Chapter 0816: Dark Portal of 3,000 Children’s Souls

The Full Moon of Nanshan had defeated the Three Immortals Kunwu, and defeating this Ghostly Yan Tribeswoman should be no problem.

But killing her was going to be difficult.

Therefore, there was the 10th tier Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm Skeletal Flame Dragon in support and Wu Yu in the wings. Even though Wu Yu's real body was only at the second tier of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm, he had all sorts of mystiques and dao techniques that could definitely deliver a lethal blow at the right time!

Wu Yu had yet to act. Ye Ying was already being beaten back step by step by the Full Moon of Nanshan and the Skeletal Flame Dragon. Ye Ying had wanted to flee many times. Even if she could escape the clutches of the Full Moon of Nanshan and Skeletal Flame Dragon, she would be soon caught up by Wu Yu. She could not escape!

"My helpers will soon arrive. A few Dao Querying Realm experts. If you fight me, your lives will be forfeit. I advise you all to flee for your lives!" Ye Ying said ominously.

Wu Yu snorted. "If that were true, then you definitely would not say it. Looks like you're really afraid."

Given the nature of the Ghostly Yan Tribe, if she truly had helpers, she would not say so, but simply hold on for dear life.

"You continue trying to be smart, then. You'll find out soon enough." Ye Ying laughed coldly. She was currently employing the Demon King's Avatar, and looked grotesque. After being doubly suppressed by the Full Moon of Nanshan and the puppet, she finally found a chance for a breather, and brandished the Demon King's Flag of Children Souls. Her Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy activated its spirit designs!

Instantly, the Demon King's Flag of Children Souls brought forth thousands of children's faces. They came thick and fast, bawling. Their frail souls had been trapped within, and their cries strengthened the Demon King's Flag of Children Souls. The wails echoing around gave one goosebumps!

At that time, the eerie moaning of souls could be heard as the spirit designs activated. At this time, countless spirit designs were working.

"Dark Portal of 3,000 Children's Souls!"

As Ye Ying's voice rang out across the Infernal Inferno, she planted the Demon King's Flag of Children Souls into the ground. A huge, black spirit design appeared under their feet, and the runes on the spirit design were red. It seemed to shift into a poisonous snake, and in the transformation, four ominous doors appeared to the north, south, east, and west. Within those doors, a black vortex swirled with a devouring power, dragging people in!

Next, 3,000 wisps of black smoke streamed out of the Demon King's Flag of Children Souls. They spread out into all directions, and turned into snarling ghostly infants where they landed on the spirit design. Their bodies were extremely undeveloped, although they had sharp fangs and dark purple claws. They looked weak and chubby, but moved with energy, leaping and jumping!

Before, they had only been shadows, but now they had been given form, as though real flesh and blood. They came charging towards Wu Yu and the others. A truly heart-stoppingly scary sight!

"Spirit Penetration Art!" The spirit design on this advanced dao treasure was too disgusting. Wu Yu used the Spirit Penetration Art immediately after this Offensive Spirit Design was activated. He separated a sliver of his Primordial Spirit, and entered the advanced dao treasure. This was a test for Wu Yu. A ghostly cultivator's dao treasure was completely different from an ordinary dao treasure. Ordinary dao treasures had their own abilities, such as wind, water, fire, earth, lightning, but would not have such wicked, bloody, and savage elements, as though he had entered a true hell.

Wu Yu did not care about this. He entered the spirit design with the Spirit Penetration Art. Given his unfamiliarity with ghostly cultivator spirit designs, dispelling his opponent's spirit design was impossible, but it was still possible to affect it.


Of the 3,000 ghostly infants, about 1,000 had swarmed the Skeletal Flame Dragon. They were extremely strong, ripping and tugging at the Skeletal Flame Dragon, dragging it towards the four ghostly doors.

Wu Yu and the Full Moon of Nanshan were also accosted by 1,000 ghostly infants each.

Luckily, Wu Yu's Spirit Penetration Art was effective at this time. The entire spirit design seemed to have been suddenly sabotaged. It shook and shuddered and flashed with light. The 3,000 ghostly infants were also affected, and their strength ebbed away dramatically. Some even turned on each other!

"Enough!" The Full Moon of Nanshan was also sick at this sight.

"Forbidden Waters of the Milky Way."

In this battle, he had been in human form throughout. Actually, the Full Moon of Nanshan had the legacy of Marshal Tian Peng. This meant that after transforming into his true form, he was not much stronger, besides in the physical aspect. Therefore, he fought in human form most of the time. After all, his human form looked so much more handsome....

At this time, he used a skill that was unclear if it were mystique or dao technique. The entire spirit design was shrouded in black waters. This water was born of the void, and flooded everything, bringing the entire region under his control!

He heard the Full Moon of Nanshan cry, "Heavier! Heavier!" Wu Yu and the Skeletal Flame Dragon were unaffected in these inky waters, but Wu Yu saw the ghostly infants sink to the depths, as though being pressed down by some heavy object on their heads!

Finally, they were torn to bits by the water, and vanished in the spirit design. As for the spirit design, it, too, faced enormous pressure and crumbled. Throughout this process, Wu Yu saw that Ye Ying was grimly holding on, her face a mask of agony. She gripped the Demon King's Flag of Children Souls, which was also shuddering under the Full Moon of Nanshan's assault.

Wu Yu guessed that the water was dense, exerting inordinate pressure. Besides the Full Moon of Nanshan's allies, everyone else would be crushed by the pressure of the water!

As for the Dark Portal of 3,000 Children's Souls, it had already been destabilized by Wu Yu's Spirit Penetration Art, and was not as complete as it was at the start.

Right now, the immortal treasure had crumbled, and only Ye Ying was left. The Full Moon of Nanshan called back the black waters, forming a sphere of just three zhang wide or so. The water within was pitch black, and Ye Ying was trapped in this sphere of water.

Without much help from Wu Yu, the Full Moon of Nanshan had finished his opponent off.

His dense Forbidden Waters of the Milky Way was indeed incredibly powerful. It was like a ball of metal that had also crushed the Three Immortals Kunwu.

Bang, bang, bang!

Within, deafening sounds came from within the Forbidden Waters of the Milky Way. Evidently, Ye Ying was trying to break free. However, the Full Moon of Nanshan had everything under control. The black ball continued to contract. Although it was liquid, it was denser than anything in the world. The more it shrank, the more terrifying it was.

"You two! You will definitely die in the Infernal Inferno! I will remember you! The Ghostly Yan Tribe remembers you now!

"You will not escape the Infernal Inferno! We will bring you to the deepest areas of the Infernal Inferno and show you the true extent of hell!

"That is the heaven of us ghostly cultivators!"

As Ye Ying was being tormented by the Full Moon of Nanshan, she continued to cry out miserably.

Finally, her voice weakened, and then stopped. The Full Moon of Nanshan looked at Wu Yu. "It's done now. What were you going to show me before?"

Their teamwork here had indeed improved their affinity.

Finally, they had even killed an expert of the Ghostly Yan Tribe.

Wu Yu said, "Just watch and see."

The Full Moon of Nanshan released his Forbidden Waters of the Milky Way and revealed the corpse of Ye Ying, as well as the Demon King's Flag of Children Souls. The advanced dao treasure was too difficult to break down, and Wu Yu put it away, saying, "Any objections if I seal away this advanced dao treasure?"

"By all means. Big Brother here was given a real scare just now," the Full Moon of Nanshan said, fanning himself. 

He was waiting for Wu Yu to tell him his reason for coming to the Infernal Inferno.

Wu Yu stashed the advanced dao treasure, and his Heaven Devouring Avatar had already appeared. With the Full Moon of Nanshan watching, it morphed into a black mist that embroiled the corpse of Ye Ying. Before long, the Heaven Devouring Avatar turned into a human again, while Ye Ying's corpse had vanished. The Heaven Devouring Avatar's color looked much better now.

He had already recovered to roughly the eighth tier of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm. The damage done by Yu Chenyang had been undone. This little detail eluded the Full Moon of Nanshan.

"Your avatar can devour flesh to regenerate?" That's what he thought.

Wu Yu laughed. "Something like that. I can't kill anyone in the Immortal's Capital, so I can only come here."

The Full Moon of Nanshan said, "You truly have more marvelous things than I do. This avatar is already strong, and it even has such techniques. Respect. Together with the puppets, I'm not your match anymore. Now that it's done, are we leaving the Infernal Inferno?"

He followed Wu Yu now, wherever he went.

Wu Yu shook his head, saying, "It's not over. How can we just leave after encountering one Ghostly Yan Tribe member?"

"That's true. Especially if they're all beauties, and as long as they don't turn ugly later. If they could just behave themselves, and not try to kill us like the last one, that would be awesome." The Full Moon of Nanshan was fantasizing again.

Clearly, he had not comprehended the true ability of the Heaven Devouring Avatar. But Wu Yu was in no hurry. He knew that the Full Moon of Nanshan would come to see it. And when he did, that would be the real test of their friendship.

"From hereon, there will definitely be many trap spirit designs by the ghostly cultivators. We have to take extra care."

"No problem. We've been lazing in the Immortal's Capital for a while now. A thrill now and then is not a bad thing."

Wu Yu was in a hurry to find another Ghostly Yan Tribesperson. The cravings of his Heaven Devouring Avatar were growing. He could bring it to the ninth tier of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm, and it would be even stronger when paired with the Dark North Royal Obelisk.

And perhaps a bit beyond that. He had to be well prepared, because he did not know when Prince Le would exit seclusion.

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