Chapter 0793: Second Tier Primordial Spirit

Qu Yin was impervious to the watchful eyes of the crowd. With the exception of Qu Fengyu, the group of several hundred people from the Yan Huang Ancient Country were wearing large smiles on their faces. Clearly, the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor had given all of them a sense of superiority. 

"Move out!" All the martial cultivators from the Yan Huang Ancient Country left their seats after at the instruction from Qu Yin, who was the leader of the group. 

Soon after, everyone could see Qu Yin summoning his advanced dao treasure. Similar to You Shang, he had a warship advanced dao treasure. 

As Qu Yin swung his arm, a golden ray of light wafted out from his sleeves. The next moment, a huge, glittering, golden dragon appeared before the crowd before morphing into a majestic and impressive golden warship. Golden flames blazed violently on that golden warship, making it seem like it was burning in the sky. At the same time, the warship brought scorching hot temperatures to the freezing cold Dark North Kingdom. The intense flames caused the Dark North Tribe to feel even more uncomfortable. 

However, the shame was that they could only endure the anger and indignance. They would only be able to exact their revenge if the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor was no longer around one day. 

For today, they could only endure the humiliation. 

"Wu Yu, board my Yan Dragon Warship!" Qu Yin led the group of over 100 and flew towards the Yan Dragon Warship. Soon after, they charged into the flames. All of them seemed to be burning in fire and appeared to be incomparably scorching. 

Below the warship were Wu Yu, his Heaven Devouring Avatar, and the Full Moon of Nanshan. 

"Let's go. It's unheard of that the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor wants you to be in the Yan Huang Ancient Country. Just this alone will make you famous. Probably every single person in the Jambu Realm will now know you. Following you will increase my exposure a little as well." 

Wu Yu couldn't tell if the Full Moon of Nanshan was thrilled or worried about this change in development. Perhaps he was the same as Wu Yu. He was both worried about the uncertainties regarding the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor and Prince Le while also desiring the challenge in the Yan Huang Ancient Country.

The only one who found it a little hard to part was Princess You Xue. Her eyes were red and tears were welling up as she stared at Wu Yu. Wu Yu stood before her, wiped her tears, and said, "There's nothing to cry about. This won't be forever, and we will have lots of opportunities to meet in the future as well. Moreover, whatever you are thinking won't escape my eyes. When I have a way to disarm the Soul Manipulation Blood Design, I'll return your freedom at the first instant! You have my word!" 

"Remember to stay alive and don't risk all you have. As long as you are still alive, you can always give it another try." In the end, Princess You Xue gave her final reminder. 

"Alright, work hard too." Wu Yu still hoped to see her become stronger than all the other princes and princesses. 

After bidding farewell to Princess You Xue, Wu Yu, with his avatar, together with the Full Moon of Nanshan, flew towards Qu Yin's Yan Dragon Warship. In the blink of an eye, they were engulfed by the golden flames and disappeared from the sight of the Dark North Tribe. 

When Wu Yu and the rest boarded, Qu Yin didn't hesitate to fly out of the Dead Souls Sea Region directly. The warship soared into the sky, broke through the strong winds, and dashed in the direction of the Yan Huang Ancient Country. 

Wu Yu and the Full Moon of Nanshan were standing on the deck of the Yan Dragon Warship. Opposite of them were the martial cultivators of the Yan Huang Ancient Country, who locked eyes with them. 

As Qu Fengyu was around, Wu Yu could feel an intense chill throughout his body whenever he saw her. 

Every time he faced her, he would recall the image of her corpse. 

"Just try to avoid her as much as possible." Therefore, he forcefully made it a point to not pay attention to Qu Fengyu. Obviously, the other party wasn't looking at him either. It was as though she was immersed in her own little world. 

"Wu Yu, rest assured. The Yan Huang Ancient Emperor wants you in the Yan Huang Ancient Country personally. Moreover, you were conferred with the title Kingmaker Le. In other words, no one will dare casually target you in the Yan Huang Ancient Country, whether openly or in the dark. Whatever you possess is safe with you." 

"Really? In that case, I really have to thank the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor for this." 

After he said this, everyone opposite of him broke into hysterical laughter. Qu Yin chuckled as well before ordering the rest to not lose their composure. With eyes seemingly pitying Wu Yu, he said, "The Yan Huang Ancient Emperor isn't someone that is easy to meet. Even for his sons or daughters, it's really, really hard to even catch sight of him. You can forget about that wishful thinking. If you really want to thank him, just say it to the sky. He will be able to hear everything and nothing will escape his control." 

Such means did make him sound no different from an immortal. 

He was indeed a frightening character. 

However, Wu Yu wasn't intimidated. He already knew how frightening the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor was. 

The truth was, he felt more assured after hearing Qu Yin. He was more afraid that the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor would appear before him. As long as the other party didn't show himself, he would have the opportunity to get stronger. Regardless of the motives the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor had, Wu Yu's goal was still to get stronger rapidly in safety. 

The Ancient Emperor's Edict from the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor could indeed deter some who had other ideas for him and those that thought of snatching his legacy away. 

Since this was in the open, Wu Yu wasn't worried at all. The only thing he was worried about were those that acted in the dark. However, if the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor was watching, he believed no one would dare to touch him, even if it was done secretly. 

In this case, at the very least, he wouldn't be completely passive when facing those martial cultivators with way more experience than him. This was good news for him. 

Wu Yu was also more confident because of the strength of his avatar. 

It would be especially so after the avatar mastered the Dark North Royal Obelisk. Nonetheless, he had not formed a blood bond with the Dark North Royal Obelisk yet. 

As such, he said to Qu Yin, "During the journey to the Yan Huang Ancient Country, I would like an isolated environment to quickly strengthen myself." 

The Yan Huang Ancient Country was definitely not simple, so he wouldn't want to waste any time. 

Qu Yin had thought of getting closer to Wu Yu and getting to know him a little more initially. However, it was clear that Wu Yu wasn't fond of him. Therefore, Qu Yin wasn't interested in entertaining rejections. After all, his mission was to bring Wu Yu back to the Yan Huang Ancient Country. As for what happened subsequently, it would have nothing to do with him. 

"Alright, let me arrange for it. When we are in Yan Huang, I'll let you out." 

In this aspect, the other party was direct and arranged for an isolation room for Wu Yu immediately. Both Wu Yu and the Full Moon of Nanshan were in it. 

However, they were within Qu Yin's advanced dao treasure. Whatever Wu Yu did, Qu Yin would know clearly. The reason for him asking for an isolated environment was because he wouldn't want to speak to the others. 

This was because Wu Yu knew that they definitely wouldn't know the two greatest mysteries he wanted to find out. 

In the isolation room, he didn't put his avatar away. At this moment, he wouldn't want any others to know about the Floating Dreams Pagoda. Over this period, he had planned for two matters. First, it would be to raise his cultivation level. Second, it would be to form a blood bond with the Dark North Royal Obelisk. 

In fact, he had lots of puppets he could challenge within the Floating Dreams Pagoda currently. Furthermore, he could also learn new dao techniques in the Demon Hall of Dao Techniques. However, as he was inside Qu Yin’s advanced dao treasure, he had placed everything relating to the Floating Dreams Pagoda to the end of his priorities. 

Within a glittering and majestic isolation room, Wu Yu and the Full Moon of Nanshan sat face to face, and the Heaven Devouring Avatar was next to Wu Yu. At this point, the Full Moon of Nanshan was curiously observing Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar. 

"Marvellous! Marvellous! I have never seen an avatar this mystical in my entire lifetime. Your Great Sage, Heaven's Equal's legacy is indeed incredible. However, compared to my Marshal Tian Peng, yours is a little worse. However, this difference is definitely not as big as what you and I imagined!”

Wu Yu didn’t feel like listening to his nonsense. He quickly calmed himself down. In preparation for the exciting challenges ahead of him, he had placed all his attention into raising his ability. 

With one million Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills in his hands, Wu Yu was really wealthy. He wouldn't have to scrimp and started gobbling down these Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills. Within his Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea, part of the medicinal effects of the Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills were consolidating his Primordial Spirit, while the other part intensified the seawater in his Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea. His Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy was increasing rapidly, and with the nourishment from a large number of Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills, he reached the second tier Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm and grew substantially stronger. 

At the same time, the Primordial Spirit of his main body grew even stronger. It was now roughly equivalent to that of a ninth tier Primordial Spirit Transformation cultivator. This would mean that if the conditions were suitable, Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar would be able to reach a new level and still be perfectly under his control. 

When Wu Yu emerged from the Ghosts Sea Prison, he had to endure immense pressure from 800,000 people. The fearless mental state he was in had propelled the strong growth of his dao. 

After he reached that state, entering the second tier of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm was a walk in the park for him. 

This was what he deserved and something easily achievable for him. 

As for the remaining Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills, they were split among his 10,000 doppelgangers. 

These Unshackled Doppelgangers were exhausting Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills at a crazy speed. Wu Yu was barely able to raise them to their limits when the Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills in his hands were all consumed once again. 

Looking forward, his Unshackled Doppelganger mystique would have to be strengthened further in the future. Their number might even reach 100,000, or even a million. At that time, immortal medicines and immortal essences wouldn't be sufficient at all. He would need cultivation resources, and lots of them. 

In comparison, it was indeed easier to get more cultivation resources in the Yan Huang Ancient Country. 

After exhausting a million Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills, Wu Yu completed his metamorphosis successfully and entered a new realm. What came next would be the most crucial, the mastering of the Dark North Royal Obelisk. 

"Congratulations! You must have reached a new cultivation level!" The Full Moon of Nanshan wasn't in a hurry. Over this period, he was mainly observing Wu Yu and his various means from the dark. However, Wu Yu was focused solely on raising his cultivation level over this period and therefore the Full Moon of Nanshan didn't have any deeper thoughts. Nonetheless, he had a huge shock over how Wu Yu had to feed his Unshackled Doppelgangers. 

To suppress and form a blood bond with the Dark North Royal Obelisk, Wu Yu had to mobilize both Primordial Spirits. The Primordial Spirits in the Heaven Devouring Avatar and the main body were one to begin with. 

Moreover, the Primordial Spirit in the Heaven Devouring Avatar was still part of him. 

Although he would be facing the Dark North Royal Obelisk, Wu Yu was still brimming with confidence. 

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