Chapter 0802: The Might from Dark North

At this time, Prince Yao was still swamped by his shock that Wu Yu had disappeared from the Virtual Battlefield.

Not just him, but Qu Yin was most shocked of them all. He was the master of the Virtual Battlefield, and he knew clearly who was within it. As long as he controlled the Virtual Battlefield, he could ensure that no one could leave it. But at this moment, he clearly knew that Wu Yu was outside of his control.

The devil only knew where Wu Yu had gone....

Qu Yin could not believe it.

Prince Yao was rooted to the spot. Actually, he did not understand Wu Yu well yet, and therefore had focused on his real body. Although the Heaven Devouring Avatar had been present all along, he had forgotten about it for the majority of the fight.

As he froze in confusion, he did not expect Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar to pull out the Dark North Royal Obelisk!

He knew that Wu Yu had the Dark North Royal Obelisk. But Qu Yin had not reminded him that it was not being wielded by the real body. Qu Yin also did not know whether Wu Yu or his avatar was going to use it. All he knew was that Wu Yu's avatar was very strong. However, since Prince Yao was making trouble for him, he had saved himself the trouble of letting him know.

The Dark North Royal Obelisk was of a much higher tier than both of Prince Yao's advanced dao treasures! Even among his royal siblings, there were not many who had such a high level weapon.

Right now, few noticed the white-haired, red-eyed Heaven Devouring Avatar, long hair flying loosely, and the ebony Dark North Royal Obelisk in its hand. After Wu Yu's real body vanished, he activated the spirit design on the Dark North Royal Obelisk and attacked!

"Dark Sea Ghostly Tempest!"

After many years, the dao treasure of the previous Dark Sea Emperor made its comeback! The power of the Heaven Devouring Avatar had endless transformations. Since he had been absorbing all these frost-affiliated demons throughout his development, he was even more suited to using such an advanced dao treasure!

The longsword flashed out, and the spirit designs within hummed. The Dark North Royal Obelisk instantly revealed its elite lethality - the advanced dao treasures slashed with a loud peal!

With one slash, the entire Virtual Battlefield was transformed into an icy, black sea! Even outside the Virtual Battlefield, the temperature suddenly plummeted. The sudden chill of the body and Primordial Spirit caused those outside to retreat, shivering, their surprise evident on their faces!

Within the Virtual Battlefield, one slash from the Heaven Devouring Avatar had frozen the entire Virtual Battlefield over. A black storm of swords rained down within the Virtual Battlefield, numbering in the billions. Prince Yao was completely engulfed by the tempest!

Ping, ping, ping!

They could only hear the intense clashing sounds from outside, ringing clearly.

At the same time, they could also hear the heavy, tense sound of Prince Yao's breathing. He sounded labored. Evidently, it was too cold within, and everything had frozen over. It was no ordinary chill, but an extreme, harsh cold that touched both one's body and Primordial Spirit!


Suddenly, the ice shattered inside. From its midst, a roaring inferno battled back against the cold. From the depths of its power, they could tell that the Heaven Devouring Avatar and Prince Yao were fighting. Prince Yao was desperate. Although he had the Golden Body of Mighty Earth, he was helpless against such frost!

His face was white with anger at this time, and he forced Wu Yu back with fire. They could see that the Giant Flaming Beast of the Mountains had disappeared at this time. Evidently, Prince Yao had exploded the Giant Flaming Beast of the Mountains in order to spread flames all over the frigid Virtual Battlefield, to temporarily hold off the Dark North Royal Obelisk!

After the Giant Flaming Beast of the Mountains exploded, it reformed into a huge fireball that roared powerfully, continuing to burn hotter and hotter!

"He's trying to defeat me with a sneak attack!" Prince Yao bit out. He had indeed underestimated his opponent. Who would have known that Wu Yu's real body would suddenly disappear, while the avatar would be attacking from behind with the Dark North Royal Obelisk. Just this combination alone had almost defeated Prince Yao. Luckily, he had caused the Giant Flaming Beast of the Mountains to explode at the last moment, and won himself a thread of hope of victory!

But Prince Yao felt extremely embarrassed!

He still assumed that taking down Wu Yu's avatar should be no problem, although a good part of his body was frozen, and his ability was considerably compromised. Therefore, at this time, he controlled the huge fireball that was the Giant Flaming Beast of the Mountains and sent it hurtling towards Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar. The fire was hot enough that the ice all around was melting away!

"Die!" After the Giant Flaming Beast of the Mountains exploded, all of its power was still preserved here, and so Prince Yao was still confident that it could take the opponent down.

Another clash!

Hope for Prince Yao was rekindled instantly in the audience. They could also see that the frost was receding from the Virtual Battlefield, while the flames were growing hotter and hotter. They reached the Heaven Devouring Avatar quickly!

It seemed like the angry fire was going to unleash its destructive heat in a spectacular explosion. But at this instant, the Heaven Devouring Avatar morphed into a black vortex, spinning rapidly like a huge, gaping mouth. With a swallow, the fireball was absorbed, then the entire vortex became a blur of black and gold, burning with flames!

"What...." The spectators realized that they did not understand Wu Yu's moves. Wu Yu had even swallowed the flames - was he unafraid of dying from the overload?!

What they did not expect was that the madly roaring golden flames in the vortex would very quickly turn black. Prince Yao had lost control of his own mystique, and his jaw dropped as the entire vortex had now converted all of it to black flames.


The vortex reversed directions and hurled the black fireball straight towards Prince Yao! After the Heaven Devouring Avatar had become strong, it had gradually gotten used to this devouring technique. This was its fundamental ability. This attack was not even as strong as Prince You Yan's, and therefore he had successfully stopped it and converted it!

Of course, this was already the limit. His avatar had almost crumbled, and if he did, then Wu Yu would basically be done for!

But the wonders of the devouring body again exceeded Wu Yu's expectations. Therefore, the danger lay at the end of the black fireball's trajectory, where Prince Yao was paralyzed with shock. The black fireball exploded before him!


With a deafening bang, the entire Virtual Battlefield was consumed by these flames! Even the earth in their surroundings was shaken up, as though an earthquake had just occurred.

"How is that possible!?" The spectators were still swept up in the devouring ability of the Heaven Devouring Avatar. As they watched the titanic exchange unfold, they could not help but be worried for Prince Yao. Right now, it looked like a spectacular battle, but Wu Yu had always held the advantage. All of his techniques were superb!

Some experts could still see what was happening within the Virtual Battlefield! Inside, Prince Yao had been besieged by his attacks, and again badly injured. That was also because he had already been wounded by Wu Yu previously.

He was at his most vulnerable state, down on the ropes. Wu Yu would not pass up on this chance.

"Dark North Saintly Dragon Formation!"

In his hand, the longsword clattered as it transformed into an iron whip. Wu Yu seemed to be holding a mystical dragon of black iron. The dragon's crimson eyes suddenly lit up!

After activating the spirit designs, one flick sent the mystical dragon roaring forth. It was like a mystical dragon flexing its tail. Crushing power thundered across the space and slammed into Prince Yao's body. A bloody wound appeared on Prince Yao's body, which was covered in dense, black spirit designs. The black spirit designs spread throughout his entire body, covering Prince Yao. Each spirit design was a fount of freezing power. This whip had afflicted Prince Yao's body with the freezing cold of the Dark North Royal Obelisk, and as Prince Yao yelped, his black ice began to turn into a huge sphere. The planted spirit designs on Prince Yao's body continued to release frost energy that kept Prince Yao held in place. One lash from Wu Yu would send him to the next world!

Wu Yu's Dark North Royal Obelisk was wrapped firmly around Prince Yao's body, signifying the end of the battle. Wu Yu removed the ice, returning Prince Yao's voice to him. But his Dark North Royal Obelisk still held him firm. Since he had not been convinced of his inferiority, Wu Yu would convince him. Right now, his life rested in Wu Yu's hands.

At this moment, his white-haired, red-eyed self stared at Prince Yao.

Within the Virtual Battlefield, all was silent. They could see Wu Yu, his white hair flying loosely. And Prince Yao, turning purple from the cold, his lips white, and his manner both furious and defeated, looking desperately at Wu Yu.

"Prince Yao, well fought. If I have offended you, please forgive me."

Suddenly, there was a voice from outside. They could see that Wu Yu's real body was standing outside the Virtual Battlefield. As he spoke, his Heaven Devouring Avatar retracted the Dark North Royal Obelisk and freed Prince Yao.

Although Prince Yao was free, his defeat was a truth that all saw clearly. He could not shrug it off. Wu Yu had accomplished his goal. The challenge was a success, and establishing his ground was a success. From the beginning, he knew that his entry into the Yan Huang Ancient Country would definitely be spectacular.

Everyone found this unbelievable. Perhaps only Qu Yin, who had seen Wu Yu defeat Prince You Yan, was prepared for this outcome. He took down the Virtual Battlefield, allowing Prince Yao to leave. He needed to leave as quickly as possible.

The people of the Yan Huang Immortal's Capital were still looking at the two Wu Yus, unable to get a hold of themselves for a long time. While this grand battle was happening, they had not even noticed that the other battle had been equally exhilarating.

And it had not even concluded yet.

"Wu Yu's going to rise like crazy in the Immortal's Capital after this battle." They looked at each other restlessly.

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