Chapter 0799: Fighting Together

At this moment, the demon the Three Immortals Kunwu took off his wide hood and revealed his face. His face was fierce and majestic. He even had a pair of fangs. He did look like a lion, and had a similar aura to the Yan Huang royal family.

When the others heard that Prince Yao was here, they knew that something interesting was about to unfold.

Prince Yao had been pushing for Kingmaker Yao and did not get approval. It made him furious. People in the Yan Huang Immortal's Capital all knew that other princes of his age already had their Kingmakers.

Now even Prince Le, who was about half his age, had Kingmaker Le, who had been appointed personally by the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor. This made him feel even more resentful towards Royal Uncle Yong.

After all, someone like Wu Yu did not even have to go through any background checks, nor did he have to pass any trials, yet he had managed to become a Kingmaker. Why did Royal Uncle Yong have to be so strict towards him?

Wu Yu had just arrived, so Prince Yao did not mind establishing his dominance with him. At the same time, he was also proving to the Yan Huang Immortal's Capital the heaven-defying ability of the Three Immortals Kunwu. He believed that once everyone witnessed the ability of the Three Immortals Kunwu, they would all feel that such a talented demon should be retained and bestowed a good status and identity.

This was a method that Prince Yao could use to pressure Royal Uncle Yong. Royal Uncle Yong was, after all, not the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor - he was only in charge of internal affairs during this period of time. The person in charge changed every decade, and they were the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor's brothers.

Prince Yao need not be polite to him. He only needed his approval.

Just right, Wu Yu appeared now when he had yet to find the chance to display the abilities of the Three Immortals Kunwu.

Hence, he was not here on impulse. He made this decision after thinking for a long time.

Besides, he was determined to get his way.

Qu Yin naturally saw through his persistence. If he stopped Prince Yao now, then Prince Yao would definitely harbor hatred towards him in the future. That was not a worthy loss. He thought to push this problem to Wu Yu and make it his decision instead. He asked, "This is Prince Yao's situation, will you be willing to show the glory that you displayed at the Dark North Battle for Supremacy in front of the people of the Immortal's Capital? By the way, since you've returned to the Yan Huang Ancient Country, it is time to prove to your fellow Yan Huang Tribe members that you not only have the Ancient Emperor's Edict, but also the ability worthy of it."

His words obviously leaned towards Wu Yu accepting this challenge.

After all, he knew that if Wu Yu wanted to flourish at the Immortal's Capital, he had to have a certain amount of power. The name he had made for himself at the Dark North Kingdom was not enough. He needed to let the Yan Huang Tribe witness what he, Wu Yu, was made of!

This would benefit him. If he was victorious, then more would fearfully respect him. However, if he lost, then he would become Prince Yao and Jin Yuan's stepping stone.

Wu Yu could tell that the way this pair looked at each other was different. There was a sense of closeness and familiarity, a feeling of willingness to make sacrifices for each other. It was similar to Jiang Junlin and Yuan Chen, who he had met at the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom.[1]

This was beyond race and gender.... But it was said that this was common amongst martial cultivators because in martial cultivation, reciprocal assistance and communication on a spiritual level was valued. Some confidants might not be of the opposite gender. Hence, while they would not become dao companions, they shared a life similar to dao companions. Usually, this was the freedom of martial cultivators. No one cared. However, it was difficult for Prince Yao because he was born to the Yan Huang royal family.

Prince Yao was unorthodox after all. Thus, it seemed that he was a little different. Of course this also showed how important this fight was to Prince Yao.

Hence, everyone waited for Wu Yu's reply.

Heavy pressure rolled out and pressed onto Wu Yu!

Prince Yao looked at him fiercely, his gaze burning.

Deathly silence.

However, at this point, Wu Yu said easily, calmly, and with a smile, "I'm sorry, I don't need a demon to prove my ability. The Ancient Emperor has made me Kingmaker Le, then I'm Kingmaker Le. Prince Yao, are you going to forcibly attack me?"

If the other party was treating him like a tool to reach a certain goal, and he agreed, then he would be in a passive position.

People had heard stories of Wu Yu and guessed that he would agree no matter what. This was unexpected. Everyone was eager to watch a fight, hence many shouted, "Don't sprout any more nonsense, just start the fight!"

"So many are watching, don't be cowardly, just go for it!"

"Wu Yu, you acted so majestically at the Dark North Kingdom. Have you become cowardly after coming to the Yan Huang Ancient Country?"

Many jeers and scoldings turned into pressure on Wu Yu. These people were here for a good show and were not afraid of blowing things up. They all goaded him to stir him into starting a hot-blooded battle.

Indeed, as Qu Yin had said, Wu Yu needed to prove his ability to establish his dominance after coming to the Immortal's Capital. This was Yan Huang. His dominance in the Dark North was nothing here. The Yan Huang Tribe only trusted what they saw. Hence, before Wu Yu made a move, they all desired to know what ability Wu Yu had!

When everyone was goading him, Wu Yu remained calm and leisurely. His words took a sharp turn and he said, "But, Prince Yao, don't be anxious. My follower is eager to fight your Jin Yuan. He is also a demon, called the Full Moon of Nanshan. He is my brother, and his ability is no weaker than mine. If Prince Yao wants to use me to establish dominance, he can fight instead. If you don't believe it, you can try."

With these words, many people stopped goading. They looked at each other and were speechless. It was bad that he had not accepted the challenge. He had actually used such a method to respond to Prince Yao. This was belittling Prince Yao. This was serious. In an instant, even Qu Yin was depressed. He wanted to stop Wu Yu, but he was too late.

Now the tension increased.

But Prince Yao was very gracious and was not upset. He realized that Wu Yu was not one to be easily bullied. With that in mind, he looked at Wu Yu and said, "If Jin Yuan defeats your follower, you should be up next. Hiding behind a demon follower is not honorable and does not match your fame!"

He meant that if Jin Yuan defeated the Full Moon of Nanshan, then Wu Yu would have to battle. At that moment, he could no longer hide.


Actually, what Wu Yu had said previously was suggested by the Full Moon of Nanshan. He desired a fight with the Three Immortals Kunwu. In terms of bloodline, he was too low born as a normal wild boar, compared to the Three Immortals Kunwu. It was like comparing the heavens and earth.

It was because of this that he was not convinced. He wanted to use his immortal's legacy to challenge this honored bloodline. Of course, he also had his own agenda. He was young and wanted to be famous in the Yan Huang Ancient Region too! In the past, he had no background and was alone. He dared not make any moves to attract attention. However, the situation was different now. He had announced publicly that he was following Wu Yu. Wu Yu had the protection of the Ancient Emperor's Edict, and so would he. Hence, to him, this was an opportunity to show off.

"I want to beat the shit out of this huge, golden kitty." The Full Moon of Nanshan was eager to try. Just right, Wu Yu had not seen his ability, so he was willing to go first.

If the Full Moon of Nanshan won, then he would not need to move at all and could already use this opportunity to establish dominance.

But Prince Yao had only targeted him and was adamant about having him fight. Since that was the case, Wu Yu had an idea. He was actually someone who enjoyed battles too. He loved a passionate, all-out battle. The current situation fulfilled the conditions and, thinking about the Ancient Emperor's Edict, he really had nothing to be cautious of. 

Hence, he suddenly raised his voice and replied to Prince Yao, "That seems redundant. Just my brother is enough for your Jin Yuan to display himself. If Prince Yao must test Wu Yu's ability, then we can have a friendly fight between us. Two battles, wouldn't that be more interesting?"

Wu Yu's method was no doubt raising the level to answer Prince Yao. Actually, Prince Yao had no intention of fighting personally. He only wanted to use Wu Yu to make Royal Uncle Yong acknowledge the ability of the Three Immortals Kunwu. Hence, when Wu Yu spread the fires of battle onto him, he was full of shock and could not react.

Not only him, even Qu Yin and the surrounding spectators were in shock too. Everyone was shocked and looked at Wu Yu in disbelief. They could not react immediately. Qu Yin reacted the fastest and quickly said, "Rude! Wu Yu, is Prince Yao someone for you to challenge!?"

Wu Yu's words had raised this battle into another level. Previously, Prince Yao had the upper hand and was leading the situation by the nose. Now the tables had turned.

Except when Wu Yu, both the real body and Heaven Devouring Avatar, stared at Prince Yao with passionate eyes filled with the intention of battle, and under the watchful eyes of the audience, Prince Yao actually had no path of retreat. Wu Yu had said that at the best moment, and Prince Yao could hardly reject. After all, it was he who had provoked Wu Yu first. Now that he was being counter-challenged, he would not and could not retreat first!

Besides, Prince Yao was angered. He was angry and laughed as he said, "You really are daring. It is no wonder you caused such fanfare at the Dark North Battle for Supremacy. This courage is refreshing and worthy of respect. But have you thought of the possibility of being defeated in Yan Huang, never to stand again? After all, attacks never are merciful. If we hold back, then the fight will not be enjoyable."

"Prince Yao, don't worry. Whether I live or die is my own responsibility, it is the same for the Full Moon of Nanshan."

He turned back to look at the Full Moon of Nanshan. Today, they would fight together. At the same time, this was also a competition between him and the Full Moon of Nanshan. Wu Yu did not want the other party to win, while he lost.

To be honest, Prince You Yan was a 10th tier Primordial Spirit Transformation cultivator. He was no weaker than Prince You Yan, and Wu Yu's avatar had weakened due to previous injuries. The only variable factor was his Dark North Royal Obelisk.

But Wu Yu was willing to challenge his limits and the impossible.

To him, only battles in which victory was a mystery were worth fighting bravely!

To him, even defeat was nothing much.

1. The Heavenly Immortal guy’s son and his… “close friend.”

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