Chapter 0789: The Son-in-law of the Dark North Kingdom.

The truth was, he didn't have to say this explicitly. Wu Yu knew that he was in a perilous situation in the Dark North Kingdom, especially so after the Dark North Battle for Supremacy. The Dark North Tribe would not recognize him. In this place where he was regarded as an outsider, he would always be the target of scorn. 

Simply relying on Princess You Xue to protect him might have worked in the past. However, the effects were uncertain now. Therefore, he had planned to keep a low profile and focus on increasing his strength for the near future. 

After all, he had formed his Heaven Devouring Avatar and obtained the Dark North Royal Obelisk. 

What he had never expected was for Qu Yin to take such a strong front in wanting to bring him back to the Yan Huang Ancient Country. 

If this matter wasn't handled well, it would be problematic. 

He knew that he had just obtained the Dark North Royal Obelisk and therefore the Dark North Tribe would definitely not want him to just run away like this. Therefore, he kept silent for now and was waiting to see how the Dark North Tribe would react. 

You Shang appeared beside Prince You Shi. They were now the ones in charge of this place. Since it involved Wu Yu, You Shang also showed himself. 

They had long expected Qu Yin to come out with something. 

The Dark North Tribe hated Wu Yu since he had embarrassed them. 

However, with recent events and the Dark North Royal Obelisk falling into Wu Yu's hands, they would definitely feel aggrieved if they had to watch blankly as Wu Yu left the place. 

"We can't let Wu Yu leave!" 

"If he leaves, the Dark North Royal Obelisk will never return to us!" 

"He came to our Dark North Kingdom and embarrassed us. Now that he wishes to exit without paying a price? That's not negotiable! Wu Yu definitely had a pact signed with the Yan Huang Ancient Country to embarrass us!" 

"The Yan Huang Ancient Country is so strong, yet they still want to target us!" 

"We definitely can't let Wu Yu leave like this." 

In this aspect, their views were uniform. 

Hearing the discussions breaking out among the Dark North Tribe members and seeing unpleasant gazes thrown at him, Qu Yin didn't feel any pressure. He smiled faintly, looked at Wu Yu, and said, "Son, return to our territory. I know that came to the Dark North Kingdom because you were worried no one would protect you in the Yan Huang Ancient Country. Let me promise you here. When you reach the Yan Huang Ancient Country, I'll be the first one to protect you. In Yan Huang, you can enjoy your freedom. That is your home. In that place, you won't stick out and be hated by the rest. Moreover, Yan Huang is the core of the entire world. That is the place where you can truly soar. Although the Dark North Kingdom isn't bad at all, it isn't suitable for you. Also, the competition here is slightly lower as well. Lastly, after the Dark North Battle for Supremacy, your Princess You Xue will find it hard to protect you further. If you remain here, I believe there will be at least 100,000 people wishing to kill you." 

As he spoke, he was watching the changes to Wu Yu's expression. He didn't seem to care if the Dark North Kingdom would reject the request. All he was concerned about was Wu Yu. 

The outcome now was beyond the expectations of the Dark North Tribe. It was especially so after seeing the terrifying performances that Wu Yu had displayed towards the end. Those performances had proven that he had exceptional value. 

The higher the value, the more likely the Yan Huang Ancient Country would reach in to grab Wu Yu. After all, Wu Yu was part of the Yan Huang Tribe. 

Qu Yin didn't leave an opportunity for others to speak. Instead, he guided Wu Yu along and said, "Remember, when you were in the Ghost Sea Prison, the princes and princesses even threatened you with the Dong Sheng Divine Continent. Now, let me tell you this. The Dong Sheng Divine Continent is the territory of our Yan Huang Ancient Country. Part of our Yan Dragon Army is stationed there right now. I'd like to see who would dare to stir a storm in the territory of our Yan Huang Ancient Country! You returning to Yan Huang is what everyone is looking forward to. You are a man of tremendous talents and a genius you only see every 100,000 years. I'm willing to give my personal guarantee that if you return to Yan Huang, you will definitely stand a chance of becoming an immortal in the future! Our Yan Huang Ancient Country respects every single genius. Even though you came from humble beginnings, you will enjoy peerless standing and resources as long as your potential is huge!

"Now the entire Yan Huang Ancient Country knows about you. Everyone is waiting for me to bring you back to the Yan Huang Ancient Country. You won't have to worry at all. I'm announcing to the world right now. After you return to Yan Huang, no one will dare to act recklessly. Otherwise, our Yan Huang would lose the respect of all others in this world." 

Hearing his claims, it would appear the Yan Huang Ancient Country really wanted Wu Yu back, and this wasn't just the idea of Qu Yin. 

This was indeed a declaration to the world. Therefore, when Qu Yin brought Wu Yu back, he couldn't just take Wu Yu for research to snatch his legacy. If anyone in the Yan Huang Ancient Country were to do so, they would be at the brunt of public comments from the entire world as well. 

The larger probability was that they wanted to raise Wu Yu. If Wu Yu could maintain his current talents and strength, he would just push the Yan Huang Ancient Country to greater prosperity. As the strongest force in the Jambu Realm, they probably had such foresight. 

"Wu Yu, look around you. Look at how they are looking at you. You have incurred the wrath of the crowd. Princess You Xue will no longer be able to protect you. As for us, I'm able to give my personal guarantee to the world that Yan Huang Ancient Country will provide you absolute safety. What are you still hesitating for?" 

Qu Yin alone spoke constantly. He appeared sincere and had taken a low ground. After all, he wasn't just ordering Wu Yu to follow and disregarding Wu Yu's resistance. 

Instead, he was trying to convince Wu Yu. 

The truth was, Wu Yu didn't have an answer in his heart. For him, whether to remain in the Dark North Kingdom or head toward the Yan Huang Ancient Country was the toughest question. 

For him, remaining in the Dark North Kingdom would mean constantly being hated. He could foresee the dangers, milder competition, and fewer cultivation resources. For example, in the Dark Sea Army, there weren't any dao techniques that were suitable for him. 

If he headed to Yan Huang Ancient Country, that would mean more uncertain dangers. Competition would be more intense as the people there were more frightening. Cultivation resources would also be in more abundance, and most of them should be suitable for Wu Yu. The key was that regardless of what Qu Yin had promised, those uncertain dangers in Yan Huang were still frightening to Wu Yu. Among which, what Wu Yu was most worried about was Prince Le and the rest, including Qu Fengyu, who was standing beside Qu Yin and staring at Wu Yu coldly. Wu Yu didn't dare to look into the eyes of this creepy person that had been resurrected after dying in the Taigu Immortal Path. 

Who knew if there was some earth-shattering secret within her! 

Obviously, he had never thought of coming to the Dark North Kingdom initially. He had always wanted to head to Yan Huang. It was just that he had exposed too many of his talents and had no choice but to get Princess You Xue to protect him. 

Cultivation in itself was a perilous journey. 

Even when Wu Yu was in the Dark North Kingdom, he was living each day in danger. 

Qu Yin was waiting for Wu Yu's answer. As for You Shang and Prince You Shi, they looked more flustered. They were trying to think of a solution, but they realized that if Wu Yu thought of leaving, they would have no means to keep Wu Yu here with an open and fair reason. After all, Wu Yu wasn't part of the Dark North Tribe, and the Dark North Royal Obelisk wouldn't form a good reason. Otherwise, others would just think that the Dark North Kingdom was a little too petty. 

If they were to let Wu Yu leave, the losses of the Dark North Kingdom today would only be even greater. 

Just when the two brothers were feeling frustrated, the old and coarse voice of Ancestor Yang came from above. The sudden voice instantly attracted the attention of everyone. He said, "Speaking of which, the Dong Sheng Divine Continent can't really be considered a property of the Yan Huang Tribe. Therefore, classifying Wu Yu as part of the Yan Huang Tribe would be a little too far-fetched. Moreover, who's saying that Wu Yu isn't part of our Dark North Tribe? Today, let me make the decision and grant permission for the young couple to tie the knot. Xue Er, let me represent your father to grant you your wish. I'll let Wu Yu marry you and you guys can be dao companions to each other. As such, Wu Yu will be the son-in-law of our Dark North Kingdom and will naturally be part of the Dark North Tribe." 

When everyone heard Ancestor Yang, discussions started breaking out! Their eyes widened with disbelief. 

"How can we let our princess marry an outsider? There's no such precedent in our Dark North Kingdom!" 

"He would only taint the bloodline of our Dark North Tribe. How can we allow this!? Ancestor Yang is too...." 

Obviously, there were also those who agreed. "This is the only way of keeping Wu Yu. Moreover, this is the best solution to solve the problem! Everyone, think about it. Once Wu Yu becomes the son-in-law, he will truly be part of our Dark North Tribe. At the very least, the Dark North Kingdom will be his home and the Dark North Royal Obelisk would still belong to our Dark North Tribe. Moreover, even though he obtained first place, that will be the son-in-law of the Dark North Kingdom that won first place. We won't have to be embarrassed at all. Every single one in the top 10 will be from the royal family!" 

"You are right! Moreover, we have a few princesses to start with. Although there wasn't a precedent, one princess married to Wu Yu isn't a huge deal! Wu Yu is insanely talented as well, so their descendants will definitely not be bad. Moreover, we have the other princes and princesses to carry on the family line. When Wu Yu gets stronger in the future, our Dark North Tribe will also benefit!" 

"Ancestor Yang truly has the foresight and guts. The two princes definitely have thought of this but couldn't make the decision. This decision could only be made by someone more senior. As for the Dark Sea Emperor, he definitely would want to see Princess You Xue happy. It just so happens that Princess You Xue and Wu Yu have feelings for each other but are obtructed. Now that they can get together, it will be a tale to be passed down for ages." 

Ancestor Yang's words triggered discussions throughout the Dark North Tribe. There were both assenting and dissenting views, which resulted in a quarrel, and both sides had roughly the same number of supporters. 

As for the participants, their reactions varied as well. It was especially so for Duan Yi, Yin Xuan, and the others. In the past, there were favourites to become son-in-laws. Now, their expressions had all collapsed. They wanted to cry, but no tears would flow. Thinking about it, Wu Yu had truly triumphed over them in all aspects. 

In this world, the only thing that might keep a man from reaching his broad and bright future might be the beauty beside him. This move by Ancestor Yang, from Qu Yin’s perspective, had truly hit Wu Yu's weakness. If Wu Yu went to Yan Huang, he would definitely have to break up with Princess You Xue. In fact, Qu Yin could now foresee a high chance that Wu Yu would remain in the Dark North Kingdom because of this reason! 

If he became the son-in-law of the Dark North Tribe, it would be even more impossible to bring Wu Yu back. 

Qu Yin became flustered all of a sudden. 

However, this matter still had to take the views of the two involved. While everyone was discussing fervently and quarreling incessantly, they were also looking at Wu Yu and Princess You Xue. Princess You Xue returned to the sight of the crowd once again. At this point, she wasn't exhilarated but was panicking. 

"Everyone, please calm down and listen to me." Princess You Xue's words instantly silenced the crowd. Her eyes were red and swollen as she turned to look at Wu Yu before turning to Ancestor Yang. All of a sudden, she went down on her knees and said with a choking voice, "Uncle, and my fellow Dark North Tribe mates, sorry to disappoint everyone here. This matter, I can't agree to it...." 

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