Chapter 0810: Saintly Sword of the Dark Spirit Obelisk

It was so satisfying to be able to speak what he wanted and fight when he wanted to.

What was the big deal with having a fight on the spot if there were disagreements?

Wu Yu realized that he was getting closer to the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal's will. During such times, his growth of dao would be particularly fast. Of course, compared with the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal, he had something of his own.

It was especially so after he got the Heaven Devouring Avatar.

Although his Primordial Spirit had been divided into two parts, it was still one, so they would influence each other. When the main body Primordial Spirit suppressed the second Primordial Spirit, the second Primordial Spirit would also in turn influence the main body Primordial Spirit.

This influence made Wu Yu more passionate, pure, direct. His desire to battle grew.

For example, he would not want to miss today's fight. Even though today's observers numbered far less than last time.

"Hmph." Wu Yu's arrogant attitude made Yu Chenyu sneer in his heart. He probably thought that Wu Yu was too reckless and would not live for long. Therefore, he was also very straightforward. He instructed all the people to leave the battlefield. It happened to be a huge square, a spot where Wu Yu and Yu Chenyu could fight to their hearts' content!

"Wu Yu, you should be careful of Yu Chenyang...." Liu Yuan was still worried. Her once lively face and eyes were also full of worry at this moment. Wu Yu patted her slender shoulder and said nothing. He signalled for her to go to the side.

He realized that she was still not at ease, so he said, "You stand at the side and watch, I will try to finish this battle within 60 breaths of time."

60 breaths of time.

Liu Yuan was pushed away by Wu Yu without being able to react. When she was pushed to a distance by Wu Yu, Yu Chenyu, who had already been unable to restrain himself, took out his advanced dao treasure!

Although he had only one advanced dao treasure, it was not easy to reach such a level. He should be stronger than many princes and lords in terms of martial cultivation.

As soon as he made his move, Wu Yu could generally see a big picture.

"Souls Locking Pagoda!" Yu Chenyu held it on one hand, while his other hand waved towards the sky. When he turned around, a pure black pagoda was ready in his hands. The pagoda was surrounded by black fog, and it was as if there were countless suppressed spirits inside it, shrieking sadly. On each floor, there were many white bells hanging. The light in the white bells was shining, as if immortals were sitting in them!

Yu Chenyu wanted to make a move first and gain the upper hand!

Since he had decided to fight, even though it was just for a chance to go to the Infernal Inferno and let the Heaven Devouring Avatar grow stronger, Wu Yu would go all out now! At this moment, there was only one yan dragon general at the Dao Querying Realm nearby, so he was not worried at all. Almost at the same time, Wu Yu's two extremely important helpers appeared in front of his eyes! 

The first was the Heaven Devouring Avatar. The Heaven Devouring Avatar was on his body. It was just that he had changed into a black fog, surrounding Wu Yu's side. During the fight, his body appeared rapidly. His red eyes were bloodthirsty, his white hair was flying in the wind, and his aura was cold. In his eyes, Yu Chenyu had become prey.

Everyone was familiar with the Heaven Devouring Avatar.

The other one was the Skeletal Flame Dragon that Wu Yu had summoned from the Floating Dreams Pagoda. Puppets of this realm needed to be used. So when the Skeletal Flame Dragon appeared, the bursting power of the gloomy, white bones also appeared in front of the Yan Dragon Guards. People were stunned at once, including Yu Chenyu!

"What is this!?"

"It's not a real corpse. This is not the way that ghostly cultivators make corpse puppets! It is made from spirit designs and some precious materials! This is a mechanism puppet!"

"But how could there be such a powerful puppet!? Besides, how can Wu Yu have it?!"

Even Yan Dragon General Yu Chenyu was shocked at this time. Looking at the puppet, which was circulating around Wu Yu and roaring, he was too surprised to speak. He could clearly feel the strength of the Skeletal Flame Dragon!

He knew that he had never heard of this puppet before. Obviously, Wu Yu had never used it before.

However, there was no doubt that this was a very strong trump card! No matter how much Yu Chenyu had researched Wu Yu, how much battle data he had gotten on Wu Yu, when the Skeletal Flame Dragon appeared, his previous deployment of attacks would be completely disrupted!

Moreover, in this kind of battle, the avatars and puppets that could be controlled by themselves were basically part of their individual combat effectiveness.

Everyone was just in shock, and the battle between the two directly broke out! Yu Chenyu was quick to respond. He had prepared first. At this time, he turned the Locking Souls Pagoda in his hand directly and activated the spirit designs on it with his Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy.

"Immortal Souls Locking Spirit Design!"

To avoid dragging the battle, he used his most reliable spirit design immediately. Under his control, the Souls Locking Pagoda suddenly became larger and appeared directly above Wu Yu's two bodies and the puppet, occupying half of the battlefield!

Then the white bells on it rang wildly. Wu Yu looked up and saw that among the bells, the white light was more intense. Indeed, many real immortals could be seen inside. They were all watching above and despised whoever was below them. They exerted their powers together and built the Immortal Souls Locking Spirit Design. They attacked Wu Yu and the others. In an instant, this advanced dao treasure exhibited absolutely shocking destructive power! One could clearly see a black spirit design trapping Wu Yu within and those immortals suppressing him from above trying to crush Wu Yu into dust and powder!


But this Souls Locking Spirit Design, while strong, directly suppressed the Primordial Spirit. They probably thought that since Wu Yu's cultivation was low, he had a weak Primordial Spirit. Hence, they were confident and immediately used an attack that suppressed the Primordial Spirit. They definitely had such a plan!

If he suffered the blow head-on, it would be painful for Wu Yu! However, Wu Yu coincidentally had a way to solve this! On the one hand, the Skeletal Flame Dragon puppet had no Primordial Spirit. It depended entirely on spirit designs. This Immortal Souls Locking Spirit Design had limited effect on it. On the other hand, Wu Yu had just learned the Spirit Penetration Art. At this moment, it could be used!

Wu Yu first used the Spirit Penetration Art, and at the same time, the Skeletal Flame Dragon rushed directly up into the sky. His body alone had terrifying strength and was comparable to an advanced dao treasure. A sweep of his tail had great destructive power!

But the first to take effect was still the Spirit Penetration Art. Before the other party's spirit design could take effect, Wu Yu moved quickly and directly executed the Spirit Penetration Art. A sliver of his Primordial Spirit rushed into that Souls Locking Pagoda!

Spirit Penetration Art!


This was an art of transformation. There was a risk of failure. It was not guaranteed when he could break through! Hence, he could not fully rely on it. He could only use it as a surprise attack. However, Wu Yu seemed to have met a spirit design that he was well versed in this time. He entered the Souls Locking Pagoda at the moment the main spirit design of the advanced dao treasure connected to the Immortal Souls Locking Spirit Design. Hence, everything was still in process of connecting. This was no doubt the best timing. Wu Yu cut in directly and executed the transformation of the Spirit Penetration Art. Instantly, he managed to achieve the best effect, and that was to cut off the execution of the Immortal Souls Locking Spirit Design!

Hence, something unbelievable happened!

The Offensive Spirit Design that Yu Chenyu was most confident in almost worked. At that moment, it was as though the power of the heavens had descended and the spirit design was about to be completed, but it actually shattered and was destroyed!

This was shocking and depressing for Yu Chenyu. This unbelievable change happened in an instant and greatly affected his focus on his attack!

It was at this moment that the Skeletal Flame Dragon, who was not affected, swept his dragon tail across and hit the Souls Locking Pagoda. That great strength from the tail directly whacked the Souls Locking Pagoda away. Yu Chenyu was shocked and failed to control it. In the blink of an eye, the advanced dao treasure disappeared without a trace. He would need at least two breaths of time to retrieve it!

What Wu Yu was aiming for was this time gap.

He had executed everything smoothly, from the Spirit Penetration Art to the Skeletal Flame Dragon. And the time taken for the Spirit Penetration Art to take effect was much faster than he had imagined.

Next, at the moment the Souls Locking Pagoda flew out, his Heaven Devouring Avatar wielded the Dark North Royal Obelisk and faced Yu Chenyu. At this point, Yu Chenyu was at his most confused state, while the Heaven Devouring Avatar's desire to battle was at its strongest. This was also Wu Yu's best chance. Hence, he did not hesitate. His killer move exploded directly!

He said that he would defeat his opponent within 60 breaths of time, but it was not even ten breaths of time yet.

"Saintly Sword of the Dark Spirit Obelisk!"

This was the most powerful Offensive Spirit Design on the Dark North Royal Obelisk! The target of its attack was very specific, and it was just because of this that it had the lethality that no individual could defend against!

After the sword pierced forward, thousands of black palaces suddenly appeared behind the Heaven Devouring Avatar. These black palaces twisted and changed into a huge human figure, looking like an emperor, and then turned into a cold current like the vast seas. It swarmed into the Dark North Royal Obelisk. For a moment, this sword carried the cold air of the skies!

The whole Yan Dragon Army was frozen in the cold when the sword qi swarmed out. For a while, the faces of everyone in the surroundings became glum. This was because they were frozen!

Wu Yu stabbed his opponent with a piercing sword. At this moment, his opponent could not even summon his advanced dao treasure. He could only dodge and resist with all kinds of mystiques and dao techniques in the face of Wu Yu's unprecedented attack. Within a short period of time, he exerted several kinds of dao techniques, but they were all directly torn apart by the Saintly Sword of the Dark Spirit Obelisk. The cold sword qi gathered and penetrated through everything. It once again reached its opponent. When it was not yet close, the vast seas-like coldness covered the opponent and completely froze him!

If there were no surprises, Wu Yu's next move could kill his opponent!

Of course, he had no need to do that. The Heaven Devouring Avatar finally understood this spirit design. He only wanted to try executing it.

When he froze his opponent, quite a lot of sword qi also rushed into his opponent's body. It was crazy and chaotic. In the instant it caused the opponent some injuries, Wu Yu originally wanted to withdraw. Unexpectedly, what Liu Yuan was worried about happened. Yu Chenyang actually attacked as soon as he saw his younger brother in danger. He also used his advanced dao treasure and attacked from the side, targeting Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar!

Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar was not on guard against him at all!

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