the Heaven Devouring Avatar secretly approached the martial cultivator that was killed by his companions. The flesh and body of the martial cultivator was like an exquisite delicacy placed right before the eyes of the Heaven Devouring Avatar. 

"It's about time, how is your consideration going?" The Ghostly Artificer tilted his head and smiled faintly at Wu Yu. 

Just as he was talking, the battle between the six had a huge development once again. Another guy lost his life in the intense battle while under the siege of several people. 

Yet, the rescue had still not arrived. Wu Yu vaguely understood that something along the way might have failed. It had been a long time since he released the Message Talismans. Logically speaking, even if it was just the Yan Huang Fire Talisman, rescue should have arrived. Even if they couldn't break the spirit design, they should be able to enter it. 

With the second person dead, the Ghostly Artificer was still not in a rush and was just looking at Wu Yu with a faint smile. At this point, he seemed to have caught up with what Wu Yu was thinking. He said, "Don't be silly. I know what you are waiting for. I'm aware that you released two Message Talismans when you got out earlier. However, what you might not know is that beyond these spirit designs, there is a Talisman Restricting Spirit Design that covers a greater area. Therefore, your Message Talismans never got out, so no one will be arriving to rescue you guys. With that spirit design, we have finished a great number of your kind over these years. The only shame is that you guys might not be aware that these are all the actions of mine. Haha!" 

Having said that, he let out a burst of unbridled laughter. He probably hadn't mentioned it in fear that Wu Yu would flee further out to release his Yan Huang Fire Talisman or Message Talismans. He had control over the Full Moon of Nanshan's life right now. Therefore, he wasn't afraid of talking about it. This could also make Wu Yu disappointed and force him to make up his mind more swiftly. 

This was also the reason why he wasn't in a hurry. 

Right now, only Wu Yu had the capacity to think. As for the remaining five, they were caught up in a frenzied fight and seemed likely to all perish eventually. 

Wu Yu had never expected him to have fashioned another spirit design further beyond. He had to admit that the other party was indeed standing at the pinnacle in terms of spirit designs. 

This gave Wu Yu a greater challenge! 

Devouring the physical bodies of martial cultivators had now become Wu Yu's last resort. 

Without the hope of rescue, this matter wouldn't have any twists. If he wished to rescue the Full Moon of Nanshan, he could only rely on himself. 

Therefore, at this point, he no longer had a reason to hesitate. Naturally, his thoughts were clear and he had a righteous dao. He wouldn't have to bear any psychological burden for this incident. 

As for the Ghostly Artificer, he was constantly trying to pile pressure on Wu Yu mentally. 

"I'm asking you for the very last time. Are you done with your consideration? If you are willing, let me imprison you with this advanced dao treasure of mine. At that time, I will send this guy out instantly and allow him to flee!" The Ghostly Artificer was still trying to guide Wu Yu along his plans. 

Regardless, he had a prior record of not keeping his end of the promise. Even if Wu Yu agreed to exchange his life for the Full Moon of Nanshan's, he wouldn't trust that the Ghostly Artificer would let the Full Moon of Nanshan off. Perhaps his final objective was to imprison both the Full Moon of Nanshan and him. As for those remaining, they would definitely be killed. 

Wu Yu himself knew that trading his life for the Full Moon of Nanshan’s wouldn't materialize as envisioned. 

What he had not expected was within this short period, the battle between those from the Thunder Flame Army had reached the tipping point. Perhaps it was because of the killings previously and how all of them had suffered grave injuries. At this point, they were desperate to see red and regarded all others as their mortal nemesis. The spirit design of the Ghostly Artificer had finally shown its dreadful effects fully. The violence in their hearts was triggered bit by bit through the battle and had now erupted uncontrollably. All of a sudden, regardless of gender, one fell after another in battle. Blood was scattered and the chilling pond below them was dyed red. The girl standing at the end was also on the brink of death and huffing hard. However, she wasn't stopping. When she no longer saw any enemies within her sight, she noticed the Ghostly Artificer and Wu Yu instantly. At this point, she was drenched in blood. Her eyes were red, and after a dreadful scream, she charged towards the Ghostly Artificer with her dao treasure. The Ghostly Artificer chuckled and threw out a dagger with a flick of his hand. The next moment, the dagger pierced through the space between the girl's eyebrows and ended her life. 

At this point, all seven from the Thunder Flame Army had died in battle after their anger was triggered by the spirit design. If the Full Moon of Nanshan wasn't restricted by the other party, he would likely have lost his life as well. 

These people came from exceptional backgrounds. Every single one of them had respectable standings and parents who were extremely strong. At the very least, they would be provincial lords. Now that they had all died in battle in this place, there would definitely be a huge commotion caused when the news got out! 

"There are lots of treasures on the seven of them, right? Is your clone trying to take their treasures along? Could it be you are thinking of discarding your friend here and escaping alone with those treasures?" The Ghostly Artificer stared at Wu Yu malevolently. 

The main effect of his spirit design was to create a world where one's restlessness and violent tendencies could be incited. However, this world wasn't under his control. Therefore, he had no idea what was happening in the chilling pond below him. 

At that place, the Heaven Devouring Avatar was still strengthening. 

Although the Ghostly Artificer wasn't in a hurry, he would want to finish off Wu Yu as soon as possible to tie up loose ends. 

Therefore, when he saw the seven from the Thunder Flame Army losing their lives one after another, he placed all his attention on Wu Yu. 

What Wu Yu didn't know was that the Ghostly Artificer had to constantly provide Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy to the spirit design to ensure that the seven would still be in a chaotic state of mind. The exhaustion was huge. Now that the motley crew was finished off, he could finally deal with Wu Yu with all he had. 

"I'll give you a final span of 10 breaths of time to consider. If you don't give me an answer, don't blame me for sending this demon on the same path as those seven! I’m really not interested in killing him. However, don't hesitate further and force me to make a move!" 

This was his final warning. After speaking, he started counting down from 10. Every time he took a breath, he would reduce the number by one. In such cases, time wasn't really on Wu Yu's side. 



At this point, Wu Yu's heart was racing. 

Wu Yu's main body didn't move an inch. All he did was frown and stare at the Ghostly Artificer intensely. 

Near the chilling pond, the black mist was circling constantly as it sucked the corpses of those from the Thunder Flame Army within the range of devouring. The Heaven Devouring Avatar was strengthening constantly and challenging its limit. The seven martial cultivators were hugely different from the demons that Wu Yu had devoured previously. This was because their Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy was scorching and righteous. Previously, as his Heaven Devouring Avatar had strengthened largely in the Dark North Kingdom, the body composition was inclined towards the cold. With the seven martial cultivators now, it was developing towards a balance. To put it simply, it was having a more balanced meal....

The effects caused by the balance were huge. During the process where the Ghostly Artificer was counting down from 10 to one, the Heaven Devouring Avatar was rapidly devouring, converting, consolidating, and strengthening. This didn't take long - it happened in the blink of an eye. The strength of his body, if measured in terms of Primordial Spirit, was likely beyond the ninth tier of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm and barely reaching the level of the 10th tier. Compared to the Primordial Spirit of the main body, it was just a little stronger. 

Back when the Primordial Spirit of Wu Yu's main body was equivalent to the eighth tier of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm, the Heaven Devouring Avatar had already reached the 10th tier of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm. Therefore, although it was a little uncomfortable for the secondary Primordial Spirit to be just a little stronger, Wu Yu was still in control. 

Together with a dao treasure like the Dark North Royal Obelisk, he would say that his Heaven Devouring Avatar had never reached this level of strength. 

This was the only weapon Wu Yu could possibly use to go against the Ghostly Artificer right now! 

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