Chapter 0791: Kingmaker Le

Not just Wu Yu himself, but the entire crowd was silent for a long white, even though the Ancient Emperor had already vanished. For the longest time, everyone held their breath, their faces shaken. No one made a sound.

Only those of the Yan Huang Ancient Country could feel any excitement and pride.

But even amongst them, many did not know that Qu Yin had the edict of the Ancient Emperor, and were still reeling from the shock.

The most averse reaction came from the Dark North Tribe. They were polar opposites from the Yan Huang Tribe. The Yan Huang Ancient Emperor's appearance filled them with terror, even You Shang and Prince You Shi.

Wu Yu could clearly see that their faces were sickly as well. This was not because they had been suppressed by the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor, but perhaps because they now truly knew in the bones what true dread felt like.

Wu Yu had thought that at their elite level, they would not feel fear. Evidently, that was not the case.

He was still not sure what the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor's edict meant. But the reactions from the Dark North Tribe made him uneasy, and now Prince You Shi and You Shang were looking defeated as well. This meant that even they could not go up against the Ancient Emperor's edict.

"Impossible, right? The Yan Huang Ancient Emperor, no matter how absolute his power, can't really take me away from the Dark North Kingdom, right? Is the Dark Sea Emperor not going to show himself?" Wu Yu was puzzled.

No one spoke. Only Qu Yin was smiling.

In the silence, Qu Yin smiled at Wu Yu, saying, "Better late than never. Follow me to the Yan Huang Ancient Country, Kingmaker Le. After all, this is the Ancient Emperor's edict. No one in the entire Jambu Realm can choose not to abide by it."

Before, it was a struggle between Qu Yin and the Dark North Tribe, and Wu Yu had already decided to remain in the Dark North Kingdom. Right now, even with the Ancient Emperor's Edict, the Dark North Tribe should be fighting on his behalf. Therefore, Wu Yu remained silent at this time. He was waiting for Prince You Shi or that Ancestor Yang to save him.

Perhaps they only needed to chase Qu Yin out of the Dark North Kingdom. After all, this was their territory - the Yan Huang Ancient Country could not possibly invade this place.

But in reality, not a peep was uttered by the entire Dark North Tribe. Everyone had been undone by their fear of the Ancient Emperor's Edict.

Just as Wu Yu was still mulling over this, Princess You Xue said hoarsely to him, her eyes filled with hot tears, "Wu Yu, we might be separated from now on." 

Her petite frame was shaking. Evidently, she found this hard to bear, and was reluctant to accept it.

"That's not decided yet, right?" Wu Yu thought that even though the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor had an immortal's power, that still should not mean much. It couldn't be that his word was law throughout the Yan Huang Ancient Region, and all other countries were worthless, right?

"The Ancient Emperor's Edict is absolute. No one can resist the will of the Ancient Emperor. In Yan Huang Ancient Region, his will is law. Even my father dares not violate it. Perhaps you do not know, but if not for the Ancient Emperor having no intention of absorbing the other immortal kingdoms, the Dark North Kingdom would not even exist in this world." As a person of the Yan Huang Ancient Region, Princess You Xue was more cognizant of such things.

She also knew that Wu Yu did not know about the Yan Huang Ancient Country's Ancient Emperor. He was above all, the god of the Yan Huang Ancient Region, the absolute dominator.

"Is that so?" Wu Yu was taken aback. He only found out after Princess You Xue had said it. But this matter was too difficult to accept, and he still chafed against it. At the same time, he had a deep newfound respect and curiosity for the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor. What manner of being was this to scare all these people into submission and accept his omnipotence?

Just from the gold and black phantom of the Ancient Emperor, Wu Yu could already sense his power.

He had not even come personally, and yet could make the two great princes bow to him immediately. On second thought, this power indeed exceeded an immortal's.

He had assumed that the Dark Sea Emperor and the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor were at the same level, with the Dark Sea Emperor being slightly weaker. But now he understood that they were on completely different levels. The Dark Sea Emperor was still endeavoring towards immortalhood, while the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor was probably already a true immortal in the mortal realm.

"A real eye-opener." Wu Yu felt a little embarrassed.

It seemed like his path was being controlled by others from all over.

After Qu Yin spoke, Wu Yu looked at Prince You Shi and You Shang, and the two looked back, then away with frustration. Wu Yu understood that they had already resigned themselves to this.

They actually did not dare to face Wu Yu. His only hope left might be Ancestor Yang.

Perhaps only Ancestor Yang could make the decision here.

Therefore, Wu Yu did not reply to Qu Yin, but lifted his head towards Ancestor Yang, and said directly, "Ancestor Yang, if it is possible, I would like to stay in the Dark North Kingdom. I wonder if the Dark North Kingdom has any way to allow me to stay. I will definitely return this boon in the future."

He had never imagined that the Ancient Emperor's Edict would have such power to sunder all his plans.

Right now, no one dared to make a sound. His final hope rested on Ancestor Yang.

As Wu Yu's words rang out, there was a stir as many also looked up. They would see if the Dark North Kingdom would decide to stand up for it.

Wu Yu waited.

As time ticked on, there was no reaction. Wu Yu's Eyes of Fire and Gold could see Ancestor Yang clearly. He sat rigidly, eyes closed, and not saying a thing. After about 30 breaths of time, he still did not react. The outcome was clear.

The Dark North Tribe was disappointed, and Wu Yu as well.

But there was no choice. This was reality. If the Dark North Kingdom could not make him stay, then his individual capabilities were naturally too far away from being able to stand up to the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor's will. And he could not escape from Qu Yin's watch.

However, he did not need to flee either. To him, the Yan Huang Ancient Country was a higher challenge, and not a hell where death was inevitable. He had never shunned a challenge in his life!

Therefore, he realigned his mentality. Since he could not reject it or resist it, then he would cast aside his cowardly feelings and surge on ahead. He would tear through the Yan Huang Ancient Country with his will and spirit!

If he could make the entire Dark North Kingdom remember him, why would he be afraid to challenge the Yan Huang Ancient Country?!

Therefore, he took a deep breath. As he blew it out, his mindset completely came around. He was not afraid of the Yan Huang Ancient Country. From now on, his new goal was to seek even higher challenges in the Yan Huang Ancient Country.

If there was a place that would be his final springboard into immortalhood, it would definitely be the Yan Huang Ancient Country. Because it was the core of the entire Jambu Realm. Historically, it was the place that produced the most immortals, even though he had his reservations right now.

Going was a forgone conclusion. But he could not understand the mystery here.

"How did someone like the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor know of me? And even crowned me Kingmaker Le to support Prince Le?"

Wu Yu could not understand this.

Ming Long was very suspicious as well. "That's right. If he knows that you have an immortal's legacy, he could have snatched it away from you directly, given his abilities. He would not need to resort to such complications. But if he doesn't know, then you cannot possibly have any value to him. However, I feel like this is connected to Prince Le. After all, Prince Le has become a huge threat after escaping from the brink of death on the Taigu Immortal Path."

For Wu Yu right now, there were two crucial questions. "The first riddle is the motive of the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor in laying down the Ancient Emperor's Edict. The second riddle is: what on earth is Prince Le? Why does he want me to go and support him? If I go, could my life be in danger?"

Wu Yu felt like his life had been controlled by others from the start. His future was filled with unknowns.

Not a good feeling.

He might be facing the height of peril right now. Wu Yu was thinking about fleeing, but he gave up after considering it. Because he could not possibly evade someone like the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor, who had the power of an immortal. Perhaps he was beside Wu Yu right now. Even Qu Yin might not be able to catch Wu Yu. But for the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor, the extent of the Dark North Tribe's terror told Wu Yu that there might just be nobody in the Jambu Realm who he could not catch.

To him, these two huge riddles were truly enigmatic, and he could make neither heads nor tails of them.

It seemed like the only way to break this riddle was to follow Qu Yin to the Yan Huang Ancient Country, to personally immerse himself in these troubled waters, and to face the risk. He might very well die in this process, taken advantage of by others.

However, the road to immortalhood was probably filled with such excitement.

If not, it would not be enjoyable.

"Indeed, things are getting interesting." Wu Yu was still ambitious and hungry about his own dao cultivation. Since the Yan Huang Ancient Country had opened the doors wide to him, then he would abandon everything else and challenge it. He would cast matters of life and death to the back of his mind - if there was one thing that meant more to Wu Yu than life or death, it was the dao.

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Midasthefloof's Thoughts

We come to the abrupt end of the Dark North arc!

Honestly I was as "WTF" as some of you readers were when this happened. There was a minor bit of foreshadowing with the Yan Huang tribe guests but the way it was executed was truly eyeopening...

Now we move on to the Yan Huang region! Onwards Kingmaker Wu Yu!