Chapter 0817: Thunder Flame Army

Just as they were prepared to set off, Wu Yu and the Full Moon of Nanshan heard some commotion from a certain direction at almost the same time. It seemed that a large number of people were approaching them rapidly. 

They had likely been attracted by the commotion from the previous battle and therefore had locked down on this location. 

Wu Yu was stunned and asked, "Could it be that Ye Ying was telling the truth? That she had Dao Querying Realm reinforcements? And not just a single person?" 

Otherwise, who could possibly find this place so rapidly?

The other party approached swiftly. Before Wu Yu could leave, they faced off. 

This was partly because Wu Yu wasn't in a hurry as he was confident he could away even if he met some Dao Querying Realm experts. 

Nonetheless, Wu Yu and the Full Moon of Nanshan reacted to the situation swiftly. Those that arrived weren't from the Ghostly Yan Tribe, but their own. 

Obviously, they wouldn't be considered as on their side completely. Taking a closer look, the group was made up of four men and three women, a total of seven. Their cultivation years were roughly in the range of 100, so all of them were still looking like youths. For the men, they were basically uncommonly impressive, honorable, and imposing. For the women, they had beauty that could charm an entire city. Furthermore, the three girls each had their strengths. One was alluring and captivating, one was lively and cute, and the last one was cold and noble. All three of them were wearing suits of armor from one of the Eight Main Armies. Those suits of armor were purple and white. Although the designs were similar, each of them gave off a different vibe. Nonetheless, they were all alluring. 

As for the men, they were likely the descendents of provincial lords, city lords, or other major characters. These men had likely been brought up with golden spoons in their mouths and practiced the best dao techniques and mystiques. Their foresight and actions couldn't be compared to those of ordinary Yan Huang Tribe cultivators. 

None of them were weak, and they were all hidden dragon generals! The four men were at the 10th tier of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm, while the three women were at the ninth tier of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm. It was clear that the men were protecting the women and that they had formed a team to experience the trials in the Infernal Inferno. 

Groups like them were common in the Immortal's Capital. After all, this was a gathering land of these geniuses. However, it was still uncommon to encounter them here, as this was more commonly a place where a hidden dragon general would lead a huge batch of people for trials. 

When Wu Yu spotted them, they also noticed Wu Yu. Clearly, there were lingering signs of a battle here. Therefore, they could easily tell that an intense battle had broken out here moments ago. 

Wu Yu recalled how he was misunderstood previously. In that case, would this group of people know about his identity? 

Just when he had the doubt in mind, a rather slender and frosty looking guy among the four men said coldly to Wu Yu, "Wu Yu, I heard you gave chase to a Ghostly Yan Tribe member. Seeing that there are signs of battle here, where is that Ghostly Yan Tribe member?" 

So they were also tracking Ye Ying, the Ghostly Yan Tribe member. It was not surprising for Wu Yu to encounter them here. Since they could recognize him, this situation would be easier to handle. Wu Yu questioned, "Who are you guys, then? Is this how you should talk to Kingmaker Le? Without even introducing yourselves?" 

They were probably the most elite group of hidden dragon generals in that army. From his collection, there weren't many 10th tier Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm dark north generals in the Dark Sea Army. 

When questioned by Wu Yu, they broke into laughter. Clearly, they had never respected Wu Yu. They laughed amongst themselves for some time before one of the girls said in a coquettish tone, "You don't even know us from the Thunder Flame Army and yet you are in the Infernal Inferno. As for who we are, you don't have to know. We are just asking you where that Ghostly Yan Tribe member is. It seems like you were defeated and ashamed to speak of it." 

The Thunder Flame Army was likely one of the Eight Main Armies. However, they weren't in the Immortal's Capital, but some other area. All of them had a tinge of thunder aura around them. When fire and thunder fused, the destructive force was immense. 

A burly man interrupted and demanded sternly, "Wu Yu, spare us your nonsense and don't waste our time. Tell us where the Ghostly Yan Tribe member is! That Ghostly Yan Tribe member has committed heinous crimes and must be apprehended. If you cause a delay, you will have to bear the responsibility!" 

Seeing how haughty they were, the Full Moon of Nanshan was annoyed. He said, "You guys dare to speak to Kingmaker Le in this manner? Aren't you guys afraid of punishment? Even though you guys are heaven dragon generals, you guys have to be respectful in the face of Kingmaker Le!" 

The other party broke into laughter once again. The second girl was the first to speak. "What influence does he have? Prince Le hasn't even returned. Who's the one conferring him with authority? Besides, nothing certain yet. No one knows what the outcome will be. Some people are just too naive and aren't aware of their current predicament. Does he really think Yan Huang is a paradise for him? Regardless, we are speaking here. Why is a pig like you interrupting us?" 

Seeing how arrogant the girl was, the Full Moon of Nanshan wasn't infuriated. Instead, he tittered, "Be cocky all you want. If I get you in bed at some point, I'll let you beg for mercy to my crotch!" 

If it was a verbal contest, the Full Moon of Nanshan would be first in the world. Hearing him, the seven of them were fuming from their noses and ears. It was especially so for the four men - they were ready to strike instantly. Nonetheless, they held themselves back and chose to hurl insults and derogatory comments instead. 

"Hey, I, your master, have eyes on all three of you. When the time comes, all three of you shall get in bed with me. You guys will serve me in rotation. Whoever doesn't work hard, I,your master,  will smack her little ass." The Full Moon of Nanshan chuckled amidst the insults. Clearly, he was satisfied with the setting he had imagined. 

This time, they were shivering and turning green from anger. At this point, they no longer cared about Wu Yu's identity and were about to strike. They wouldn't making things difficult for Wu Yu, as Wu Yu still held the title of Kingmaker Le. Therefore, they thought of surrounding the Full Moon of Nanshan directly. 

Wu Yu could tell that an impending fight was about to erupt and was glad at how the Full Moon of Nanshan had backed him. He was also surprised by the guts of the Full Moon of Nanshan. As such, he interrupted and blurted frankly, "You guys can forget about pursuing the Ghostly Yan Tribe member. I've killed her. If there's nothing else, we will be leaving." 

Fighting with them wouldn't benefit him. Moreover, they had the advantage in number and four 10th tier Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm cultivators. If a fight broke out, the Full Moon of Nanshan and him wouldn't be in an advantageous position. Therefore, there wasn't a point in him remaining here. He rode his Somersault Cloud immediately and opened a distance in a swoosh. When the seven of them pounced forward, they missed completely. 

"You guys killed the Ghostly Yan Tribe member? Where's her advanced dao treasure, then? Where? A sinister object like that should be handed to a heaven dragon general to be destroyed! Wu Yu, I won't pursue the nonsense the bastard beside you has blurted as long as you hand us that advanced dao treasure!" When the other party heard Wu Yu, they changed their target immediately. 

It appeared that the advanced dao treasure was more important to them. 

Wu Yu scoffed and said, "Hand this over to you guys so you guys can collect merits by submitting it? Or say that you guys were the ones that killed the Ghostly Yan Tribe member? Wishful thinking!" 

Perhaps their thoughts were seen through by Wu Yu. At this point, they were infuriated from shame. 

"Nonsense! You have no right to possess such a sinister object! You have to hand it over to a heaven dragon general. This is the rule of our Eight Main Armies!" a man from the group said. 

Wu Yu answered coldly, "I'm not from any of your Eight Main Armies. Why do I have to follow your rules? Furthermore, I can do it myself if that has to be done. This has nothing to do with you guys. Goodbye!" 

When he finished his words, he rode the Somersault Cloud, brought the Full Moon of Nanshan along, and dove deeper. He wasn't moving extremely swiftly, as the deeper they went, the higher the chance they would encounter traps set by the Ghostly Yan Tribe. If they moved too rapidly, he was afraid he would detect the existence of a trap. 

Initially, he thought that group wouldn't pursue after seeing him leave. To his surprise, they didn't give up and had pursued Wu Yu just for the advanced dao treasure! 

"Fools! To think they dare to clash with us…. We will let them experience real pain later on." The Full Moon of Nanshan turned around and smiled sheepishly. 

Seeing them giving chase, they would continue following if Wu Yu didn't pick up speed. This wouldn't do. Although this might be a little rash, he could only accelerate and dig for more clues slowly after shaking them off. 

A river of magma was right ahead of them. Wu Yu dove in and was suddenly surrounded by boiling magma. It was hot enough to blur one’s vision. 

Hearing consecutive sounds of magma splashing, he knew they had not given up. 

Wu Yu believed he should be able to shake them off at his speed. He was getting a little furious by now. The fact that this group was hot on his heels was evidence of them completely disrespecting him. 

However, at this very moment, he felt like he had smashed into something solid. 

"Shit!" This might very well be a spirit design trap set by the Ghostly Yan Tribe. 

He recalled that the taboo in the Infernal Inferno was giving chase. This was because it would be easy to enter spirit designs by accident. 

Wu Yu himself wasn't too afraid, but he had the Full Moon of Nanshan with him. The second tier of Somersault Cloud wasn't capable of bringing him along and out of a spirit design. 

Before he could think more, he had entered the region.

To his astonishment, the surrounding magma and the scorching heat suddenly disappeared.... 

What replaced those was a paradise in the human realm. 

Wu Yu was surprised to find himself in an immortal-like location. He stood at the top of a tall mountain and looked around. Mountains formed natural barricades and grassfields extended indefinitely. At the top of the numerous mountains, immortal fog lingered. The area looked just like a beautiful painting. 

Below his feet were forests, and further down the trees, birds sang and flowers bloomed. 

Although the view was beautiful and wasn't really shocking, Wu Yu was in the hell-like Infernal Inferno the previous moment. To be plunged into a place like this so suddenly, he couldn't really react in the first instant. 

"We definitely have not entered a new area. Everything before us is just an illusion caused by a spirit design," the Full Moon of Nanshan remarked with absolute certainty after looking around. 

Just as he completed his words, exclaims could be heard from behind. Those seven people giving chase had also followed them in. At this point, they were astounded by the surrounding view. It was especially so for the girls, who exclaimed in shock. At the same time, they were clearly fearful and petrified. 

"Don't worry, we will be fine. We are still here," the men consoled.

"These are just spirit designs set by the Ghostly Yan Tribe. There's nothing to be afraid of. We have numbers on our side - this should be easily broken." 

"He's right." 

The truth was, they weren't 100% confident. Therefore, their voices lacked conviction. 

This was because they knew clearly that spirit designs that could create such a realistic world must have been created by a really strong person. 

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