Chapter 0809: Yu Chenyang

Wu Yu had even gone up against Prince Yao, and defeated him without showing mercy before the huge crowds, let alone this guy.

He was hailed as the ace, and even had the status of the Yan Huang Emperor's son-in-law. He might be even harder to deal with than Prince Yao. But since he had come looking for trouble of his own accord, Wu Yu had no need to back down, because he had the status of Kingmaker Le and also the backing of the Ancient Emperor's Edict.

Therefore, when he asked that question, it roused the ire of many Yan Dragon Guards.

Yu Chenyu had seen how hardheaded Wu Yu was, and did not blow up at this time. Instead, he used the anger of the Yan Dragon Guards to lend credence to his righteousness. In a hard voice, he said, "No outsider has ever dared to run wild in the Yan Dragon Encampment! Your disrespectful behavior pits you against the entire Yan Dragon Army. Do you dare to challenge the Yan Dragon Army in the Yan Dragon Encampment?"

Wu Yu guessed that this person wanted to vent on behalf of Prince Yao. After all, he was the Emperor's son-in-law, and should be in the same clique as Prince Yao. Otherwise, there would have been no reason for him to find trouble with Wu Yu.

When Yu Chenyu finished speaking, Liu Yuan snorted, "Don't kid around. There are plenty of people running wild in the Yan Dragon Encampment, aren't there? All these princes and princesses, royal family members, and other experts, all of them humiliate humble Yan Dragon Guards as they please, without so much as an eyelid being batted. If you wish to find trouble with Kingmaker Le, admit it. Don't try to make Kingmaker Le shoulder the label of the entire Yan Dragon Army."

Liu Yuan was also a hidden dragon general. Even though Yu Chenyu was much more powerful, they were both of equal rank. And what she had said was the truth, and it shut Yu Chenyu up in a trice.

He had not expected that she would shame him so and complicate the matter.

With her help, Wu Yu replied with a grin, "Don't make it so blatant. These kids do things in a cowardly fashion. They need to borrow others' power to make up for their spinelessness. After all, he's afraid of me. If he had any guts, he would have declared it from the start: ‘I want to pulverize you.’ But that's not him. It's me."

This song and dance had angered Yu Chenyu to burst.

Wu Yu wanted to see how this guy, who had popped out from the blue, would handle it. Before even coming to the Yan Huang Ancient Country, he had already mentally prepared himself for such clashes.

The only thing he did not understand was his opponent's motives for targeting him.

Who knew what he wanted.

Could he be unhappy that Wu Yu was taking 500,000 merits from the Yan Dragon Army, just like the other Yan Dragon Guards?

After all, he had been in the Yan Dragon Army for so many years, risking life and limb. And yet he might not have earned more than one million merits.

Being taunted by Wu Yu and Liu Yuan, Yu Chenyu's face was indeed turning a shade of green.

Regardless of whatever his original plan had been, Wu Yu's well-chosen words had forced him to fight him now.

As for Liu Yuan, he could not do anything about her because internal battles within the encampment were forbidden, and they were also of equal rank.

Wu Yu would never reject an opportunity to pick up battle experience from any opponent he considered worth a fight.

Just as everyone was waiting for Yu Chenyu's answer, the tension suddenly climbed further as a new force entered. Looking up, a youth had descended from the sky. He was wearing a different armor from the rest, with vermilion dragon markings amidst the gold. The dragon markings were like blazing flames, accentuating the wearer's splendor and dominating aura. Just his armor alone was an advanced dao treasure!

In the Yan Dragon Army, only yan dragon generals and above had armor of advanced dao treasure level. Evidently, this person was a yan dragon general, a higher rank than a hidden dragon general.

Wu Yu noticed his resemblance to Yu Chenyu. He should be a kin. Perhaps a cousin or brother or some such.

After seeing this person, the Yan Dragon Guards fell to their knees, Liu Yuan included. They chorused loudly in respect, "Yan Dragon General!"

A yan dragon general had appeared.

At the same time, Liu Yuan's expression changed. She quickly told Wu Yu, "This is Yu Chenyu's elder brother, Yu Chenyang. He has been cultivating for more than 150 years, and reached the Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm more than 20 years ago. One of the yan dragon generals of the Yan Dragon Army."

Wu Yu had expected something of the sort.

As Kingmaker Le, Wu Yu's status was even higher than that of a yan dragon general. Therefore, he had no need to make any such gestures. Right now, he faced Yu Chenyang, who was emanating a resplendent pressure. However, if he wanted to overwhelm Wu Yu in terms of aura, his cultivation level was insufficient. Without question, he would stand on his little brother's side now that he was here.

"What's the matter? A skirmish?" Yu Chenyang demanded, glaring at Wu Yu and then at his own younger brother.

Yu Chenyu gathered his thoughts, "I reply to the Yan Dragon General. Kingmaker Le Wu Yu is abusing his status to run wild within the encampment. He beat up a Yan Dragon Guard casually, and I was defending their honor!"

As expected, he was not as brazen as Wu Yu, and decided to employ his verbal skills instead, in the presence of his brother.

Hearing him, Yu Chenyang turned to Wu Yu, and asked neutrally, "Kingmaker Le, does Yu Chenyu speak the truth?"

Wu Yu considered this. The Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm was one thing, and the Dao Querying Realm was another. At the Dao Querying Realm, there was a chance of reaching immortalhood, and that would be yet another level. Presently, he had no way to challenge this person, and so he said, "When someone humiliates another, I have to intervene, no matter where it is. If not for the fact that we are in the Yan Dragon Encampment, I would probably have sent him into the next world already. As Kingmaker Le, do I need your guidance when I reprimand a Yan Dragon Guard?"

Yu Chenyang was a shrewd person. He might even have already known what was going on before he arrived.  He again looked back at Yu Chenyu. "And do you feel that Kingmaker Le does not have such authority?"

Yu Chenyu responded to his elder brother's words, "But he's just a foreign barbarian with the devil’s luck. He thinks he can rise like a phoenix from the ashes? He doesn't even know how badly he will die. Yes, I've shamed you. You already said that you will intervene no matter where. Do you dare to fight me?"

Yu Chenyu had finally stated his intention to challenge Wu Yu. Right now, his burning gaze was fixed on Wu Yu, and his desire was palpable.

Many of the young martial cultivators, especially within the encampment, were all hot-blooded individuals! It was normal to fight when people did not see eye to eye, and mystique clashes were common as they came! Since Yu Chenyu had finally asserted himself, many naturally hooted and cheered for him.

Of course, he might also have been emboldened by the arrival of backup.

Wu Yu laughed.

"Wu Yu, best not to cross them this time. Yu Chenyang is someone who plays his cards in an uncanny fashion. I'm afraid that he will act against you." Liu Yuan was slightly worried. Wu Yu looked back to see her face deeply troubled.

"It's all my fault, or they would not have an excuse to pester you. Yu Chenyu probably made a bet with his siblings, which is why he hindered you today. He even brought his elder brother."

Liu Yuan was very doubtful and restless after Yu Chenyang arrived.

"Relax. It's no problem." Wu Yu sent a smile her way. And then he turned to the fired-up Yan Dragon Guards, especially the two brothers. His attitude was not at all weak, and he unexpectedly smiled. "Sorry. I know you want to challenge me to bolster your reputation... After all, you're a nameless small fry. But why would I accept the challenge of some nameless junior without any incentive?"

He had also thought of something after the Yan Dragon General's arrival. As he said this, Liu Yuan got even more anxious.

The word on the street was that when Wu Yu was in the Dark North Kingdom, a few princes combined could not hold him. In the fight with Prince Yao, his sudden disappearance was still unexplained even now. Therefore, they knew that if Wu Yu wished to leave, he could do so at any time, and they could not stop him.

"What rubbish!" Yu Chenyu was still young, and being called a nameless small fry by Wu Yu made him furious. In the end, it was still Yu Chenyang who held him back. He asked, "And what incentives do you want?"

Wu Yu replied, "I can't be bothered to beat around the bush. Today, this flea wants to fight me and make a name for himself. It's very simple. Agree to my terms, or I won't entertain you. And my terms are simple. As his elder brother, you're a humble little yan dragon general. I want to go to the Infernal Inferno to train. This paltry bit of authority shouldn't be above you, right? If you don't even have this, then we can forget this conversation."

Before, Wu Yu had asked Liu Yuan who had the authority to allow him access to the Infernal Inferno. She had said that yan dragon generals and above could grant it. Wu Yu had initially thought to find Qu Yin. Although he was not sure about this, there was no harm in asking. And right now, the appearance of this yan dragon general had caused him to reevaluate. He could kill two birds with one stone here. A perfect solution.

The mention of the Infernal Inferno had startled those present. To them, the Infernal Inferno posed some level of difficulty. But those of chiliarch and hidden dragon general rank and above could enter at will. Wu Yu's goal was actually to go to the Infernal Inferno.

The two Yu brothers looked at each other. Yu Chenyu's gaze was burning, his will to battle flooding forth. To Yu Chenyang, this was no hardship. The intent of the brothers to cause trouble for Wu Yu was all too obvious. But Wu Yu himself did not seem to care about this, and others would not intervene either. Crucially, Yu Chenyu had clearly analyzed the fight between Wu Yu and Prince Yao, and was fairly confident.

Therefore, Yu Chenyang said, "Fine. Then let that be the stake. All who are present are witnesses. If you win, I will naturally do this thing for you. It is easily settled."

"That's fine then. Everyone, back off. Let me find out just how competent this small fry is," Wu Yu said arrogantly. 

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