Chapter 0807: Giant Note City

The Yan Huang Ancient Country’s Immortal's Capital had five big armies.

It was basically every Yan Huang Tribe martial cultivators' dream to join one of these five big armies.

Only those with the most potential, best talent, and greatest natural gifts could join these armies.

Only by passing through a lot of tests could one be qualified to be part of them. Because of the large number of talents in the Yan Huang Tribe, the tests were even stricter than those of the Dark Sea Army.

Basically, those who could become Yan Dragon Guards were the elites of the Yan Huang Ancient Country.

The Yan Dragon Encampment in the Immortal's Capital was also a place that was highly regarded. It was located in the east side of Immortal's Capital. To the east of the Immortal's Capital was a whole series of mountains. The palaces and pavilions of the Yan Dragon Encampment were all built on the mountains surrounded by golden immortal fog.

From afar, those palaces and pavilions were grouped together, like a huge fire dragon coiled around the mountains.

Wu Yu was here now. His two bodies, the real body and the Heaven Devouring Avatar, were always with him. He had to hide the Floating Dreams Pagoda. The Heaven Devouring Avatar had long been exposed to many people, so Wu Yu did not need to hide it.

Sometimes, his real body was faster, but the Heaven Devouring Avatar was changeable, so Wu Yu transformed it into a black fog and entangled it within his real body's clothes. He could still reappear during a fight. After all, it was a little too showy to have two bodies moving around. It was one of Wu Yu's greatest secrets that the Heaven Devouring Avatar could devour. No one could know.

"Yan Dragon Encampment." This reminded Wu Yu of Luo Pin, the snow white dragon in his memory. He did not know how she was doing now.

Wu Yu was becoming more and more confident, because he was getting closer to the level that he desired and worthy of being her dao companion.

"Maybe if I become famous in the Yan Huang Ancient Region, she will hear about my reputation, but what I'm not sure of is whether she will come looking for me. It's better if I can go find her in the future. Previously, she had many secrets. Perhaps, when we are on par, we could really understand each other.”

Thinking of Luo Pin, he also thought of Nangong Wei, who had gone missing. His expectations quickly turned into regret. Although he had agreed to Nangong Huang's request, where would he go to inquire about Nangong Wei in this vast world? Was she still alive?

Before he realized it, Wu Yu had arrived at the boundaries of the Yan Dragon Encampment. The Yan Dragon Guards there basically recognized him with one look.

"It's him, Wu Yu."

"He must have come to collect the 500,000 merits!"

"A total of 500,000 merits! That's enough to become a hidden dragon general multiple times!"

A hidden dragon general was equivalent to a dark north general in the Dark Sea Army. 

In the Yan Huang Ancient Region, various martial cultivator armies had similar military divisions and details. The only difference was the name.

From the moment Wu Yu entered the Yan Dragon Army, those prying eyes never stopped. These Yan Dragon Guards were about the same as that group who had gone to the Dong Sheng Divine Continent.

While not much time had passed, Wu Yu and the relation between them had reversed. Initially, Wu Yu fearfully respected and envied them. Now they looked at Wu Yu with fear and respect. Their gazes were unfriendly, perhaps because of the 500,000 merits.

"Wu Yu?! I finally get to see you!" Just as Wu Yu entered the Yan Dragon Encampment and was thinking about how to use his merits to buy things he needed, a pleasantly surprised gasp came from behind. He turned back to look. It was a pretty lady whom he did not recognize. She was slim and tall. Her features were outstanding and her skin was smooth like porcelain. She had a great figure, with the right curves everywhere. Her Yan Dragon Armor could not hide such a good figure. Even her chest plate seemed to be on the verge of exploding.

Her most impressionable feature was her green eyes. It was as though a forest was hidden within her eyes. They were very moving. They gave off a cheeky, lively feeling. Beauties were plentiful in the Yan Dragon Army too. However, this woman's aura was classier. She was obviously a descendent of some noble. And had been sent to Yan Dragon Army to further her training.

The key was that Wu Yu did not know her.

However, she was very enthusiastic. It was a stark contrast to the others, who looked at him with wary and disgust. She approached Wu Yu directly and sized him up. She smiled with surprise and said, "Kingmaker Le, I've finally seen you after you hid in the royal palace for such a long time. Before, I had only heard of your name but could not see you. It was so anxiety-inducing."

She was very friendly. Wu Yu could not be a mood dampener when such a beauty stood before him full of smiles. He smiled and asked, "You are?"

The other party flicked her hair lightly and winked at him before saying, "Me? I’m called Liu Yuan. From Giant Note City. I'm a hidden dragon general here. I don't think you know about Giant Note City. Giant Note City is a huge city in the Yan Huang Ancient Country. It is larger than a residence. Have you seen the color of my eyes? I'm not from the Yan Huang Tribe, but the Giant Note Tribe. There are a number of us in Yan Huang too. My dad is the leader of the Giant Note Tribe."

So she was someone from the Yan Huang Ancient Country, yet was not from the Yan Huang Tribe. 

It looked like the Yan Huang Ancient Country was more generous than the Dark North Kingdom. They not only allowed the existence of other tribes, but had also built a huge city for the Giant Note Tribe. Even this young girl from the Giant Note Tribe could get a high ranking position in the Yan Dragon Army. Of course, it was without a doubt that members of the Yan Huang Tribe occupied all places at the top.

Liu Yuan puffed out her chest and said proudly, "Don't belittle my Giant Note Tribe. My daddy is one of the strongest in Yan Huang." 

Wu Yu now knew her identity. The key was, why was she being so friendly with him? Perhaps they were related somehow?

Liu Yuan winked and said, "I know I'm acting very abruptly. After hearing your stories, I'm really respectful of you. You rose in the Dark North Capital as an outsider and returned to Yan Huang. You even beat Prince Yao up so badly. You're my idol."

She stared at Wu Yu daringly. She looked as though she wanted to swallow him alive. 

Wu Yu had never met such a friendly girl. At this moment, he could only grin awkwardly.

Liu Yuan shifted closer to Wu Yu. She carried the scent of plants, and it was nice. She whispered, "That asshole Prince Yao came to my Giant Note City and publicly humiliated my Giant Note Tribe. I hate him. It's a pity I wasn't there when you beat him up. If I was, I'd definitely have cheered for you."

So that was the reason. 

It was no wonder she respected him so much. It was because he had beaten up her enemy. The Giant Note Tribe was a minority in the Yan Huang Ancient Country. Wu Yu could probably guess the humiliation and dissatisfaction in her heart.

Liu Yuan smiled and said, "Kingmaker Le, I know you are here at the Yan Dragon Army to use your 500,000 merits to trade for treasures. This is your first time here. You must be unfamiliar with the Yan Dragon Army. Since that is the case, I'm recommending myself to be your guide. I'll introduce the various places where treasures are kept in the Yan Dragon Army. Is that good with you? I'm so envious. I've been here for over 20 years, yet I only have 100,000 merits. I've long spent them to become a hidden dragon general."

Wu Yu was also thinking about that. She was the only one in the entire Yan Dragon Army who did not treat him like the enemy. He, of course, agreed happily and said, "Then let me trouble Miss Liu."

"Kingmaker Le, you don't have to be polite with me. Just call me Little Yuan." Liu Yuan smiled slyly. Her lively, green eyes indeed gave people a refreshing feeling. And a purity that could only be found in forest air.

Under the watchful eyes of the camp, Liu Yuan could barely resist clinging onto Wu Yu's arm to introduce the camp to him. As she walked, she kept slipping glances at Wu Yu. She was extremely happy and could not hide her smile. She was very cute.

However, while it made things more convenient for Wu Yu to have the company of this beauty when he just arrived, this annoyed many people.

"Who's that bitch?"

"Needless to say, it's that woman from the Giant Note Tribe."

"You're right, it's the Giant Note Tribe. Our Yan Huang Tribe girls would not be so shameless as to go after a man."

"If not for the Giant Note Tribe leader having some power, they wouldn't be able to keep their heads up high. She still dares to create trouble on our Yan Huang territory."

"Stop it, that woman is a hidden dragon general at the end of the day. She ranks higher than us. If we anger her, we'll be in trouble."

Many gossiped along the way, but Liu Yuan seemed to be used to it and ignored them. 

With Liu Yuan's help, Wu Yu really found things more convenient. Basically, Liu Yuan could immediately find all the things he wanted. 

"It's a pity. You've 500,000 merits. That's enough to trade for an advanced dao treasure.... But you have an advanced dao treasure like the Dark North Royal Obelisk. It's normal that you wouldn't want these average advanced dao treasures."

It was Liu Yuan's desire to have an advanced dao treasure. She was now an eighth tier Primordial Spirit Transformation cultivator. 

"Daddy said that when I reach the ninth tier, he'll reward me with an advanced dao treasure. Heh heh...."

Wu Yu bought many things with his merits. As he temporarily did not need any other dao treasures and dao techniques, he traded for immortal medicines, immortal essences, materials to refine immortal medicines, spirit designs, and dao treasures for his doppelgangers. As he had too many doppelgangers, 500,000 merits was really little. In a short time, he spent all of it. 

This trip went very smoothly.

Except there were many Yan Dragon Guards who watched Wu Yu. When they saw Wu Yu trading for treasures, these Yan Dragon Guards were upset. 

Some even scolded Liu Yuan publicly. Liu Yuan was furious and scolded, "These people are really petty, they are not men."

"Don't be angry with them. But you've helped me today. Will they make things difficult for you later?" Wu Yu asked. 

"It doesn't matter. In the past, yes. But I'm now a hidden dragon general. Only yan dragon generals and heaven dragon generals can make trouble for me, and those people will be polite on account of my daddy. So I'm not afraid," Liu Yuan said without care. 

Wu Yu was reassured.

"This is for you. It's nothing precious. It's a present." When Wu Yu was trading for various treasures, he had used 3,000 merits to get this stone with many spiritual marks. It was jade green. While he did not know its uses, Liu Yuan should like it. 

"Is that for me? I want it!" Liu Yuan smiled brightly immediately. She was so excited, she wanted to jump.

Sometimes, happiness was simple.

After settling this, Wu Yu was prepared for his next advancement.

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