Chapter 0792: Com-pig-nionship

Qu Yin and the others already knew that when Ancestor Yang chose not to answer Wu Yu, the matter of Wu Yu heading for the Yan Huang Ancient Country was basically wrapped up.

"We leave today. Wu Yu, everyone at the Yan Huang Ancient Country wants to meet you. After all, you're now a legend at the Dark North Kingdom. Rest assured that at the Yan Huang Ancient Country, we will treat you as a member of the Yan Huang Tribe, and not as an outsider. Your true home is there. Wu Yu, we, as the Yan Huang Tribe, are prouder than anyone." Qu Yin said a lot to Wu Yu, patiently instructing him.

Although Wu Yu did not answer him, the 800,000 present did not feel like there was any doubt.

Princess You Xue was feeling horrible. She could not bear to leave Wu Yu, but Wu Yu's hands were tied, and so she cried.

The only one more anxious than Wu Yu himself was probably the Full Moon of Nanshan.

He did not foresee that Wu Yu would be sent to the Yan Huang Ancient Country. Therefore, he had just declared that he would be following Princess You Xue. After all, Wu Yu had not anticipated this either, and using the name of Princess You Xue would be a more convincing front.

The problem right now was that the Full Moon of Nanshan really wanted to follow Wu Yu. He had not taken a liking to Princess You Xue. But Wu Yu was headed for the Yan Huang Ancient Country, and he did not want to remain in the Dark North Kingdom alone.

"Wu Yu, you can lay a condition. I know you have no choice, but you can say that you are willing to go to the Yan Huang Ancient Country, but you must have me with you? That was our agreement from the start. I helped you get the Dark North Royal Obelisk and the glory of first place. You have to keep your side up as well," the Full Moon of Nanshan babbled, flustered with worry.

Wu Yu had almost forgotten about him.

Right now, the Full Moon of Nanshan was completely depending on Wu Yu. If he left, the Full Moon of Nanshan would be in a lot of danger.

Him obtaining the Dark North Royal Obelisk was largely due to the Full Moon of Nanshan's help. Without him, Wu Yu would not have his accomplishments of today. Therefore, even if he had to brave a mountain of knives or a sea of fire, he would fulfill his promise. This was how much he valued his promise.

Since he was going to leave, then the Full Moon of Nanshan would also hope to come with him. Then he might as well bring him along. With the Full Moon of Nanshan, his odds of survival might just be a little better.

It was time for Wu Yu to make his statement.

With all eyes on him, Wu Yu lifted his head to look fearlessly at Qu Yin. In a clear voice, he declared, "Since I am fortunate enough to be charged by the Ancient Emperor, then Wu Yu will brave any danger, and rise to the call! However, in order to protect my friend, we told a lie before. The one that this demon wishes to follow is myself. However, Wu Yu felt that he was inadequate, and wanted Princess You Xue to protect him. Therefore, I want to take him with me when I go to the Yan Huang Ancient Country."

The fact that Wu Yu would still consider him at this juncture made the Full Moon of Nanshan acknowledge him. He also said gratefully, "My thanks to everyone. I merely want to follow Wu Yu. I am in full respect of him, and hope that these great ones of the Yan Huang Ancient Country can help and take me away as well."

Seeing her role in this, Princess You Xue stood up as well, saying, "Let this demon follow Wu Yu. After all, the one he truly reveres is not me."

Qu Yin and the others could also clearly see the Full Moon of Nanshan's ability, and naturally would not reject a "buy-one-get-one-free" offer. Therefore, he smiled magnanimously. "If that's the case, then follow us to the Yan Huang Ancient Country. Rest assured that as long as you follow Wu Yu, no one in the Yan Huang Ancient Country will dare to bully you, and you can become part of the Yan Huang Tribe as well. You might also be like Wu Yu, and have a bright future!"

Wu Yu was willing, Qu Yin was willing. The Full Moon of Nanshan had, after all, shown his abilities before. If not for the fact that Wu Yu had been too bold, and overshadowed him, many would probably have been very interested in him.

But the Dark North Tribe was still unhappy about this. After all, this was not part of the Ancient Emperor's Edict. Therefore, Prince You Shi stood up at this time and declared, "Impossible. This is the property of my Dark North Kingdom. You have already taken Wu Yu away. I will not let you take the Full Moon of Nanshan away. This has nothing to do with the Yan Huang Ancient Country."

Without the Ancient Emperor's Edict, they would still dare to stand up against the Yan Huang Ancient Country.

Qu Yin had also guessed that they would act thus.

Wu Yu could not give them any chance to reject either, so he said, "If that's the case, then we're in a predicament. Great Qu Yin, please tell the Ancient Emperor that if the Full Moon of Nanshan does not follow me, I don't want to go to the Yan Huang Ancient Country."

Although this was impossible, one could definitely say anything. As long as Wu Yu resisted, it would pose a huge problem for Qu Yin as well.

Building on Wu Yu's setup, Qu Yin blustered a scoff at Prince You Shi, "Your Highness, are you contradicting the Ancient Emperor? If you do not release this demon, Wu Yu will not leave with us. If the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor decides to seek redress, will you bear the responsibility?"

Qu Yin had obtained the legendary Ancient Emperor's Edict with much difficulty. How could he not milk it fully at this time?

Actually, he himself had been profoundly shocked to receive the Ancient Emperor's Edict as well. He had only relayed the situation here back.

It was only a fanciful dream for him and those of his caliber to apply for an Ancient Emperor's Edict.

Contradicting the Ancient Emperor's will was indeed a big thing. No one would dare to do it. With this huge backer, Qu Yin could walk all over the heads of Prince You Shi and You Shang.

As for the Full Moon of Nanshan, they would definitely fight over him. Even though Qu Yin was using the Ancient Emperor's Edict to pressure them, Prince You Shi gritted his teeth and retorted, "The Yan Huang Ancient Emperor only commanded Wu Yu's return to the Yan Huang Ancient Country. This has nothing to do with the Full Moon of Nanshan. The Full Moon of Nanshan is a demon of the Dark North Kingdom. There is no reason for him to go to the Yan Huang Ancient Country."

Qu Yin said, "The key is that if Wu Yu does not have the Full Moon of Nanshan with him, he will not come quietly. If he does not return to the Yan Huang Ancient Country because of that, this responsibility will lie on you! Do you dare bear it!?"

Actually, he could probably take Wu Yu away with him by force. But since Wu Yu had said so personally, this was his chance to take a demon of extraordinary talent away with him as well. Therefore, since Wu Yu had made the opening, he would definitely exhaust all possibilities in order to take the Full Moon of Nanshan as well.

Therefore, his tone suddenly became stern, and he said severely, "Prince You Shi, you are a bold one indeed. If not for the Dark Sea Emperor out roaming the world to seek the dao of immortalhood, he would definitely deliver you a slap for willfully defying the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor's wish!"

Wu Yu was disappointed in the Dark North Tribe for being unable to protect him. Therefore, there was no need to be nice to them as well. He said, "No matter what, that's my position. Without the Full Moon of Nanshan, don't even think of getting me to go to the Yan Huang Ancient Country. Not even you lot can make me leave!"

He was naturally addressing the Yan Huang Ancient Country people.

"Forget it." Ancestor Yang voiced those two words right now, his tone even.

He had chosen to give up. Wu Yu guessed that this elder might be more familiar with the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor than the others, and knew how mighty he was. When he initiated the back down, You Shang and the others were also left without a leg to stand on.

"And done." Wu Yu and the Full Moon of Nanshan looked at each other and heaved sighs of relief. They both knew that the Yan Huang Ancient Country would be even more dangerous than the Dark North Kingdom, and they could not foresee what their future held, especially with the enigmatic Yan Huang Ancient Emperor in it. Perhaps they were already doomed by their choice.

"And it is Ancestor Yang who sees clearly. This junior thanks Ancestor Yang for his intervention, to help this junior smoothly carry out the will of the Ancient Emperor," Qu Yin said smilingly. He, too, was of advanced years, but he was still more junior compared to Ancestor Yang.

The Dark North Tribe had been badly humiliated this time, and had also lost a huge treasure, the Dark North Royal Obelisk. It was hard to find cheer in a prospect like that. Therefore, their faces were stony, and they ignored Qu Yin. Their only thought right now was to chase Qu Yin and the others away, so they could stop feeling so vexed.

This time, the Dark North Kingdom had truly lost much. After all, Wu Yu was still half a Yan Huang Ancient Country person. It would be too difficult to fight over him.

"If that's the case, then let's head out without delay." In order to avoid prolonging the tension, Qu Yin wanted to return to the Yan Huang Ancient Country as soon as possible. After all, this was an important mission for him.

Wu Yu was also prepared to take up this challenge.

However, he had not forgotten something else. He said to Qu Yin, "I cannot leave right now. On behalf of the Dark Sea Army, I took first place at the Dark North Battle for Supremacy. The Dark Sea Army owes me 500,000 merits, and I will need at least 10 days' time to trade these merits into dao techniques and mystiques."

Hearing this, many Dark North Tribe people were unhappy. Wu Yu had already taken much away from them, and now he was going to take 500,000 merits’ worth on top of that. What Wu Yu had taken away would be equivalent to the Dark North Kingdom's property being transferred to the Yan Huang Ancient Country.

However, Qu Yin laughed loudly before the Dark North Tribe had even responded. "Easily settled. Let’s just say you represented our Yan Huang Ancient Country's Yan Dragon Army for your win. Give up those 500,000 merits. The Yan Dragon Army will give you 500,000 of our merits, with effect immediately. When you go to Yan Huang Ancient Country, the Yan Dragon Army's treasures will be even more suitable for you!"

This was indeed generous. But this made the Dark North Tribe even more dismayed.

If the Yan Dragon Army representative had won the Dark North Battle for Supremacy, wasn't that another blow to the Dark North Tribe's pride?

Today, the Dark North Tribe had been humiliated enough. The Dark North royal family only wished for them to get out as soon as possible.

Therefore, Prince You Shi said, "Go on your way quickly. We are about to disperse as well. We will not see you off."

Wu Yu knew that a new journey was about to begin.

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