Chapter 0797: Yan Huang Immortal's Capital

Wu Yu's journey this time wasn't as simple as moving from the Dark North Kingdom to the Yan Huang Ancient Country. 

The spirit design borders of each martial cultivation kingdom had certain limitations in height. 

From the Dark North Kingdom to the Yan Huang Ancient Country, they would have to get through several other martial cultivation kingdoms. Through the journey, they had been flying above these spirit design borders. 

This time, they had basically moved from the northernmost region of the Yan Huang Ancient Region to the central region. 

The Yan Huang Ancient Country was huge, and it occupied the three centermost continents. 

The destination for Wu Yu's journey was naturally the most central of the three continents. It was also the core of the Yan Huang Ancient Country, known as the Central Region Divine Continent. 

The Central Region Divine Continent was the most prosperous and lively continent in the entire Yan Huang Ancient Region. It was also where powerful martial cultivators were the most abundant in the entire Yan Huang Ancient Region. 

The elites of the Yan Huang Tribe were largely gathered in this place while pursuing the ultimate dream of immortalhood. 

If one had to determine the core of this place, it would undoubtedly be the capital of the Yan Huang Ancient Country. This was the center of the entire Jambu Realm and also the largest city in the Jambu Realm! 

The Yan Huang Tribe addressed this place as the Immortal's Capital. 

Immortalhood was what all the Yan Huang Tribe strived for. In fact, martial cultivators of other martial cultivation kingdoms also desired to be here for deeper cultivation. 

After all, this was the city with the most elite experts. 

This was the territory of the royal family of the Yan Huang Tribe and also the territory of those high-ranking officials, nobles, and generals of Yan Huang. 

People like Qu Yin, the Army General of the Yan Dragon Army, might be seen as having a high standing in the Dark North Kingdom. However, within the Immortal's Capital, there were many people who had a higher standing than him. 

This time, Wu Yu descended directly into the Immortal's Capital in the Yan Dragon Warship. 

The setting of the Immortal's Capital was similar to the Dark North Capital in some aspects. 

The Dark North Capital was an imperial city and the Immortal's Capital was an imperial city as well. 

The Imperial City belonged to the royal family of the Yan Huang Tribe. Those who were allowed to live in the Imperial City were basically only the royal family, the relatives of the royal family, and their servants and followers. 

Prince Le lived within the Imperial City. 

"You are the Kingmaker Le, a follower of Prince Le. Therefore, you shall stay within Prince Le's residence from here onwards. Having the rights to stay within the Imperial City is a dream that countless Yan Huang Tribe members have. Even I'm not qualified to do so. Speaking of which, I'm a little envious of you." 

They were about to descend and therefore everyone had gathered at the deck near the front of the warship. Qu Yin spoke to Wu Yu. 

Wu Yu wasn't particularly excited. For him, facing Prince Le would be a challenge. Prince Le, himself wasn't frightening. What was more frightening were the secrets he might be carrying with him. 

Wu Yu had been to the Taigu Immortal Path and knew how mysterious the Taigu Immortal Path could be. 

If it was possible, he would rather distance himself from Prince Le. 

It had been roughly half a year since they left the Yan Huang Ancient Country to watch the Dark Noth Battle for Supremacy. The people of the Yan Huang Ancient Country were eager to get home. Therefore, they were euphoric at this moment, wearing deep smiles on their faces. 

Only Qu Fengyu appeared to be more emotionless. 

"I'll send you to the entrance of the Imperial City in a while. Forget it, it's better if I just send you directly to Prince Le's residence. There are many people you don't know in the Immortal's Capital. Considering that news of you arriving has spread, there will likely be lots of spectators. However, you have been through the Dark North Battle for Supremacy and should be able to acclimatize to it well. It is just that the people in the Immortal's Capital are much stronger than those in the Dark North Capital." 

Looking through the flames of the Yan Dragon Warship with his Eyes of Fire and Gold, Wu Yu could vaguely see the majestic and vast Immortal's Capital. 

This was a huge city glittering in gold. When Wu Yu was looking at it, he couldn't see the end of the city whether he looked left or right. 

It was said that the Immortal's Capital was five times the size of the Dark North Capital. From this claim, Wu Yu could estimate how large the Immortal's Capital was. 

The glittering city he saw now was just the tip of the iceberg of the Immortal's Capital. 

Even though it was just the tip of the iceberg, the dense spiritual qi that surrounded the city and the various strange structures imbued with dense spirit designs were an eye-opener for Wu Yu. Even the most ordinary brick on the street had lots of spirit designs engraved on it. 

Exactly because of this, even if people were to fight here, these buildings and spirit designs wouldn't be destroyed easily. Otherwise, if there weren't such spirit designs engraved on top-grade precious materials, like in Capital Wu, any two Primordial Spirit Transformation cultivators would destroy the entire city if a fight broke out between them. 

Although he couldn't see clearly, the majesty of the Immortal's Capital still shook Wu Yu to the core.

The Immortal's Capital was the oldest city in the Yan Huang Ancient Region. Even the most ordinary brick or rock had spirit designs engraved on it over numerous generations by the Yan Huang Tribe. The history of the most ordinary brick might be even longer than some advanced dao treasures. 

Generations of Yan Huang Tribe members created the unprecedented and prosperous Yan Huang Immortal's Capital of today through generations of hard work. 

Within the Immortal's Capital, one could vaguely see one-tenth of the total area shrouded in golden mist. This golden mist was constantly morphing, sometimes into mystical dragons, sometimes into phoenixes, and sometimes into other immortal beasts. 

Wu Yu didn't know the names, but he knew this mist was made up of the most elite defensive and offensive spirit designs. Numerous Yan Huang Tribe members had given the Immortal's Capital the toughest and most elite spirit designs throughout history! 

It was said that the spirit designs around the Immortal's Capital couldn't be broken even by immortals. Obviously, they were now living in an era of great peace and there wouldn't be anyone that dared to kick up a ruckus here. It was even less likely that anyone would attack the Immortal's Capital. 

Those elite spirit designs that had the most glamorous names in history had not seen any use in a really long time. At this point, they were largely serving as ornaments. 

Since there were records, it was known that only one existence had ever broken through the defensive spirit designs of the Immortal's Capital. That was none other than the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord. 

Wu Yu wasn't clear about this, but Ming Long did know a little about it. 

Arriving at this place, she sighed emotionally. "It has been so many years and yet the changes to the Immortal's Capital haven't been huge. It's still as prosperous and fear-inducing." 

At this point, before the watchful eyes of a crowd, Qu Yin's Yan Dragon Warship descended before the city gates of the Imperial City. 

Qu Yin put his Yan Dragon Warship away amidst his laughter. 

Wu Yu, the Full Moon of Nanshan, and the 100 Yan Huang Tribe members landed on the ground. 

This was the Immortal's Capital. Looking across, other than the glittering and majestic buildings of the city, there were numerous cultivators. Lots of them had been drawn over because of Wu Yu. 

Taking a closer look, he realized that the Yan Huang Tribe was generally a notch stronger than those at the Dark North Capital. 

The middle-aged cultivators and old men he saw along the streets had immense strength and exceptional dispositions. 

Any one of them could have the strength of a grandmaster and might just be an elite martial cultivator at the Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm. 

Taking a closer look at those teenagers and children, he realized that they had exceptional talent. Even the weakest would likely be on the level of the elite geniuses of the Dong Sheng Divine Continent. 

Those young children and teenagers with exceptional talent could be spotted in the bunches. Moreover, they had their own chivalrous vibes. 

At this point, their eyes were searching in the crowd. Soon, they saw Wu Yu and the Full Moon of Nanshan. 

Both of them were still very eye-catching. It was especially so for the Full Moon of Nanshan, who was the only demon in the group. 

Typically, demons were rarely seen in the Immortal's Capital. As for Wu Yu, he was easy to spot because of his Heaven Devouring Avatar standing beside him. How could two identical people with completely different dispositions not draw the attention of others? 

Those in the Immortal's Capital had all heard that Wu Yu had a terrifying avatar. 

"I see him! That's the young man right there. The one with a white-haired, red-eyed avatar must be Wu Yu. I heard he's from the Dong Sheng Divine Continent and even clinched first in the Dark North Battle for Supremacy." 

"So that's the young man that the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor has appointed as the Kingmaker Le personally with the Ancient Emperor's Edict? He looks a little... a little too ordinary?" 

"Yeah, he does look a little ordinary, and his cultivation level seems really low. The Kingmakers of our Yan Huang Ancient Country have talent at least similar to that of the princes and princesses. The Kingmakers also have to be stronger than them. After all, the Kingmakers have to protect the princes and princesses." 

"Wu Yu has likely clinched first in the Dark North Battle for Supremacy by overcoming the princes and princesses of the Dark North Kingdom. It is said that his strength is a given. You have to believe it! That's the Ancient Emperor's Edict we are talking about!" 

Therefore, although many people were doubtful after seeing the unknown Wu Yu, they shut their mouths instantly and chose to believe in him at the thought of the Ancient Emperor's Edict. 

After all, how many years had it been since an Ancient Emperor's Edict was issued?

All of them felt that Wu Yu had the greatest honor that one could possess, and they were envious of him. Whether Wu Yu could live up to his name was no longer important. 

There were also many others who were observing Wu Yu from the dark. 

Although Wu Yu didn't take a closer look, there were at least over 10,000 people. A small minority was in the open, while the majority remained hidden. As for those that hid themselves, they were likely those with higher status and standing. 

"Who could have expected this? The Ancient Emperor's Edict has truly solidified my position in the Yan Huang Ancient Country, and no one can possibly move this belief. Ordinary people won't dare to provoke me. This is probably something good for me," Wu Yu mumbled with deep feelings. 

This was just as he had envisioned. 

This was a form of protection from the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor, and it was indeed much stronger than the protection from Princess You Xue. They couldn't even be considered to be at the same level. Wu Yu finally realized that he could openly challenge himself in the Yan Huang Ancient Country. 

Compared to when he was in the Dark North Kingdom, he could go more wild and violent. 

This was a more suitable place for his cultivation path. At present, he had been living for the battles. 

After arriving, those that went with Qu Yin to spectate the Dark North Battle for Supremacy had basically all left. 

A minority was from the Yan Dragon Army, while the rest were from all corners of the Yan Huang Ancient Country. They were now rushing back to their homes. 

Till the end, Qu Fengyu didn't speak much. Instead, she made her way into the crowd and left Wu Yu and the Full Moon of Nanshan, who would be making their way to Prince Le's residence. 

Qu Yin would be leading Wu Yu and the Full Moon of Nanshan into the Imperial City. 

Before Wu Yu was an incomparably vast, majestic, and glittering city gate. Beyond it would be the territory of the royal family of Yan Huang. 

That was also the most central land in the entire Jambu Realm, the place with the densest spiritual qi. It was said that it was even comparable to the sky palaces. 

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