Chapter 0785: A Man of Impeccable Talents

"I don't believe you are capable of returning everything to me!" Prince You Yan was at ease now. When he released the 3,000 Shattered Minor Worlds Imperial Sword, he was extremely exhausted. However, it was not to the point where he couldn't even watch Wu Yu suffer. 

This mystique, after being used together with the two advanced dao treasures, had utterly exhausted his Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy. 

Looking at those rays of sword qi zooming past into the sky and earth, Prince You Yan felt assured. 

He seemed to have seen himself crowned a hero, basking in the cheers and endearment of the crowd, gaining the respect of those elite existences in the kingdom. In fact, he had even seen his father placing him in important roles in the future. 

He has desired these things since young. 

Currently, amid the wretched prison of the Dark North Kingdom, he seemed to have heard raucous cheer. All of a sudden, he laughed out subconsciously. 

Obviously, he had the capital to laugh. Now that they were back in the Ghost Sea Prison, everyone could see Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar exhausted by those rays of razor-sharp sword qi, whether he was dead or alive was unknown. However, Prince You Yan was confident and at ease. The outcome of the battle was easy to tell. Wu Yu suffering an overwhelming loss or even dying in battle would just be a matter of time. 

"Competing against me? Why don't you look at what you are first! A ruffian from the Demon Sealing Continent! If not for the fact that you had a great, mysterious encounter, you wouldn't be here today! I don't care how mysterious your body is. From today onwards, everything belongs to me. As for you, Wu Yu... Hehe…!" 

Prince You Yan smiled with a depressed tone. In fact, the battle had not ended for him. This was because Wu Yu's main body had broken from the range of the sword qi. At this point, he was staring from afar. He knew that Wu Yu's doppelganger definitely didn't have the means to escape. Therefore, after the doppelganger was erased, dealing with Wu Yu's main body would be an extremely easy task. 

Previously, he had checked out the capabilities of the main body and came to the conclusion that the difference was stark. As long as Wu Yu didn't run away, he could crush Wu Yu as he wished. He wasn't worried that Wu Yu would escape. The vow that he had made previously wouldn't be put into effect if Wu Yu were to escape. If that happened, Wu Yu's appearance today would be completely meaningless. 

At this juncture, he locked eyes with Wu Yu's real body. 

Wu Yu looked at him coldly. 

Highly confrontational! 

The only uncertainty was within the ball of black mist of the Heaven Devouring Avatar. Currently, under the illumination of the sword qi, the black mist was starting to dissipate, being completely destroyed! 

“Did I fail?”

The truth was, he had not. Under Wu Yu's perseverance, although the sword qi was still chaotic, Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar had still converted a portion of the sword qi from the 3,000 Shattered Minor Worlds Imperial Sword into his own after an intense stalemate! 

Only the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast was capable of this! Wu Yu's will had a limit to what he could endure as well. When he fused with the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast, this created an almost indestructible body. This time, Prince You Yan's attacks were simply too powerful. The Heaven Devouring Avatar couldn't convert them completely. However, given the current circumstances, converting half would be sufficient! 

When Prince You Yan was smiling mockingly, Wu Yu had completed this step amidst intolerable pain and misery. 

Changes happened at this very moment. 

Smiles were appearing on the faces of the Dark North Tribe initially. Just as they thought this was the end, all of a sudden, changes happened to their astonishment! 

The black vortex of the Heaven Devouring Avatar suddenly started shrinking before spinning in the opposite direction. The rotation accelerated abruptly and several thousand rays of black sword qi were shot out. With speed similar to before, the target was Prince You Yan. Those rays of black sword qi carried the catastrophic force from the collapsed worlds imbued within and were exploding at all times. However, Prince You Yan could not control this sword qi! 

This was just a portion that had pierced into the Heaven Devouring Avatar before! 

The remaining half was still ravaging in the Heaven Devouring Avatar. When Wu Yu gritted his teeth, converted the rays of sword qi, and sent them back, the remaining sword qi also launched their counterattacks. His exhausted Heaven Devouring Avatar was smashed into smithereens directly. 


The crowd was watching with anticipation when that black vortex dispersed, turned into black mist, and a large part was flushed away by the seawater. 

This was what everyone had anticipated. However, it was also this period that made everyone more flustered. What they saw was Wu Yu making a counterattack just before the Heaven Devouring Avatar was destroyed. Moreover, the scale of the counterattack far exceeded the previous time. Although only half the sword qi remained, it was still more terrifying than the Gritty Netherworldly Void Design! 

What made the rest helpless was that Prince You Yan was currently at his most fatigued condition. He wouldn't have much strength to resist. Luckily, he was still in the 10,000 Spectral Transformations state. Otherwise, his body would’ve been pierced by thousands and thousands of sword qi and he would definitely have died. 


Prince You Yan's expression was deathly pale. After a surprised cry, all he could do was flee and execute various dao techniques. The moment he created a huge, pitch-black shield with a dao technique, the dao shield was penetrated by thousands of rays of black sword qi instantly! 


At least 1,000 rays of sword qi pierced his body completely and took a large amount of blood along them! All of a sudden, Prince You Yan was drenched in blood! 

"Hmm..." Prince You Yan's 10,000 Spectral Transformations disappeared instantly and he returned to his original state. However, he was now drenched in blood and looked deathly pale. He had been injured by his own move. The destructive force of the 3,000 Minor Worlds still lingered within his body, causing the insides of his body to constantly collapse. If this were allowed to continue, his flesh, tendons, and bones would undergo incessant destruction! 

Unless he could force these rays of sword qi out, he wouldn't recover, regardless of how many great immortal medicines he might have. He also wouldn't be capable of continuing the battle. In other words, Prince You Yan was gravely injured now! The hundreds of people around and even several thousand doppelgangers of Wu Yu would likely be able to send him to the afterlife! 

Those rays of sword qi were still penetrating and collapsing his internal organs. Each collapse felt like his flesh was exploding. 

"I...." Prince You Yan was dazed. He wanted to cry, but no tears were shed, as he was completely stunned. He thought that he was dreaming, but the excruciating pain from his body shook his entire body and let him know that this had nothing to do with a dream....

It wasn't just here. Outside the Ghost Sea Prison, it was complete silence. The Dark North Tribe members were staring blankly at the Shadowers, completely in denial of what they had seen. They would rather believe that what they were seeing on the Shadowers were illusions. No one was willing to see their Prince You Yan giving all he could and yet come out on the losing end.... 

At the very least, Wu Yu's main body was still around, while Prince You Yan had completely lost to the Heaven Devouring Avatar's counterattack. He couldn't even stand firmly right now and had lost all battle capacity. When he left the place, he would still need emergency help from others to help expel the 3,000 Shattered Minor Worlds Imperial Sword inside him! 

Wu Yu looked around and saw the pale and unbelievable faces of those around him. He found this hilarious, and he knew that people like them were definitely not the minority. 

Today, he had exceeded his limits once again and completed a seemingly impossible challenge. 

Just as he had envisioned, it was completely silent outside. Despite the huge crowd, the area was blanketed in silence. However, one could hear an ear-piercing clap soon after. It was Qu Yin who was clapping. He abruptly stood up from his seat in agitation and sighed emotionally. "A man of tremendous talent! This is interesting! A talent like him might not even come once in 100,000 years. After today, his name will definitely reach the entire Jambu Realm! From here onwards, everyone in this world will know about Wu Yu. His guts and means displayed today have impressed me completely! Impressive!" 

Those from the Yan Huang Ancient Country seconded this, and they stood up and clapped as well. Although the claps weren't coming from a lot of people, they were exceptionally grating to the ears. The expressions of the Dark North Tribe members were extremely gloomy, but they didn't refute the remarks. After all, the current situation of Prince You Yan was a clear testament that Wu Yu had achieved victory. He had stepped on Prince You Yan to ascended to a new height, obtaining a million Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills and the Dark North Royal Obelisk that many had coveted! 

Wu Yu's main body wasn't suited to use an extremely chilling sword like the Dark North Royal Obelisk. It would clash with his Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy and physical strength. However, he now had his Heaven Devouring Avatar. The Heaven Devouring Avatar didn't have an elemental affinity and was simply a coagulation of energy. As long as Wu Yu's main body could conquer the Dark North Royal Obelisk, it shouldn't be a problem for him to then allow his Heaven Devouring Avatar, who shared the same Primordial Spirit, to use it. If his Heaven Devouring Avatar could master the Dark North Royal Obelisk, Wu Yu's future battle prowess would be even more anticipated.... 

The ear-piercing claps from the Yan Huang Ancient Country people had announced that Wu Yu was certain to come out top! No one would refute this. 

Those from the Dark North Tribe finally found some consolation. While everyone was staring blankly at Wu Yu's main body and the crowd was blanketed in silence, someone shouted, "Although Prince You Yan was injured at the crucial moment by Wu Yu's underhanded attack, Wu Yu's losses are even greater. That avatar of his that is even stronger than the main body was killed by Prince You Yan and will never appear again. The current Wu Yu is at the level of Duan Yi at most! In other words, Prince You Yan has destroyed his greatest capital. In the future, Wu Yu will never have such a lustrous performance. Moreover, the battle has not ended yet. Who's to say that Prince You Yan can't kill Wu Yu’s main body?" 

These words drew the support of many other people. 

"You are right! Without that avatar, Wu Yu wouldn't amount to anything!" 

"Perhaps that avatar is the main body and the Wu Yu we are seeing is just an avatar. Perhaps Wu Yu might be dead now and that avatar will dissipate soon!" 

"The victor of this battle might still be Prince You Yan. The people from the Yan Huang Ancient Country got excited a little too early!" 

The Dark North Tribe people started spreading these thoughts, and more and more people started to believe these comments. 

Just as they thought they had found some solace, an incident that shut them up occurred. They looked at Wu Yu’s Shadower. All of a sudden, they saw a ball of black mist forming beside Wu Yu. The mist suddenly transformed into a Wu Yu with white hair and red eyes. Although he looked a little frail and dullish, he was still alive. 

They were all wrong. This avatar hadn't died at all and only looked like he was injured. 

It was indeed so. After sustaining injuries, the Heaven Devouring Avatar had reverted to the level of an eighth tier Primordial Spirit Transformation cultivator. All his efforts over the last 20 days or so were in vain. However, this was great news for Wu Yu as his main body no longer felt the pressure of mental instability. 

However, this fact was too brutal for the Dark North Tribe.... 

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