Chapter 0811: Friendship and Trust

Yu Chenyang's intention was to force a defense with his offense. Seeing his brother's life in danger, he acted decisively.

But in truth, Wu Yu had already intended to stay his hand after defeating his opponent. He had not gone for the kill.

In that instant, Yu Chenyang should have been able to see this clearly, and stayed his own hand.

However, he did not. As Liu Yuan had said - a cruel one. When he attacked, he showed no mercy.

And all of this happened so quickly that many had not even reacted.

In the same instant, Yu Chenyu had been defeated, and his life spared. However, his elder brother, Yu Chenyang, moved quickly. In the same instant, he had used some advanced dao treasure to smash Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar into bits!

A result similar to Wu Yu's Unshackled Doppelganger clones being killed. The Heaven Devouring Avatar exploded into mist.

Even the Dark North Royal Obelisk was sent flying, and Wu Yu caught it and put it back in his Sumeru Pouch.

The Heaven Devouring Avatar's bits of mist twinkled with golden light as symbols sparkled. Evidently, Yu Chenyang's attack had not just been a violent dao technique attack, but had also used either dao techniques or even mystiques in order to deal a devastating blow to the Heaven Devouring Avatar.

A gleam of murderous intent appeared in Wu Yu's eyes.

He had shown mercy, but had not received it.

In that exchange, Yu Chenyang had not held back at all. If not for Wu Yu's own quick reaction, the loss would have been even greater. Even so, the Heaven Devouring Avatar had at least been beaten down one tier.

Its abilities continued to decrease.

If this continued, Wu Yu's greatest advantage would be lost. After all, the Heaven Devouring Avatar was still his strongest weapon in battle.

Right now, it was roughly at the seventh tier of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm.

How could he not be angry at this?

At this time, Yu Chenyang was tending to his brother with a neutral face, and treating his wounds. Yu Chenyu was truly incompetent. Hailed as the foremost genius of the Yan Dragon Army, he had been defeated by Wu Yu in just 10 breaths of time. He was still unconscious, an utter disgrace.

Right now, although Yu Chenyang's intervention had forced Wu Yu back, everyone had seen the fight between Wu Yu and Yu Chenyu. The outcome was clear.

Wu Yu had crushed Yu Chenyu, and the Yan Dragon Guards were angry.

Yu Chenyang's final attack had cooled them down a little.

When they saw Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar dissolve into smoke, as though it had disappeared and returned to Wu Yu's side, they celebrated.

"The Yan Dragon General has probably destroyed his clone!"

"It seems Wu Yu always depends on this clone during battle. Right now, this clone has been destroyed by the Yan Dragon General, so his fighting strength must be halved."

"That's right! Wu Yu has won the battle but lost the war. Anyone who dares to cross our Yan Dragon General will come to no good end!"

"All for the chance to go to the Infernal Inferno. Is it worth it?"

They were in high spirits now, laughing and chatting.

Liu Yuan was worried as well, but seeing Wu Yu wink at her without any sign of dejection, she was a little more reassured.

"In the end, I thought you were going to kill my brother, so I had to intervene. Although you stayed your hand in the end, I was too late to pull back. I'm very sorry I destroyed your clone, but you're the victor of this battle," Yu Chenyang said somberly to Wu Yu as Yu Chenyu slowly came to.

Wu Yu gave a dry chuckle. This guy was too full of himself. However, since they thought they were above him, he let them hold on to their delusions. He said, "I want to know if your word is still good. I defeated him. I can now go to the Infernal Inferno, right?"

He did not expect Wu Yu to persist about the Infernal Inferno after suffering such a great loss. He could not hold back a scoff. After taking a look at his younger brother, who had yet to fully come to, he said to Wu Yu, "In five days' time, I will head for the Infernal Inferno. At that time, you wait for me here."

They still thought that they had come off easy, and could not be bothered to stay here. Yu Chenyang took Yu Chenyu away, vanishing in a flash. Wu Yu was left behind with the Skeletal Flame Dragon and Liu Yuan.

Wu Yu first stowed his Skeletal Flame Dragon. He looked about to see odd expressions from the crowd. They were not as disheartened as they had been.

They were lost in conversation with each other, and soon dispersed now that the show was over.

Wu Yu said his goodbyes to Liu Yuan.

"Is that clone of yours fine?" Liu Yuan fretted.

"It will grow strong again soon enough. And shock them all," Wu Yu said with conviction.

Liu Yuan broke into a smile as refreshing as a spring breeze. She said coyly, "Then I will be waiting to see it."

Although Wu Yu was not completely satisfied, he could soon go to the Infernal Inferno. Since he was going to devour there, then it did not really matter whether he started from the seventh or eighth tier. He was going to break through to the ninth tier Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm level!

This was the safest choice. If he reached the 10th tier, his lust for devouring might grow too strong, thereby affecting the real body's pursuit of dao! If it ever reached the state where his real body found it difficult to improve because of the effects of the devouring lust, then it would not be worth it.

Wu Yu returned to Prince Le's residence. When he reached the royal city's gates, word of his deeds at the Yan Dragon Army had already gotten out. It was still the Yan Dragon Army's Heaven Dragon General Zhao Xuanyin guarding the door. Seeing Wu Yu, he remarked snidely, "I hear that Kingmaker Le has returned home with everything he wanted. Congratulations indeed."

Evidently, a jibe at Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar being destroyed.

Wu Yu did not react. Although this person was strong, his status was out there. Even as a heaven dragon general, his status was not higher than Wu Yu's. Therefore, Wu Yu said, "If Master Zhao continues to be a door guard, you will definitely see my gains continue to grow."

These were proud words delivered with a smile and fierce confidence in his eyes. A powerful line that stiffened Zhao Xuanyin's face. He did not reply.

Wu Yu returned to Prince Le's residence.

He naturally knew that his birth and his temper contrasted his fortune and the Ancient Emperor's Edict. Here at the Yan Huang Ancient Country, anybody would look at him with some envy. Especially those who did not know how to keep their tails between their legs, and still thought they were the best. They definitely hated Wu Yu. A pity that with the Ancient Emperor's Edict, no one could do much about it. What Yu Chenyang had done today was the limit.

Five days passed in a flash, and Prince Le still had not appeared. Wu Yu was even suspecting that he was avoiding him. But it suited him. He could grow stronger while Prince Le was still in seclusion.

The Full Moon of Nanshan popped up. He had heard about Wu Yu's adventure at the Yan Dragon Army, and hurriedly asked, "You're going to that training ground? The Infernal Inferno?"

Wu Yu said, "Yup. Are you coming?" The Full Moon of Nanshan liked to train amidst a red haze of pleasure. This was his method, and it was different from Wu Yu’s. And in his pleasures, his amiable attitude was quite nice.

"Of course. I can't leave your side," the Full Moon of Nanshan slurred as he continued to imbibe. His chest was well bared, exposing his fair breast.

"Makes sense. Right now you're still living on my status. If I go to the Infernal Inferno, you won't have a backer, and you'll suffer for sure," Wu Yu mused. He saw the logic.

"That's right. You're a clever one. You understand Big Brother's intention." The Full Moon of Nanshan guffawed cheekily.

"At least in the eyes of others, you're my lackey," Wu Yu said irritably. But as he thought about it, his main reason for going to the Infernal Inferno was to let his Heaven Devouring Avatar grow stronger. The Full Moon of Nanshan already knew of the secret of the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal. If he also knew about the Heaven Devouring Avatar's secret, then Wu Yu would truly have no secrets from him.

Could he trust him fully?

This was a problem.

These days, although the Full Moon of Nanshan could be lackadaisical and slovenly at times, he was not a bad... pig.

After five days, he and the Full Moon of Nanshan appeared punctually at the Yan Dragon Army. In these days, word had gotten around that Wu Yu had defeated Yu Chenyu in quick succession after taking down Prince Yao. And this time, he had been even faster.

They could intangibly feel him rising.

There were many Yan Dragon Guards waiting around at the Yan Dragon Army. They probably wanted to go to the Infernal Inferno as well. The majority here were young, and their futures bright. They were the bright, future leaders of Yan Huang Ancient Country. Cast into the Dong Sheng Divine Continent, any of them would be a superstar of the sect leader level.

Yu Chenyang and Yu Chenyu were tardy. In their retinue, there was a yan dragon general and a dozen hidden dragon generals. 

"Today, I will bring everyone into the Infernal Inferno to train. A month's time. How drastic your transformation depends on you all. It's not your first time going in, so I'll cut the crap. Everyone knows how important training is. If you want merits, it will all depend on what you accomplish."

Yu Chenyang's face was serious as he spoke, then his gaze landed on Wu Yu.

He saw the Full Moon of Nanshan.

From beside him, Yu Chenyu shouted loudly, "Wu Yu, we agreed to bring you, but not that ugly boar demon! Get him to piss off. A pig wants to go to our training ground?!"

This enraged the Full Moon of Nanshan. He said, "You runt, you aren't even as good looking as my balls, and you dare to bluster before me? Do you believe that I can make you a girl, and get you on your knees before me to sing a tragic opera?"

Yu Chenyu was the consort of Princess Ying, and as the emperor's son-in-law, he had never been humiliated so thoroughly before. This time around, he could not control himself. In truth, the Full Moon of Nanshan had never been afraid of anyone in an argument. He had faith in his abilities to talk this guy's ear off until he was on his knees, begging for mercy....

Yu Chenyu was just about to blow up when Yu Chenyang stopped him and said a few words into his ear. Only then did Yu Chenyu give a cold laugh and ignore the Full Moon of Nanshan. His meaning was that he could go.

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