Chapter 0800: Overturning Heaven Emperor Seal

From the beginning, Wu Yu was never an easy target for bullying. Prince Yao wanted to bully into submission and had not expected this tit for tat.

With his honorable status, he had never been rebutted by someone lesser than a prince. He must have been furious. The Three Immortals Kunwu Jin Yuan beside him was originally a short-tempered demon. At this moment, his nose was huffing out thick, golden fog. He was breathing heavily as though he was growling. His breaths attracted much attention.

"I alone can take three of you!" The Three Immortals Kunwu took a step forward. Many spirit designs immediately took shape beneath his feet. The floor that was originally tiled with precious materials cracked into multiple lines beneath his feet.

"That's enough, you just have to show your skills by defeating that demon. Let me play with Wu Yu. Let us from the Yan Huang Tribe see what ability Wu Yu has that defeated Prince You Yan." While Prince Yao was angered, he was still calm.

Wu Yu said, "Prince Yao, do you mean it's alright for both battles to be carried out simultaneously? That's great, then I can compete with my brother to see who defeats their opponent first."


It was unexpected for Wu Yu to be even prouder than Prince Yao! He was new here, and someone who had just arrived at a foreign place should be humble. It was unexpected that he did not lay low and instead spoke so proudly. This was a surprise, and it also infuriated Prince Yao.

A simple competition had turned into an all out provocation!

Even more unexpected was what the handsome Full Moon of Nanshan did. He waved his indescribable fan, smiled, and said, "Naturally that would be me. This little kitty is not even enough to fill even the gaps between my teeth."

Each one of them was prouder than the other. While everyone was shocked, they were also looking forward to the battle. The tension had risen to this level. How could the following battle be boring?

Of course, Wu Yu was still somewhat considered an outsider. These people needed more time to accept him, so most of them stood behind Prince Yao.

"Prince Yao, quickly bash their mouths in!"

"I want to see if they have abilities other than foolish courage and sharp tongues."

"Their true colors will be revealed soon."

The great Three Immortals Kunwu was described by the Full Moon of Nanshan as a little kitten. Jin Yuan was naturally even more furious. It was useless for Prince Yao to hold him back now. He headed straight towards the Full Moon of Nanshan with ferocious eyes. A big battle was inevitable.

Qu Yin saw the situation. He need not stop them, since this was a fight between the two. As long as there were no deaths, there was nothing to be concerned about. The Yan Huang Ancient Country had a fierce culture, and it was normal for fights to break out when disagreements occurred.

But Qu Yin still did something. He took out two transparent balls from his Sumeru Pouch and suddenly threw them into the sky.

"It's the Virtual Battlefield!" people shouted in surprise.

Wu Yu took one look and realized that this was a dao treasure. However, it was a special dao treasure. It was mainly used to carry spirit designs and had no offensive powers. While it was not an advanced dao treasure, it was powerful in a certain aspect.

Indeed, this Virtual Battlefield was mysterious. It expanded instantly and, in the blink of an eye, turned into a bubble that was soft but could not burst. There was a large space inside. 

At this moment, the two bubbles surrounded Wu Yu and Prince Yao, as well as the Full Moon of Nanshan and the Three Immortals Kunwu. One bubble became one battlefield. Wu Yu and Prince Yao were in one battlefield. 

He suddenly felt as though he was cut off from the outside world. The battlefield was large, but there were limits, and that limit was the bubble’s wall. It looked thin, but since Qu Yin had used it to prevent Wu Yu and the others from destroying the Yan Huang Immortal's Capital, then it had to be something of a level that Wu Yu currently could never break through. 

Of course, on Wu Yu's side were his real body and avatar. So it looked like there were three people here. Two Wu Yus facing one.

With this Virtual Battlefield, they would not need to worry about accidentally injuring others. Also, the walls of Virtual Battlefield would expand as they expanded. The people outside only needed to evade.

Everyone could watch the battle in peace. Watching a battle was beneficial for others. As they notified more people, the audience increased in number. The Yan Huang Tribe members all looked on with passion. They were unwilling to miss even a second.

Wu Yu had not begun, but the Three Immortals Kunwu and the Full Moon of Nanshan acted as though they had met their mortal enemies and had started their battle. They used their human forms first to test each other. The Three Immortals Kunwu originally thought that he could easily take the Full Moon of Nanshan down with brute strength, but they just exchanged blows and he immediately realized that the Full Moon of Nanshan was very difficult to handle!

The Full Moon of Nanshan's mystiques and dao techniques were all mysterious. For instance, his invisibility. Another instance were the illusions that he used on Wu Yu. These were all hard to defend against. And while the Three Immortals Kunwu had three heads, he was a demon that relied on brute force. He was weaker in spiritual aspects, so the Full Moon of Nanshan had a great advantage over him!

The Three Immortals Kunwu was also a 10th tier Primordial Spirit Transformation cultivator. Wu Yu guessed that the Full Moon of Nanshan was also at this tier. If not, he would not have accepted this fight. He had not seen the Full Moon of Nanshan truly exhibit his powers.

The battle here looked weird. The Three Immortals Kunwu instantly entered a highly berserk state. Obviously, his spirit was being disturbed by the Full Moon of Nanshan. Comparatively, the Full Moon of Nanshan disappeared and reappeared from time to time, laughing heartily. The battle had just started, and it felt like he had the upper hand.

This shocked everyone.

Prince Yao's heart was a little shaken. His goal today was mainly to exhibit Jin Yuan. Now Jin Yuan had sunken into a bitter fight and the situation was tenuous. His worries were useless. At this moment, two Wu Yus with different auras stood before him. One actually instantly transformed into a golden ape. He held an advanced dao treasure with thousands of dragons intertwined on it and looked majestic. Golden flames spread. This was practically the embodiment of the ability of the Yan Huang Tribe. It was even purer and more outstanding than what many of the Yan Huang Tribe possessed!

Under the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth, Wu Yu's real body instantly increased in size and turned into a giant! His Heaven Devouring Avatar hid behind him. Those blood red eyes were fixed onto Prince Yao. The Dark North Royal Obelisk had yet to be drawn out.

This was the combination, golden hair and blood-red hair dancing wildly! One was domineering and suppressive! The other was cold and bloodthirsty. While Prince Yao was confident, he was still shocked by Wu Yu at this moment. He realized that Wu Yu could easily raise fearful respect in people. He could no longer pay attention to Jin Yuan's battle because it was obvious Wu Yu could fight him!

Prince Yao realized that this would be a difficult fight! And it was he who had initiated this fight.

"Maybe this is a chance for me to stand out from the other princes!"

"Wu Yu, since you have enough ability then become my stepping stone!"

Prince Yao no longer split his attention to watch Jin Yuan even though the battlefield on that end was causing the audience to gasp repeatedly. He forced his attention away because at this moment, Wu Yu already had his two bodies attacking him simultaneously!

For the first step, the golden ape blew on a handful of fur. Instantly, fur flew and covered the sky, transforming into 10,000 Wu Yu doppelgangers. Each and every one of them had weapons!

"Blood Weeping World Technique!" The battle had just begun, and the first move he threw out was the dao technique from the Demon Hall of Dao Techniques! 10,000 people used this dao technique simultaneously. Even though the doppelgangers only had Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy comparable to fourth or fifth tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivators, 10,000 of them gathered together with Wu Yu's real body was a force to be reckoned with!

When these 10,000 people appeared, the whole Virtual Battlefield's range was expanded. The Virtual Battlefield expanded rapidly, forcing the audience to retreat.

The Blood Weeping World Technique would have had its powers reduced if he had to control it to avoid hurting the audience. At this point, the Virtual Battlefield helped him greatly. Qu Yin had confined Wu Yu's attacks to within the Virtual Battlefield!

Instantly, people saw the entire Virtual Battlefield swallowed by blood red color. Ear-piercing and soul-tearing shrieks emerged from the Blood Weeping World. They were sharp like countless blades slashing through the entire Virtual Battlefield!

Prince Yao's expression changed. He indeed had no more chance to look at the Three Immortals Kunwu. He could only pay full attention to his battle with Wu Yu!

"Overturning Heaven Emperor Seal!" At the moment the Blood Weeping World Technique attacked, he quickly drew out a dao treasure in a hurry. It was a large, golden seal. It looked like a golden mountain covered with runes. Under the Prince's control, the runes twisted and changed. Before Wu Yu's Blood Weeping World Technique could engulf him, the Overturning Heaven Emperor Seal appeared before Prince Yao and transformed into a huge, golden seal. It stood guard above his head and covered him in golden light!

Wu Yu's fierce Blood Weeping World Technique attack landed on the Overturning Heaven Emperor Seal's protective light. However, with the other party's vibrant Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy and with this advanced dao treasure and its activated spirit design, the Blood Weeping World Technique actually could not penetrate the opponent's defences any time soon!

"Giant Wheel Sword of Dawn!"

It was obvious that Prince Yao was unhappy with Wu Yu's method of fighting and gaining the upper hand in the beginning. He took out his advanced dao treasures consecutively to counter attack Wu Yu. After he protected himself from Wu Yu's attacks with the Overturning Heaven Emperor Seal, a huge, golden sword appeared in his hands. The most noticeable features of this huge sword were its blade and hilt. It was a disk composed of a complex combination of spirit designs and several shining gems. The disk was like a golden wheel, and it was in constant rotation. Every time it rotated, the countless spirit designs on the blade would shine brightly, and the waves of its power were very fierce!

With the protection of Overturning Heaven Emperor Seal, he grabbed onto the Giant Wheel Sword of Dawn with both hands again! The sword swept across and a golden arc followed with the sword slash. Where the sword passed, at least 100 of Wu Yu's doppelgangers were cut in half!

"Die!" Prince Yao was full of confidence. Wu Yu's attacks were momentarily ineffective against him.

Wu Yu naturally realized that too. This battle was a challenge, but he was not afraid of this challenge.


Everyone gasped in shock again. This time it was not because of Wu Yu, but because the Three Immortals Kunwu and the Full Moon of Nanshan had already taken their true forms to battle.

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