Chapter 0079: Dao Querying Pagoda, Scripture Holding Depository

"We have searched through the entire Bipo Mountain Range, and no one could find any trace of Sun Wudao's body, coffin, or tombstone. I am unclear of the reason, but the eruption of spiritual qi might have completely disintegrated his body," Feng Xueya replied.

"Although the spiritual qi would not usually cause this to happen, this change in the spirit veins was unimaginable, and this result is also understandable. Wu Yu, don't feel too sorrowful. Uncle Sun has already departed. This is not something you could have controlled. I'm sure he would not fault you either." Su Yanli saw his downcast appearance and began to console him.


Ultimately, Wu Yu felt that it was still his fault as he did not pick a better spot for Sun Wudao's grave.

He had never imagined a situation like this. Thus, he would not have expected this either.

"Uncle Sun was a strange man. Perhaps we can treat this spiritual qi spring as his final gift to the Bipo Mountain Range...."

This was the only way to console himself. In a way, so long as he felt the dense spiritual qi, he would think of that old man.

The spiritual qi that erupted forth brought great excitement to everyone. Just relying on this spiritual qi would strengthen the Heavenly Sword Sect. Just seeing the faces on the numerous elders could one see how elated they were.

At this point in time, Ming Long suddenly spoke, "This is strange, three times? The spirit veins in this area have been modified by someone? Someone who can modify the spirit veins of the world is not someone ordinary."

"How strong would one have to be to do this?" Wu Yu was shocked. This heaven-shaking change was man-made?

"All you need to know is that it requires someone much stronger than your master. However, this could also be a natural transformation of the spiritual veins. In this boundless world, anything is possible. It’s just like how even a small tavern can allow me, Ming Long, to savor amazing dishes!"

Wu Yu was more inclined to believe that the spirit veins had transformed naturally. Otherwise, how could it be that such a powerful existence would descend to transform these veins personally?

"Wu Yu."

At this point in time, Feng Xueya produced a map in front of everyone. This was a map of the Bipo Mountain Range and its surroundings. Within was an area marked in red. These were the mountains belonging to the core disciples. Those mountains marked on the map signified that someone had occupied it.

"You have already successfully condensed your qi. As per sect rules, I will give you a mountain," Feng Xueya spoke openly.

The numerous elders came over to take a look at Feng Xueya's youngest disciple, and they were all astonished. 

Feng Xueya was willing to let Wu Yu pick a mountain.

Just being able to be the owner of a mountain was already a glorious thing in the sect. Wu Yu immediately walked forward and located Yanli Mountain on the map. Following which, he noticed that there was a mountain nearby that was unoccupied. He immediately picked that one.

The spiritual qi spring was situated on Yanli Mountain. The closer one's mountain was to it, the denser the spiritual qi. It brought about significant advantages to one's cultivation.

"Good." Feng Xueya was very satisfied. He put a tick on the mountain within the red markings. Two elders beside him gave a deep sigh. They had wanted to give that mountain to one of their own carefully raised disciples.

"This mountain's owner died over 10 years ago. It's best you give it a new name." 

Yanli Mountain was named after Su Yanli.

When Situ Minglang had received his own mountain, he had named it the Proud Lightning Peak.

To the Heavenly Sword Sect's disciples, owning a mountain which they could name, decorate, and have their own immortal beast garden and immortal medicine garden was incomparably honorable and glorious.

It was something they yearned for even in their dreams.

Wu Yu gave it a thought. The one who passed his legacy to him was known as the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal. The words “Heaven's Equal” had a great affinity towards him. He immediately replied, "Let’s call it the Heaven's Equal Peak!"

"That’s a great name. That name sounds no less grand than the Heavenly Peak! The only pity is that it's not as poetic as my own Flowers in the Wind, Snow Falls Amidst the Moon Mountain!" spoke Mo Shishu as he fanned himself arrogantly.

"Not bad."

Heaven's Equal Peak was not far from Yanli Mountain, and Wu Yu got back himself.

"Congratulations, Wu Yu." Su Yanli gave a smile as she stood by his side, her face as beautiful as a white lotus. She was someone who had seen Wu Yu grow up steadily.

"Since you're back, you can cultivate in peace. If you have any questions, you can ask me or your fellow senior disciples," Feng Xueya explained.

"Yes, Master."

"My Heavenly Sword Sect possesses several auxiliary arts, approximately 99 of them. The Dust Expelling Art, the Purification Art, and the Art of Sword Control are all amidst those. They have been deemed the Unorthodox Arts. I will send someone to deliver a copy to Heaven's Equal Peak. You can spend some time to ponder over them. It will be beneficial to your growth."

"Thank you, Master!"

Although they were known as Unorthodox Arts, within the 99 of them lay quite a few useful techniques. So long as one possessed immortal power, just spending a small amount of time would allow one to learn them. If they were mastered, they could even be used, to a certain extent, in battle. 

Certain mortals would rely on these Unorthodox Arts to do things like produce fire with just their hands and trick other mortals. Unless one was an immortal, it was difficult to discern the difference.

Wu Yu had previously been fixated on revenge and had never spent time researching such arts.

"There is one more thing," Feng Xueya spoke out once again.

"Please tell me, Master."

"Your four senior brothers and sisters have each received a dao technique from me after they condensed their own qi. You are no exception. However, your situation is different. I'm afraid I have nothing completely suitable for you. Thus, the dao technique I will impart may not resonate with you completely. Thus, I will give you a choice. Either you let me choose a dao technique or you can choose to challenge the Dao Querying Pagoda and enter the Scripture Holding Depository yourself and choose your own dao technique.

Frankly speaking, the importance of selecting one's first dao technique far outstripped the importance of selecting one's first immortal treasure. Situ Minglang had selected the Art of Lightning Control, which allowed him to power up immensely.

Feng Xueya had once again given Wu Yu two choices.

"Master, I choose to challenge the Dao Querying Pagoda."

The records of the Bipo Mountain Range had recorded that by the Heavenly Peak, there was a Dao Querying Peak. On it lay the Dao Querying Pagoda, and this pagoda possessed nine levels. Core disciples were able to challenge it, and every floor they conquered allowed them to enter the Scripture Holding Depository to choose a dao technique. 

Every floor of the Dao Querying Pagoda possessed a Scripture Holding Depository gate, leading the depository to also possess 9 floors. All of it was filled with the Heavenly Sword Sect's numerous dao techniques and more.

Wu Yu wanted to use his own strength to choose something for himself. Although the dao technique given by his master would definitely not be bad, he wanted to rely upon himself on the road of cultivation.

It was also because of this one point that Feng Xueya truly appreciated his youngest disciple.

"Good. Furthermore, you are now a core disciple and my personal disciple. You can go to the Imparting Arts Mountain and find Elder Mu Ge and claim two Spirit Concentration Pills or immortal essences." 

A normal core disciple could only receive a single pill or essence a month.

Wu Yu had not done anything for the sect yet, and Feng Xueya could not possibly give him too much. This would break the rules of the sect and cause the other disciples to become jealous.

Everything was for the sake of the sect.

"Alright, now go to Heaven's Equal Peak to cultivate." Feng Xueya waved his hands, gesturing for Wu Yu to leave. Everyone was preparing to leave as they all had their own things to do.

Wu Yu immediately left. He went to Yanli Mountain's immortal beast garden and borrowed an Immortal Crane to return to his own peak. As this mountain had been uninhabited for over 10 years, it seemed a little desolate. Wu Yu immediately went to Sky Gazing Mountain and gathered his 10 servants before finding another 90 to assist him with refurbishing the peak. Only then did it seem as though it was inhabited again. 

After which, he had to build his own immortal beast garden and immortal medicine garden.

Heaven's Equal Peak had more than 10 palaces on it, a few with numerous side palaces and halls for the servants to stay in. A few were designated purely for Wu Yu's use: one to entertain guests, one to practice, one to rest, and one to store his treasures in.  

All of those random items that were unneeded inside his Sumeru Pouch would be placed there.

One of those items, like the Soul Summoning Banner, which Wu Yu had obtained, had already been passed to Feng Xueya. That ghostly cultivator's treasures had already been destroyed by Feng Xueya.

There was still another Sumeru Pouch that possessed items which Wu Yu had prepared to pass to Qing Mang.

The largest of the palaces was named Heaven's Equal Palace, for Wu Yu to cultivate and practice in.

"After reaching the Qi Condensation Realm, I became a true cultivator and no longer need to eat or sleep as much. The food of the mortal realm will harm my body, so I should just nourish it with spiritual qi."

The Qi Condensation Realm was the first step whereby a mortal would transform into a true cultivator.

It was said that upon reaching the Jindan Immortal Realm, one would not need to sleep or rest.

Only when Heaven's Equal Peak had become bustling did Wu Yu finally feel a sense of calm.

"From now on, I will cultivate my dao in peace!"

He had numerous aspirations for the future.

"This spiritual qi is truly three times as dense as before, all of it emanating from Yanli Mountain."

Previously, the areas with the most dense spiritual qi were the Heavenly Peak and the Heavenly Palace. However, it was now Yanli Mountain.

"Uncle Sun!"

More spiritual qi was always a good thing. However, Wu Yu could no longer accompany Uncle Sun at his grave.

Perhaps he was truly amongst the spiritual qi right now!

Within the dense spiritual qi, he could feel the qi permeating his body. It was as though he could feel Uncle Sun being right by his side. 

After resting a day, Wu Yu prepared to challenge the Dao Querying Pagoda.

Yet at this moment, Su Yanli had arrived.

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