Chapter 0805: Skeletal Flame Dragon

Wu Yu felt the amazing part of the Spirit Penetration Art when the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal planted that seed into Wu Yu's Primordial Spirit. 

This transformation was built on spirit designs, and spirit designs were built on dao. This was a transformation art, and it was similar to dao.

Hence, in the process of understanding the Spirit Penetration Art, it was also a process for Wu Yu to understand dao.

After he learned more about it, the mystery of the Spirit Penetration Art could not be explained with a mere few sentences.

Such a mystery needed one to be immersed within to truly understand the transformation within. For instance, just the separation of a sliver of one’s Primordial Spirit was incredibly amazing. After all, it was impossible for the average martial cultivator to even split their Primordial Spirit into a second Primordial Spirit. They would not even think of a separation of a sliver of the Primordial Spirit.

The second difficulty was on how to affect spirit designs. There was an order to the way spirit designs operated. An immortal's ability was required to truly shake a spirit design. Wu Yu could not learn that at the moment, but he could use the seed to do that. Even so, he had to learn a little about it.

He used some useless talismans to test it.

Once he started experimenting, he could not stop.

In the meantime, the Full Moon of Nanshan returned multiple times only to see Wu Yu engrossed in his training. He could not help but feel shame. He acknowledged that he was not as hardworking as Wu Yu and could not stand the loneliness. He had not stayed long before he could not resist going out to play again. In short, there were signs of him everywhere in the Immortal's Capital. Many people recognized him.

This transformation of the Spirit Penetration Art was strong when it needed to be and weak when it was weak. There was no set yardstick.

The key was on the way it was used.

For instance, Wu Yu now only knew a little and it was obviously impossible to maximize its use.

However, even just this bit of knowledge was powerful enough. With repeated experimentation, after Wu Yu separated his Primordial Spirit, his success in shaking the roots of spirit designs increased. Finally, after much time and effort, he had the confidence to use it in battle.

Compared to the other transformation arts, he used up a lot of energy for this.

After he achieved success with the Spirit Penetration Art, Wu Yu immediately started working on his next goal.

That was to challenge and subdue the puppets in the Floating Dreams Pagoda.

Coincidentally, Wu Yu had just learned the Spirit Penetration Art, and puppets relied entirely on spirit designs to operate. They functioned mainly on spirit designs. This way, Wu Yu's Spirit Penetration Art could have a great effect on them.

This was also the reason why Wu Yu had chosen to learn the Spirit Penetration Art first.

Now he could use the Spirit Penetration Art to subdue the puppets.

He had not entered Floating Dreams Pagoda in a long time.

There were basically no other people in Prince Le's residence since Prince Le had not emerged from seclusion.

"The Dark North Royal Obelisk is an advanced dao treasure. I've already conquered it. Perhaps the Floating Dreams Pagoda is really a seraphic dao treasure!"

A seraphic dao treasure was on a much higher level than the Dark North Royal Obelisk.

If that was true, then Wu Yu had really gained a lot from the Taigu Immortal Path.

The most important part of the Floating Dreams Pagoda was that it could control time. Wu Yu had not really made use of that yet. If he made full use of it when he conquered it, he believed that the flow of time the Floating Dreams Pagoda could change would be more than twice it could do now.

After all, he could have a flow of time that was over 100 times faster or slower when the Floating Dreams Pagoda had not even recognized him as its owner yet.

Hence, he was full of expectations for the future of the Floating Dreams Pagoda.

At the same time, he also looked forward to the countless puppets in it.

Now he had an understanding of the Spirit Penetration Art. Together with his second Primordial Spirit and avatar, he entered the Floating Dreams Pagoda.

He chose to challenge puppets.

Nine spirit designs lit up and different puppets appeared. Wu Yu had not challenged puppets in a long time, so this time there were many new ones. During his previous challenge, there was a puppet that looked like the Full Moon of Nanshan. It had not been used yet.

Previously, Wu Yu challenged seven levels above him, but this time it was different - he was challenging eight levels above! After all, he had the Heaven Devouring Avatar. And the Heaven Devouring Avatar had the Dark North Royal Obelisk.

The experience he had gained in defeating Prince You Yan and Prince Yao could be used here. 

Hence, Wu Yu's first challenge was with the puppet in the last spirit design, a white spirit design.

As he walked towards that white spirit design, the other spirit designs started to fade away. He was challenging eight levels above him. Wu Yu should have reached the limit of the Floating Dreams Pagoda.

This time, the change was a little different. The whole Floating Dreams Pagoda shone with strong white light.

Whoosh! Within that white light, the silhouette of the puppet flickered.

This puppet was special. It was different from previous puppets. Previous puppets were basically in human form. Even if they transformed, they were humanoid.

When the white light dissipated, the puppet was revealed before Wu Yu. He looked carefully and realized that it was actually a mystical dragon. Of course, there was still a vast difference between a real mystical dragon and this puppet made of precious materials and spirit designs. Firstly, this mystical dragon was not of flesh and blood. Rather, it was a skeleton. Thousands of thin, tiny bones were strung together using some spirit design. Although it was just a skeleton, it felt alive.

Although only the skeleton remained, this puppet looked sinister and vicious. It looked more terrifying than the average mystical dragon. There was a domineering aura when it waved its four claws and twisted its body. There were two dark red glows within the sockets of the dragon’s head. They looked like its eyes. They were cold and disdainful.

In reality, each bone in this intricate skeleton was carved with several spirit designs. It was the relation between the various spirit designs that formed this powerful puppet!

"I'm the Skeletal Flame Dragon. My main body is made of bones from various mystical dragons and supported by precious treasures. It uses the Skeletal Flame Dragon Spirit Design as its mainframe and over 100,000 spirit designs as support. These form my great strength! You dare to challenge eight levels above? You've belittled me! Hence, I'll definitely force you to recognize your weakness and give up! You'll leave in great defeat!"

The Skeletal Flame Dragon was enraged. 

Wu Yu stared at him and came to a conclusion. He said, "That’s right, I'm missing a mount. You look majestic. If I ride you out, I'll definitely look cool."

"If you can subdue me, I'll allow you to determine my fate!" the Skeletal Flame Dragon roared in rage. It had a power equivalent to a 10th tier Primordial Spirit Transformation cultivator. That was naturally outstanding!

"Raging Fire of Bones Deadly Formation!"

He looked harmless when quiet, but once he attacked, the Skeletal Flame Dragon was extremely aggressive. The offensive spirit designs on him were activated instantly. The other puppets were basically equivalent to automated offensive dao treasures. Since that was the case, then this Skeletal Flame Dragon would definitely be on the level of an advanced dao treasure.

Hence, it would be extremely useful and valuable if he could subdue this Skeletal Flame Dragon. He was something that many others would want to fight over.

Once the Skeletal Flame Dragon Spirit Design was activated, its range covered the whole Floating Dreams Pagoda. There was no way of evading. One could only see a complicated, white spirit design appearing under Wu Yu's feet. The Skeletal Flame Dragon quickly integrated into the spirit design. His body atomized as though he had disappeared! 

But that was not the case. The instant the skeleton integrated into the spirit design, the whole spirit design became alive. The white bone dust immediately burned fiercely, forming white flames. The entire interior of the Floating Dreams Pagoda was engulfed in these white flames instantly!

Then these white flames turned into different mystical dragons and swept through the tower. Their burning power was directed at Wu Yu and spread. Wu Yu had no way of hiding. He had to admit that these flames were strong. Both the Invincible Vajra Body and the Heaven Devouring Avatar were burned by the flames. This power would be even stronger when these mystical dragon flames tore and devoured them. 

These flames were like a hurricane. They clashed savagely and pierced!

If this continued, his two bodies would be suppressed by the Skeletal Flame Dragon. The other party was no weakling. Wu Yu had to react fast.

They had to work together to defeat the opponent.

Hence, his real body and the Heaven Devouring Avatar reacted differently. First, the Heaven Devouring Avatar drew out the Dark North Royal Obelisk directly and was ready to clash head-on with the Skeletal Flame Dragon! Now the Heaven Devouring Avatar lacked the opportunity to devour. If it could, it would be stronger!

Next was Wu Yu's real body. When the other party used the spirit design within the puppet, he had prepared the Spirit Penetration Art. To him, this was a great test for the Spirit Penetration Art. He was mentally prepared and executed it accordingly.

"Separation of Primordial Spirit, penetrating the spirit."

First, he had to separate his Primordial Spirit. Wu Yu was familiar with this. A sliver of his Primordial Spirit quietly left his physical body. It was undetectable. It melted into the Raging Fire of Bones Deadly Formation beneath his feet. To Wu Yu, it was as though he had another pair of eyes, and the world that this pair of eyes saw was totally different. To this pair of eyes, all that existed did not exist, only spirit designs and the abstract dao existed.

The biggest spirit design he saw was the Raging Fire of Bones Deadly Formation beneath his feet. However, this was actually very complicated. When over 100,000 spirit designs operated at the same time, they cooperated to activate this Offensive Spirit Design. It was like the turning of countless gears, and the biggest spirit design was the machine. It was releasing strong offensive power continuously.

When he saw this, he also needed the ability to shake it all. And the key to shaking it was to find the crucial point within this spirit design. The crucial point was the weakest link, and this entire process was akin to breaking through a formation.

Except, Heaven and Earth Spirit Designs were comparatively easier to understand. Spirit designs of dao treasures, talismans, and puppets were not so easy to break through.

This required focus, full attention, and patience.

At this point, his real body was fully engrossed in finding the breakthrough. The Heaven Devouring Avatar wielded the Dark North Royal Obelisk and fought with the Skeletal Flame Dragon to buy time for Wu Yu! The Skeletal Flame Dragon was stronger than the Heaven Devouring Avatar. Even with the Dark North Royal Obelisk, the Heaven Devouring Avatar might not be able to hold on. Hence, there was not much time left for Wu Yu!

"The key to breaking through the spirit design....The path to the deepest part. Where is the key?" Everchanging runes and burning flames were everywhere. Wu Yu was also very anxious to meet something so complicated during his first attempt. It was possible that he could not defeat his opponent today.

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