Chapter 0784: 3,000 Shattered Minor Worlds Imperial Sword

Wu Yu had created a miracle once again. At this point, the people were already numb to it! 

His Heaven Devouring Avatar had surprised the numerous people who held interest in him. In their minds, Wu Yu was constantly surpassing their expectations. At this point, he had reached an exceptional level! 

An existence like Wu Yu, who had come from a deserted place, had demonstrated various mystical means. What he had shown was hard to come by even once in 100,000 years. At the very least, those present had never heard of or seen someone do what he was capable of. A young man who had just reached the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm was capable of so many transformations! Wu Yu's opponents had naturally gained a level of fear and respect. At this point, they no longer seemed certain that Prince You Yan would hand Wu Yu a heavy defeat. 

The deeply frustrated Prince You Yan didn't disappoint the crowd. When Wu Yu broke his previous mystique and left him in dire straits, he perked himself up regardless of the fatigue he felt. This time, he draped the Dark North Cartograph over his body. Those mountains and rivers seemed to have assimilated into his skin, and he maintained his 10,000 Spectral Transformations state. With the Dark North Cartograph over him, huge changes started occurring all of a sudden. In Wu Yu's eyes, he seemed to have transformed into a ghostly immortal from hell, and everything was under his control. Eerie devilish aura filled the surroundings, and his deafening, angry roar sent chills down everyone's spines! 

The killing intent within his eyes had now reached the maximum capacity. Even those not involved in this would feel as though they had lost half their lives with just a glance. At this point, his eyes were locked keenly onto Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar! 

"You forced me into this. If I can't defeat you with what I showed previously, this will be the only option. If you lose your life in the process, it won't be my fault. All you can blame is yourself for asking for it!

"Truth be told, Wu Yu, I really feel that you are wildly talented, with unfathomable skills. You have surprised us over and over again, and your future is immeasurable. Regardless, you are insulting us by competing for glory with our Dark North Tribe. We will never allow this!" 

Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar had only shown a little of what he was capable of, yet Prince You Yan was in such a wretched state! 

The truth was, he had now been driven into a corner and had to risk all he had. After all, he had used both of his advanced dao treasures and yet was unable to finish Wu Yu off! 

Prince You Yan had released his full strength. When the Dark North Cartograph covered his entire body, he had no way to stop the Dark North Imprisonment. 

All of a sudden, the mountains shook, the rivers trembled, and the sky was collapsing. Everything was converted into a stream of purplish air that flowed towards Prince You Yan. It gathered around his body and became his strength! 

He held the Titan Sword of Grit and Starlight with both of his hands and had executed his 10,000 Spectral Transformations. With two great advanced dao treasures and various other forces and mystiques stacking up in one body, this was Prince You Yan's ultimate trump card. It had been many years since he had entered this state! 

Prince You Yan had now reached a new height. The confidence Wu Yu had gained with his Heaven Devouring Avatar was suppressed once again. Prince You Yan had once again made Wu Yu doubt if his Heaven Devouring Avatar could withstand an attack from him! 

If he couldn't, a dao treasure like the Dark North Royal Obelisk would soon be beyond his reach, as well as the numerous rewards! The large number of Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills and merits would have allowed him to buy many things! 

Both of them had reasons to never be defeated, and there would only be one victor and loser. Therefore, for the final victory, both of them had reached their pinnacle state. Prince You Yan was the first to strike. 

"3,000 Shattered Minor Worlds Imperial Sword!" 

Prince You Yan let out a furious cry, lifted the Titan Sword of Grit and Starlight, and swung down abruptly from the highest point. 

All of a sudden, layers and layers of shadow worlds surfaced before Prince You Yan. The shadow worlds were all identical Dark North Kingdoms, and they appeared to be built on the Titan Sword of Grit and Starlight. 

When he came down with these worlds, those 3,000 worlds were shattering and collapsing at a frightening pace. The most terrifying part was that as each world sunk into chaos and collapsed, an immense destructive force was created and consolidated on the Titan Sword of Grit and Starlight. The 3,000 minor worlds were constantly shattering and collapsing in this manner. 

This resulted in an exceptionally frightening power gathered on Prince You Yan's advanced dao treasure. When he slashed towards Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar, it was just like the descent of the god of death. Compared to before, he was countless times more gruesome. 

Even more catastrophic energy swept across. The insane speed of propagation made it impossible to hide. Before the momentum of the energy wave, Wu Yu appeared extremely fragile. Even his main body was sucked into this attack! 

What he saw from his perspective was the shattering of 3,000 worlds. Each shattered world was twisted into chaotic and destructive forces. With the direction of the Titan Sword of Grit and Starlight, the forces formed a ray of sword glow that penetrated towards Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar! 

Even Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar could feel an intense threat of death looming over his head! 

This wasn't a good sign as even the Heaven Devouring Avatar felt like he would be obliterated by this. This proved that the destructiveness of the attack might exceed the limits of the Heaven Devouring Avatar. In fact, it might very well be over! 

However, Wu Yu had no other option. His Heaven Devouring Avatar wasn't the main body, so it couldn't escape instantly and jump out of the other party's control. 

He could only endure this attack. If the other party was relentless, his devouring desire would be a lot more intense. This was because Prince You Yan had infuriated him, similar to a prey angering a starving predator! 

The killing wouldn't stop and the sword qi was glaring. Prince You Yan's strike alarmed the crowd, and the 800,000 people were impressed. It was as though they had truly seen the destruction of Wu Yu. Many people felt that this was a shame. This was because from what Wu Yu had shown thus far, this battle was a classic. At the very least, Wu Yu had enough strength to go against Prince You Yan! 

The ultimate battle! 

Before the sword qi, Wu Yu's long, white hair was dancing in the wind. His demonic appearance didn't change in the slightest to the astonishment of everyone. His eyes left an even deeper impression and the intensity of the blood-red eyes seemed to suggest that they were a sea of blood!

To his astonishment, a roar resembling the cry of a huge beast came from his small body and completely overwhelmed Prince You Yan's voice. Just this cry alone shook the Dark North Imprisonment and even reached the far corners of the Ghost Sea Prison, sending fear through the minds of other participants who heard it. This wasn't the cry of a human! It resembled that of a terrifying wild beast! 

Before the eyes of the crowd, the Heaven Devouring Avatar reacted simply. Similar to the previous time, the entire body separated and turned into black smoke. This time, the black smoke didn't expand largely, but congregated into a sphere, becoming a black vortex. The black vortex circled at a frenzied speed. Visible to their naked eye, they could see the surrounding light, mountains, trees, and everything else being pulled towards the vortex and eventually getting sucked into it.  All of a sudden, the Dark North Imprisonment also experienced intense ripping force. The vortex grew larger and larger, and within a short period, the area around Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar had become an empty region. All the mountains, rivers, trees, earth, air, and even light were sucked in. The entire world was thrown into chaos instantly. This was Wu Yu pushing his Heaven Devouring Avatar's ability to its limit and the resulting change! 

This was what Wu Yu had thought of to break the other party's 3,000 Shattered Minor Worlds Imperial Sword and his last ditch attempt. He had completely forgotten all others. He only had one thing in mind, and that was to release the power of devouring and go for the kill! 

The shifts in momentum in the battle had made many people believe it would only get more interesting as the battle went on. Things progressed within the expectation of the crowd. When the sword qi of the 3,000 Shattered Minor Worlds Imperial Sword entered the Heaven Devouring Avatar, the chaos that was induced instantly shredded the entire Dark North Imprisonment apart. 

Wu Yu and Prince You Yan were back in the Ghost Sea Prison. However, this clash had not ended. Wu Yu was currently using his Heaven Devouring Avatar to suppress the sword qi. As for the other party, he was using the sword qi to tear Wu Yu apart. 

The sword qi was several times more potent than the Gritty Netherworldly Void Design from before. 

Within Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar, the sword qi exploded into 10,000 swords. At this juncture, they were swooping, zooming, and penetrating the body at frenzied speeds. Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar was in tatters, and a large number of rays of sword qi were still piercing out of the Heaven Devouring Avatar before entering again. 

This inflicted severe damage to Wu Yu. The Heaven Devouring Avatar could be injured, and the body wasn't truly indestructible. Therefore, when the rays of chaotic sword qi were ripping his body apart relentlessly and his devouring ability couldn't suppress the mystique of the other party instantly, the exhaustion on him was a huge blow. If this exhaustion carried on, his Heaven Devouring Avatar would weaken and shrink. In the end, he would have to devour more to return to his current cultivation level. 

If this happened after he defeated his opponent, Wu Yu would be more than happy. This was because his Heaven Devouring Avatar would once again be perfectly under his control. However, his opponent was still releasing spine-chilling destructive force. Therefore, Wu Yu had to be more resolute than him. His Heaven Devouring Avatar had completely entered a maniacal state. This was the dao of his physical body. His mental fortitude and willpower were fusing with the devouring desires of the Heaven Devouring Avatar. 

When the two resilient wills fused together, Wu Yu instantly gained an unwavering confidence. Even though the Heaven Devouring Avatar was under huge duress, he hung on desperately. This was because as long as he persevered, the one having to endure these rays of catastrophic sword qi after this wouldn't be him. 

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