Chapter 0794: Blood Bonding the Dark North Royal Obelisk

"This advanced dao treasure has too many spirit designs. It's too wild. If you want to blood bond it right now, I think it will be a little difficult," the Full Moon of Nanshan said honestly.

His words did not affect Wu Yu much. Wu Yu did not have much confidence right now either. He simply said to the Full Moon of Nanshan, "No matter what, I have to at least try once before I reach the Yan Huang Ancient Country."

He wanted to succeed.

After he did, he could picture himself in the Immortal Ape form, with the 10,000 Dragons Staff, his golden hair and eyes cutting an impressive sight. While his Heaven Devouring Avatar, with its white hair and red eyes, would be wielding the black Dark North Royal Obelisk. The two would join forces and slaughter all.

Having two bodies was indeed better than controlling puppets.

Therefore, he had to master the Dark North Royal Obelisk. Although it would be difficult, it could not stop his ambition and desire for battle.

"He's going to blood bond with the Dark North Royal Obelisk?" Actually, it was just as Wu Yu had imagined. On the Yan Dragon Warship, every action of Wu Yu and the Full Moon of Nanshan could not escape Qu Yin’s gaze.

"Impossible. Given Wu Yu's current cultivation level, how could he succeed? The Dark North Royal Obelisk requires one to be at least at the 10th tier of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm. Ordinarily, it's very difficult to succeed before reaching the Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm," the other Yan Dragon Army general said.

"I think it's impossible as well. But when you get such a treasure, you have to test it out. I think he just wants to give it a go," someone else offered.

Qu Yin did not reply, because he was currently seeing what would happen next. He would definitely report this upwards in the future.

Of course, he sniggered a little to himself. "This kid is too impatient. Some things cannot be rushed. It's challenging the impossible at this point."

Therefore, he had mostly dismissed this.

He was only barely paying attention to him.

Within the secret room, the Full Moon of Nanshan sat cross-legged, watching as the black-haired, black-eyed Wu Yu sat facing the white-haired, red-eyed Heaven Devouring Avatar. Wu Yu had the use of four eyes and could therefore see every corner.

When he took out the Dark North Royal Obelisk, Wu Yu's real body held the hilt, while the Heaven Devouring Avatar extended both hands to grasp the blade.

The inky black Dark North Royal Obelisk was roused within their hands, and their Primordial Spirits entered at the same time. For any dao treasure, especially an advanced dao treasure, it was a huge deal for someone to blood bond with it.

Before reaching the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm, blood bonding with a dao treasure relied on one's mental fortitude and spirit. After obtaining a Primordial Spirit, entering a dao treasure now relied on Wu Yu's Primordial Spirit Energy. In the world of the dao treasure, the Primordial Spirit took on Wu Yu's semblance. 

But this time was different. He could feel the ingenuity of the Heaven Devouring Avatar anew. Because this time, the Heaven Devouring Avatar's entire body had entered, as though it had burrowed into the Dark North Royal Obelisk.

His real body had also entered the Dark North Royal Obelisk's world.

Of course, this only happened for blood bonding with a dao treasure. After all, the Heaven Devouring Avatar was a Spirit of the Universe, and the body and Primordial Spirit of a Spirit of the Universe was one and the same.

However, right now the Heaven Devouring Avatar had completely entered his body. Such a transformation could not be maintained for long. Wu Yu's own body was clear about that. But even so, it would be enough to blood bond with this advanced dao treasure.

The disclaimer being that the Dark North Royal Obelisk had to be willing to be conquered.

Wu Yu's avatar suddenly vanished, and the Full Moon of Nanshan was stunned, let alone Qu Yin outside.

"Where did his strange clone disappear to? Could it be somewhere else? His Sumeru Pouch?" Even as worldly as Qu Yin was, he was confused at this time as well. And he was not disposed to ask Wu Yu, so he could only watch and note what he saw.

Wu Yu ignored them. He was already in the world of the Dark North Royal Obelisk.

After entering, his real body used Visualizing the Inner Ape, changing into the golden ape that was the form of the Unparalleled Monkey King.

However, this time around, there was a black smog that circled his body. It was the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast, which was also Wu Yu's body.

The world of the Dark North Royal Obelisk was a dark ocean, a little like the Ghost Sea Prison.

However, the difference lied in how frigid the sea was. It was too cold, an inky black seawater all around him.

This seawater was freezing. It was not frozen, but a moving current. Even so, the cold not only chilled one to the bone, but could also freeze one's Primordial Spirit.

Wu Yu's two bodies were screaming from the cold even before entering the water. His entire body felt uncomfortable, his movements stiff.

He felt like a mortal standing in the freezing cold.

If this seawater rose and swept him up, it would truly be a terror.

From this, he could tell that the Dark North Royal Obelisk was of a much higher level than the Otherworldly Infinite 10,000 Dragons Staff.

And the core here was not even the seawater, but a huge, black structure at the end of the sea. A few palaces seemed to be built on the surface of the sea, swaying with the waves.

Wu Yu could see howling sword qi and hear the roars of dragons. Even the waves beneath Wu Yu's feet were violent, rising up to the sky and crashing noisily against the palaces!

The legend was that the palaces were the Dark North Royal Obelisk.

The immortal treasure spirit resided there.

Wu Yu and the Heaven Devouring Avatar did not hesitate to head in that direction.

As they poured on the speed, the sea beneath their feet came to life. The sea was a huge beast that howled and churned.

The waves reached the sky, the storm churning them on. Wu Yu and the Heaven Devouring Avatar were completely swept up in the freezing sea.

As expected, the seawater here was 100 times colder than the Ghost Sea Prison.

"If I want to succeed, I have to endure this. If I give up just like that, then what can I use to guarantee my own life in the Yan Huang Ancient Country?"

He did not want to die. Or lose.

He knew well that if he wanted to hold on to his own dignity in the Yan Huang Ancient Country, then he could not back down from this moment on.

All around him was endless cold, causing his Primordial Spirit to shiver with cold. His consciousness was on the verge of slipping. The Primordial Spirit of Wu Yu's real body found it hard to hold on, but the Heaven Devouring Avatar within him was special. It not only was unaffected by the freezing cold waters, but could even protect the Primordial Spirit of the real body.

It brought the Primordial Spirit of Wu Yu's real body through the seas, headed for the Dark North Royal Obelisk. They entered readily. Both had already charged into a palace quickly.

"What is this ungainly thing? Two Primordial Spirits, and not even at the Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm? You dare to challenge this old man?" The palace itself was speaking. Evidently, this was the immortal treasure spirit of the Dark North Royal Obelisk.

"Since I was qualified to gain you, I am qualified to blood bond with you. Do you think the Dark North Royal Obelisk could have entered my hands otherwise? Although I might not be pleasing to your eye, at least I placed first in the Dark North Battle for Supremacy."

Before the battle started, he would definitely brook no intimidation.

Wu Yu's words indeed made the Dark North Royal Obelisk a little wary.

Next, the cluster of palaces actually began to move.

The bricks and boulders began to morph into huge swords the color of ebony. The black swords numbered in the tens of thousands and seemed alive.


Instantly, the swords homed in, flashing towards Wu Yu's two Primordial Spirits!

The numerous swords were packed with lethal power, shaking the entire sea with their energy. Wu Yu's two doubles, while exposed in the air, were immediately overwhelmed by the Dark North Royal Obelisk's attack. Amongst which, the Primordial Spirit of Wu Yu's real body could not withstand this pressure, and was forced out of the Dark North Royal Obelisk in a short time.

This was very humiliating, but was also a testament of the Dark North Royal Obelisk's might.

Fortunately, because Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar was a Spirit of the Universe, it transformed into a black vortex when the swords came whistling over. It defended the opponent's attack!

The huge swords flew into the vortex and were diverted in its flow. They were reversed and sent flying back to clang noisily against the next barrage of swords! The sound shook the world!

Wu Yu himself was surprised at his own Heaven Devouring Avatar's performance!

The Heaven Devouring Avatar was currently fighting on its own instinct, so Wu Yu did not know where his own limit was.

But, fortunately, he had found a way to not only negate the crisis, but also give back a little to the Dark North Royal Obelisk as his clone had also almost gotten booted from its world!

"Seems like this young kid has a couple of moves!"

The obelisk had not expected Wu Yu's remaining Primordial Spirit to be so difficult to deal with!

Wu Yu was also not worried, leaving his Heaven Devouring Avatar to deal with it.

Right now, his real body wouldn't be able to do more than wave pom poms.

It seemed like the Heaven Devouring Avatar had exceptional ability when dealing with this advanced dao treasure.

What happened next would reinforce this point.

The Dark North Royal Obelisk was indeed the most difficult advanced dao treasure that Wu Yu had ever blood bonded with. If not for the Heaven Devouring Avatar, he probably would have needed to advance a few tiers before he could master it.

But now, Wu Yu saw a prayer of victory in the apocalyptic fight between the Heaven Devouring Avatar and the Dark North Royal Obelisk

Perhaps fighting with the Dark North Royal Obelisk was not just a dream, but would soon be a reality!

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