Chapter 0787: Seeing the Sun Again

In one's lifetime, the more capable one was, the more likely they were to have a moment of absolute incandescence, blinding the eyes of the crowd. 

For Wu Yu, this was exactly that moment. 

The participants that had come out in advance with Darkness Breaching Talismans were now separated around him. When they came out, they watched the battles unfold through the Shadowers. 

Even though there were 1,000 people, the light shining on all of them couldn't be compared with Wu Yu even if added together. 

He was receiving attention from hundreds of thousands of people and the endless pressure that came with them. Even after today, he would be the focus of the entire Jambu Realm. 

At this moment, within the Dead Souls Prison, the end of the Dark North Battle for Supremacy had instead brought silence to the crowd. 

Princess You Xue was the first to step forward and stand beside Wu Yu. The truth was, Wu Yu hadn't told her his plans for the last day clearly. While she was watching from the outside, her heart was stuck in her throat as well. 

Now that Wu Yu had emerged victoriously, she was euphoric. The nervous and tensed up feelings had long subsided. 

For Wu Yu to have such accomplishments, she was proud as well. 

Seeing both of them acting so closely, many people were annoyed. It was especially so for the youths of the Dark North Kingdom. Naturally, there were others that thought differently. In fact, some even felt that although Princess You Xue was part of the Dark North Tribe, if she could make Wu Yu remain in the Dark North Kingdom wholeheartedly, the royal family of the Dark North Kingdom would then likely allow her to marry Wu Yu. Many members of the Dark North Tribe would also be able to accept him. 

After all, the current Wu Yu was completely different from the past. 

Amidst the silence, Prince You Shi finally appeared above the crowd. At this moment, he was solemn and had a stern expression. He announced, "The time is up and everyone is out. since that's the case, I'll announce that this iteration of the Dark North Battle for Supremacy has ended here! For now, we are tallying the number of Dead Souls Nets before releasing the final rankings and distributing the rewards! I believe everyone knows that what's coming up next is the most anticipated event!" 

Although that's what he said, everyone could clearly tell. There weren't many uncertainties. However, those rewards would still make many people jealous and go crazy. 

Prince You Shi didn't show any anger or happiness. However, his words had managed to divert some attention from Wu Yu to himself. 

"Before this, based on the agreement we have with the demons from the Dead Souls Sea Region, we will release those qualified sea region demons that have successfully broken the chains on them and gained the rights to leave through the Dark North Battle for Supremacy. Based on the Darkness Breaching Talismans they forced our participants to use since the beginning of the Dark North Battle for Supremacy, a total of 37 demons shall gain a chance for a new life! We will get specialized people to escort them out of the Dark North Kingdom and give them a chance to re-enter the Dead Souls Sea Region." 

When they were here, they were no different from prisoners. 

The reason behind releasing them was to give hope to the demons in the Ghost Sea Prison for the next Dark North Battle for Supremacy. Only with hope would they possibly give their all. Secondly, there were Dark North Kingdom citizens within the Dead Souls Sea Region. Many of them were imprisoned by the demons, and the sea region demons would use the same means to train their younger generation. This was the only hope for the Dark North Tribe members that were imprisoned.... 

In a way, this was an agreement between the Dark North Kingdom and the Dead Souls Sea Region. 

As such, they were serious when it came to this matter and would ensure that it was done correctly. The demons would be sent to the Immortal City of Northern Frost today and the sea region demons would send people to receive them. 

These demons were also a short distance away from the participants. At this point, they were euphoric and moved to tears. The feeling of gaining a new life was too magical. The Ghost Sea Prison was a nightmarish place for them. They had finally made it out of this place. 

"We are free...." 

"This is what living truly means...." 

"It's great to be alive." 

"It's been years since I experienced the spiritual qi in the outside world...." 

"This is what cultivation means...." 

Regardless how cold-blooded the demons might be, they were all crying now. They had gathered and were crying in a group while sharing the same predicaments. 

Only one demon wasn't crying. He extended his arms, smiled faintly, and enjoyed the atmosphere. Compared to the other demons, he was too good-looking. Therefore, he felt a little out of place. 

That was none other than the Full Moon of Nanshan. 

He really enjoyed being outside the prison. At this point, he was pleasantly surprised and grinning vibrantly. 

The truth was, weaker demons would find it easier to make it out. As for the strong demons, they were assigned more Darkness Breaching Talismans. Even though they were tough, it was still really difficult to get dozens or even over 100 Darkness Breaching Talisman. This was because there were only 1,000 participants, and every single one of them was a genius in their own way with numerous means. 

"These demons have all filled the quotas we set for them. You guys may leave. Jiang Chenghua will escort them to the Immortal City of Northern Frost," Prince You Shi announced. 

They would enter a black metal cage and wouldn't be able to escape temporarily during the escort to the boundless seas. Only when they left the Dark North Kingdom would they be released. At this moment, the demons were on cloud nine and fighting to get into the black cage to be brought away by an old man named Jiang Chenghua. 

They naturally wouldn't act recklessly. They had a hard time gaining the opportunity for a new life. If they were to act recklessly now, they might lose their lives or be imprisoned once again. That would not be wise at all. Therefore, they were extremely obedient after entering the cage. 

"No, I'm not getting in." To the astonishment of the crowd, a dissenting voice sounded. At this point, all the other demons had entered the black cage and were waiting to be transported away. The Full Moon of Nanshan lifted both of his arms and shouted to the surroundings. He wasn't the main character of the day, but he had still attracted lots of attention at this point. 

"Get in now!" the old man controlling the black cage shouted furiously. He had no patience for this at all. 

The Full Moon of Nanshan shouted in a hurry, "To all respected and dear cultivators and the nobles of the Dark North Tribe, please listen to what I've to say. I'm not a demon from the sea region, I am just an ordinary wild boar demon from within the Dark North Kingdom. When I became a demon, I was leading a carefree life within the forest and have never done anything that harmed others. You can even see me as a citizen of the Dark North Kingdom. In an unfortunate twist of fate, I was wrongly captured by a senior in the Dark North Tribe and misplaced into the Dead Souls Prison. I've gone through years of misery and have finally gotten out. It wasn't easy at all...." 

As he spoke, his amazing acting skills were on full display. He was sobbing and mucus was flowing. Before Jiang Chenghua could react, he continued, "I am not a demon from the Dead Souls Sea Region. I have killed several demons from the Dead Souls Sea Region in the Ghost Sea Prison. If you guys throw me out, I will be ripped into pieces by them. Therefore, throwing me out of the Dark North Kingdom would actually harm me.... Although I'm a demon, I'm also a citizen of the Dark North Kingdom. I was born a demon in the Dark North Kingdom and would like to die as one. Now that I can finally see the sun in the sky, may I plead that you leave me a living option?" 

As he spoke, he really cried out loud. He went on his knees and wasn't reserved at all. However, it was understandable. For the Full Moon of Nanshan, the current moment was the most crucial. His future would be determined at this very moment, and this was why he had chosen to help Wu Yu. 

"Insolent!" Jiang Chenghua growled angrily and had no patience to listen to him. The demons weren't the focus here, this was simply a process. He wanted to bring them away immediately. The Full Moon of Nanshan grabbing the attention of the crowd here was no different from showing disrespect to him. 

Therefore, he wanted to strike immediately to pin the Full Moon of Nanshan down. 

To his astonishment, the Full Moon of Nanshan cried even more heartbreakingly. In a wretched voice, he cried, "You can't do this! You definitely can't do this to me! My heart has always been with the Dark North Kingdom and I've always seen this place as my home. Now that I've finally gotten a hard-earned opportunity to live, I will definitely follow the rules. Everyone, please don't send me out of the Dark North Kingdom. To show my sincerity, I'm willing to follow a human martial cultivator and serve him. I believe that the demons in the Dark North Kingdom have a right to do this. After all, I'm not as savage as the demons from the Dead Souls Sea Region. Everyone, please allow me to follow a martial cultivator!" 

His cries were indeed incredible, so much so that he had even managed to turn attention to him from Wu Yu. 

Many people turned to him with interest. The truth was, the Full Moon of Nanshan was indeed incredible, and many people had paid attention to him previously. Now that he had raised a request like this, Prince You Shi was the first to hesitate. Soon after, he asked, "Who would you like to follow?" 

The truth was that he had just recalled the talents of the Full Moon of Nanshan. Giving it deeper thought, such a talented demon would be best to keep in the Dark North Kingdom. Otherwise, if he headed to the Dead Souls Sea Region and became a weapon to target the Dark North Kingdom, that would be tragic. 

Therefore, the Full Moon of Nanshan had his objectives largely accomplished by now. 

The Full Moon of Nanshan said with deep emotions, "I'd like to follow Princess You Xue to be a competent servant. I'll like to protect Princess You Xue and contribute my strength to her! Princess You Xue, please agree to my request. This humble demon here will definitely turn over a new leaf and see you as my priority in everything!" 

The truth was that he had been thrown into the Ghost Sea Prison to make up the numbers. However, he couldn't say so directly. Otherwise, he would be implying Prince You Shi had failed in his management. 

Princess You Xue? 

Because of Wu Yu, her name was even more prominent. It was just that there were too many people participating in the Dark North Battle for Supremacy and therefore she was neglected. However, the Full Moon of Nanshan raised her name at this point once again. 

This was something that Wu Yu and the Full Moon of Nanshan had discussed previously. If he said he would like to follow Wu Yu, they would likely not agree to the request. Princess You Xue happened to be from the royal family. She could keep the Full Moon of Nanshan and slowly study him. 

When she noticed that everyone's attention was on her, Princess You Xue nodded and said, "I met him when we were in the Ghost Sea Prison. I learned about his tragic background and heard the details. I'm not sure who the one responsible for throwing a demon from the Dark North Kingdom into the Ghosts Sea Prison to make up the numbers is. It wasn’t simple just for him to escape. In that case, I'll allow him to follow me from today onwards. I'll guide him well, and if he commits a mistake, I'll be personally responsible. I'll also end him personally." 

"Thank you, Princess!" The Full Moon of Nanshan had gone all out. Mucus and tears were streaming down as though his acts were truly from the bottom of his heart.... 

The crowd exchanged gazes. 

This was just a small matter. Even though there were many comments, Prince You Shi wouldn’t bother with them. Now that You Xue had spoken, and because he would like to investigate the Full Moon of Nanshan, he made the decision himself. He nodded and said, "Alright. From here onwards, you will be the slave servant to You Xue. However, if I ever learn that you have committed any wrongful deeds in my Dark North Kingdom, I'll definitely let you experience an outcome 10,000 times worse. Do you understand?" 

The Full Moon of Nanshan lowered his head and replied in agitation, "I understand! I definitely understand!" The truth was, the edge of his mouth had slowly curved into a smile.

He had succeeded. 

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