Chapter 0821: Dead Man

Wu Yu had used the Skeletal Flame Dragon to help several people previously. This guy had probably seen everything clearly while hiding in the dark. 

Truth be told, the technique and dao arts involved in creating a 10th tier Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm puppet were extremely valuable, and owning one way above hiring a martial cultivator of the same cultivation level as an assistant. 

The Ghostly Artificer wanted the Skeletal Flame Dragon. For him, the most important reason wasn't because the Skeletal Flame Dragon could possibly help him eliminate some opponents. Instead, he was more interested in the spirit designs of the Skeletal Flame Dragon. 

He wanted to master a puppet spirit design like this. If he could do so and had sufficient materials, he could create a Skeletal Flame Dragon army. 

He had used the life of the Full Moon of Nanshan to threaten Wu Yu. He knew Wu Yu would definitely give in, even though the Skeletal Flame Dragon had great importance to him. 

"The Skeletal Flame Dragon belongs to the Floating Dreams Pagoda and is, in fact, part of the Floating Dreams Pagoda. Once it breaks free from the Floating Dreams Pagoda or is taken away by others, it will lose its effects soon after. Even if he took it away, he wouldn't be able to use it." 

Wu Yu's mind was moving fast. 

However, he knew that the Ghostly Artificer would definitely not believe him even if he told the truth to him. Moreover, Wu Yu couldn't possibly divulge the secrets of the Floating Dreams Pagoda. 

Looking at the advanced dao treasure of the Ghostly Artificer that was made of bones, the Full Moon of Nanshan was imprisoned within it right now. Although he still had the strength to struggle, it wasn't hard to tell that he was getting weaker. 

Even though he had an immortal's legacy, it didn't mean he wouldn't die. If this went on, he would be in a perilous state. 

"I believe I have given you sufficient time to think about it!" The Ghostly Artificer had his eyes affixed on Wu Yu and clearly sounded a little impatient. 

Wu Yu had gone outside in the middle of this and he was likely aware that Wu Yu had informed others about the situation here. 

After speaking, his spiritual power channeled into the advanced dao treasure. 

The spirit designs on the advanced dao treasure circulated faster. With the addition of more spirit designs, the effects were greater and the destructive forces attacking the Full Moon of Nanshan were definitely stronger. Within the illusory darkness in the skull, the Full Moon of Nanshan struggled more tragically. 

He didn't leave Wu Yu with any opportunity to hesitate further. 

"Stop. I agree. I can give you the puppet!" 

Although the Skeletal Flame Dragon was important to Wu Yu, it still couldn't compare with the Full Moon of Nanshan. Therefore, when the other party pushed him to a corner, he didn't hesitate further. 

If it weren't for the Full Moon of Nanshan, he would have left this place already. 

"Great!" The Ghostly Artificer was satisfied and finally weakened the effect of the advanced dao treasure. Nonetheless, the Full Moon of Nanshan was still completely immobilized and couldn't move at all. 

He looked at Wu Yu and said, "Since you agreed, don't waste my time. Hurry up!" 

"I can give you the Skeletal Flame Dragon, but you have to release him too!" 

"Rest assured. I, the Ghostly Artificer, will walk my talk. I just want that puppet and have no intention to be tangled here with you guys. Let's all be more decisive in this!" 

He was getting a little impatient. 

Wu Yu gritted his teeth and was seething with killing intent towards this guy. However, the Full Moon of Nanshan was under the other party's control and he was weaker than this old man. Therefore, he could only summon the Skeletal Flame Dragon from the Floating Dreams Pagoda. After which, he instructed it to charge towards the Ghostly Artificer while retaining control over it. 

In the blink of an eye, the Skeletal Flame Dragon arrived before him. 

"Release him!" Wu Yu berated. 

Seeing the Skeletal Flame Dragon right before him, the Ghostly Artificer grinned. He reached his hand out and shook

However, Wu Yu didn't see any signs that he was about to let the Full Moon of Nanshan off. 

What he wanted was probably to use his advanced dao treasure to imprison both the Full Moon of Nanshan and the Skeletal Flame Dragon! 

Wu Yu had never expected the old man to be even more despicable than he had imagined. 

He wanted to deceive Wu Yu while having the best of both worlds. Or rather, he wanted more from Wu Yu. 

Wu Yu obviously wouldn't let him get his way. The Skeletal Flame Dragon was still under the control of the Floating Dreams Pagoda right now. He manipulated the Floating Dreams Pagoda to withdraw the Skeletal Flame Dragon immediately. 

When the Floating Dreams Pagoda received Wu Yu's instruction, the Skeletal Flame Dragon shrank instantly and escaped from the chains of the other party. In the end, it retracted back to Wu Yu and into the Floating Dreams Pagoda within his sleeve. 

This trade had failed due to the other party breaking the rules first. However, Wu Yu didn't allow the plot of the other party to materialize! 

Nonetheless, he was still in a predicament. Considering the circumstances, saving the Full Moon of Nanshan had become even more daunting. 

Wu Yu was speechless regarding the Ghostly Artificer's actions and could no longer trust him! 

"YOU!" When the Skeletal Flame Dragon was retracted by Wu Yu, the Ghostly Artificer was infuriated. 

"You went back on your word first! You can't blame others for it! I'm willing to trade something so precious for my friend's life. Blame it on your insatiable greed! How do you expect me to trust you again now?" 

"Forget it. You're good! Give me the Skeletal Flame Dragon and I will definitely return him to you." Regardless of how angry the Ghostly Artificer might be, he had no option but to lower his head after failing to secure the Skeletal Flame Dragon. 

Clearly, no one would trust his words now. 

Wu Yu looked at him coldly and remarked, "Why don't you tell me your real objective. Other than the Skeletal Flame Dragon, what else do you want?" 

If it was just about handing the Skeletal Flame Dragon to him, it would likely end up the same way regardless of the number of times this repeated. He could tell that the other party wanted more from him and wouldn't just limit himself to one thing! 

"Just speak your mind." It was beneficial to Wu Yu to buy time before. However, Wu Yu was worried about how much longer the Full Moon of Nanshan could endure. Therefore, he wanted to end this swiftly. 

Moreover, on the other end, the battle between the seven had intensified and reached a critical stage. Without Wu Yu's intervention, one could see that some were just hanging on a thread. 

They were no different from having one foot in hell. Under the huge influence of the spirit design made by the Ghostly Artificer, they weren't going about jokingly, but were having a real mortal battle! 

The Ghostly Artificer smiled with ill intention upon seeing Wu Yu being upfront. "Since you are intelligent, simple, decisive, and direct, I shall not toy with you further. Truth be told, compared to him, I value your life more. This man should be a great brother of yours. It's really touching that you are willing to remain here for him. It isn't hard for him to leave as long as you take his place and trade a life for a life. In other words, I have no interest in him. All I want is everything on you!" 

This was the true objective of the Ghostly Artificer. 

Watching Wu Yu stopping others and the capabilities he had displayed in the scuffle, together with the fact he could maintain a clear mind within the spirit design, Wu Yu had deeply attracted the Ghostly Artificer. Moreover, the Ghostly Artificer had seen him using a dao treasure like the Dark North Royal Obelisk before. 

His conditions didn't surprise Wu Yu at all. 

However, this was a condition that he couldn't agree to. 

It wasn't practical for him to trade his life for the Full Moon of Nanshan's life. Their relationship had not reached the extent where he would be willing to give up his life. Nonetheless, he couldn't just watch Full Moon of Nanshan die. 

From Wu Yu's perspective, if the other party was willing to let the Full Moon of Nanshan off, he still might not be able to kill him and obtain what was on him. Therefore, he was still open to taking the risk and challenge. 

Nonetheless, an old man with three or four hundred years of cultivation had likely seen many tricks in their lifetime. Wu Yu was just afraid that the Ghostly Artificer had thought of everything he was thinking. 

"I know this is hard to accept for you. I'm willing to give you time to consider," said the Ghostly Artificer with a grin. All of a sudden, he didn't seem to be worried about the passage of time. 

"It's better for me to just buy more time now that he has demanded something directly. If rescue arrives, everything will be settled," Wu Yu thought to himself. 

It was logical to think that the other party would allow Wu Yu to buy some time for raising this demand. 

However, when Wu Yu was pondering the next course of action, an accident happened. 

The accident came from the scuffle between the seven. Through an intense period of battle, one guy was first severely injured and subsequently killed on the spot, his soul dissipating. His corpse fell towards a deep valley below them and eventually into a chilling pond! 

Someone died! 

When the rescue eventually arrived, they would likely be even more furious. 

After all, it was no longer a small matter once someone died. Moreover, the one who died was a future pillar of the Yan Huang Ancient Country and was the son of someone great within the Yan Huang Ancient Country. 

When the guy died, the remaining six were unperturbed. They were still quarrelling before engaging in battle once again. At certain points in time, one person might be under attack from several people. 

Although the three girls were slightly weaker, the remaining three guys had no intention to attack them from the bottom of their minds. Secretly, they hated the other guys and therefore the killings and curses were still largely on them. This was also the reason why the first to die in battle was a man. 

Someone died and left his corpse. 

When Wu Yu saw the corpse falling, a tinge of desire appeared in his eyes. That was from the Heaven Devouring Avatar. 

When one died, one's physical body would eventually decompose. All the Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy would dissipate within the heavens and earth and the Primordial Spirit would vanish. 

"If I leave him here, he will be refined into a corpse puppet and never have a day of rest. In that case, he would better serve to help me take a step forward." 

After obtaining the Heaven Devouring Avatar, Wu Yu had been pondering a question. That was, what was the difference between him and the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord?

This was indeed a difficult question to understand. 

He had devoured demons and the Ghostly Yan Tribe member. In that case, why couldn't he devour other martial cultivators whom he didn't see eye to eye with? 

Moreover, this martial cultivator had not died because of him. And his corpse would just decompose and be assimilated into the heavens and earth. 

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