Chapter 0803: Prince Le's Residence

In the battle between Wu Yu and Prince Yao, the tables had turned multiple times, exceeding everyone's expectations. It was a textbook fight of immortal dao, until final victory and defeat were clear. Wu Yu had crushed Prince Yao, and held his life at the mercy of the Dark North Royal Obelisk! Everyone was still astounded, and unable to react.

Wu Yu, white hair flying and the metallic mystical dragon that was the Dark North Royal Obelisk locking Prince Yao down in a freezing bind. Prince Yao, covered in icy spirit designs, face pale, and life at Wu Yu's mercy. The spectators looked around at each other. Beside exclamations, none could find words.

Here in the Yan Huang Ancient Country, most had already heard of Wu Yu's reputation, and knew that he was half a Yan Huang Tribe member. Especially now that he had shown such power, he clearly had the ability to match his bloodline. And therefore, they did not ostracize Wu Yu like the Dark North Tribe had.

As Wu Yu had shown his ability to defeat Prince Yao, he earned their respect and admiration. Not everyone coveted his legacy, especially since Wu Yu had been invited to the Yan Huang Ancient Country.

Therefore, after they came around, many still gasped sincerely.

"Prince Yao underestimated him, just like us."

"If not, this battle would have been even more awesome."

"In truth, Prince Yao should be a little stronger than Wu Yu in terms of raw power. Wu Yu won by using Prince Yao's arrogance and also because his techniques are unknown and too miraculous. That's a great help."

"Of course, miraculous moves will no longer be fresh after showing them off many times. At that time, Wu Yu will not be as hard to deal with as he was today."

Regarding the battle, many experts present still saw it clearly for what it was.

But no matter what, the fact remained that Wu Yu's win today had shaken the entire Yan Huang Ancient Country! He was indeed more high-profile than many had expected.

Before all, Wu Yu released Prince Yao, removing the Dark North Royal Obelisk's spirit design brands on him.

This brought some life back into Prince Yao. He closed his eyes and used some immortal medicines and immortal essences to dispel the chill, and his body rapidly recovered.

No one was even watching him now. Like Wu Yu, they were all watching the fight between the Full Moon of Nanshan and the Three Immortals Kunwu! It was fantastic. Not long after Wu Yu released Prince Yao, the Full Moon of Nanshan had entered a full-on fight. He, too, used special moves, and Wu Yu could see that besides his enigmatic arsenal of mystiques, he also specialized in two types of dao techniques, one was water, the other wood affiliated. The affinity between the two elements was promising.

Camouflage, illusion, and even something similar to Wu Yu's 72 Transformations. Wu Yu was dazzled watching him as well. The Three Immortals Kunwu was much stronger than the Full Moon of Nanshan, but the Full Moon of Nanshan ran rings around him, and his stupendous power connected with nothing but air. Under the illusion techniques, the Three Immortals Kunwu was more confused than ever.

Wu Yu recalled how the Full Moon of Nanshan's sly phantom technique had almost made him meet his maker back then.

The Three Immortals Kunwu was already worn out in this battle. While his mental state was a mess, the Full Moon of Nanshan took the chance to unleash a sneak attack. The tusks of the wild boar crashed into the center of the opponent's skull, sending him flying with dynamic power.

It seemed like a simple impact, but he had also used Marshal Tian Peng's mystique. Wu Yu had noticed that the Full Moon of Nanshan also cultivated something like the Invincible Vajra Body. Like Wu Yu, his physique was far ahead of his peers. And the Full Moon of Nanshan was actually not yet at the 10th tier of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm.

His physique also packed robust strength.

Therefore, using his mystifying techniques and strength on par with Wu Yu's, he defeated the Three Immortals Kunwu after Wu Yu’s victory.

Wu Yu estimated that he was around the sixth tier of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm or greater. He was definitely at a higher cultivation level than Wu Yu. After all, Wu Yu had only defeated his opponent thanks to the Heaven Devouring Avatar.

After defeating his opponent, the Full Moon of Nanshan reverted to human form. He was weary, and there were burn marks on his body. But even so, he was still very spirited after defeating such a major enemy, and he was an impressive sight, giving off an aura of invincibility with each movement.

That conceited look invited their ire....

However, as he craned his neck over to see that Wu Yu had already clearly finished his opponent off first, his face very quickly fell. He grumbled, "You're really good at stealing my thunder, aren't you, kid? Trying to be the elder brother?"

Truly, Wu Yu had made a bigger impression than him.

However, he, too, had made a name for himself through this battle.

The Full Moon of Nanshan wanted to be able to have a fair and open chance to move around in the Yan Huang Ancient Region. Of course, this required a fairly safe position, and he was in the same position as Wu Yu. Therefore, his goal had been achieved.

This had been Wu Yu's promise to him. After all, Wu Yu had gotten first place in the Dark North Battle for Supremacy all thanks to him.

Both epic battles had ended with Prince Yao's side losing.

Right now, the Three Immortals Kunwu had also finally come to his senses after his defeat.

His first instinct was rage. He felt that the Full Moon of Nanshan had defeated him with underhanded tactics, and did not dare to face him head-on.

However, Prince Yao stopped him. The result was clear. If he continued to kick up a fuss here, it would only make them even more of a laughing stock.

Therefore, Prince Yao addressed Wu Yu stiffly. "Both of you have performed in exemplary fashion. It was I who underestimated you two. I accept my loss wholeheartedly. But I will repay the shame of today in the future. I hope that you two will not be afraid to accept my challenge in the future."

This was quite proper of him. Although this battle had only shown off Wu Yu and the Full Moon of Nanshan's abilities, that did not mean that Prince Yao was inept. After all, everyone could see that this had nothing to do with Prince Yao's ability.

"Don't worry. Wu Yu will always make time to accompany Prince Yao whenever you come to find me," Wu Yu said with a smile, cupping his hands in respect. At this point, his confidence was towering. No one he had beaten before had ever come back to defeat him through sheer effort.

When the time came, Wu Yu would already have left him in the dust. Avenge his shame? Impossible.

"Until that day comes." Prince Yao's face was somber. He took the Three Immortals Kunwu and his retinue and strode away towards the imperial city, vanishing from sight quickly.

At this time, many had already gathered, and Wu Yu could feel many penetrating looks fixated on him.

The battle was already over.

"Wu Yu, let's go." In order to avoid more trouble, Qu Yin wanted to get on with it, and bring Wu Yu to his destination.

"Alright." Wu Yu, the Heaven Devouring Avatar, and the Full Moon of Nanshan all followed Qu Yin. They quickly came to the gates of the imperial city, and entered forbidden ground to most of the Yan Huang Tribe - Yan Huang Royal City.

Within the royal city, golden mist shrouded the grounds. This golden mist was actually dense spiritual qi, hailed as spiritual qi almost on par with that of the immortals' sky palaces. Wu Yu breathed it in and felt extremely refreshed. Even a mortal raised here could quickly become a Primordial Spirit Transformation cultivator.

In the Jambu Realm, the most bountiful of places were the hardest fought over. The Immortal's Capital had been a frequent stage of battle throughout history. However, it had been dominated solely by the Yan Huang Tribe since its appearance. They had continued the Yan Huang Ancient Country's legacy of thousands of generations with this spiritual qi!

The golden royal city seemed to have spirit designs on every single speck of dust. It was an amazing sight. It was not a time of conflict now, but the Yan Huang Tribe ancestors had left behind countless layers of defensive spirit designs, to a ridiculous extent. It could be said that the entire Immortal's Capital could transform into a warring fortress - a machine of war.

As he advanced into this golden palace, he knew that he would soon come face to face with Prince Le, returned from the dead. Wu Yu's emotions were a little frazzled in the face of this unknown.

He had become Kingmaker Le, and had to remain by Prince Le's side. If it had been the Prince Le of the past, Wu Yu would’ve had no need to worry. He would not be Wu Yu's match. But the Prince Le who returned from the dead at the Taigu Immortal Path....

Perhaps he had the mystery of the Taigu Immortal Path imbued in him. And if he let his secrets slip, Wu Yu could be in trouble. Perhaps what would eventually finish Wu Yu off would be some unknown entity.

"This is going to be good. After taking down that kitten, I can walk about freely in the Immortal's Capital. I can finally go see the beautiful world in peace. All the beauties in the world are waiting for me to show them a good time." The Full Moon of Nanshan gleefully smiled at this thought.

"Best to be more prudent since you're new. Don't go and throw your life away now," Wu Yu cautioned him, seeing his mischievous smile.

"Yeah, yeah, got it." The Full Moon of Nanshan was indeed shrewd. He knew that he had no status, and therefore positioned himself near the gates, so that all would see him. As long as he went out, everyone would recognize him. If not, a nameless demon would probably be cut down the moment he appeared anywhere.

"Prince Le's residence." After proceeding for about 15 minutes past all kinds of palaces, they finally arrived at Prince Le's residence. Within the royal family, each prince and princess had their own royal residence. Each royal residence was extremely vast. Although there were not many structures, they were all built as though giants dwelled within. They were massive. The doors of Prince Le's residence, for example, were dozens of zhang tall and wide. Even if the Full Moon of Nanshan changed into his true form, he could still enter.

And within, any palace was also dozens of zhang, even 100 zhang high. Any simple room could allow the Full Moon of Nanshan's true form to gambol around freely.

Under the golden mist, spirit designs on the bricks winked in and out of view, accentuating the ancient martial cultivator tribe's rich history.

Soon, he would meet Prince Le.

The martial cultivation kingdoms were not like mortal kingdoms. Mortals had many bodyguards, guards, and servants, but here at the immortal kingdoms, in Prince Le's residence, Prince Le did not need anyone to wait on him. Therefore, he was the only one in the whole residence.

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