Chapter 0820: Ghostly Artificer

Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar had just grown stronger. Combined with his real body, he could marginally withstand the attacks of a 10th tier Primordial Spirit Transformation cultivator. With the addition of the Skeletal Flame Dragon, he could probably hold out against the attacks of two 10th tier Primordial Spirit Transformation cultivators.

The Full Moon of Nanshan was targeting all the guys, and he left the girls alone. Sometimes, when the girls attacked him, he did not care about them, and Wu Yu had to block them for him.

Most of the time, although the scene was chaotic, it was not a problem with Wu Yu defending the Full Moon of Nanshan with a clear mind.

"You wouldn't be in love with this pig, would you?" Ming Long asked strangely.

"Damn your ass. I would even fall in love with you before I fell in love with him," Wu Yu snapped back. Wu Yu himself had not thought that he would end up as a nanny to this pig.

As he thought about it, he decided that it had to be fate. He had gained Marshal Tian Peng's legacy, and Wu Yu felt a kinship with him. It was as though the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal himself wanted Wu Yu to help this pig out.

"Tch, this girl wouldn't fancy you, though," Ming Long said haughtily.

While Wu Yu was babysitting the Full Moon of Nanshan so he wouldn't get killed, he occasionally saw the seven about to be killed, and he would intervene as well, to prevent a death. After all, he was involved in this now. If someone died, he would be in trouble.

He was currently in the Yan Huang Ancient Country, and the Thunder Flame Army were nominally his people as well.

Within the spirit design, their true enemy was the Ghostly Yan Tribe.

"Why isn't rescue here yet? The Yan Huang Fire Talisman was already ignited, and the Message Talismans were sent out as well. There should be some response after so long. Could they be unable to break this spirit design?"

While Wu Yu was worrying over their lives, he was also fretting about what was happening outside.

He was currently using Visualizing the Inner Ape, which was gradually getting used to the effects of this spirit design. He had a natural advantage in controlling his emotions. Because his dao was originally born of similar emotions, his rage came from within, and was not influenced by external factors. He, better than anyone else, understood such wild rage.

"No matter what, these people are at least not dead, although they are injured." Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar and Skeletal Flame Dragon, alongside his real body, weaved through the melee. Prioritizing the safety of the Full Moon of Nanshan, he also took care of the Thunder Flame Army people who were in critical danger. Time passed.

Suddenly, Wu Yu felt a sense of danger. He could sense that something had happened that had alerted the creator of this spirit design that he was not within his control. Therefore, he could sense a change. Some new threat, or perhaps the creator himself was coming to the spirit design!

Wu Yu's guess was right. Just as he sensed danger, a black qi formed in the space near the battlefield, coalescing in the form of a person. This was the creator of the spirit design. If Wu Yu and the others were in the metaphorical spider web, then this person was the spider waiting for his prey to take the bait.

Wu Yu's Eyes of Fire and Gold saw him clearly. He had not expected this person to be so squat. He was perhaps only the height of a 10-year-old kid. He was fat, and an oversized head rested on top of his stubby neck. His thick lips and round eyes made him look like an infant with a big head. However, from the wrinkles on his skin and his greying hair, this person was clearly not young. He had been cultivating for at least 300 years, and belonged to some ancestor's generation.

It was completely reasonable that someone cultivating for so long, and able to create such a spirit design, would be at the Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm.

He had come even before the Yan Huang Ancient Country had sent any assistance. Right now, this person was an extreme threat. His round eyes surveyed them chillingly!

Wu Yu was not afraid. The key was that the Full Moon of Nanshan could not escape, so he had to stay.

Wu Yu was very nervous, but he had no other ideas besides to delay for time.

"And who is this gentleman? To be able to create such a superior spirit design, you must be an esteemed person within the Ghostly Yan Tribe. A person such as yourself should be enjoying life in the deepest parts of the Infernal Inferno. Why would you be risking your life here?"

The squat, fat, big-headed, infant-elder looked at Wu Yu and guffawed. "This old father has nothing to hide. I am the Ghostly Artificer. You little brats probably don't know me, but your ancestors have definitely heard of this old father's great name!"

Ghostly Artificer?

This was evidently not his real name, but a title he had probably given himself. Anyone who dared to give himself such a title had to be very confident in his own spirit designs.

"It’s quite a feat to be able to resist my spirit design and not be affected. It means that you have something special about you. That's quite something. Besides, I also noticed that you can escape my spirit design. Outstanding. But a pity that your friend seems incapable of doing the same, and so you must remain." Saying thus, he looked at the Full Moon of Nanshan.

Perhaps he knew that even though Wu Yu was within the spirit design world under his control, his speed was beyond his own.

After all, his current spirit design's greatest effect was to cause the people here to be intoxicated with violent impulses and lose their sense of self. It was not to strengthen his own powers over this world. That was not helpful for his trap.

Wu Yu looked at him with extreme wariness. He knew that this person had some reason for appearing.

"Ghostly Artificer, I advise you to release us quickly. These people are all highly placed in the Yan Huang Ancient Country. If anything happens to them, you will not be able to escape the consequences."

"Is that so? Then I'll have to test that." At this time, his pudgy arm pulled out something very unsettling from his person. It was an onyx-colored chain coiled multiple times around his body. Wu Yu had not examined it closely at first, but now he saw that it was made up of human skull figurines. However, the skulls were very small, perhaps only the size of thumbnails. This chain probably had 100 skulls.

Although only the size of thumbnails, but Wu Yu could confirm that they were human skulls, albeit a bit shrunken down.

Also, these skulls had been transformed into a dao treasure, and one at the advanced dao treasure level. It looked very ancient. Although the Ghostly Artificer probably could not make this advanced dao treasure, he was still able to wield it. Like Ye Ying, he had to be recognized by the advanced dao treasure.

A ghostly cultivator's advanced dao treasure had to be constantly fed with evil.

Right now, he took down this chain of skulls from his body. The skulls seemed to come to life, like a giant snake, and curled around his body. He grasped one end and smiled evilly at Wu Yu. Suddenly, the advanced dao treasure twisted towards Wu Yu!

Wu Yu had been expecting an attack. Right now, the Ghostly Artificer was in absolute power here, and probably cared about no one.

As his opponent attacked, Wu Yu firstly pulled back the Skeletal Flame Dragon, and also had his avatar stay near. The Full Moon of Nanshan was currently embroiled in the melee, and could not be pulled out for the moment.

As his opponent attacked him, Wu Yu swiftly surrounded himself and his Heaven Devouring Avatar with the Somersault Cloud, and backed away rapidly. He had been prepared, and executed this smoothly, escaping from his opponent's attack radius. Far away at a safe distance, he thought his opponent would chase him, and he had been prepared to engage in battle.

At least he wanted to lure this person away. After that, the Full Moon of Nanshan's fate would be up to himself.

Now was the time to fight!

However, Wu Yu did not expect that as he dodged, his opponent's advanced dao treasure of skulls would lash out towards the Full Moon of Nanshan. The Full Moon of Nanshan was still happily fighting the seven, his eyes red as he abandoned all self-preservation. He was unprepared for such an expert to attack him. Therefore, the Ghostly Artificer casually trussed the Full Moon of Nanshan up in his advanced dao treasure.

The eyes on the skulls lit up and black smoke issued from their mouths. It shrouded the Full Moon of Nanshan and then changed into a huge skull that locked the Full Moon of Nanshan within. From inside the skull, the Full Moon of Nanshan howled. Evidently, this dao treasure was horrifyingly strong. He continued to struggle and bellow, battering the advanced dao treasure. The skulls rattled, but they seemed unaffected.

Wu Yu had just evaded him when Ming Long hurriedly informed him, "Your pig's been caught!" Wu Yu turned and saw that the Full Moon of Nanshan was indeed in agony. Wu Yu was consumed with rage. He could only return at speed to the Ghostly Artificer. Seeing him imprison the Full Moon of Nanshan but have no immediate intention of killing him, Wu Yu calmed down a little and asked severelym "What do you want? What will it take to let the two of us go?"

He knew that it would be impossible to get this guy to release the other seven as well. Right now, he could only discuss the release of himself and the Full Moon of Nanshan. And he might not even have that chance.

Mainly the Full Moon of Nanshan, because Wu Yu could leave at any time.

His opponent had seen through this. Therefore, he had feinted towards Wu Yu, while aiming to capture the Full Moon of Nanshan.

The Ghostly Artificer was not at all shy. Waving his advanced dao treasure, he said lazily, "I saw a puppet of yours just now. It's amazing. I'm someone who loves spirit designs, more so than life itself. Give me the puppet, and I will let the two of you go."

He was referring to the Skeletal Flame Dragon.

After all, he did not know that the two had immortals' legacies. The most striking thing was the Skeletal Flame Dragon and its spirit designs.

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