Chapter 0808: Infernal Inferno

Liu Yuan was unwilling to separate when it was time. She treated Wu Yu like her idol and wanted to stay with Wu Yu longer.

Wu Yu knew what she was thinking and gave a few core-tail talismans to her. He said, "I don't have many friends at the Immortal's Capital. In the future, we can meet often. If there is any trouble, I'll help to the best of my abilities."

"Really?" Liu Yuan was so happy, she jumped up. While she had the looks and figure of a mature woman with a slim, tall stature; long, sexy legs; and the right curves, she was a very cute and lively little lady in her heart.

They exited from the Immortal Medicine Hall, where they had traded for immortal medicines. There were many people outside. They probably wanted to see how much Wu Yu was taking away. The people who worked here Wu Yu were also very rude.

"This Wu Yu, why is he still here?"

"Hasn't he spent all his 500,000 merits? 

“Taking things from our Yan Dragon Army. He's shameless."

There were over 100 Yan Dragon Guards gathered outside, and they were whispering and gossiping.

Wu Yu and Liu Yuan were too lazy to bother. However, just as he was leaving and Liu Yuan was going to escort him to the gate, there was a bald man staring at them with hatred. He whispered to his peers, "The most disgusting one is that bitch from the Giant Note Tribe. She latched onto Wu Yu as soon as he arrived. You look at her slutty and bitchy face. These two will probably engage in improper stuff when they leave the barracks! Women from the Giant Note Tribe are all so slutty." 

Previously, they were rude and Wu Yu had tolerated them. However, even he, an outsider, could not stand such humiliation. When Liu Yuan heard that, even though she was good tempered, she would be deeply hurt. Sometimes, the dark imaginations of the human heart were the worst and most poisonous. Wu Yu had interacted with her and felt that she was passionate and energetic. She was youthful and did not have any other thoughts in her heart. It was these men who harbored dirty thoughts.


Wu Yu disappeared in the blink of an eye. When he appeared again, he was in front of that bald man. He slapped that man who was still talking. Instantly, that man crashed to the ground. Half his face was a purple-red color. This slap almost claimed his life. He could only look in fear and shock at Wu Yu. He wanted to resist and scold, but his teeth had all fallen due to the force. Besides, Wu Yu was staring at him with murderous intent. It scared him so much that he swallowed his words.

"If I hear such words again, you won't meet such an easy fate. I'm Kingmaker Le, and can send you all into any hell any time." Wu Yu's eyes swept across the crowd coldly. No one dared to look him in the eye. At this moment, all of them retreated to a corner. Some looked at Wu Yu in terror. 

Not long later, they picked up the guy who had fallen onto the floor and escaped. They dared not speak in the process.

"You're so handsome." Wu Yu was still worried that Liu Yuan would be sad after hearing that. He did not expect her to recover so fast. At this moment, she was staring at Wu Yu starry-eyed.

"Don't worry, no matter how badly they speak of me, I won't bother with this nonsense and gossip. Vulgar men like them always like to imagine ridiculous things. That's why they cannot improve. I'll ignore all these cravens and advance courageously. My dao is to become someone like my dad."

Liu Yuan was still quite mature in this aspect. 

Wu Yu nodded and said, "Thanks for your help today. Now let's part ways. I'm going back."

"Sure, we"ll meet again." Liu Yuan smiled and looked at him.

Wu Yu turned and left without hesitation. He did not walk far when he turned back. Liu Yuan was still standing there. She waved to him and gave him a refreshing smile.

"I still have something to ask you." Wu Yu did not leave but returned to her side.

"Please ask," Liu Yuan said.

"You know that in the Dark North Capital of the Dark North Kingdom, other than guarding the Dark North Capital, the Dark Sea Army also has the mission of guarding the Alternate World. The Dark North has totally suppressed the Alternate World. So the Alternate World is a mere training ground for the Dark Sea Army. One can earn merits by killing Spirits of the Universe inside."

Liu Yuan was stunned. She did not know why Wu Yu was talking about this. She nodded and said, "I've heard of that. I like the idea."

Wu Yu nodded and said, "Then, is there a similar training ground for the Yan Dragon Guards in the Yan Dragon Army?"

"Training ground?" Liu Yuan tilted her head to think. She said, "There is such a place, but it is not owned by the Yan Dragon Army. There are five great armies in the Immortal's Capital, as well as a few other armies. We share this training ground. Except this is not the same as the Alternate World in the Dark North Kingdom."

"How so?"

"The Alternate World in the Dark North Kingdom is in another space, while this training ground is called the Infernal Inferno. It is in the Jambu Realm. It is in a huge and deep crevice at the Yan Huang Ancient Country. It sits in the deepest part and is filled with volcanoes and lava. The environment should be more complicated than the Alternate World."

Infernal Inferno.

Wu Yu memorized this place.

"The second different point is that while the Alternate World contains only Spirits of the Universe, the Infernal Inferno is different. There are some demons and some Spirits of the Universe in there. But more than them, there are ghostly cultivators. They are called the Ghostly Yan Tribe. It is said that in ancient times, they used to rule Yan Huang Ancient Region. They built a country in the Yan Huang Ancient Country. However, they were later annihilated by the Yan Huang Tribe. Their descendants escaped to the Infernal Inferno and survived. Until now, they have no one strong enough to lead. However, they have always existed and hid there. The Yan Huang Ancient Country is not interested in killing all of the Ghostly Yan Tribe. On the contrary, they use them as the training ground for martial cultivator armies. There are merits for killing Ghostly Yan Tribe members."

It was unexpected for ghostly cultivators to live in the Yan Huang Ancient Country. 

It looked like every martial cultivator tribe had a history. For instance, Liu Yuan's Giant Note Tribe had a prosperous time too. It was just too long ago. Now they were also considered prosperous to have a city in Yan Huang.

"Comparatively, because the landscape of the Infernal Inferno is complicated and the Ghostly Yan Tribe have lived there for a long time, they have set up many spirit designs. So it is more dangerous inside. It is normal to have deaths and injuries during training. I went there a few times. It is indeed very dangerous. For survival, the Ghostly Yan Tribe members basically kills without thinking and are highly adept at ambushes. Sometimes, there's not even time to save or help anyone."

After listening to this, Wu Yu finally understood this Infernal Inferno.

It was indeed a dangerous place. However, that was what he wanted, a most primal, dangerous place. Because he could not kill and devour at the Immortal's Capital to make the Heaven Devouring Avatar stronger, he could only go to places such as the Infernal Inferno.

Wu Yu would not waste a chance to become stronger.

"There is another difference. People from various great armies are at the Infernal Inferno. So there will be competition. It takes about three days to reach it from the Immortal's Capital. Inside the Infernal Inferno, it is still mostly our people. The Ghostly Yan Tribe members are all hidden and have laid out many traps. There should not be many of them left. Sometimes, when the number of Ghostly Yan Tribe members is low, we'll stop the training for decades to let them recover."

The Yan Huang Ancient Country was really vicious to the Ghostly Yan Tribe. They were on totally opposite sides but did not kill all of them. They used them to train their descendants and forced them into hiding forever.

The last was Wu Yu's most important question. He asked, "Can I go to the Infernal Inferno? Do you have the authority to bring me there?"

Actually, Liu Yuan knew he wanted to ask this. She looked troubled and said, "I'm afraid that's not possible. The rule states that only people from the army can go there. You can't even though you have the status of Kingmaker Le. After all, that is the armies' territory. Even Prince Le would have to get the armies' approval before going there.

“I'm authorized to go alone, but I can't bring you. After all, while you have merits, you are not considered a part of the Yan Dragon Army. You are Kingmaker Le. Your merits cannot be used to obtain a position in the Yan Dragon Army." Similar to the Dark North, there were restrictions.

Wu Yu then asked, "Are there any ranks within the Yan Dragon Army that can let me, an outsider, Kingmaker Le, enter the Infernal Inferno?"

Liu Yuan thought about it and said, "Hidden dragon generals cannot do that. However, a yan dragon general of the Dao Querying Realm might be able to do so. Usually, heaven dragon generals do not care about such things."

A yan dragon general was equivalent to a dark sea general, and a heaven dragon general was like a dark sky general. 

Wu Yu did not know of any yan dragon generals. He could only see if he could find Qu Yin. However, there did not seem to be a need to look for someone like Qu Yin to ask for something that seemed so minor to him. Wu Yu did not want to owe him favors. Besides, Qu Yin might ignore him now because he had no value to him. 

"Forget it. I'll think of a way when I go back," Wu Yu said.

"Okay, I'll also help you to keep a lookout to see which yan dragon general would be willing to let you enter," Liu Yuan said. 

After their conversation, they were going to separate. Wu Yu realized he still could not leave because many Yan Dragon Guards had surrounded them. There was a large crowd, and they came fiercely. Their expressions showed that they were all ready to go against Wu Yu.

Where had they gotten the courage?

Obviously, there was a leader.

Indeed, Wu Yu saw a group of five hidden dragon generals dressed like Liu Yuan. They were at least at the ninth tier of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm. They were not too old either. Such a level was already high. Actually, the leader was young and arrogant. He was handsome and charming. His long hair flew as he stared coldly at Wu Yu.

"This guy is called Yu Chenyu. He is first in the Yan Dragon Army for those below 100 years old. He is very famous and near the Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm. It is said he can break through at any time. Not considering dao treasures and other factors, his ability is slightly stronger than Prince Yao. He has another identity. He is the husband of Princess Ying, so he’s the Emperor's son-in-law. He has a very high status in the Yan Dragon Army."

Liu Yuan knew that this person was seeking trouble with Wu Yu, hence she quickly introduced him to Wu Yu.

The key was what kind of trouble he was looking for.

When they surrounded them, the young man called Yu Chenyu said in a deep voice, "Even Kingmaker Le cannot beat our Yan Dragon Guards up in the Yan Dragon Army without reason. Wu Yu, are you challenging the military rules and discipline of our Yan Dragon Army?"

"If yes, so what?" Wu Yu smiled and looked at him.

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