Chapter 0804: Spirit Penetration Art

Usually only princes and princesses stayed at the royal residence.

Occasionally, their mothers, the Emperor's Consorts, and the Queen Mother would be with them. However, these times were short as they all had their own residences.

Occasionally, high ranking officials from ancient countries would send their own children in. These children would learn from the princes and princesses as they followed them. They would discuss dao and improve together.

For instance, Qu Haoyan and Qu Fengyu used to visit Prince Le's residence often. They had been specially escorted in by Qu Yin. Also, the spiritual qi was more abundant within the royal city, so it was beneficial to them.

They were martial cultivators and therefore did not require the service of palace maids, much less the protection of guards, as there were spirit designs in the royal city. These were hard to penetrate. There was basically no danger within the royal city.

However, the royal city was huge. Other than the royal residences, there were many palaces. The officials from outside would often enter the royal city to go to court. Hence, it was quite lively in the royal city.

Now Wu Yu and his group were standing outside Prince Le's residence.

Prince Le's residence's doors were shut tightly.

In the Yan Huang Ancient Country, each and every prince and princess would ultimately get their own Kingmaker. The position of Kingmaker was basically secondary only to the Prince's dao companion. They would usually remain at the royal residence too. So Wu Yu was here to stay at Prince Le's residence. Qu Haoyan and the others did not have such qualifications.

For human martial cultivators, probably only the emperor of a country could have three palaces and six courtyards, as well as many wives and concubines. The Yan Huang Ancient Country’s emperor had the largest number of wives and concubines. Even the Dark Sea Emperor and the others had only a few.

The existence of the Kingmaker was, on the one hand, to protect the prince or princess. On the other hand, they monitored the prince and princess on behalf of the royal family. They held high positions. Even princes and princesses could not scold Kingmakers as and when they liked. 

Qu Yin now stood before the door and said, "Prince Le, this old official brings Kingmaker Le Wu Yu to greet you."

There was no reaction for a long time after he spoke.

This was weird, perhaps the other party did not wish to see him?

In the end, Qu Yin said, "I heard that Prince Le is training in seclusion to break through to a new tier. Looks like it's true. Since Prince Le is training in seclusion, you guys move into Prince Le's residence first. Inside Prince Le's residence, before Prince Le comes out from training, you guys cannot explore as you wish. Just stay at Kingmaker Hall and enter through Kingmaker Hall.  There is a ritual for the bestowing of Kingmaker status in the Yan Huang Ancient Country. At that time, there may be many important people taking part. However, since Prince Le is now training in seclusion, that will have to wait till he comes out before it is hosted. In this period of time, you just have to wait patiently."


In other words they would not meet soon.

However, it was hard to say how much time one would spend training in seclusion. Sometimes one might spend a few years inside, or he could be out in the next second.

If that were the case, he would have some time to react. This was good news to Wu Yu.

Qu Yin stroked his beard as he said, "If there's nothing else, I'm leaving.  My mission was completed when I brought you here." He was actually a little depressed. While he had brought Wu Yu back, Wu Yu looked very comfortable. After all, he had received the Ancient Emperor's Edict. 

"Such a good legacy, all wasted on this barbarian. But the Yan Huang Ancient Country must have some plans. Perhaps they want to use Wu Yu for Prince Le. That rascal is still happy. When that time comes he will be sad." He laughed coldly in his heart.

To him, Wu Yu's days were numbered.

It was the same for the Full Moon of Nanshan, who was beside him. It was just a pity that he could not get a share.

"I can only wait for the royal family to give me some merits," Qu Yin thought in his heart. 

He was about to leave when Wu Yu asked, "Senior Qu, you promised me 500,000 Yan Dragon Army merits before. Is it alright for me to go directly to the Yan Dragon Encampment to collect them and trade them for treasures? Don't worry, I'm just collecting my reward, not joining the Yan Dragon Army. When these merits are used up, I'll stop going."

This was something Qu Yin had promised. Initially, it was to persuade Wu Yu to join them quickly. It was just 500,000 merits. He could afford it, so he nodded and said, "You just have to go to the Yan Dragon Encampment to collect them. I'll instruct them. As for where it is, you can ask anyone to guide you when you exit the royal city."

After saying this, he could not be bothered to stay. He turned without hesitation and left. 

The Full Moon of Nanshan looked at him leaving and said with his eyes narrowed, "This old fart doesn't think that we can make it." 

"Our fates depend on the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor. But I feel that since he's someone like an immortal, if he really likes us, he need not expend such energy. There must be some mystery within. We won't die so easily. Let's walk and see. The most important thing now is to grab this opportunity to get strong quickly," Wu Yu said in a low, heavy voice.

"That makes sense." The Full Moon of Nanshan nodded. He was an optimistic person and immediately sniggered. He then said, "This Immortal's Capital is so exciting. Since we're here, we should enjoy it thoroughly. Battles or beauties, both are exciting!"

Wu Yu had many things to do now. They pushed Prince Le's residence's doors open. There was a wide parade square inside. At the end of this parade square was Prince Le's palace. On the left was a slightly smaller but still very big golden palace. That was the Kingmaker Hall, Wu Yu's territory. 

When the two of them entered this Kingmaker Hall, they realized that it was indeed big. Everything was set up for them. Everything was big and wide. They could train or battle. There were also spirit designs in their surroundings protecting them. Wu Yu used the Eyes of Fire and Gold to observe his surroundings. It was absolutely safe here, and it was indeed a place where they could train without worry.

From the start of the Dark North Battle for Supremacy to now, he had finally escaped from an environment where he was monitored.

The Full Moon of Nanshan observed the surroundings for a moment and said, "This is indeed a safe place for training.  But I'm still more interested in the Immortal's Capital outside. So I'm not going to accompany you here. I'm leaving first."

After saying this, he left immediately. 

To him, training here was boring. He immediately went out to enjoy the frivolous world. Anyway, he only needed to remember his way back.

Wu Yu did not say much to him. The Full Moon of Nanshan knew what he was doing. He knew how to survive.

On this, they were the same kind.

Wu Yu and his Heaven Devouring Avatar remained.

The Heaven Devouring Avatar took out the Dark North Royal Obelisk to continue studying it in the training room. For now, he was familiar with only two spirit designs. There were two other more powerful offensive spirit designs that he had not gained total control of yet. Now that they had settled in, he needed to quickly master them.

Prince Le could come out any time, and who knew what challenge would await him then! Besides, at that time, he would have to undergo the ritual for the bestowing of Kingmaker status and face the top people of Yan Huang.

There were hundreds of princes and princesses. This challenge was huge.

His avatar studied the Dark North Royal Obelisk, while his real body sat in lotus position on the other side. Wu Yu quietened his heart. At the Ghost Sea Prison, he had reached the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm. That time, he quickly increased the tier of his Unshackled Doppelganger and conquered the 10,000 Dragons Staff. However, following that, he was monitored by too many people and he had two things he had not done. The first was the puppets in Floating Dreams Pagoda. The second was the next transformation of the 72 Transformations.

Now his strength had improved again. Today, he had joined forces with his avatar and defeated Prince Yao. Wu Yu estimated that after joining forces, he could challenge the puppet that was eight levels higher than him. He could directly challenge the puppet at the 10th tier of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm.

When he did that, he would shock the whole Immortal's Capital if he pulled out a puppet that was on par with Prince Yao, even if it was a little bit weaker.

Before that, Wu Yu wanted to practice the next transformation.

Ming long was already prepared for him. These were the Immortality Arts that the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal had personally taught her. Basically, he only needed a little guidance to learn it. This transformation was more mysterious than the Fixed Body Art, the Swift Art, and the Violent Art. However, the method to learn this Immortality Arts might be a little more complicated, so Wu Yu did not master it directly and quickly at that time.

Using Ming Long's words, this transformation was of a higher level. Even if the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal taught him personally, Wu Yu would need a stable environment to study it. Before that, the Ghost Sea Prison and the Yan Dragon Warship were not peaceful environments.

"This transformation is the transformation of spirit designs. It's called the Spirit Penetration Art. The so-called ‘spirit’ refers to the profound mysteries and the art of understanding the mysteries. From another point of view, you can also call everything related to spirit designs as ‘spirit.’ For example, inside dao treasures, there are countless spirit designs. This place is called the ‘spirit.’ Another example: inside talismans, there are also spirit designs, so it is also a ‘spirit.’ For instance, Heaven and Earth Spirit Designs, regardless of whether they are defensive or offensive spirit designs, they are all considered spirits.

"And the basic role of the Spirit Penetration Art is to separate a sliver of your Primordial Spirit and use the Spirit Penetration Art to change it into a special existence that can penetrate into the enemy’s dao treasures, talismans, puppets, mechanisms, and Heaven and Earth Spirit Designs. Using your Primordial Spirit to observe, you can even affect the operation of the spirit design and reduce its effectiveness or even overturn the other party's spirit design. You can even erase the spirit design.

"The Spirit Penetration Art is the art of transformation that could affect the other party's spirit design, or change the enemies' spirit design. This is a power that other martial cultivators could never have. This requires the Primordial Spirit. So I've been waiting until you reached the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm before letting you learn this transformation art. This art of transformation is indeed more mysterious than the previous few. This also requires that you have a certain degree of understanding of spirit designs."

Wu Yu had always been studying the Ancient Array of the Mystical Dragon of the dragon race. His study of spirit designs was quite deep. Sometimes, he would enter the Floating Dreams Pagoda to study and do it in half the time.

Now that he was in a safe environment, he had the opportunity to learn this Spirit Penetration Art. First, when Wu Yu started to study this Spirit Penetration Art, the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal appeared again. He would plant the seed of the Spirit Penetration Art into Wu Yu's Primordial Spirit.

"There are limits to the Spirit Penetration Art too. That is, you need to separate a sliver of Primordial Spirit. Even though it is only a sliver, and you can recover quickly, the resulting exhaustion is significant. Hence, you cannot use it continuously. But it should be no problem at all to use it once or twice a day.

"With the Spirit Penetration Art, maybe your enemies' dao treasures, talismans, puppets, and Heaven and Earth Spirit Designs will no longer be effective in your view. Also, in the future, there will be deeper changes. The Spirit Penetration Art is already very powerful. This is the art of immortals. You are incredibly lucky to learn it now."

Ming Long was indeed envious of him.

Wu Yu now had caught up to her level when she was alive.

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