Chapter 0801: Battle in the Immortal's Capital

Prince Yao controlled the Overturning Heaven Emperor Seal and swung his Giant Wheel Sword of Dawn. He used the two advanced dao treasures at the same time and blocked Wu Yu's Blood Weeping World Technique. And he started killing Wu Yu's doppelgangers.

Under such circumstances, even though the other side had used their true form to battle, Wu Yu also had no attention to spare. All his attention was focused on fighting his opponent.

He saw vaguely that the Three Immortals Kunwu had turned into a lion and was burning with flames. He looked majestic, and the most outstanding things were his three huge lion heads. One lion head was majestic and domineering enough. With three heads, his fierce aura could stun everyone!

Comparatively, the Full Moon of Nanshan had turned into a black boar, and this was the most common boar. He was burly and rough with a set of upturned tusks. He was filled with strength. While he had no advantage in terms of bloodline, when he fought the Three Immortals Kunwu, he was actually not losing. He even had a feeling of purity.

Obviously, the immortal Marshal Tian Peng's legacy had made some changes to his bloodline too, just like what happened with Wu Yu's body.

Compared to the demons' battle, there were more people focused on Wu Yu's battle. After all, Wu Yu's 10,000 identical doppelgangers were too shocking.

"Holy Elephant Hell-shocking Technique!" The Unshackled Doppelgangers was one big advantage. When using such a dao technique, he could exhibit this advantage fully. Hence, all the doppelgangers used the Holy Elephant Hell-shocking Technique simultaneously!

Including Wu Yu's real body, the Holy Elephant Hell-shocking Technique exploded shockingly. Countless giant, golden elephants trumpeted at an ear deafening volume. Under Wu Yu's control, they merged and thundered in the direction of his 10,000 Dragons Staff, rushing and knocking into Prince Yao!

Prince Yao flipped his hand and used the Overturning Heaven Emperor Seal to block again! The gigantic elephant crashed onto the Overturning Heaven Emperor Seal.


An explosion, and the entire Virtual Battlefield trembled again. It was vibrating vigorously as though it was about to be torn apart! This was evidence of the fierce battle.

While Wu Yu's real body's Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy was still lacking, with the combined power of 10,000 doppelgangers, he was terrifying. His opponent was a 10th tier Primordial Spirit Transformation cultivator. Hence, he successfully blocked Wu Yu's attack. However, he was knocked away by this strength and crashed! 

"Hmph! It looks weird, but that's all!" Prince Yao laughed loudly. He appeared before Wu Yu again. He was really a little worried when he first saw Wu Yu's doppelgangers. However, after these two exchanges of blows, he realized that Wu Yu's doppelgangers were indeed weaker. Even Wu Yu's real body was weaker than a 10th tier Primordial Spirit Transformation Cultivator.

This gave him enough confidence!

"It's my turn!" Prince Yao uttered this sentence, which attracted more attention.

Wu Yu's eyes were burning hot. He did not reply, as though his weakness had been pinpointed by his opponent.

Actually, he was going to rely purely on his avatar to defeat Prince You Yan. If not for having improved, it would indeed be impossible for him to fight an enemy this strong.

Prince Yao was adept in dao techniques and mystiques of the earth element. Now the first change was obviously for exhibiting his mystique!

"Golden Body of Mighty Earth!"

Within a short period of time, his blood and flesh body seemed to have transformed into earth. His body was even cracked from dryness as though he would shatter any moment. But what was really attention-grabbing were the few blood-colored words on his body. These ancient words turned into a rune. It twisted and wriggled, changing constantly. It was weird.

While this mystique looked unimpressive, it was actually extremely strange. As expected, as Wu Yu was pondering the power of this mystique. The other party's body had already transformed into sand and scattered. It reformed continuously. This was similar to the indestructible body of the Heaven Devouring Avatar. Obviously, it would be difficult to hurt him!

"Giant Flaming Beast of the Mountains!"

Prince Yao was not holding back. After using his first mystique, he did not attack, but immediately used another mystique. Each time he used one, the audience was wowed. Now there were two advanced dao treasures protecting him. With the addition of these two great mystiques, Wu Yu's life was in danger!

Under the transformation of his mystique, soil appeared out of nowhere. This soil transformed into boulders and congregated in front of his eyes. Within a short period of time, it actually transformed into a giant beast. That giant beast was as big as the Three Immortals Kunwu and was made of boulders and soil. It was extremely strong and was steaming with strong flames. When it moved, the surrounding space shivered!

With one look at this Golden Body of Mighty Earth, in addition to this Giant Flaming Beast of the Mountains, everyone knew that Prince Yao was giving it his all. His attacks were indeed no weaker than Prince You Yan’s!

But Wu Yu had always liked to keep his battles short and fast! All of his doppelgangers were actually just a cover for him. Now his real body was standing in front of the other party and his avatar was behind his opponent.

Today's battle still mainly depended on the Heaven Devouring Avatar. His real body was still mainly used to attract the attention of his opponent. Hence, at this moment, his real body waved the 10,000 Dragons Staff and activated its spirit designs. He also used the power of the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth and the Violent Art. Wu Yu’s power was exhibited to the fullest. Such power was still threatening towards a 10th tier Primordial Spirit Transformation cultivator!

"Prince Yao, please try this move." Wu Yu smiled strangely and, in the blink of an eye, his aura rushed to the sky! It was a heaven-defying blow. It ignored the Giant Flaming Beast of the Mountains and rushed towards Prince Yao. At this moment, the Giant Flaming Beast of the Mountains had not been formed yet as Prince Yao was in the midst of using this mystique.

"Hmph! Pathetic tricks."

Prince Yao said in disdain before using the Overturning Heaven Emperor Seal again to block Wu Yu. Wu Yu had used his dao technique to attack before, but it was useless against the Overturning Heaven Emperor Seal.


This time, the Infinite Eternal Sand Reincarnation Design was initiated, and as soon as Wu Yu's staff landed, the 10,000 Dragons Staff turned into a Golden Millstone! Countless golden sand grains rubbed and pressed against each other, letting out an ear-piercing sound. With the huge strength that Wu Yu's physical body had used, it slammed onto the Overturning Heaven Emperor Seal at a terrifying speed!

This power was boosted by the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth and the Violent Art. In this instant, his power was at least six times his normal physical strength. It was further bolstered with his Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy. This was practically the limit of Wu Yu's real body!

The huge Golden Millstone turned and hit the Overturning Heaven Emperor Seal. Prince Yao had underestimated Wu Yu - he did not expect the Overturning Heaven Emperor Seal to be bashed aside. After the crash, the Golden Millstone was still rotating fiercely, and with a whoosh, it surrounded Prince Yao. Countless golden sand grains turned their sharp edges and pressed onto Prince Yao crazily! 

The true effect of the Infinite Eternal Sand Reincarnation Design was seen at this point! This was the limit of his real body!

Hu, hu, hu!

Because he had underestimated Wu Yu's move, his second mystique was interrupted at the point where it was almost completed. The Giant Flaming Beast of the Mountains was flawed and did not possess peak strength.

Even so, the Giant Flaming Beast of the Mountains roared furiously and rushed towards him. Its huge palm tore as it tried to destroy the Infinite Eternal Sand Reincarnation Design. However, it was no easy feat. Even though he had used his last bit of brute strength to destroy the spirit design, Wu Yu's attack still managed to shred its palm!

But Prince Yao was also using the Golden Body of Mighty Earth and rushed out. Now Prince Yao was furious and fire sprouted from his nostrils. He thought that now it was his turn to show off and did not expect to be suppressed by Wu Yu again!


"World Destroying Supreme Technique! “

Once Prince Yao appeared, he used a powerful dao technique on Wu Yu's real body. At this moment, Wu Yu had just withdrawn his 10,000 Dragons Staff!

The battle between these two was a series of impressive moves. It was very exciting! This was a true battle between martial cultivators. They were tense throughout the entire battle and used all sorts of mystiques. This was not just a simple barrage of dao techniques and mystiques on each other. It was a battle between opponents on par. The more risky it was, the more they had to use their brains.

It was an eye-opener for many of the spectators today. At least until now, both battles were very exciting!

Especially on Wu Yu's side, with various dao techniques. It was very mysterious! It was eye-opening! Many who had not reached their cultivation level learned something from this battle!

At this moment, in the midst of gasps from the audience, Prince Yao's dao technique became a great threat for Wu Yu's real body!

Before this, Wu Yu had withdrawn his doppelgangers but was still slightly slower. With the other party's dao technique, he only had about 1,000 doppelgangers left, and they were all torn apart!

The scene of many Wu Yus being torn apart was quite spectacular!

At this point, with Prince Yao as the start, a wave swept towards Wu Yu. Everywhere it went, space crumbled and was destroyed. Everything turned into dust. Wu Yu had just withdrawn the 10,000 Dragons Staff when that fatal danger reached him. Everyone could see that he could not evade this!

Wu Yu was also shocked. This seemingly simple dao technique actually had strong waves. If these waves swept through him, his body would be torn into meat slices. While he might not die, he did not want to suffer such grave injuries!

"Somersault Cloud!"

Hence, Wu Yu did not hold back and shocked the audience again. His real body was about to be destroyed by his opponent when he somersaulted and disappeared instantly. Prince Yao's attack landed on empty space! 

Wu Yu had disappeared from everyone's line of sight!

"How is that possible? He disappeared!" There were many Dao Querying experts at the scene, but they were confused at this moment too! 

"This is not that wild boar's invisibility trick, because even if he hid, he could not hide from that attack. He has completely disappeared!  And gone somewhere else!"

"Impossible!" someone shouted loudly. As they were shouting, Prince Yao was more shocked than them. He thought he could defeat Wu Yu. Who knew that his opponent had actually disappeared at this crucial juncture. His dao technique had landed on nothing. His strength was wasted, and even when the Giant Flaming Beast of the Mountains rushed up, he could not find Wu Yu!

This battle changed again.

Before Prince Yao was surprised again, the audience actually gasped again! Because someone in the audience was sharp-eyed and saw that the white-haired, red-eyed Wu Yu was finally attacking. A pitch black sword appeared in his hand.

"That is the Dark North Royal Obelisk."

Everyone gasped.

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