Chapter 0818: Double-layered Spirit Design

A total of nine people had entered this spirit design world.

Given Wu Yu's understanding of spirit designs, this was not an alternate world, but a space fabricated by a spirit design. It looked like a vast world, but in actuality, the space could not be that huge.

Everything here - high mountains and flowing rivers, the sky and clouds, the flowers and trees, the birds, beasts, and other creatures - all were constructed by a spirit design. Down to the last creepy crawly, everything was coded for in a design, and ran in this huge and complex world.

Heaven and Earth Spirit Designs came in offensive and defensive forms, but also in other forms, such as this one.

As for this spirit design, Wu Yu could not figure out what it did at the moment.

This spirit design had considered many issues in the details, that made one feel as though they had been transported to a different world that was very real.

However, Wu Yu and the others soon unraveled this first layer. They knew that this had to be the spirit design of the Ghostly Yan tribe, and the Thunder Flame Army people knew as well.

Such a spirit design was quite scary, because the one who had fashioned it was not only of a high cultivation level, but also had a thorough understanding and mastery of spirit designs. Ordinarily, only spirit design fanatics would pay attention to such details, and the world before them was filled with life, from the gentle breeze, to the trees, and the sea of flowers that gently released their fragrance.

"What is this?" Wu Yu looked around warily, trying to understand this strange spirit design. The seven had no way to continue heckling Wu Yu and the Full Moon of Nanshan, but grumbled and sniped at Wu Yu for luring them here. And then they turned to the spirit design. At the same time, they also attempted to use talismans similar to the Yan Huang Fire Talisman, but all talismans had been nullified within this spirit design, and they could not go out.

"This spirit design is like a spider's web. After it traps us, the ‘spider’ will know very soon. Such a spirit design probably shouldn't trap you, right?" the Full Moon of Nanshan asked tersely.

Wu Yu nodded. All he had to do was to fuse the Somersault Cloud with his body and flip. He would definitely be able to get out of the spirit design.

"That's good then. We're in damned good luck. At least one of us can live on." The Full Moon of Nanshan had abandoned his sloppy manner and gotten serious.

Wu Yu looked at him. In truth, it was useless if he could escape but the Full Moon of Nanshan could not.

"Doesn't seem too great that we came together, but only one is going back," Wu Yu stated mildly. At this time, he used the Spirit Penetration Art. He had used it quite frequently recently, so his Primordial Spirit was feeling the strain. However, this was very important, and he had to use it. Only the Spirit Penetration Art could allow him to clearly dissect this spirit design, and think of a way to get free of it or unravel it.

After using the Spirit Penetration Art, a sliver of his Primordial Spirit escaped this illusory world and saw the spirit design for what it was. This was a dense and complex major spirit design that had taken much time to fashion. Its operation was tightly arranged, and was definitely not something that the Spirit Penetration Art could unravel in a short time. For the Spirit Penetration Art to be useful, Wu Yu had to understand the logic behind the spirit design's sophisticated operation. Otherwise, this sliver of Primordial Spirit would be like attacking a flame with a moth.

Realizing the magnitude of the problem, he firstly continued searching with the Spirit Penetration Art, while his real body turned to the seven. At this time, they were also looking for a way to unravel it. Mainly, it was the four guys who were searching, while the three girls were cowering in fear as they looked around.

Wu Yu said to them, "I can get out of here. Pass me a Yan Huang Fire Talisman and a Message Talisman for your elders or some other expert you know. Write what you need, and I will pass it to them after I leave. Quickly now, the enemy is almost upon us."

Wu Yu was being very nice to the rest of them

The Full Moon of Nanshan was very relieved. At least Wu Yu could leave.

However, the Thunder Flame Army people were suspicious. One guy said, "You can go out alone? Then why not destroy the spirit design, and we can all go?"

Wu Yu said exasperatedly, "If I could do that, would I be here wasting my breath on you lot? Quickly now. I still have to return after I go out."

The Full Moon of Nanshan started. He had over-thought things. Wu Yu was only leaving for a while. He was returning to danger for himself....

"Why would you come back after going out?" the girl with the superior attitude questioned disbelievingly.

And then she looked at the Full Moon of Nanshan and roughly understood. So Wu Yu's follower was still here, and he was willing to undertake the risk for this follower. She found it hard to detest such a person, even though she found the Full Moon of Nanshan's words absolutely repulsive.

"Take it." She thrust something into Wu Yu's hands, and they all watched to see if he was just boasting.

"Somersault Cloud." Wu Yu called his Somersault Cloud and then fused it with his body. One leap and he flipped through the magma and the spirit design. When he landed, he was outside the spirit design.

His Spirit Penetration Art was still analyzing the spirit design.

He immediately activated both Yan Huang Fire Talismans that they had obtained, and Wu Yu also had three Message Talismans sent to different people. Wu Yu used those as well.

After that, those inside could wait for the experts to save them. The one who had fashioned the spirit design would never anticipate that of the fish he had netted, there would be someone like Wu Yu, who could slip through the holes of their net.

Wu Yu turned back to inspect it. There had been no trace of this spirit design at all, and ordinary people would be hard pressed to find it. Outside of the spirit design, it was even more difficult to unravel it. Therefore, he dived in again, appearing amidst them before too long.

Seeing Wu Yu, the Thunder Flame Army members looked at each other. If they could go out, they might not have returned.

"Nicely done." The Full Moon of Nanshan smiled, opening his fan to fan himself. It would have been quite a touching scene, if not for the fact that the fan was decorated with alluring beauties who were all stark naked....

"Shameless!" Seeing this fan, the three beauties flushed red, and the men also derided him.

Right now, the Message Talismans and Yan Huang Fire Talismans had all been activated, and they could not unravel this spirit design. There was nothing they could do but wait for rescue.

However, Wu Yu was still analyzing the spirit design with his Spirit Penetration Art. At this time, he had locked onto one spirit design, which he discovered was not as simple as it looked. Rather, it was two spirit designs fused together, layered top to bottom. The upper spirit design inscribed the details of the world, creating the world that Wu Yu currently saw. As for the lower spirit design, it was covered in angry crimson symbols, emblazoned in the image of a sea of fire that curled everywhere. The spirit design here corresponded with the one above. And the corresponding symbol was seen in the sea of flowers! This meant that if this symbol was broken, the sea of flowers in their view would disappear!

"The secret is in the sea of flowers!"

In other words, the fragrant sea of flowers beneath their feet was actually the second spirit design.

Wu Yu had not thought this through before. A spirit design had been used to create a fake world, but had not left any point of attack. Besides keeping them here, he had not puzzled out what else the spirit design did. So the creator had hidden the real weapon underground!

This was high level, and Wu Yu was impressed!

Impressed as he may be, he still had to save them all. The key was that he still did not understand what the sea of flowers did!

Thinking thus, Wu Yu acted. The World of the Golden Eye burst forth from his eyes, creating a sea of fire that Wu Yu manipulated, burning on top of the sea of flowers!

"Wu Yu, what are you doing!?" They thought that Wu Yu was attacking them. As they spoke, the blanket of fire landed on the ground, leaving them unharmed.

However, their shrill questioning voices made Wu Yu glance up at them. He was startled to notice the change. At the start, their eyes were not this red, and one could see the veins of red filling up, and their moods turning aggressive.

As Wu Yu scoured the sea of flowers with fire, a cloying fragrance bloomed forth, turning into a mist that spread quickly! Seeing this fragrant mist, Wu Yu now understood that the lethality had always been present. It was the fragrance of the flowers!

"There's poison in the fragrance!" Wu Yu immediately alerted them. Before this, he had left for a short period of time, and therefore was less affected by the fragrance. Now that he was aware of it, he could detect a dizzying feeling. And he was also negatively affected in his emotional state, becoming irritable, violent, and reckless. In a serious state, he would be like the Thunder Flame Army members currently were.

After Wu Yu warned them, he immediately ceased the World of the Golden Eye. He had not expected that the World of the Golden Eye would be unable to burn the flowers away, and instead cause the flowers' scent to be spread even quicker. Ordinary fragrances could be stopped just by blocking the nose, but this immortal dao fragrance directly permeated one's body and Primordial Spirit - it was unstoppable!

"Go!" Wu Yu and the Full Moon of Nanshan ran from the effusing scent. The seven could roughly understand Wu Yu, and were also retreating. However, they were moving slowly, and still struggling. They had also already inhaled quite a lot of the scent. Once they entered a berserk state and lost their reason, they would be defenseless against this scent, and would only grow more frenzied. As Wu Yu and the Full Moon of Nanshan retreated to the other side, Wu Yu could see that the eyes of the seven had already turned fully crimson.

They were like feral beasts.

This was the true power of the spirit design.

"Wu Yu, I feel like I can't hold on...." At this time, the Full Moon of Nanshan's voice had grown heavy.

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