Chapter 0788: Place of Belonging

The Full Moon of Nanshan had finally fulfilled his dreams and was naturally in high spirits. Obviously, he was an intelligent demon and knew that he wasn't the main character today. Therefore, he quickly moved beside Princess You Xue and didn't make a sound. It would be better if fewer people paid attention to him from this point onwards. 

Now he finally had freedom. 

The crowd watched the rest of the sea region demons enter the cages obediently before being brought away by Jiang Chenghua. 

What came next was the most anticipated moment. That would be the tallying of the Dead Souls Nets. 

"When I read your name out loud, take out all your Dead Souls Net." All the Dead Souls Nets had to be returned to the Dead Souls Sea Region. 

After the announcement by Prince You Shi, those participants whose names were read stepped forward rapidly and handed over the Dead Souls Nets that they had collected over the past half a year. Prince You Shi probably read in the order from the weakest to the strongest. Therefore, the participants at the beginning had very few Dead Souls Net. Some even had zero, and they were those that were forced to use their Darkness Breaching Talismans at the very beginning. 

If one had to classify who would be embarrassed, these people were probably at the top of the list. 

For the past few iterations of Dark North Battle for Supremacy, the current period would be the most nerve-wrecking. This was because it wouldn't be possible for those outside to know every single Dead Souls Net each participant obtained. Therefore, those outside would only have a rough gauge of the numbers. 

In the past, there would be some uncertainties among the top 10. 

However, it was different this time. The greatest uncertainty over who would be the champion had cleared up a long time ago. 

Wu Yu's name was read at the beginning as well. Prince You Shi had no intention of putting him at the very end. Currently, the Dark North Tribe had lost all interest. If not for the fact that many of them wanted to catch a glimpse of the Dark North Royal Obelisk, they would likely have left the place already. 

In the end, Prince You Shi announced with an emotional voice, "Wu Yu, a total of 1,073 Dead Souls Nets." When this number was announced, and looking at the two small mountains of Dead Souls Nets before Wu Yu, the majority of the 800,000 spectators felt aggrieved. Obviously, there were some who couldn't contain their amazement. At the very least, not a single participant had reached this number in a long time. 

Wu Yu had to thank the Full Moon of Nanshan for this. 

At this moment, he exchanged a smile with the Full Moon of Nanshan. His current success was actually the joint success of both of them. 

After roughly an hour, all the data was calculated. The difference between Prince You Yang and Wu Yu was huge despite him being second. Prince You Yan was third, Gu Haochen was fourth, Princess You Xuan was fifth, Yuan Qinqiong was sixth, Princess You Yu was seventh, and Jiang Shangyue was eighth. Prince You Ying was ninth! The top 10 had basically been occupied by these princes, princesses, and their partners. This was also a strong representation of the dominance of the royal family in the Dark North Kingdom. 

The only shame was that regardless how dominant they might seem, the fact that Wu Yu had clinched first casted doubt on the perception of their dominance. Not only had they failed to show the dominance of the younger generation in the Dark North Battle for Supremacy, but they also exposed their incompetencies. 

Therefore, although they had made it to the top 10, none of them were happy about it. All of them lowered their heads and didn't say a word. Besides them, Duan Yi was a short distance away. Wu Yu noticed Duan Yi was looking at him. When Wu Yu turned to him, he lowered his head instantly and didn't dare to face Wu Yu directly. 

This was a sign of complete defeat. 

When Prince You Yang's data was verified, the numbers of Dead Souls Nets that each of the 1,000 participants had were now known. The crowd could calculate on their own to know who would be in the top ten. 

In the past, the entire Dark North Tribe would be exhilarated at this moment. They would cheer, they would shout, and they would scream the names of these people. However, the crowd was cold and apathetic now. They were just waiting for Prince You Shi to put an end to this formality. 

Prince You Shi had indeed also picked up his speed. As for how they wanted to deal with Wu Yu, they had to ponder deeply and discuss. However, those rewards before tham had to be given out. 

"Number 10, step forward to collect your rewards!

"Number 9! Step forward to collect your rewards!" The rewards for the top 10 were largely advanced dao treasure and Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills. Moreover, the number wasn't small. 

The advanced dao treasures for the top three stood out even more! Wu Yu wasn't concerned about what advanced dao treasures the princes and princesses obtained. They each had several elite advanced dao treasures already. 

All he was concerned about was his Dark North Royal Obelisk. 

The Dark North Royal Obelisk, a million Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills, and 500,000 merits! 

The 500,000 merits were actually more useful than the million Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills because he could use them to buy many things in the Dark Sea Army. These were the internal rewards from the Dark Sea Army.

The Dark Sea Army hoped to see their men doing well. However, they had no wish to see Wu Yu clinching first. 

The advanced dao treasures presented previously had drawn envious looks from the Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm cultivators. When the Dark North Royal Obelisk was presented, a loud ruckus erupted. The eyes of the crowd widened as they stared at this legendary advanced dao treasure of the Dark North Kingdom! 

This treasure was also the desire of Prince You Yang and the rest. Therefore, when the Dark North Royal Obelisk was presented, their eyes widened. The advanced dao treasures they had obtained moments ago were left aside. All of the top ten participants had seen the Dark North Royal Obelisk as their goal. 

The only shame was that even the most confident Prince You Yang had missed his opportunity to get it. 

Wu Yu also saw the Dark North Royal Obelisk, and it was a little beyond his expectations. This was an entirely black longsword. It looked simple and direct and no different from an ordinary wooden sword. With his naked eye, he couldn't see its uniqueness. When he first saw it, he thought the other party had taken some random dao treasure to fool him. 

However, after taking a few more looks, he started to see the extraordinary aspects of the Dark North Royal Obelisk. Many people held their breaths upon sight. It was then that Wu Yu started believing that this was the Dark North Royal Obelisk. At the very least, the princes and princesses looked completely engrossed while staring at the dao treasure. 

The more they desired the Dark North Royal Obelisk, the more they hated Wu Yu. The anger in their hearts couldn't be quenched even till this point. 

"Wu Yu receives the Dark North Royal Obelisk!" Prince You Shi held the wooden longsword with both of his hands and extended them over to Wu Yu. Wu Yu reached out instantly. When his fingers contacted the Dark North Royal Obelisk, he could instantly feel a stream of cold will. 

This wasn't particularly chilling. 

"This advanced dao treasure is truly reserved. Without a master to trigger it, it is in a state of slumber. However, this is, without a doubt, the most elite advanced dao treasure, one exceptionally close to the level of a seraphic dao treasure. Once you can subdue it, it will indeed have absolute strength. Letting your Heaven Devouring Avatar using it would be really appropriate," Ming Long complimented. 

She was the expert and was indeed clearer about it. Wu Yu no longer doubted the might of the Dark North Royal Obelisk. After all, this was a precious treasure that many had desired to obtain. 

He could vaguely sense that his scorching hot body felt out of place with the Dark North Royal Obelisk, despite it being still in a state of slumber. 

The other party seemed to be rejecting his fingers. Therefore, when Wu Yu contacted it, his palm got colder and colder. The Dark North Royal Obelisk also started shivering. These were signs that it was awakening. 

"From this, I can definitely expect a tedious process to form a blood bond with this advanced dao treasure!" Wu Yu thought to himself. He didn't start studying the Dark North Royal Obelisk on the spot just because he was agitated. After seeing that the Dark North Royal Obelisk was rejecting him, he put it in his Sumeru Pouch instantly. As for the rest, although they felt indignant to see the Dark North Royal Obelisk falling into Wu Yu's hands, they could only watch from the sidelines. 

"Here are a million Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills!" Next, Prince You Shi handed the other reward to Wu Yu. As for the 500,000 merits, it wouldn't be given to him here. Instead, it would only be given to him when he returned to the Dark Sea Army. Nonetheless, the most likely scenario would be that these 500,000 merits be recorded under Wu Yu's book directly. Now he fully had the qualifications to become a dark north general in the Dark Sea Army. 

After all, he had sufficient strength and merits, with more to spare. Becoming a dark sea general in the future wouldn't be too difficult. 

At this point, Prince You Shi officially announced, "After half a year of intense killing, the Dark North Battle for Supremacy is officially over. Congratulations to Wu Yu for obtaining the title of Little Dark King. Everyone, let's gather back in this place in 10 years!" 

Initially, there was a planned celebratory parade. However, it was cancelled. The Dark North Tribe really couldn't find the face to continue remaining here. 

Prince You Shi looked around and said to the envoys from the various large forces in the Yan Huang Ancient Region, "On behalf of the Dark North Kingdom, I invite the various guests to the Dark North Capital. We will definitely see to each guest warmly." 

Among the envoys, the most well known would be none other than the Yan Dragon Army General, Qu Yin. He had been waiting for this moment for a long time. At this point, he stood up, and the attention of those around him naturally fell towards him. They could see him clearing his throat, and he said, "Since the Dark North Kingdom has treated us well and the grand Dark North Battle for Supremacy had ended, we should be taking our leave. We won't be heading to the Dark North Capital. When our Yan Huang Ancient Country hosts a grand event like this in the future, we will definitely invite our friends from the Dark North Kingdom to spectate. We will definitely receive everyone with the greatest formalities." 

Prince You Shi nodded and said, "In that case, let me see you guys off!" 

Qu Yin smiled faintly and, before the eyes of the crowd, said, "Before we leave, there's something we have to announce. Everyone should know that Wu Yu is from Yan Huang Imperial City on the Dong Sheng Divine Continent, a small city that our Yan Huang Ancient Country has established in a faraway place. In that case, that makes Wu Yu part of the Yan Huang Tribe. Today, I'd like to extend a warm invitation to Wu Yu to return to the Yan Huang Ancient Country with us. He will be raised and protected by our Yan Huang Ancient Country. Next, I'd like to apologize to Wu Yu on behalf of the Yan Huang Ancient Country. After all, we have failed to provide you a safe environment to grow. However, from today onwards, the Yan Huang Ancient Country will definitely be your new home. Wu Yu, let's return to the place with people sharing the same bloodline as you! You and us share the same scorching bloodline of the glorious Yan Huang. A chilling place like the Dark North Kingdom truly doesn't suit you. This will restrict your development. Moreover, the Dark North Tribe won't truly see you as one of them, especially so after this incident...." 

Qu Yin didn't hold back on his words at all. After all, he had the Yan Huang Ancient Country, which was capable of ruling the entire world, as his backing. All the other kingdoms in the Yan Huang Ancient Region would likely barely put up a resistance against the Yan Huang Ancient Country even if they allied together. The three continents that the Yan Huang Ancient Country occupied were also the most prosperous lands in the entire world. 

Therefore, when they got serious, they wouldn't have to show any respect to the Dark North Kingdom at all. He wanted Wu Yu to think this through carefully. 

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