Chapter 0786: Fearless Storm

The Wu Yu with black hair and black eyes and the Wu Yu with white hair and red eyes appeared together, one standing to the left and the other on the right. They had identical appearances but entirely different dispositions and aura. 

For others, this was definitely a shocking visual impact. 

Obviously, their mental states were hit the hardest. 

It was brutal. 

The Dark North Tribe members outside were discussing with excitement when they believed that Prince You Yan had extinguished Wu Yu's hopes. However, when they saw the Wu Yu with white hair and red eyes, they felt like a knife was slicing through their hearts. 

Even though their cultivation levels were higher, they were aggrieved and couldn't say a word. Some were even on the verge of tears. 

For the Dark North Tribe, it was rare to suffer such a heavy blow. 

Looking at the circumstances, Wu Yu had completely triumphed over Prince You Yan. When Prince You Yan saw Wu Yu's avatar appearing beside him, his expression turned even more ghastly. 

At this point, he couldn't mumble a single word. When Duan Yi lost before, he had insulted Duan Yi. Now he was experiencing the same feelings as Duan Yi. 

Feelings of bitterness, melancholy, and aggrievement, together with the collapse of his inner pride and the destruction and damage to his dao - all of this accumulated in his heart. 

Perhaps since he was born as a prince, he had never ever suffered such a huge setback. Someone who was a ruffian in his eyes had now defeated him openly. Moreover, Wu Yu was able to walk away in one piece. All of a sudden, he felt like everything he had was collapsing. 

"You Yan." 

His brothers and sisters and other Dark North Tribe participants around him crowded forward. 

Looking at how Prince You Yan was, they were a little fearful of the aftermath. 

Luckily, they weren't the ones fighting with Wu Yu. 

Otherwise, they would be the ones in the same state as Prince You Yan. 

Among them, only Prince You Yang was confident that he was a little stronger than Prince You Yan. Nonetheless, he believed that his outcome would’ve been the same as Prince You Yan’s even if he had fought Wu Yu. 

He patted the shoulder of Prince You Yan and said, "Don't take this too harshly. It would be the same regardless who it was. It isn't a problem with you. It is just that this man is too demon-like and hard to deal with." 

With the end of this battle, even Prince You Yang was a little convinced of Wu Yu's strength. 

As for the rest, it was the same, despite none of them voicing it out. 

They were bitter and felt like crying. 

Within the Ghost Sea Prison, there was still a substantial number of people engaging in last minute frenzied killings of demons. For those that had gathered here, some decided to leave after seeing the end of the show. Only the most elite people were left behind. 

Wu Yu was no longer hiding the existence of his Heaven Devouring Avatar. He stared at the group of people and said, "Since the battle has been decided, I hope everyone will keep to their promise, as agreed. I've defeated Prince You Yan and have the rights to compete for first place in the Dark North Battle for Supremacy. I hope everyone can do this openly and recognizes the fair outcome. All of you should know that the Dong Sheng Divine Continent is where my roots are. Please don't ever doubt my conviction to protect and defend the Dong Sheng Divine Continent. A cultivator should be upright and honest, rather than act sneakily. Please remember this!" 

After speaking, he no longer had a purpose here. Otherwise, he would just make the rest feel worse. 

Therefore, after saying what he wanted, Wu Yu disappeared from the crowd's sight with his Heaven Devouring Avatar on the Somersault Cloud. 

This time, no one attempted to stop him. Everyone had taken a huge emotional blow. 

"If we don't ally together, we might not be able to stop him. I'm still thinking of killing him right here and right now." Prince You Yang heaved a sigh. 

"Yeah. His skillset is too complete. Within the Ghost Sea Prison, we have no option but to admit we can't do anything to him unless he attacks us first. However, us using the Dong Sheng Divine Continent to threaten him has gotten out. We can no longer use the same method. Otherwise, we would look too unscrupulous." 

Wu Yu, to a large extent, had restricted them. The first aspect was the deadly oath, and the other was the public opinion on them. 

This was because rumors of this incident would definitely be spread. At that time, the entire Jambu Realm would know that they had used this as a threat to stop Wu Yu from getting first place. If they insisted on exacting revenge, their morals would be deemed too lowly. 

If the entire world were to condemn such despicable acts, they really couldn't do anything about it. 

Wu Yu had given them a huge opportunity today, but they hadn't grabbed it. On the contrary, Wu Yu had ascended by stepping over them. Now they were a little convinced about their defeat. 

This wasn't just a defeat in terms of strength. It was also a crushing mental defeat. 

"How hilarious! If we let a person like him get first in the Dark North Battle for Supremacy, we will be vilified by history and mocked by others for a long time, right?" Gu Haochen remarked helplessly. 

Yuan Qinqiong still couldn't accept the fact. At this point, he lowered his head, tears welling in her eyes, and said, "Rest assured. Even if we can't kill him now, our elders outside will definitely not let him off. What he has stirred up is no longer within the range where You Xue can offer him safe harbor. Wu Yu's name is now known by many, but he will definitely not live long!" 

"Regardless, seeing Wu Yu's stunning performance this time, no one will blame us," said Princess You Xuan. 

She also consoled Prince You Yan for a while. However, Prince You Yan just kept his head down and didn't say a word. He probably wouldn't recover from his current state any time soon. 

This was the reality and also the end. 

There was little time left on the last day. After leaving the battle, Wu Yu remained alone for some time. Soon, he heard someone announcing the end of the Dark North Battle for Supremacy. 

At the highest part of the Ghost Sea Prison, light started shining into the pitch-black darkness. The light was connected to the outside world, and it was coming from where Wu Yu and the rest had entered. 

Seeing the light, everyone had to leave as soon as possible. If anyone chose to continue killing demons to get Dead Souls Nets, that would be against the rules and that person would be punished. Wu Yu naturally had no need to commit such acts. 

Together with the rest, everyone headed to the source of light. 

When he was approaching the source of light, the rest were in the vicinity. Some had left directly, and Wu Yu happened to bump into the princes and princesses. 

He didn't say a word and left directly. 

After emerging from the bottom of the water and landing on the black crystal floor, he finally saw the sun again. 

Above his head, he saw the sun. His Eyes of Fire and Gold hadn't basked in the sun in a long time. Therefore, when he came out, he started absorbing the heat from the sun above his head frenziedly to fill himself up. 

His eyes were burning with golden flames all of a sudden. 

Before the gazes of the crowd, his Heaven Devouring Avatar was standing beside him. At this point, Wu Yu couldn't put him into the Floating Dreams Pagoda. Otherwise, he definitely wouldn't let this avatar be exposed before such a huge crowd. 

"I'm out." 

Wu Yu squinted. The sunlight that had gathered in his eyes was truly too intense right now. Over this period, he couldn't get a clear look. Vaguely, he saw countless people around him, and the majority of the 800,000 people were still seated. 

He could vaguely sense from them that they had seen him. 

Therefore, there was a disproportionately huge number of gazes focused on him. 

This was a stark contrast to when he was entering. At that time, not many people were watching him. 

At this point, even though the princes and princesses were coming out one after another, not many people paid attention to them. The majority of the crowd was still staring at Wu Yu. 

These were 800,000 elite experts, well known and influential figures of the Dark North Kingdom. Each province could only send a small number of people and therefore the majority were from the Dark North Capital. 

While staring at Wu Yu, they intentionally exerted pressure on him. Therefore, the pressure Wu Yu was facing was unprecedented! 

"I have embarrassed the Dark North Tribe, so it's only natural that the majority of them bear a grudge against me. Therefore, their gazes are all filled with hatred!" 

If Wu Yu had come out after a defeat, he wouldn't have had to stand up against this mental pressure. 

However, he hadn't been defeated this time. He had broken through his limits and defeated Prince You Yan. This was the moment when he felt he was the strongest! 

The pride in his heart was at its strongest point. There would be nothing that could intimidate him at this point. 

Therefore, even before the 800,000 gazes focused on him, he resisted them resiliently. His spirit was as intense as the flames raging in his eyes. 

Wu Yu looked around him and saw many eyes filled with hatred. 

These people couldn't wait to just kill him on the spot. Through this experience, his mental state had undergone huge changes. The entire Dark North Battle for Supremacy had brought him huge rewards. 

He had defeated Duan Yi and Prince You Yan consecutively. Now that he was standing here and facing the numerous vengeful gazes, his spirit was strengthened to the limit. His strong stand instantly brought a huge leap in his dao level! 

"Even though a million men might want to put me down, I have no regrets or fear. With my heart, I'll break the souls of my enemies and send fear down the spines of all those that belittle me! This is my dao!" 

This experience had left Wu Yu even more immersed in his own dao. 

Vaguely, he had a sudden enlightenment! 

The sudden enlightenment pushed him into a new level instantly. He could clearly sense the advancement strengthening his Primordial Spirit right now! 

If it had gone as he expected, the clashes of gazes and his outstanding performances in the Dark North Battle for Supremacy had pushed him to an extent where he could increase his cultivation level! 

His Primordial Spirit was solidifying through the advancement in dao. If he had Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills to enhance his Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy right now, his cultivation level would likely be raised to the second tier directly! 

When that time came, he would rapidly approach the level of Prince You Yan and the rest. His Heaven Devouring Avatar could also get a lot stronger! 

If these people who were staring vengefully at Wu Yu knew that it was their gazes that had incited his resistance and led to his advancement in cultivation level, they would likely regret their actions further. 

Wu Yu was already the largest winner. And after coming out, he had won even more! 

When everyone was staring at him with vengeance, his dao was raised to a new level. He was fearless and was left with a resolute will at this point. 

He only found these vengeful gazes a little hilarious. 

Initially, he was a little worried when he came out. Right now, he didn't have the slightest bit of fear. Regardless of the number of experts around him, it wouldn't be sufficient to intimidate him into forgetting that he was Wu Yu, the inheritor of the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal’s legacy! 

Today, he had won! 

He would dare to go against a sea of men, even if he had to do it alone! 

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