Chapter 0790: Ancient Emperor's Edict

Can't agree to it? 

This took everyone by surprise. They were all discussing if this was a worthwhile decision. However, none of them had expected that the first one to step forward to reject the decision would be Princess You Xue herself. 

From the impression that everyone had gotten, Wu Yu came to follow her from a faraway place. Both of them fought side by side in the Taigu Immortal Path and had been through life and death together. Moreover, they were both young, with the man handsome and the woman beautiful. They appeared to be so close as well. Despite them consistently denying that they were in love, most "experienced" people knew that they were protecting each other. After all, there were huge hurdles between them.... 

They should have been moved to tears at this moment. Why would Princess You Xue step forward so directly.... 

Even Qu Yin had not expected this development. Therefore, he remained silent and chose to observe the reactions. 

"Xue Er, what do you mean?" asked Ancestor Yang solemnly. 

He had to pluck his courage to make such a quick decision as well. 

Princess You Xue lifted her head, calmed herself a little, and said seriously, "Uncle, I've emphasized this before as well. Wu Yu and I are just friends. Both of us are focused on cultivation and our relationship is simple and pure. We admire each other, but this doesn't cross into love. Xue Er has never thought of finding a dao companion, and I would like to focus on achieving breakthroughs. Wu Yu also sees Xue Er as a friend. Therefore, when you say you want me to marry him out of the blue, we are both placed in a difficult position. This is because we aren't compatible at all. Therefore, Xue Er is really sorry. With regard to the decision for us to get together, please forgive me for not being able to accept...." 

Towards the end, two drops of tears streamed down her fair and tender face. 

Her explanation had truly shocked the crowd. 

This wasn't an order from Wu Yu, and Wu Yu hadn't come out with any solution. Princess You Xue had taken the initiative to step forward to resolve this matter. She knew her relationship with Wu Yu very clearly. 

Wu Yu knew that she might just have a little affection for him. If he had the same feelings for her, it might have been a joyous event for them today as they could finally break through all the difficult hurdles between them. 

There could only be a single dao companion for a martial cultivator, and they would go through life and death together. Princess You Xue was great and Wu Yu knew that he had mistreated her before. However, she wasn't the one Wu Yu was looking for. A casual marriage would only do more harm to the both of them. 

In this aspect, Wu Yu knew he had to maintain a distance from Princess You Xue. 

You Xue's actions had improved Wu Yu's perspective of her. She had undergone a huge metamorphosis from the individual within the Taigu Immortal Path. If not for the fact that Wu Yu still had no idea how to disarm the Soul Manipulation Blood Design, he would definitely not hesitate to deactivate it. 

It was just that he understood that if he made Princess You Xue say these words alone, she would definitely be extremely uncomfortable. 

Before the eyes of the crowd, Wu Yu helped her up. After which, he faced the crowd and expressed his decision for the first time. He said, "I'm sorry that I've caused you various seniors to misunderstand our relationship. The Princess and I really don't have the relationship that many might have imagined. Please don't make things difficult for Princess You Xue." 

Both of them had rejected the engagement. Even though this was an arranged marriage by Ancestor Yang, this decision had to be thrown out for now. After all, Ancestor Yang couldn't possibly sacrifice the two of them just to keep Wu Yu here. 

With things reaching this stage, everyone was dumbfounded. Previously, they were quarreling constantly. Now they found their quarrels to be completely pointless. 

After going through several twists, Qu Yin was probably the most exhilarated person. He almost couldn't contain his laughter. Truth be told, he was frustrated and aggrieved just moments ago.


Therefore, he interrupted and said, "In that case, Wu Yu has made his decision. Just follow me back to the Yan Huang Ancient Country then." 

After going through a period of pondering, Wu Yu had almost come out with the decision. Qu Yin's appearance had disrupted his plans. After a round of careful thought, he would still prefer to remain in the Dark North Kingdom for some time. 

Until the point he felt sufficiently confident that he could enter the Yan Huang Ancient Country. 

Therefore, he said, "Senior Qu, I'm really sorry. I have no intention of heading to the Yan Huang Ancient Country right now. Perhaps I might head there for a greater challenge once I've gained enough strength for self-preservation. For now, I would like to remain in the Dark North Kingdom." 

To him, the Dark North Kingdom would be filled with dangers. However, the Yan Huang Ancient Country would be even more so. It was especially so after considering the existence of those few. Wu Yu really hoped they wouldn't appear before his eyes. The mysterious group of Prince Le and the rest. Taking Qu Fengyu, who was beside Qu Yin, as an example, Wu Yu still didn't dare to look at her directly. This was because he had truly seen Qu Fengyu’s corpse. 

Yan Huang was a place he definitely wished to go to. However, now wasn't the time. 

Qu Yin had a smile, but now it disappeared entirely. To him, Wu Yu's decision was a completely disrespectful act towards him. 

However, those from the Dark North Kingdom did gain a better impression of Wu Yu from his decision. After all, he hadn't allowed the people from the Yan Huang Ancient Country to leave with huge smiles on their faces and had given the Dark North Kingdom face. For now, as long as Wu Yu chose to remain in the Dark North Kingdom, the Dark North Kingdom wouldn't be so embarrassed. Moreover, Wu Yu hadn't taken the opportunity to become the son-in-law when Ancestor Yang announced the arranged marriage. 

His honest acts had managed to pull the Dark North Tribe closer to him. They found that Wu Yu was really fearless towards everything. He was strictly insistent on his own standards and goals. 

Therefore, You Shang and the rest were finally able to heave a sigh of relief. 

As for Qu Yin, he was frustrated to the brink of tears. The truth was, despite saying so much, he still had to respect Wu Yu's decision. If Wu Yu refused, it wouldn't be practical to bring Wu Yu back by force. 

The main factor was still Wu Yu himself. 

As such, You Shang and the rest were more assured. Regardless of how much Qu Yin had spoken, Wu Yu wouldn't be leaving today. 

Now the Dark North Tribe was eager to see Qu Yin make a joke out of himself. They felt that Qu Yin would likely be endlessly furious and embarrassed. 

No one had expected so many twists of events today. 

However, what they couldn't understand was seeing almost no frustration displayed by Qu Yin. Rather, Qu Yin looked calm and composed. He chuckled helplessly and said, "Now that things are at this stage, I also have no other options. If this went well, I wouldn't have had to use this here. Since you can't think clearly right now, Wu Yu, let me announce this honor to the entire world." 

"Honor?" Wu Yu couldn't understand him at first. 

Just as Qu Yin finished his words, his expression turned stern. At this point, and to the astonishment of all others, he led everyone from the Yan Huang Ancient Country to kneel down on both knees. He lifted both of his hands and had a reverential expression on his face. 

With unprecedented solemnity, he led the group and shouted loudly, "We, the descendants of Yan Huang, welcome the Ancient Emperor's Edict!" 

When the last three words were said, Wu Yu could feel the atmosphere around him going stale. Everyone, including You Shang and the rest, were awestruck. 

Wu Yu still couldn't understand what was happening when something above all of them started changing. In the air, two rays of light, one gold and one black, clashed violently before exploding. All of a sudden, a huge, illusory image was formed. The illusory image had two distinct parts. The front was golden, while the back was black like a shadow! 

This was the image of a huge human! 

That man stood in the air, and one couldn't see his appearance clearly. However, at the very first instant, Wu Yu was forced to both of his knees by an unknowingly frightening pressure! 

At that moment, his knees almost shattered. However, the pressure was still holding him down. After his knees smashed into the ground, he couldn't even lift his head up. He had to keep his head low, and sweat was breaking out on his face. He resisted with all his might and felt as though a mountain was weighing on him. 

It wasn't just his main body that suffered such pressure. Even his avatar was in the same state. 

Everyone was on their knees. 

Wu Yu could hear a loud ruckus. Without lifting his head, he could see from the edge of his vision that everyone else had been forced to their knees. In fact, he even saw Prince You Shi, who was still resisting bitterly, a short distance away! 

He was now kneeling on the ground as well. Moreover, he had been forced down from the sky! 

It was not surprising that there was a loud ruckus before! 

"Without a doubt, everyone is on their knees, including that Ancestor Yang, who is close to immortalhood." Just as Wu Yu was feeling suspicious and indignant, Ming Long's words completely shook him. 

"Ancestor Yang is also kneeling...." 

This made Wu Yu shiver a little. That was just an illusory image. What kind of existence could force Ancestor Yang onto his knees!? Moreover, this person wasn't even here personally. 

Initially, he felt aggrieved to be pinned down like this. All that was left now was shock. He knew that an unprecedented expert had appeared, but the real person wasn't here. Who could this person be.... 

Only Princess You Xue could possibly relay some information to Wu Yu. However, her thoughts were filled with horror and fear. At the same time, a name was ringing in his mind. That was the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor. 

Wu Yu recognized that this was the current emperor of the Yan Huang Ancient Country. However, it was said that he had been around for a long time. The most frightening thing was that this person was rumored to be even more incredible than those who attained immortalhood. There were also some that claimed that he had already attained immortalhood and was an immortal sent by the celestial palace to guard the mortal realm. There were many rumors surrounding this man. Even Wu Yu knew that the father of Prince Le was the strongest man in the entire Jambu Realm! 

This was the Ancient Emperor's Edict, and not the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor being here personally. 

However, it also showed that he had paid attention to what had happened here. Having an immortal-like existence like him paying attention to this place wasn't a small deal at all. 

Wu Yu could clearly feel the fear of Prince You Xue. Looking at others, even Prince You Shi appeared to be petrified at this point. It was then that he finally understood how fear-inducing the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor could be. It was just like the people in the mortal kingdom seeing Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian in the past. 

Before Wu Yu was 15, Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian was no different from a real immortal. 

The Ancient Emperor's Edict was the will of the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor. He could be wherever he wanted. 

While Wu Yu was still reeling in shock, he heard a majestic and grand voice saying, "Wu Yu from Yan Huang Imperial City has shown exceptional talent and has a pure heart for the dao. As such, he is now conferred the title of Kingmaker Le and shall assist Prince Le in attaining immortalhood. He shall return to Yan Huang. Here is my decree." 

This voice rang around time after time. 

Wu Yu was completely stunned. 

The Yan Huang Ancient Emperor was making him head to the Yan Huang Ancient Country personally? He had sent his decree over personally? Moreover, he was conferred the title of Kingmaker Le to assist Prince Le? What kind of position was that? 

The strongest existence in this world, one that was no different from an immortal, wanted him to head to Yan Huang? 

The key was that he had to assist Prince Le, whom Wu Yu found exceptionally frightening. 

Ming Long sobbed and said, "This time, you are really finished!" 

After an unknown period of time, the Ancient Emperor's Edict disappeared. Wu Yu and the rest stood up, but Wu Yu still hadn't recovered from the shock. 

Vaguely, he could hear Qu Yin say with envy, "Congratulations, Wu Yu! You have become an esteemed Kingmaker! With the Ancient Emperor making the decree personally, if Prince Le becomes the emperor in the future, you will be the number two figure in the entire Jambu Realm." 

When he heard this, it was easy for him to understand what sort of position the Kingmaker was! 

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