Chapter 0812: The Yan Dragon Fortress

"Those two dunderheads are up to something." The Full Moon of Nanshan gave a derisive snort and ignored them.

"Probably going to do us dirty in the Infernal Inferno. Well, how dangerous it will be inside will be up to us," Wu Yu said.

"There's nothing much to worry about. Our two legacies are most suited to such environments. Whether the Ghost Sea Prison or the Infernal Inferno, it's all our oyster. No matter what moves they have, they can't beat us. We're only afraid of a straight-up fight," the Full Moon of Nanshan said confidently.

What he said made sense. Just his camouflage technique alone could not be unraveled by all but a few.

Amidst the hostile looks of the Yan Dragon Guards, they boarded Yu Chenyang's Stardust Warship. This, too, was a dao treasure, and could accommodate many. Of course, its speed was not comparable to Wu Yu's Somersault Cloud.

After boarding the Stardust Warship, Wu Yu left the Immortal's Capital for the first time. The Immortal's Capital was frighteningly huge, and just leaving it alone took them half a day. After the better part of the day, they finally left the perimeter of the Immortal's Capital. However, they soon entered the border of a satellite city. It was said that there were 1,000 satellite cities here.

There were many, and all were in the vicinity of the Immortal's Capital. The spiritual qi here was fairly dense as well, considered top-quality in the Yan Huang Ancient Region. It was even better than many of the places that the sea region demons held. Here, 1,000 castles were built. They came in all sizes, and experts were as plentiful as leaves in a forest. Although not at the level of the Immortal's Capital, there were many Dao Querying experts as well.

From above, one could see how grand this core of the Yan Huang Ancient Country was!

The dense horde of martial cultivators, the castles, the spirit designs - all of it combined to enhance the magnificence of Yan Huang! This was not the height of the Yan Huang Ancient Country, but even so, they were considered the first in the world. Other immortal kingdoms could not catch up if they tried!

Wu Yu was humbled. The Yan Huang Ancient Country was so magnificent, and young experts were a dime a dozen. He could only stand out from this crowd because of the immortal's legacy of the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal. Otherwise, he would have drowned in this sea of talent. Perhaps he would have ended up stuck at the Qi Condensation Realm back in the Bipo Mountain Range.

And now, at least for those below 50 years old, he was already at the absolute top!

In these few days, the Yan Dragon Guards ignored the pair. Wu Yu and the Full Moon of Nanshan lounged in a corner. They finally reached their destination after three days. The Stardust Warship began to descend. As it passed through the cloud layer, Wu Yu saw the red and black terrain below, extending up till the horizon. The black parts were scorched igneous rocks, while the red was flowing lava. Just the surface of the Infernal Inferno already looked apocalyptic, let alone what else was waiting.

In these few days, Wu Yu had studied the Infernal Inferno a little. He said to the Full Moon of Nanshan, "The Infernal Inferno is huge. From the surface down till its depths, it is a network of densely connecting magma flows. Some places run more strongly, forming magma oceans. At least in the records, the depths of the Infernal Inferno are unknown. But the magma seems to flow from some endless source underground. As for the Ghostly Yan Tribe, as well as other demons and Spirits of the Universe, they are all in the depths of the Infernal Inferno."

"A labyrinth of magma, with no end? Interesting. No wonder the Ghostly Yan Tribe can hide out for so long." The Full Moon of Nanshan found this curious.

"Yeah. After tens of thousands of years of adjustment, the Ghostly Yan Tribe has adapted to the Infernal Inferno. Any child can meld with the boiling magma since birth, and cultivate ghostly cultivator dao techniques in the magma. The harsh environment means that although the Ghostly Yan Tribe are few in number, they are all deadly. They are especially adept at hiding in the magma, so we have to be extra careful."

The Full Moon of Nanshan clamped Wu Yu’s shoulder and gave him a few hearty thumps. "No worries, no fear. When we meet danger, this big brother here will definitely protect you. Don't be afraid to impose."

"Oi." Wu Yu pushed away his lecherous hand. At this time, he could see about seven or eight huge structures amidst the endless expanse of black and red terrain. At least that was the extent of what Wu Yu could see. These structures were joined together and extremely huge. Each one looked like a fortress, a spherical shape that looked very sturdy.

This was a base that the great armies had built. There were a total of nine, and the most central one was special. It was not a base, but the core of the sealing spirit design. The other eight were in the respective directions orientated to the central fortress.

Each army had a base here. For example, the Stardust Warship was about to land at the Yan Dragon Army's base, the Yan Dragon Fortress.

Lava was spurting upwards from other spots on the land. This place was completely sealed off, and the Ghostly Yan Tribe within could not possibly escape from this place. There were also countless sealing spirit designs hidden by the Yan Huang Tribe's ancestors. Refined over many years, they were now virtually impregnable. The slightest touch would spell one's instant death!

That central fortress was the heart of the spirit design, and the Yan Dragon Fortress was a crucial part of the sealing spirit design. These sealing spirit designs not only kept the Ghostly Yan Tribe in, but also demarcated the boundary of the Infernal Inferno.

The Infernal Inferno had only eight entrances, which were at the eight respective fortresses. This also meant that Wu Yu needed Yu Chenyang's escort in order to enter.

As the Stardust Warship began to descend, a small gap appeared above the Yan Dragon Fortress, allowing the warship in. It sealed immediately after they entered. Looking down, the Yan Dragon Fortress seemed like a huge castle. There were many palaces here, which the Yan Dragon Guards could use to cultivate or rest. There were tens of thousands of such palaces, and the center of them all was a deep well with a diameter of hundreds of zhang. It spewed lava and flames, and was the entrance into the Infernal Inferno.

The Stardust Warship landed near this entrance. Everyone stood around after Yu Chenyang stowed his warship. The ground here was scorching, although Wu Yu felt rather comfortable thanks to his Invincible Vajra Body.

After arriving, the Yan Dragon Guards were both excited and worried. After all, they were all very young, and a few were about Wu Yu's age.

"I've brought you here, so my job is done. The entrance is here, and you can go in at any time. When you come out and want to leave, there will definitely be someone willing to bring you back to the Immortal's Capital. The Yan Dragon Fortress will only open for recognized warships," Yu Chenyang said briefly. He intended to sever all connection with the pair.

Of course, Wu Yu did not want to hang with them either, or follow them around shamelessly. That was not his goal. He only needed Yu Chenyang to bring him to the Yan Dragon Fortress.

As for the rest, Liu Yuan had already explained it to him. After he entered, he had to remember the position of the entrance, so that he could make his way back to exit. When he wanted to go back, there would be people leaving every few days, and they could let Wu Yu tag along. As long as he reached the Yan Dragon Fortress, Wu Yu could make his way back.

"What about the Yan Huang Fire Talisman?" Wu Yu asked.

This thing was like the Darkness Breaching Talisman. Within the Infernal Inferno, there were many experts of the Yan Huang Tribe watching. Once a Yan Huang Fire Talisman was activated, they would rush to the rescue. Of course, the help here was not as timely as within the Ghost Sea Prison, but they could still save lives. As long as the ordinary Yan Dragon Guards did not wander too far into the Infernal Inferno.

Yu Chenyang said, "You're not a member of the Yan Dragon Army. Why should I give you the Yan Dragon Army's Yan Huang Fire Talisman?"

Wu Yu smiled. "Seems like you'll be happy if I get cleaned up by the Ghostly Yan Tribe, eh."

Yu Chenyang retorted, "Aren't you afraid of nothing? You were so bold back in the Immortal's Capital. Why would you be a sniveling coward here? I don't think you need a Yan Huang Fire Talisman."

Since he would not give it, Wu Yu didn't want it either. After all, Wu Yu did not really need it. Even if he was in danger, others might not be able to save him. Although Liu Yuan had warned him to get a Yan Huang Fire Talisman if he could, she had guessed that Yu Chenyang would not give it.

"Bye then."

Wu Yu could not be bothered to argue with him. He had finally made it here, and all he wanted was to make his clone grow stronger. But the Full Moon of Nanshan was with him, and he was still considering if he could let him know his final secret.

At this time, the Full Moon of Nanshan was completely relaxed. He did not know Wu Yu's intention. Both were bold and skilled fighters, and entered the Infernal Inferno with neither experience nor preparation.

As they entered, Yu Chenyu and Yu Chenyang watched them closely. Yu Chenyu was a little worried. "Bro, isn’t this too much?"

Yu Chenyang said, "Don't worry. It's all their own asking, it has nothing to do with us. Even though they have the Ancient Emperor's Edict, we can't be blamed."

"But if anything happens to them and they lose their lives, won't it be a huge affair? The Ancient Emperor himself invited him," Yu Chenyu said a little uneasily.

"Just relax. Ancient Emperor's Edict, keke. It's just because he wants the legacy. I suspect he made him Kingmaker Le so that Prince Le can have his legacy. At that time, Prince Le will grow stronger and stronger, and Wu Yu will fade away from view as though his blood has been sucked from him."

"And if Wu Yu dies here, won't that simply benefit the Ghostly Yan Tribe?" Yu Chenyu was even more worried now.

"He doesn't die so easily. At most he will suffer greatly. Don't worry, I've sent someone to track him. More importantly, I want to see what secrets Wu Yu has as well, that he would want to come here...." Yu Chenyang said.

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