Chapter 0806: Nightmare Extermination Formation

He really could not hold on in the end and quickly left with the Heaven Devouring Avatar. This was a failed challenge.

Of course, Wu Yu did not intend to give up. He knew that it was mainly a problem of his low level mastery of the Spirit Penetration Art. Hence, he used some time to recall the process of executing the Spirit Penetration Art. He thought carefully of what he saw and heard. 

When he learned something, he re-entered and challenged again.

It was indeed difficult to battle a puppet eight levels above him. When Wu Yu battled the ones a few levels above him previously, they were no challenge at all.

This was Wu Yu's first time having to repeat a challenge for the puppets.

He repeated a few times and managed to identify some patterns. He was more familiar with the Skeletal Flame Dragon now.

This time, Wu Yu restarted the challenge. The Skeletal Flame Dragon criticized him enthusiastically first before attacking. He was very smart and often attacked with different spirit designs. This way, Wu Yu's previous research was useless.

"Nightmare Extermination Formation!"

Yet another spirit design trapping the Floating Dreams Pagoda. This time, it was no longer white flames, but black mist. This black mist turned into devils waving their claws and baring their fangs. They shrieked in the Floating Dreams Pagoda. Sharp fangs and claws and disturbing wails shattered everything.

They fought together with the Skeletal Flame Dragon. His body was equivalent to an advanced dao treasure and was very sturdy. He could fight close range just using his skeleton, and he was powerful. The Heaven Devouring Avatar's Dark North Royal Obelisk was the only way to hack through him, but the Skeletal Flame Dragon was not afraid at all. As long as he did not shatter, he could recover endlessly in his territory.

"The puppet's spirit designs...." The sliver of Wu Yu's Primordial Spirit gradually saw the intricate interweavings of the Skeletal Flame Dragon.

In reality, no matter what Offensive Spirit Design the other party used, the way these spirit designs connected in his body were basically the same. They all relied on one spirit design as the main. The Skeletal Flame Dragon Spirit Design was the main spirit design of this puppet. It was the core. The Nightmare Extermination Formation also relied on this main spirit design for power.

Hence, the key was this main spirit design. After experiencing difficulties over these few days, Wu Yu finally saw beneath the surface and caught a glimpse of the core. The main spirit design hid deep, it was a crucial existence for the puppet. It was like the heart of a living thing.

That was the core of puppet. The Offensive Spirit Designs were merely its weapons. They were ultimately minor and affected only the fangs and claws. The true purpose of the Spirit Penetration Art was to affect its core and wreak havoc to the puppet’s base!

After finding the base, Wu Yu felt that everything became clear!

"Transform." The Spirit Penetration Art was basically a transformation.

His Primordial Spirit entered the main spirit design and was quickly depleted by its power. However, this transformation art entered the main spirit design like a virus. It was as though the central-most important gear in a highly precise machine had suddenly become stuck.

The entire main spirit design started to malfunction! This directly affected the Offensive Spirit Designs of the Skeletal Flame Dragon. All of it was affected and it broke down!

However, that was only for a short period of time.

Wu Yu seemed to have executed an amazing technique.

All of a sudden, even the Skeletal Flame Dragon was stunned. He was originally battling the Heaven Devouring Avatar. At this moment, he suddenly stopped. Its entire Offensive Spirit Design arsenal seemed to have descended into chaos.

Wu Yu grabbed this opportunity.

That Heaven Devouring Avatar controlled the Dark North Royal Obelisk. The Dark North Royal Obelisk's sword qi spread, and in a short period of time, Wu Yu activated its spirit design, approached the Skeletal Flame Dragon, and hacked at it crazily! And Wu Yu's real body was on the other side too. He used the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth and the Violent Art. He activated the Offensive Spirit Design on the 10,000 Dragons Staff again and chained attacks together with his avatar on the Skeletal Flame Dragon's body.

At this moment, the Skeletal Flame Dragon was suffering from a flurry of attacks!

Bang, bang, bang!

The Spirit Penetration Art in the main spirit design disappeared quickly and the Skeletal Flame Dragon returned to normal, but by the time this happened, he was at his last breath. The Dark North Royal Obelisk turned into a long whip now and wrapped around his body. With a fierce tug and the help of Wu Yu's Infinite Eternal Sand Reincarnation Design attack, the Skeletal Flame Dragon's body shattered and was reclaimed by the Floating Dreams Pagoda.

Of course, the Skeletal Flame Dragon would be repaired shortly, and at that time, Wu Yu would possess a new puppet. Before this, he could control puppets equivalent to eighth and ninth tier Primordial Spirit Transformation cultivators. It was just that they were not so useful.

With the Skeletal Flame Dragon, he would no longer need them. Perhaps Wu Yu could send all these puppets back to the Dong Sheng Divine Continent to protect Wu You and the others.

"Done." He had used a lot of time and energy. But both the Skeletal Flame Dragon and the Spirit Penetration Art were dealt with.

Now his ability had risen to a new level.

His avatar almost fully understood the four great Offensive Spirit Designs on the Dark North Royal Obelisk now. The reason he had not used them on the Skeletal Flame Dragon was because Wu Yu wanted to use the Skeletal Flame Dragon to perfect his Spirit Penetration Art. 

"Prince Le is actually not out of seclusion yet."

If he was not out yet, then Wu Yu had nothing to do. The Full Moon of Nanshan was very popular in the Immortal's Capital nowadays. Although Wu Yu had not appeared recently, that battle was unforgettable for many. It was said that Prince Yao had not appeared in a long time either.

Wu Yu saw that Prince Le was still not out, so he decided to go to the Yan Dragon Encampment to claim the 500,000 merits that belonged to him. 500,000 merits could get him many things.

"I can challenge the Demon Hall of Dao Techniques to get dao techniques. I have the 10,000 Dragons Staff and the Dark North Royal Obelisk for dao treasures. There aren't many advanced dao treasures in the Yan Dragon Army for trade, much less mystiques that are useful. I can get more Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills with so many merits. Also, dao treasures for my doppelgangers. I need to make my 10,000 doppelgangers stronger. Maybe also some items for refining immortal medicines and making spirit designs."

After deciding, he finally left the residence. It was his first time out of the royal city. He headed towards the Yan Dragon Encampment. These days, the Full Moon of Nanshan had already told him where the Yan Dragon Encampment was located. The Full Moon of Nanshan was not here right now. He was probably enjoying himself outside. He had returned red-faced and drunk for these past few days. 

"Don't think that I'm addicted to worldly pleasures. Worldly pleasures are part of training. This is called experiencing 3,000 loves to control 80,000 great daos. The Great Dao is formed from worldly pleasures. You need to learn from me and experience worldly pleasures. Enjoy beauties and delicacies. This is the way to immortality." The Full Moon of Nanshan often shook his head and lectured him.

"Everyone has their own dao that suits them. If worldly pleasures suit you, then it is your dao. But this is not the method suitable for me."

"I know, your immortal's legacy, didn't he have a name like the Victorious Fighting Buddha? 

 Hearing this name, you can tell that he is a crazy person born for battles. He'll battle till the day he dies. Men should be gentle and polite. It's rubbish to fight all day long. It's only your brother, me, that's living the good life. I play and eat and become strong at the same time. Heh heh...." The Full Moon of Nanshan often drank until he was very wasted.

Wu Yu understood him. Actually, his heart was simple. He still believed that to each his own. The dao that everyone desired was different. Of course, he did not feel that something was wrong with the Full Moon of Nanshan. He was originally the most ordinary wild boar. His dao was to enjoy life.

There were lots of desires in the Full Moon of Nanshan's dao. There was lust, gluttony, fame, and more. However Wu Yu felt that he had those too. For instance, the dao he trained in desired battle and was violent. This was also a type of desire. More outstanding was his Heaven Devouring Avatar. It had the desire to devour. He wasn’t overly proud, but Wu Yu felt that this was the biggest desire one could have in this world.

It was understandable that the previous Heaven Devouring Evil Lord could not withhold himself.

And Wu Yu also needed to rely on the Primordial Spirit of his real body to suppress it. His Primordial Spirit was split in two, and that was good. At least half of his Primordial Spirit was separated from the control of the desire to devour.

"Know yourself, then you can journey far. You have much more potential than this boar." Ming Long said as she thought.

"That's not for sure. Becoming an immortal is not that easy." Wu Yu knew that at this stage, it was important not to be proud. Hence, after he reached his two goals, he turned to a new goal. He would claim his 500,000 merits from Yan Dragon Army first. This was what he deserved.

"Kingmaker Le."

At the royal palace, especially at the royal city gate, many strangers recognized Wu Yu. As Wu Yu was leaving the royal city, he attracted quite a bit of attention. After news spread, many people came to watch.

"I heard that Prince Le is training in seclusion and has yet to bestow Wu Yu his Kingmaker status."

"This is the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor's Edict. It is not important if he undergoes the ritual or not. Now he is already Kingmaker Le. 

“The position of Kingmaker is still very high."

"You're right."

"Everyone knows that Wu Yu has received a terrifying legacy. Even the royal family is envious of him. But the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor noticed him. So everyone can only watch. I really don't know what secrets this person can have."

"Let's wait and see, the mystery will ultimately reveal itself."

"Where's he going?"

"That seems to be the direction of Yan Dragon Encampment. I heard that Honored General Qu promised Wu Yu 500,000 Yan Dragon Army merits. He hid for so long. He should be going to claim his merits."

"500,000!" Many gasped in surprise. This was too much for them.

"My guess is that many people from the Yan Dragon Army will not be happy about that. They work so hard yet cannot get so many merits. And Wu Yu got them for doing nothing."

"I heard Honored General Qu promised this to him just to bring him back here quickly. He originally had 500,000 merits with the Dark Sea Army."

"That is what the Dark Sea Army should give him. What has that got to do with us? I heard that many in the Yan Dragon Army are indeed unhappy with this. But that group will not dare to seek trouble with Wu Yu."

"That's not for sure. There are many troublemakers in the Yan Dragon Army. 

“There's a few that cannot be trained. They also have high positions and important statuses. They are all experienced and not young. They are all above 100 years old. They only know how to bully people. My guess is that Wu Yu will not return easily today."

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