Chapter 0796: Saintly Sword of the Dark Spirit, Heaven Swallowing 10,000 Rampaging Dragons

The Heaven Devouring Avatar currently had potential for devouring. After all, Wu Yu's greater Primordial Spirit had already improved.

After the Heaven Devouring Avatar improved, he again returned to master the Dark North Royal Obelisk, and the four Offensive Spirit Designs. With both the longsword and whip forms, its battle power would definitely surpass Wu Yu's real body.

After a period of careful study, he slowly grew familiar with these four Offensive Spirit Designs.

Familiar with them now, he realized that each of these four spirit designs were all much stronger than the Infinite Eternal Sand Reincarnation Design of the Otherworldly Infinite 10,000 Dragons Staff.

The longsword form had two Offensive Spirit Designs.

One of them was known as the Dark Sea Ghostly Tempest.

Just by analyzing the spirit designs alone, Wu Yu could see that the sword shadows covered the sky, falling down in a torrent. Where it landed in water, the water turned into an icy, black sea. If it landed on land, trees would wither and rivers would freeze.

As the mountains and rivers changed into a dark and glacial world, this ghostly rain smashed down with enough force to level regions.

The second Offensive Spirit Design of the longsword was called the Saintly Sword of the Dark Spirit Obelisk. This Offensive Spirit Design was clearly more complex than the Dark Sea Ghostly Tempest. It was more profound and, correspondingly, more powerful. The final spirit design was also made up of more component spirit designs. At least 100,000 spirit designs formed this Saintly Sword of the Dark Spirit Obelisk.

When it transformed into a whip, it also had two spirit designs. One was the Dark North Saintly Dragon Formation. This was the mystical dragon that Wu Yu had encountered within the Dark North Royal Obelisk. On further inspection, he could sense that the Dark North Royal Obelisk's powers had a different ring to it after transforming into an iron whip. Besides that, its lethal spirit designs and attacks were different from the longsword's. The iron whip's Offensive Spirit Designs could also produce amazing effects, such as defensive, binding, and suppressing effects.

This Dark North Saintly Dragon Formation was a combination of all sorts of abilities because it was also the combined effect of over 100,000 spirit designs. Every slash of the iron whip brought death!

Finally, the last Offensive Spirit Design was called the Heaven Swallowing 10,000 Rampaging Dragons Formation. The swallowing here did not refer to the devouring ability, but rather to rip and tear away at something. When this spirit design was activated, 10,000 dragons would fill the air and rampage through the battlefield, turning it into a depressing, desolate mess. The power of this Heaven Swallowing 10,000 Rampaging Dragons Formation was probably similar to that of the Saintly Sword of the Dark Spirit Obelisk. The former would be better at killing individuals, while the latter would be specialized for fighting groups. Within these spirit designs, no life would be spared! 

The four major Offensive Spirit Designs revolved around the core Dark North Royal Obelisk Immortal Palace Design. With one main and four supporting, it was truly an elite advanced dao treasure that left people cringing in fear - the Dark North Royal Obelisk.

"Although I gave up a lot in the Dark North Battle for Supremacy, it was definitely worth it to acquire this Dark North Royal Obelisk. All those princes and princesses must be drooling over it."

However, Wu Yu now had the Heaven Devouring Avatar and the Dark North Royal Obelisk, and he was as strong as they were.

Right now, the Heaven Devouring Avatar was analyzing the Dark North Royal Obelisk. This was an advanced dao treasure prepared specially for the Heaven Devouring Avatar. Wu Yu's real body had nothing to do. He cultivated his four main mystiques. Each mystique still had room for progress.

As for challenging the puppets in the Floating Dreams Pagoda, or entering the Demon Hall of Dao Techniques to refine dao techniques, those were unnecessary for the moment.

On a closer look, Wu Yu realized that his offensive abilities were truly varied, and each a valuable treasure. That was why he fought like a demon, even though his cultivation level was not high.

"How about a chat?" the Full Moon of Nanshan said quietly to him.

Wu Yu lifted his head. This handsome, even beautiful, demon youth had finally shaken off his happy-go-lucky demeanor, and was now looking at Wu Yu with a serious face.


The Full Moon of Nanshan said, "Then I will speak frankly. Put simply, the way I see it, we are like ants on the same line. Hereon, whether you and I are willing or otherwise, we might have to fight together for our mutual survival. Although we are not yet that close, since we are on this path together, it's best for us to open our hearts to each other. Forget the brotherhood thing, we should at least be fast friends. That isn't a problem."

The Full Moon of Nanshan was currently uncertain as well.

Wu Yu knew that in the Yan Huang Ancient Region, it was the human cultivators who had the most power. Whether martial cultivators or ghostly cultivators, they each had their own nations. On this front, the demons had the least influence.

In the sea, demon power was strongest, but they were all sea region demons. The sea region demons disdained the land demons. The Full Moon of Nanshan, like Wu Yu, had a monumental treasure on him - an immortal's legacy. He, too, faced the same conundrum as Wu Yu, which was that they had to depend on others, and yet have to constantly guard against the older, stronger martial cultivators stealing all they had.

Therefore, he had long been worrying about where he should go after leaving the Ghost Sea Prison.

After meeting Wu Yu, the two were in similar circumstances, ailed by the same fate, and left to the same wandering. Therefore, he had made up his mind to follow Wu Yu. If this were the Dark North Kingdom, he would be very familiar with the land. He was well informed about it, and would’ve been sheltered by Princess You Xue alongside Wu Yu. It would not have been a problem to reach immortalhood there, but he had not expected to be heading to the Yan Huang Ancient Country with Wu Yu, a place that was totally unfamiliar to him.

"I believe that you are someone worth working with. But for me, the future in the Yan Huang Ancient Country is just too opaque. I want to know what you know. No matter what, I've already set off with you. I will definitely go with you to the Yan Huang Ancient Country. I just want to be mentally prepared." The Full Moon of Nanshan was seldom so serious and sincere.

"It was I who was too preoccupied with growing stronger, and neglected you. Sorry." Wu Yu thought it over. He knew what the Full Moon of Nanshan needed to know, and therefore spoke of his encounters at Yan Huang Imperial City and at the Taigu Immortal Path. This included the deaths and reincarnations of Prince Le and the others.

"When I think about it, you're the one who knows most of my secrets." Wu Yu was also embarrassed. Perhaps because of their similar legacies, Wu Yu felt a liking for this guy.

"Reincarnation?" The Full Moon of Nanshan knew why Wu Yu was afraid of Prince Le now.

"One must indeed be careful of someone who has died and come back to life on the Taigu Immortal Path. But you are to be his Kingmaker. That's troublesome." The Full Moon of Nanshan frowned.

"Are you afraid?" Wu Yu asked.

The Full Moon of Nanshan shook his head, smiling. "Not so. I still want to know what other secrets there are.... I just feel like I’ve managed to get such an awesome legacy after such difficulty. If I die, it won't be worth it. I wanted to grow strong while keeping my head down, but I was tossed into the Ghost Sea Prison while I was still weak. Seems like the gods don't want me to squirrel away and cultivate. Now that I'm with you, all eyes are on us. If that's the case, best to enjoy the wild ride, and leave my mark behind on the world!"

This boar demon was quite a feisty one.

Wu Yu smiled. "Then we are in the same boat."

"Yes. I'm getting goosebumps from panic, just thinking of the unknown Yan Huang Ancient Emperor and Prince Le. It's like going up against a god. As for the others at the Yan Huang Ancient Country, I don't think they're much. I know the power of the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor. He himself crowned you Kingmaker Le, and so Prince Le himself cannot destroy you either. If others want to move on you secretly, they also have to contend with the godlike Yan Huang Ancient Emperor. Which means that as long as the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor and Prince Le do not want to kill you, you can't die. And if you can't die, I can't die. And for us, as long as we don't die, we have a chance to flip this world on its head. Wouldn't you say?"

The Full Moon of Nanshan saw quite clearly.

Wu Yu nodded. "You're right. We won't die. And if we don't die, then it does not matter how many times we lose. It is all cultivation fodder."

Wu Yu never feared defeat in battle!

Thus, he and the Full Moon of Nanshan both understood well that the Yan Huang Ancient Country was even more suited to them than the Dark North Kingdom. To put it simply, the one protecting them had changed from Princess You Xue to the world's strongest Yan Huang Ancient Emperor!

The only thing to worry about was the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor himself.

And even Ming Long could not puzzle this riddle out. The old geezer with the Full Moon of Nanshan could not either.

Many of the Full Moon of Nanshan's decisions were probably also guided by the elder, Wu Yu suspected. After all, he was also young, and not thorough in his thought process.

"Since that's the case, we might not be brothers in life and death, but I, the Full Moon of Nanshan, and you, Wu Yu, are friends bonded in life. Although there is great disparity in our handsomeness, I have never been one to care about that when making friends. After all, no one can be as handsome as me. The main thing is our fate."

Towards the end, the Full Moon of Nanshan gave a self-satisfied smile, and also opened his fan, allowing Wu Yu to again admire the beautiful women on it.

"The road is long, and at this point it is best to compose a poem. I see that you are a peasant, and in need of my cultured teachings to make you a gentleman of breeding. Listen well now, I'm about to compose a poem. Here goes."

He adopted a serious pose and tilted his chin upwards, sticking out a finger and chanting, "The weather today is very good. I am friends with Wu Yu. Oh, I am friends with Wu Yu. The weather today is very good."

When he finished, he laughed loudly three times, very satisfied. He began to clap for himself.

"You’re nuts." Wu Yu shook his head, speechless. This guy was a work of art, but that was a good thing. At least in his fights and on his journey, he would not be alone.

In the time that remained, the Heaven Devouring Avatar did its best to study the four major Offensive Spirit Designs. Wu Yu studied his four mystiques. When the Yan Huang Warship halted, Wu Yu knew that he had arrived at the place he had dreamed of: the Yan Huang Ancient Country.

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