Chapter 0815: Demon King's Flag of Children Souls

This Ghostly Yan Tribe woman was focused on the Full Moon of Nanshan for now, wanting to get out of this situation through him.

To secure her smooth exit.

Besides, she could clearly see that the Full Moon of Nanshan was a demon.

The girl suddenly turned to Full Moon of Nanshan with a coy voice and a pitiful poise. "Big Brother, you can't have a very close relationship with the Yan Huang Tribe, right? Why are you chasing me? This little sister's name is Ye Ying. I wonder if this Big Brother will let me go?" 

The Full Moon of Nanshan had a weak spot for her moving plea, especially when it was such a wild girl begging him in such a docile way. He coughed a few times, then said piously, "That will not do. Although I'm not that close with the Yan Huang Tribe, this friend of mine here is a Yan Huang Tribe member. You killed his people. How can I just let you go?"

Hearing this, Ye Ying immediately knew their relationship. They were just friends, so it would be easy to deal with them. She probably had this planned out already. Slithering over with an undulating sway to her hips, she came over to the Full Moon of Nanshan, and her sexy curves and enchanting gaze compelled the Full Moon of Nanshan's attention. And she was still affecting the damsel in distress poise, with tears in her eyes. She said to the Full Moon of Nanshan, "But you know how pitiful we Ghostly Yan Tribe members are. Surviving until now has not been easy.

"We are told from birth that we are prey. The Yan Huang Tribe members are the predators. From birth, I have grown up among death. Big Brother is not a Yan Huang Tribe member, and you should empathize with our torment. Today, if you let me go, Little Sister will definitely make it up to Big Brother," Ye Ying said in a trembling voice.

Hearing this, the Full Moon of Nanshan was very moved. He sighed a few times and then asked of her, "If I let you go, will you truly make it up to me?"

"As long as Little Sister can do it."

The Full Moon of Nanshan grinned cheekily. "What about giving birth to a little kid?"

Wu Yu could not help but snort. The Full Moon of Nanshan was too shameless.

In truth, Wu Yu knew that this Ghostly Yan Tribeswoman was no innocent, little lamb. All that she had said was simply to secure her escape.

After hearing the Full Moon of Nanshan's words, Ye Ying did not get angry, but instead embarrassed. She said, "Big Brother is a demon, and I'm a human. We cannot have a child."

Her bashful appearance brought out the best of her charms, and the Full Moon of Nanshan's eyes were alight with lust now. "No matter. I don't care about the kid. I just want to enjoy the process."

Shameless. Truly shameless.

"But... but your friend is still here." Ye Ying's already red skin flushed further, and her face turned an enchanting shade of scarlet.

These two were truly going at it, and Wu Yu was becoming the third wheel.

"Wu Yu, go on ahead first. I'll find you in a bit," the Full Moon of Nanshan said to Wu Yu.

Seeing his impulsive look, he seemed like he was ready to eat Ye Ying whole.

Before, Wu Yu had thought he was kidding. At this time, he could barely believe his own ears. Was the Full Moon of Nanshan truly beguiled? Did he not know this woman's plan? That she only wanted to escape?

Just as Wu Yu was hesitating, the Full Moon of Nanshan told him thim quietly, "Don't worry. I know what to do." Wu Yu thought about it. He, too, had an old geezer with him, just like Ming Long, who was probably not prone to getting his reason swamped. The Full Moon of Nanshan should have something good up his sleeve to deal with this Ghostly Yan Tribeswoman.

This time, although they had not yet gotten that familiar, Wu Yu still chose to trust him. Trust was the foundation of any relationship.

Therefore, without a word, he left the two, awaiting the Full Moon of Nanshan's call.

After arriving at the Infernal Inferno, Wu Yu was in no hurry to get back. Therefore, he was not that anxious as to whether this Ghostly Yan Tribeswoman would end up feeding the Heaven Devouring Avatar.

He remained at his original spot, awaiting for any commotion over at the Full Moon of Nanshan's side. He knew that the Full Moon of Nanshan was definitely playing Ye Ying.

Before long, sounds of fighting ensued, and Wu Yu returned swiftly after hearing them. He saw that Ye Ying and the Full Moon of Nanshan were locked in battle.

"This wench is a poisonous one. She thought to deliver a fatal blow to me while seducing me. She didn't expect this brother's phantom techniques to be even better than hers. She tried to steal a chicken but ended up losing the rice bait. Now it is I who took the advantage. What a bother for her." After Wu Yu arrived, he saw the Full Moon of Nanshan hooting in self-satisfaction.

So this Ghostly Yan Tribeswoman had a similar technique, but the Full Moon of Nanshan's technique was even more powerful. She had been taken advantage of by him.

At this time, the Ghostly Yan Tribeswoman was attacking in a frenzied manner, a completely different picture from the charming woman that she had been.

Her body had undergone some changes. Maroon scales had grown over her body, thickening and fortifying it. Her petite features were now snarling, and fangs and horns had grown from her mouth and head respectively. She looked like a wicked ghost! Even her body stank with the putrid stench of corpses.

From a beautiful woman, she had changed into this form. Of course, there was a reason, which was to make her stronger - to enhance her Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy and physical strength!

The Full Moon of Nanshan's methods were not useless. At least they had forced this Ghostly Yan Tribeswoman to reveal her true colors.

If Wu Yu had pitied the Ghostly Yan Tribe, he would not have come here. In a place like the Infernal Inferno, amidst the ranks of the ghostly cultivators, they would always be more evil the stronger they got.

For someone as powerful as Ye Ying, she could never be an innocent, little bunny.

Right now, she had shown her true colors, and there would be no psychological guilt when they fought.

Cultivation depended on the coherence of a single notion.

At this time, Ye Ying and the Full Moon of Nanshan were in a heated battle, and Wu Yu noticed her advanced dao treasure. It was truly unusual to have an advanced dao treasure. For the Ghostly Yan Tribe, such an advanced dao treasure might not be available even at the Dao Querying Realm.

It was a flag the color of onyx. As Ye Ying grasped the pole in both hands and waved the flag, the wailing of countless infants came reverberating through. The more they wailed, the more eerie it was.

One could vaguely make out that there were many faces on the flag, all belonging to infants below one year of age. Each face was different, and in short order, hundreds of faces had appeared, and more would come.

This advanced dao treasure belonged to the ghostly cultivators. This might be the darkest, most sinister dao treasure that Wu Yu had ever encountered. Just standing beside it, he could feel his hair standing on end. It seemed like the entire floor was crawling with bruised infants, ferociously crying and biting. They crawled over anything they could get to, their pudgy hands sheathed with sharp claws!

"This advanced dao treasure is an abomination. You can see that the most important part is that it uses the lives of newborn infants!" Ming Long said with hatred.

"She refined her advanced dao treasure with the lives of infants? There must be thousands of them. Such cruelty.... But they can't go outside. Where did she find so many infants?"

"It must be the Ghostly Yan Tribe's own. Do you think they can't fight amongst themselves? The strength of the ghostly cultivators comes from their conflicts, and the winners get to use the lives of the losers. There are not many ghostly cultivators here, yet they grew strong. Naturally, it must have come from internal conflict. Although she was not the one who refined this advanced dao treasure, she must have some similar characteristic in order to conquer such an advanced dao treasure. Besides, this sort of advanced dao treasure requires a constant replenishment of infant lives."

This meant that the Ghostly Yan Tribe was not so innocent. The stronger ones had committed crimes aplenty.

Some ghostly cultivators already had their own nations, such as the Devilsky Court and the Rising Cloud Nation. They might have more favorable conditions for cultivation, and it was those like the Ghostly Yan Tribe, who lived in the harsher environments, who were forced to devise more cruel methods of cultivation. Otherwise, how could they continue living?

Many things were not simply black or white.

But Wu Yu knew what he had to do. He had to destroy this high-grade dao treasure, or at least ensure that it never saw the light of day.

"What are you looking at? Interested in my Demon King's Flag of Children Souls?" Ye Ying's voice was unchanged, accompanied by a mocking smile at Wu Yu.

"You Yan Huang Tribe members think you're orthodox. You try to exact heaven's justice, but you don't know that you forced us to have to kill each other. We have to live in the dark. Given a choice, who wouldn't want to try and do it right, and cultivate until immortalhood?" Ye Ying barked as she waved the Demon King's Flag of Children Souls in battle against the Full Moon of Nanshan.

Her words moved Wu Yu. What she had said made sense.

Or perhaps this was just fate.

One would never know unless you were in their situation. What pressures they faced to survive, and what choices those pressures compelled them to make.

As Wu Yu started to crack with doubt, a phrase that he had heard when he had just stepped on the path of dao came to his rescue.

Cultivation was plunder. Only the strongest rule.

Cultivation was naturally plunder. If you wanted to realize the justice in your heart, and shape the world, you had to be strong enough. And if you couldn't reshape your own reality, then you would be forced to respect the rules that others had decreed!

"Are the sounds of babies crying music to your ears? The cries of their parents were the same as well. But isn't it the Yan Huang Tribe that forces me to wield this weapon? Therefore, the crime falls onto you!" Ye Ying was well versed with such arguments.

Wu Yu's reply was to summon the Skeletal Flame Dragon from the Floating Dreams Pagoda, and order it to support the Full Moon of Nanshan. While they fought Ye Ying, his real body stood at the side. There was no opportunity to help. After all, his Heaven Devouring Avatar was weak now, and unable to synchronize well with his real body.

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