Chapter 0819: Huge Scuffle

The Full Moon of Nanshan had remained in this place for a relatively long time. The dual layers of spirit designs were extremely powerful. It was especially so after Wu Yu set the sea of flowers ablaze. In this process, the effects of the lower layer of spirit design were accidentally fully triggered. 

Wu Yu was starting to feel the effects that made one restless and intoxicated. The aroma of the flowers had fused deeply into their flesh and was even affecting their Primordial Spirits. 

The resistances both of them had against the spirit design were clearly a little better than the other seven. After all, Wu Yu had the Invincible Vajra Body and the Full Moon of Nanshan had a similar Immortality Art. 

It was just that these spirit design traps were definitely fashioned by an expert who was specialized in this. Therefore, even the Full Moon of Nanshan was struggling against it bitterly. 

The crux was that Wu Yu couldn't really help him. This was because his mental state was starting to get disrupted and restless and violent emotions were building up in him. He was annoyed by whoever he saw and wanted to kill them. Therefore, his first priority was still to break himself from the control of these spirit designs. 

Wu Yu had two solutions. 

The first was to visualize his inner ape. During the visualization, he would be able to discard all distracting thoughts. There would only be a sea of flames, and he would only see the Unparalleled Monkey King in an armor suit and waving his Ruyi Jingu Bang amidst the sea of golden flames. That was the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal, and the inner ape of Wu Yu. At the same time, it was an exemplification of Wu Yu himself! During this moment, he would always be able to enter that state without distractions. Even if he was haunted by some heart devil, immersed in the illusions around him, or if there were huge disturbances, nothing would possibly make his will waver! 

Nonetheless, visualizing the inner ape wasn't the best solution. The best was to use the Somersault Cloud. 

The second option was to jump out. As long as Wu Yu left the spirit design, he could recover to his pinnacle condition before entering this cycle again. However, with preparations, visualizing the inner ape would make it harder for the effects of the spirit design to invade his body! 

Therefore, Wu Yu experienced another cycle of leaving and re-entering. 

After making adjustments outside before entering, he felt much better and had a clearer mind. 

However, the conditions of others were wretched. The Full Moon of Nanshan had bloodshot eyes currently and was barely holding on. At this point, he gritted his teeth, lowered his voice, and said to Wu Yu, "If you can get out, just get away! Stop moving here and there before me. If there's any danger, it's my problem. If I really die, you won't have to die with me." 

He was getting violent due to the effects of the spirit design. Wu Yu naturally knew that this wasn't what he really thought about and therefore didn't take his comments to heart. However, it was indeed a pressing issue to get the Full Moon of Nanshan out of the imprisonment and incitement of the spirit design. 

If this went on, the Full Moon of Nanshan might even attack Wu Yu. 

However, before that could happen, the four guys and three girls had now become puppets to the spirit design. Their eyes were entirely red and they were controlled by their violent tendencies. Every single one of them was extremely fidgety. As Wu Yu was their common enemy, they soon turned their eyes on him! 

"If it wasn't for Wu Yu, we wouldn't be in this. This is all his fault!" 

"That's right. Only by killing him can the anger in me be appeased!" 

"Brothers, follow me and kill Wu Yu! Let's think of a way to get out of this place after we kill him!" 

"That's right. This is all his fault and he definitely deserves death!" a girl shouted in a shrill voice. 

They held a uniform opinion and had turned to stare at Wu Yu with their bloodshot eyes. At this point, they could no longer hold back. They retrieved their dao treasures and struck decisively. When the seven of them charged ahead together, it was a frightening scene to behold. 

None of them was weak, and Wu Yu would have to expend much effort to deal with each person, let alone seven at the same time! 

Wu Yu was chased around by them initially. Now that they were in the world created by spirit designs, he had no option but to retreat while pulling the Full Moon of Nanshan along. He used his Somersault Cloud to wrap around the Full Moon of Nanshan. The next instant, they fled a distance away, and the Thunder Flame Army members had a hard time catching up. 

However, the issue was that the Full Moon of Nanshan was getting really restless now. Wu Yu also had to constantly visualize the inner ape to maintain a clear mind. In this process, the Full Moon of Nanshan was knocked left and right and gradually turned violent. At this point, he even wanted to break free from Wu Yu's Somersault Cloud. He also glowered at Wu Yu and demanded, "They are just a few pieces of trash and yet they dare to make a move on us? I will send them to hell! If you are afraid of death, you can run away. Stop dragging me along and get lost!" 

The lower layer of spirit design had fully incited the negative emotions in their hearts. These emotions had completely blinded them. Therefore, Wu Yu had to restrain the Full Moon of Nanshan's negative emotions while avoiding the pursuit from the seven. 

"You are being affected by the spirit design and have lost your rationality. Don't be blinded by your anger. Think about it carefully. If you clash with them in this place, both sides will suffer huge losses. In the end, the Ghostly Yan Tribe member that fashioned this spirit design will be the only one that has anything to gain!" Wu Yu was getting a little anxious as well. When he shouted furiously at the Full Moon of Nanshan, his eyes were bloodshot as well. 

Staying in an environment like this, one that was created by a spirit design, could easily frustrate a person. 

However, he constantly verified that he was in the clearest state. Moreover, he constantly visualized his inner ape to prevent himself from being subjected to the control of the other party. 

"The Message Talismans have been sent out and I've triggered the Yan Huang Fire Talismans. The reinforcements should be coming soon!" Holding this belief in mind, Wu Yu persevered. 

The seven of them were launching fatal blows along the way. Their expressions had contorted from anger and they had lost all rationality. All they could think of was killing. If Wu Yu hadn’t been holding the Full Moon of Nanshan back, he would have charged ahead and fought all-out with them. 

Even so, Wu Yu and the Full Moon of Nanshan had numerous conflicts. Wu Yu could tell that the Full Moon of Nanshan was still restraining himself. Otherwise, he would likely have disregarded Wu Yu, knocked him aside, or even attacked him directly. 

"This is getting problematic!" Wu Yu could sense that he was losing himself. The main reason was because the Full Moon of Nanshan was too hard to control in this state. His condition would also affect Wu Yu and gradually cause him to enter a state of constant rage. 

Once he lost his rationality, or if he couldn't control the Full Moon of Nanshan, the Full Moon of Nanshan would be in grave danger first. This was because he would be besieged by the seven, while Wu Yu would still be able to escape before the real danger struck. 

"Liang Sheng, Wan Er is the girl I like. Why do you talk to her in secret on many occasions? Could it be that you want to compete with me?" 

Just as Wu Yu was feeling overwhelmed, an accident happened. Among the seven, a conflict broke out between two guys. 

This showed that their disorientation had reached a deeper state. At this point, they could no longer tell friends from enemies. 

Small conflicts that were accumulated over time could be the trigger of a lethal clash in this place. 

"Utter nonsense! Since when was Wan Er ever interested in you? You? You can forget about competing with me! Let me make this clear. Wan Er will definitely agree to be my dao companion one day!" 

"Fuck you! Just watch how I'll kill you! I'll kill everyone in your family, and they will never have a resting site!" 

Both of them grappled for a girl, and that girl was the lively and cute girl from the three. 

When both of them sank into their tangled fight, the other five weren't just standing back. The truth was, their relationships were complex. When the two men engaged in a mortal battle for Wan Er, a clear disgust could be seen from the face of her. She looked to the other guy, leaned over, grabbed his arm, and said proudly, "I'm not interested in either of you. I like Big Brother Qi. Big Brother Qi is younger than both of you. Both of you are trash compared to him!" 

"Big Brother Qi is mine, bitch! Don't you dare compete with me for him!" All of a sudden, another girl was enraged. She shrieked, waved her dao treasure, and charged towards Wan Er. 

At this point, two girls were fighting for a guy. The other three guys were furious. Why was he able to get the hearts of two girls? 

All of a sudden, the seven of them were tangled in a battle of love and hatred. They had gotten together initially because they had someone they liked in the group. To their astonishment, they had never imagined the person they liked was interested in another person. There weren't any that had mutual feelings. As a result, all of them had targets of hatred and a scuffle broke out between the seven of them. 

One would definitely agree that this was a shocking development. Wu Yu and the Full Moon of Nanshan were dumbfounded. At the moment, they had shaken off the danger. It was just that none of the seven were holding back in their fights. If this went on, there would likely be casualties. 

Wu Yu had no other solution and simply stood at the side, watching the show. At this point, the Full Moon of Nanshan was incited. He let out a deafening roar and charged past Wu Yu and into the scuffle! 

"All the girls are mine! Bastards! None of you can even think of competing with me. I'll cripple all four of you today!" 

His targets were the four guys from the Thunder Flame Army. The Full Moon of Nanshan was undoubtedly one-of-a-kind. At this stage, he still couldn't let go of his desire for beauties! 

Wu Yu was left behind and was the only one maintaining his composure. 

He was forced to enter the battle now. This was because although the seven weren't targeting the Full Moon of Nanshan in particular, the Full Moon of Nanshan was the common target of ire. As a result, he would be in greater pressure and would have to take attacks from two or more people at all times. 

Wu Yu summoned the Skeletal Flame Dragon from the Floating Dreams Pagoda and his Heaven Devouring Avatar. As for him, he remained outside to wait for the arrival of reinforcements while helping the Full Moon of Nanshan neutralize some attacks. 

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