Chapter 0795: Dark North Royal Obelisk Immortal Palace Design

At this time, the Dark North Royal Obelisk had already morphed into a tenebrous mystical dragon. The huge, ebony swords which had clashed before had now reformed into a tenebrous mystical dragon of cast iron! This was within the endless depths of gloomy seawater.

It was like flesh packed onto a frame of cast iron, which made the tenebrous mystical dragon even more robust, and at the same time imposing. In a flash, all the seawater gathered on the mystical dragon made of black swords!

This black mystical dragon huffed casually, unleashing a frigid blast that froze the sky, the earth, and one's spirit!

To the Heaven Devouring Avatar, this opponent was too strong. Wu Yu had thought that he stood a good chance, but the appearance of this black mystical dragon and the pressure it exerted made him realize that it was going to be an intense fight. It would not be a walk in the park to master the Dark North Royal Obelisk.

The Heaven Devouring Avatar and the black mystical dragon were fighting in this space.

"What on earth are you? Why are you so strange?" The black mystical dragon stared at Wu Yu curiously.

"You don't need to know that much. All you need to know is that I will be the one to control you."

In order to suppress this advanced dao treasure, he first needed to scare it.

When clashing with a dao treasure, being too polite would instead result in contempt.

"Hmph!" It sneered coldly. The monstrous body coiled up again, continuing to fight the Heaven Devouring Avatar.

Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar did not have much offensive ability, but he was strong because his opponent's attacks could not easily find purchase. Wu Yu could even convert and return his opponent's attacks at times. For example, the frost blast had almost frozen the vortex, but Wu Yu had still mastered its return, and sent this frost blast back to its original owner, freezing his opponent. In this fashion, although he could not defeat his opponent, he kept him occupied. Victory was not clear, and the struggle continued!

All in all, the Dark North Royal Obelisk's impression of Wu Yu was that he was a difficult one to deal with!

As for now, his avatar had time. He continued to keep the black mystical dragon occupied.

The Heaven Devouring Avatar and his real body's Invincible Vajra Body were both headed in the same direction, which was to be unkillable.

And the invulnerability of the Heaven Devouring Avatar had come a little sooner. He realized that in order for it to truly die, it would have to be weakened down to the state that it had been first born in.

As for the immortal treasure spirit of the Dark North Royal Obelisk, he was unable to reduce his ability. After all, it was just an immortal treasure spirit.

After an epic clash, the Dark North Royal Obelisk had not been defeated, but it felt that Wu Yu's capability had indeed earned its respect. After a long period of contemplation, it decided to submit, to be Wu Yu's advanced dao treasure.

"After many years, you will definitely be proud of your decision today. I will be your strongest owner that you have ever seen," Wu Yu vowed to the Dark North Royal Obelisk after it was over.

"I can see that. You are an exceptional talent. I only recognize two types of people as my master. Firstly, those with extraordinary talent, who might become immortal. Secondly, those with extraordinary potential, who improve at supernatural speeds. Although I'm not sure what category to place you in, I can see that there is something wondrous about your ability. In that case, I will give you my all, and call you master. I hope that you do not disappoint me."

The Dark North Royal Obelisk was also very sincere.

"Deal." Wu Yu did not harp on it. His Heaven Devouring Avatar withdrew from the Dark North Royal Obelisk, returning to the spot before Wu Yu's real body.

The Full Moon of Nanshan still did not know, and asked upon seeing both reappear, "What's up? All done?" 

Wu Yu did not need to answer him, because the Dark North Royal Obelisk's transformation at this time was his answer. In the hands of the Heaven Devouring Avatar, the Dark North Royal Obelisk began to change. The dense spirit designs began to appear. The hundreds of thousands of spirit designs were spots of light on its surface. They were swirling and changing, emitting a chilly aura. As the Dark North Royal Obelisk began to come to life, the entire Yan Dragon Warship was shaking. This was because an even more terrifying advanced dao treasure than the Yan Dragon Warship had awakened within.

The Yan Dragon Warship emitted keening sounds, evidently afraid of the Dark North Royal Obelisk.

Right now, Wu Yu's real body was still holding the hilt of the Dark North Royal Obelisk, and he felt that it was cold. The clash between his real body and the Dark North Royal Obelisk was too great. They were as immiscible as fire and water. Therefore, he could only have his Heaven Devouring Avatar wield the Dark North Royal Obelisk. And the Heaven Devouring Avatar had no affinity to any particular element. His strength and body could adapt to various changes.

Even the appearance of the Dark North Royal Obelisk was changing. For example, an iron dragon head now appeared on the hilt, while fine teeth appeared on the blade, as sharp as a dragon's teeth. The tip was naturally as keen as could be.

From the appearance and aura of the Dark North Royal Obelisk, it was indeed a few levels beyond the 10,000 Dragons Staff. Right now, a bone-chilling cold was extending throughout the Yan Dragon Warship, and hundreds felt the cold, chattering in its wake.

Clearly, they now knew that Wu Yu had mastered the Dark North Royal Obelisk. This was beyond their expectations. But when faced with a miracle worker like Wu Yu, they were sort of used to it. They could only look around at each other with wry smiles.

"This Wu Yu. He continues to work ridiculous miracles, as though there is nothing he cannot do. If such a wonder is brought to the Yan Huang Ancient Country and left to flourish, we will definitely reap the rewards one day, and he also will not be a threat to us. Luckily, the Army General had the foresight to bring the Ancient Emperor's Edict from the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor!"

"I just wonder what the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor had in mind commanding Wu Yu to be Kingmaker for Prince Le. I don't get it."

"Me neither. Probably not many do. Perhaps not even the Army General understands the workings beyond him."

"Not just the Army General. I think many Yan Huang royal family members are also in the dark as to what is happening. They probably haven't paid much attention to Wu Yu. And now his name has actually gotten to the point where the Ancient Emperor's Edict has been invoked. When he gets to Yan Huang, this kid's reputation will be basically known throughout the whole nation."

"Perhaps the Army General intended to investigate what legacy he had, and perhaps take it for his own use. Now that the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor has taken notice of him, the Army General can't move on him now. Not just the Army General, but anyone who wants Wu Yu's legacy and thinks of killing him must consider the fact that it was the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor who asked Wu Yu to go."

"This means that Wu Yu will be much safer in the Yan Huang Ancient Country compared to the Dark North Kingdom, right?"

"Not necessarily. After all, who knows what will happen?"

"Makes sense. A wild character like Wu Yu is a trouble magnet. Such people normally don't last long."

"At least he's already mastered the Dark North Royal Obelisk. As for his future, let's just watch quietly. After all, we can't move in on him now."

Everyone was discussing him as the chilly aura of the Dark North Royal Obelisk swirled through the warship.

This included Qu Yin himself, whose faraway gaze was hard to read.

Within the secret chamber, the Full Moon of Nanshan and Wu Yu's real body were both freezing their asses off. The wave of cold made him shudder all over, and the Full Moon of Nanshan said, "I couldn't tell, but you've really got a lot up your sleeve. I thought that you could be my lackey at best, but now I think you have met the minimum qualifications to be my friend. However, I am a little older than you. Call me ‘Big Brother,’ that would be best." Actually, he was the most taken aback by Wu Yu's ability to master the Dark North Royal Obelisk. After all, he had personally seen their struggle.

Wu Yu was currently completely engrossed in the spirit designs of the Dark North Royal Obelisk. These spirit designs were too complicated and numerous. Thoroughly understanding them and familiarizing himself with the usage of the Dark North Royal Obelisk would take a considerable amount of time. Wu Yu could only try his best before they reached Yan Huang.

Amongst them, one outstanding characteristic of the Dark North Royal Obelisk was that it could switch between two states. One was a basic sword form, the other was a long whip.

Wu Yu firstly familiarized himself with the transformation spirit designs. They were complicated, but not actually difficult to understand.

Right now, the Dark North Royal Obelisk rested in the Heaven Devouring Avatar's hand. White-haired, red-eyed, a demonic aura, and holding an ice-cold ebony sword - it truly looked like the reaper.


As he funneled his own energy into the spirit design, the Dark North Royal Obelisk longsword in his hand changed from a keen and sturdy longsword into a segmented and coiling whip of iron!

After changing into an iron whip, the Heaven Devouring Avatar seemed to be holding a dragon's head, while the long whip was the mystical dragon's body. The tail was sharp as a spear, and it looked as if the Heaven Devouring Avatar had an iron dragon at its command. As it flailed the whip, the frost energy was intimidating, and the shrill sound of metal made one's hair stand on end. Although it was a mystical dragon, it felt like a viper.

Regardless of whether longsword or whip, it had its own elite-quality Offensive Spirit Designs. It was as though he possessed two advanced dao treasures. The four Offensive Spirit Designs would become the Heaven Devouring Avatar's most terrifying moves. It seemed like the Heaven Devouring Avatar could become stronger than Wu Yu's real body at this rate.

Of course, the Offensive Spirit Designs were merely support. The entire Dark North Royal Obelisk's most central design was known as the Dark North Royal Obelisk Immortal Palace Design.

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