Chapter 0798: Prince Yao and Three Immortals Kunwu

Crowds gathered at the Yan Huang Immortal's Capital city gate. There were many people on the streets and in the sky. Some were distinguishable as soldiers from the Yan Dragon Army.

Other than these few soldiers clad in Yan Dragon Armor, there were a few others.

It was said that there were a total of five great armies guarding the Immortal's Capital.

This was the difference in strength between the Yan Huang Ancient Country and the Dark North Kingdom. There were five great armies here, and each of them was on par with the Dark Sea Army of the Dark North Kingdom.

The Yan Dragon Army was one of the five.

Looking ahead, the army guarding the royal city today was wearing a suit of dao treasure armor different from that of the Yan Dragon Army. Obviously, this was another army.

Qu Yin was also someone important. He brought Wu Yu and the Full Moon of Nanshan directly to the city gate.

The royal city was a very holy place. Usually, there were few people passing through. If they were not summoned, most people could not enter. Hence, there was actually not much use for the army to stand guard here.

It was more to demonstrate their power to the public.

"Honored General Qu."

When Qu Yin neared the royal city gate, another general greeted him. This general was very large and was wearing a suit of golden armor. A golden mystical dragon was carved onto the armor. It looked domineering and cool.

"I'm the Heaven Dragon General of the Huang Dragon Army——Zhao Xuanyin. Greetings, Honored General Qu. I'm guarding the royal city gate today. This should be Wu Yu. Wu Yu has been summoned via the Ancient Emperor's Edict. He naturally can enter the royal city."

"Zhao Xuanyin, I know you."

Qu Yin nodded.

The Huang Dragon Army was one of the five greatest armies in Immortal's Capital, and the Heaven Dragon General was the general secondary only to the Army General. His ability was not to be underestimated. He was on the same level as a dark sky general from the Dark Sea Army.

After the two exchanged pleasantries, Qu Yin wanted to lead Wu Yu and the Full Moon of Nanshan through the city gate directly.

Zhao Xuanyin looked troubled and said, "There's no problem with Wu Yu, but who is this demon? Demons cannot enter the royal city."

He pointed to the Full Moon of Nanshan. 

Qu Yin was mildly annoyed and said coldly, "This is Wu Yu's follower who has always followed Wu Yu. Now that Wu Yu is the Kingmaker Le, are you intending to separate him from his follower? This is not my first time in the royal city. It is not as though I do not know how many demons are inside."

Actually, he did not care whether the Full Moon of Nanshan could enter the royal city or not. However, he knew that if he was denied entry, then Wu Yu would voice his displeasure. Now he only wanted to complete his mission properly. And not have any other trouble.

Zhao Xuanyin actually just wanted to see the other party's attitude. Since the other party was adamant, then even if something happened, it would not be his responsibility. So he quickly smiled and said, "I see, so he is Kingmaker Le's follower. Of course he can follow Kingmaker Le. I'm just checking his identity. Honorable General Qu, please forgive my rudeness."

Zhao Xuanyin knew what to do so Qu Yin could not bother seeking trouble with him. Now that Zhao Xuanyin had permitted their entrance, he brought Wu Yu and the Full Moon of Nanshan through the city gate. Other Huang Dragon Army soldiers also let them pass.

Actually, they were also secretly observing Wu Yu's group.

Ever since his arrival here, Wu Yu realized that many people were paying attention to him.

There were many who headed to the city gate upon hearing news about Wu Yu's arrival.

They were about to enter the royal city. At the city gate, a voice sounded from the front. There was another person entering from outside. When Qu Yin recognized that person, he quickly retreated to the side and made way for that person to walk in the center lane.

Upon seeing this, Wu Yu could tell that this person had a higher status than Qu Yin.

And very few people had higher status than Qu Yin in the Yan Huang Immortal's Capital.

This made Wu Yu even more curious about his identity. Usually, there were few people inside the royal city. The chances were slim that someone would arrive just as he was about to enter.

Hence, it was possible that this person had come here specially for him.

Wu Yu also realized that there was a demon among the crowd. That demon was in human form and was wearing a long, black robe. Even though the black robe was loose-fitting, it could not hide his strong muscles. He seemed to have long, golden hair. Most of the time, he kept his head lowered and stood beside his leader.

This leader was a young man about 100 years old. He was obviously a member of the Yan Huang royal family. From the way he carried himself, his gaze, and aura, he was much more powerful than his peers out there. He was at least on par with Prince You Yan and Prince You Yang of the Dark North Kingdom. He was actually even stronger and more domineering because of the dao of the Yan Huang Tribe. Hence this person's gaze and aura were more oppressive and stirred fear and the desire to escape in people whom he first met.

Wu Yu saw a very obvious characteristic on the other party's forehead. He remembered that there was a golden “Le” word on Prince Le's forehead. This was a sign that all descendants of the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor were born with. And in the central position on this person's forehead was a golden sign, and it probably was an ancient word that read as "Yao".

"The Yan Dragon Army’s Army General bringing Wu Yu, who was summoned personally by the Ancient Emperor's Edict, greets Prince Yao."

Wu Yu had just read that word, and beside him, Qu Yin had already greeted the other party. 

Yao had the meaning of the tallest mountain.

Obviously, the other party was a prince too and was Prince Le's elder brother. Because the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor had many descendants, the competition among the Yan Huang royal family was fierce. The strongest and oldest prince was reaching the realm of immortality right now. But this did not mean that these young princes, like Prince Yao and Prince Le, were not precious enough.

As the children of the strongest person in the Yan Huang Ancient Region, they were born into a status higher than others. Even the princes and princesses of other martial cultivation kingdoms had to fearfully respect them.

Hence, even though he was just Prince Yao, Qu Yin had to treat him with respect. This was the treatment for the Yan Huang royal family!

After Prince Yao heard a voice, his eyes quickly swept past Wu Yu, the Heaven Devouring Avatar, and the Full Moon of Nanshan. His gaze lingered on Wu Yu and Heaven Devouring Avatar for a few more seconds. He was expressionless and his hands were clasped behind his back when he walked past Qu Yin's group. When he neared them, he said, "Don't be in a hurry to enter, I have something for you."

Qu Yin was confused and said, "Prince Yao, Wu Yu was summoned here by the Ancient Emperor's Edict. I'm bringing him to Prince Le's residence. From the moment he received the Ancient Emperor's Edict, he was the Kingmaker Le."

Prince Yao stopped in his tracks. He was tall and big, hence he looked down on them. It also felt like he was belittling Qu Yin. He said, "Of course I know that. Don't sputter nonsense. Even though it's Kingmaker Le, he has to come too."

This person was really overbearing. Qu Yin was speechless. He did not like trouble from nothing, but Prince Yao was being forceful and did not give him a chance to reject. Qu Yin was unwilling to insult a prince. Since he just wanted them to not enter the Imperial City, he did not mind and gave Wu Yu a look. He led Wu Yu, who had just entered the city gate, and followed Prince Yao out again.

There was a wide parade square outside the city gate. It was expansive. There were many people here before, but because Wu Yu had entered the royal city, the crowd dispersed quickly. Many people did not expect that Prince Yao would force Wu Yu and Qu Yin out here a moment later.

Wu Yu was also depressed. He was someone with the Ancient Emperor's Edict, but this Prince Yao seemed to not recognize that and wanted to make things difficult for him. What would he get? He could not fathom.

But Prince Yao would quickly reveal his motives to everyone and Wu Yu.

It was quite interesting to see this group gathering at the royal city gate. News immediately spread. Many people were originally uninterested, but upon hearing that it was Prince Yao who had stopped Wu Yu, many came forth to see what was going on.

Under the watchful eyes of the people, Prince Yao stared at both of Wu Yu's bodies and said directly, "I've proposed several times to have Jin Yuan become my Kingmaker. Now Royal Uncle Yong, who is handling the affairs of the country, has not approved it. I heard that Kingmaker Le defeated Prince You Yan in the Dark North Kingdom. I did not witness it personally since I was at the Immortal's Capital. Even with the guarantee of my Emperor Father, I still want to personally test your ability! Jin Yuan is no weaker than you. So, with Qu Yin as the witness, if Jin Yuan defeats Wu Yu, then the next time I propose him to be my Kingmaker to Royal Uncle Yong, Lord Qu has to support me. You just have to let him know of today's situation."

Wu Yu finally understood.

The Jin Yuan he referred to was probably the demon beside him.

Prince Yao wanted this demon to be his Kingmaker. Perhaps the two had a good relationship, but other than the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor, only Royal Uncle Yong had the authority to bestow the status of Kingmaker. Under the usual circumstances, the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor would not bother with these small matters at all. Hence, this was under the purview of Royal Uncle Yong.

And Prince Yao's proposal for Jin Yuan to be his Kingmaker had not been approved by Royal Uncle Yong. Hence, he was unhappy. Now that Wu Yu was here as the Kingmaker of Prince Le, he obviously wanted to make use of Wu Yu to prove Jin Yuan's talent and convince Royal Uncle Yong.

Jin Yuan was that burly demon beside him. Wu Yu used the Eyes of Fire and Gold to see through his true form. He was actually a golden lion. The key was that this lion had three huge heads! Such demons had a powerful bloodline and were definitely rare. The conditions for his birth would be very tough!

Ming Long was surprised and said, "Such demons are called Three Immortals Kunwu. It has a powerful bloodline and the potential to grow into something of the level of a king. They should not be underestimated. This is no doubt the Yan Huang Immortal's Capital. We have just arrived, yet we can see demons such as this Three Immortals Kunwu."

It was because this demon was of high birth and had guaranteed potential that Prince Yao, after serious consideration, wanted to give him the status of Kingmaker Yao. In the end, Royal Uncle Yong had refused to approve and so he was stuck. This made Prince Yao very angry.

After finding out the other party's motive, Qu Yin said in a depressed tone, "Prince Yao, since ancient times, demons becoming Kingmakers...."

"Shut up. I checked. There are precedents. While not many, since there were previous cases, why can't I?" Prince Yao waved his hands impatiently and then turned his focus onto Wu Yu.

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