Chapter 0813: A Tail

The business of the Yan Huang Fire Talisman aside, Wu Yu and the the Full Moon of Nanshan came to the edge of the ancient well that led into the Infernal Inferno and peered down. They could see a few channels of magma churning below.

For the Yan Huang Tribe, being able to withstand the heat of this subterranean magma was fundamental. For Wu Yu, with the Invincible Vajra Body, this was nothing. Neither hesitated to plunge into the magma stream.

The churning magma did hinder their vision significantly. If not for Wu Yu's Eyes of Fire and Gold, he would be hard pressed to see what was around him. They had to depend on feeling as well. They followed the magma into a deeper part of the Infernal Inferno, moving downwards past the surface magma into a huge, subterranean space. In this space, magma sloshed around everywhere. The long years of enduring high temperatures had changed the rocks here. They had even become precious treasures under the nurturing spiritual qi, and spiritual marks had appeared on them. Only like this could they continue to withstand the magma's erosiveness.

The huge, underground space and magma flows created an enormous underground network that was incredibly vast and deep. There was the constant sound of the magma's roar as it spurted up, and then boiling as it flowed downwards.

Therefore, even underground, there was thick, white smoke everywhere that obstructed one's vision.

In such a place, ordinary mortals could not possibly survive. One had to be at least at the Jindan Dao Realm to remain alive here.


"The Ghostly Yan Tribe members must be only mortal when they are born. But even so, they can survive here. This means that their bodies have developed to a very high level through their struggles. It's said that their newborns have no spiritual power but can swim within this magma." Wu Yu recalled the details that he had learned in these few days. Now, experiencing it for himself, he was awed at their ability to withstand this heat.

In the fight for Yan Huang Ancient Region, the Ghostly Yan Tribe were the defeated, while the Yan Huang Tribe were the victors. But to be able to hold on until today was also an admirable talent of theirs.

In this world, everything was fought over. Cultivation was plunder, and in this fight, the Yan Huang Tribe held the absolute advantage. After winning the struggle, they had become the strongest, and controlled all the best resources.

Cultivation was such a merciless thing.

Everyone wanted to live forever and reach immortalhood. Yet those that actually achieved this were only a few. Many more busted along the way. Even if they did not die today, once their time was up, they would also fade.

The two continued heading deeper, where the magma boiled even more furiously. Wu Yu was still fine, but the Full Moon of Nanshan was swearing colorfully, his forehead beaded with sweat. In this environment, he was not at home.

"If I had known, I would have stayed in the soft comforts of the Immortal's Capital. This place is a furnace!"

Since they had come, going back would not be that easy. Wu Yu ignored him - he was just grumbling.

However, he suddenly halted before long. He said softly to Wu Yu, "I feel like someone is following us."

Wu Yu had been surveying their surroundings constantly with the Eyes of Fire and Gold. Because they were headed deeper, it was more likely that they might encounter spirit designs set up by the Ghostly Yan Tribe. Many Yan Huang Tribe members had died to the spirit designs of the Ghostly Yan Tribe. These were fatal traps that had to be discovered beforehand. If they triggered one, even Wu Yu would be in deep trouble.

But he did not notice that someone was actually following them. As the Full Moon of Nanshan said this, he recalled his own journey, and that he had a similar feeling. Only that the Eyes of Fire and Gold could not see this tracker for now.

"How do you know?" Wu Yu was quite curious.

"Smell. Sound," the Full Moon of Nanshan said confidently.

Wu Yu understood. He had the Eyes of Fire and Gold, and had enhanced vision. But the Full Moon of Nanshan's nose and ears were even more sensitive. In a place like the Infernal Inferno, senses of smell and hearing were even more useful.

"Who is following us?" Since the Full Moon of Nanshan had said so, then it had to be confirmed.

"When I think about it, it should be someone that Yu Chenyang hired. Or perhaps those that knew we were coming, dedicated to saving the Yan Dragon Army people. Regardless, best to shake him off as soon as we can."

It was not a comfortable feeling to be followed like that.

The Full Moon of Nanshan could easily shrug this person off. He could use camouflage, and cause his own tracks to vanish.

Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar was currently in the Floating Dreams Pagoda. He could use his Somersault Cloud to leap out. But if he did so, it would be difficult to find the Full Moon of Nanshan after this.

He could only ride the Somersault Cloud and allow the Full Moon of Nanshan on, to see if they could shrug off this tracker.

"That's what we'll try then."

Evidently, someone who could track them through this method would be at least a Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm expert.

Wu Yu suddenly pulled out the Somersault Cloud. He sat on top, and the Full Moon of Nanshan boarded as well. Without any warning, the Somersault Cloud wrapped them both up and burst forth with furious speed, charging deeper into the magma.

The Somersault Cloud moved forward while flickering into the ether. Therefore, the magma here did not impact its speed. Even within the Infernal Inferno, Wu Yu moved at a frightening pace.

He realized that he had overestimated his opponent. Given how elusive his Somersault Cloud was, even if his opponent was a Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm expert, in a special environment like the Infernal Inferno, he simply had to shake him off a little, and Wu Yu would be close to impossible to find.

While his opponent was still surprised by the move, Wu Yu had already disappeared.

Regardless of who the person was, they were irrelevant to Wu Yu and the Full Moon of Nanshan now. After realizing that they had shrugged their tail off, Wu Yu and the Full Moon of Nanshan came off the Somersault Cloud.

In this underground space, they were already in a very deep place. It was possible for the Ghostly Yan Tribe to show up here. Therefore, there should be few Yan Huang Tribe members here, and all around them was bubbling magma. THE Spaces not filled with magma were filled with rising smoke, as though they were in a steaming basket, uncomfortably surrounded by magma.

"Come with me to find the Ghostly Yan Tribe." Wu Yu used his Eyes of Fire and Gold and continued to search. The Full Moon of Nanshan was also helping him with his ears and nose. Ordinarily, he would be able to find people a little faster than Wu Yu.

"You're not just looking for opponents in this Infernal Inferno, are you? There are so many who are looking for trouble in the Immortal's Capital. If you were just looking to fight, you wouldn't have come here." Along the way, this thought suddenly struck the Full Moon of Nanshan. He turned to Wu Yu questioningly. He probably loathed this place.

The time had come. Let him know about the Heaven Devouring Avatar's devouring abilities, or not.

Wu Yu had already thought it through along the way. Since he had come here, both understood the other's reasons. And the Full Moon of Nanshan was not bad indeed. Therefore, even the ability of the Heaven Devouring Avatar need not be hidden from him. After all, the peak of the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord's power had been at an immortal's level.

Therefore, when the Full Moon of Nanshan asked him this, he replied, "When we reach the Ghostly Yan Tribe, you will know why I have come. I'll leave you hanging for now."

"Don't do that. I'm too curious a person. If you leave me hanging, my heart will itch." The Full Moon of Nanshan chuckled.

At this time, a sound suddenly attracted him, and he turned serious, his senses on full alert. "Seems like I'll know the truth soon enough."

This meant that he had sensed the Ghostly Yan Tribe in the vicinity. Right now, they had not even seen a trap of the Ghostly Yan Tribe. If they appeared at this time, it meant that their luck was indeed good.

He had just said this when Wu Yu sensed the disturbance as well. The two of them hurried towards the same place unanimously. They had both independently identified it.

After speeding past a magma current and breaking through a few boulders, they entered another underground cavern. The two of them immediately came to head with what they had detected. What surprised them was that there were dozens of people.

However, they were quickly dismayed, because these were not Ghostly Yan Tribe members. From their armor, they should be from another one of the five great armies - the Huang Dragon Army.

And they were all ordinary Huang Dragon Guards, youngsters much like the bunch that Yu Chenyang had brought. Most were at the fifth tier of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm and below. There were a few centurions and chiliarchs, and they were led by a hidden dragon general.

The generals of the Huang Dragon Army were also divided into three ranks. They were the hidden dragon general, huang dragon general, and heaven dragon general. Only the middle rank was differentiated in the respective armies.

However, this Hidden Dragon General was quite strong, probably at the ninth tier of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm. That was why he dared to lead these Huang Dragon Guards into such a deep area to train.

As they came face to face with each other, the group was also scared at the sudden appearance of Wu Yu and the Full Moon of Nanshan. They grouped up and stared anxiously at the pair, their tension and killing intent obvious.

"Who are you guys? Ghostly Yan Tribe?" the opposing Hidden Dragon General demanded of them.

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